Sunday, December 30, 2012

I Giggled Through Both Sets of Comments

Jonah Goldberg linked the story above, noting it's "Not a Parody".

If you don't want to follow the link, I'll give you a quick recap.  Sirota's son has a book called "The Jolly Barnyard".  It's a Golden Book, if you have kids you know these are short little stories for the 2 - 5 year old set.  Tommy  had "Poky Little Puppy", then we moved on to Time magazine because he was smarter than me.  Anyway, apparently Chick-fil-A has put their logo on a republication and they are giving them away.  The kid loves the book and demands it be read every night.

What's the problem?  Well, the Sirota family are vegetarians and Sirota doesn't know how the book got in the house and he hates the book and he's mad he has to read it.

So Sirota threw it away?  Umm, no.  He gives in to the two year old and keeps reading.

So Sirota blames????????  Dan Cathy of Chick-fil-A and takes a swipe at Cathy's views on gay marriage.  He also rails that Cathy shouldn't be lying to children?  What?  You think they should write a truthful book about where the chicken comes from????  You're killing me!

The best comment on Goldberg's post reads in part -
Good grief, Sirota!
Would you prefer that precious toddler be reading "Fun at the Fowl Factory"? "Punky and the Poultry Processors"? Perhaps "Abby Goes to the Abbatoir"?

Sirota is as asinine as the vegetarian neighbor I had who wanted me to discipline my son for an action he hadn't taken, but might have.  He told me this while his limp children watched.  He walked toward me as he spoke.  He was taller, I am sure I was supposed to be intimidated.  I walked right back at him laughing.  Later he secretly asked a neighbor when my husband was returning from a business trip.  I was hugely insulted!  When his wife told me later he didn't mean it.  I told her I didn't care and he shouldn't be worried about John so much as he should worry about  me, lol.

Anyway, Mr. Sirota, don't blame Dan Cathy or Ed Harris (he also hates that his son knows the jingle for the "orange monster", Home Depot) for your massive shortcomings as a parent.  Get rid of the book, shut of the TV.  How did your son even hear a commercial?  Are you watching/listening to something other than PBS & NPR?  For shame!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

What???? I've Been Busy

My parents have decided to sell and I am going to land in......Hull.  Is it the greatest?  Is it the biggest?  Was it the cheapest?  No, but it is on the water, and I mean, building; one lane road; dune.  I am on the ocean side of the building and it has hardwood floors and a reasonable closet.  For my birthday I might be asking for those hurricane

So I've been sorting and packing and discovering the joy of "Air Bags" and throwing things away.  Today I threw away a feather pillow that I bought in 1982.  It was beat to hell and it was in a box of other bedding.  What was I going to do with it?  Is there a "feather pillow reviving" place?  Anyway.

Frank and I made a quick New York trip.  Didn't get much done but we ate off of street carts and lived to tell the tale.  I asked William Shatner to handle the hotel for me and we got.....Andaz on Wall Street, it's on the Conde Nast Gold list.  Just lovely.  It was good recon for when I go back in a few months.

I've been holding my tongue on a lot of the Newtown/gun control/mental health debate because some people's ignorance is so appalling.  If I started, it would end with the Secret Service on my doorstep.

Let me just say that I am surprised at how many act like this is the epitome of evil.  Newtown was awful and I grieve with my fellow Americans, but it was not so long ago that Islamic Chechnyan terrorists killed 185 children in Beslan.  One of the things people rightfully point out about Americans is that we are rather self-centered.  WBCN used to have a DJ who joked about a chart that measured American lives against foreign lives.  This is a perfect example.

Lots of people point to European models when talking healthcare or social services.  Well, let's look there now. People who advocate for gun control categorize Russian gun laws as "Restrictive" but as I said guns killed 380 people there including 185 children.  How about Norway?  Another "restrictive" country, yet Anders Breivik managed to kill 77 people there, 50 of whom were 18 & younger.  So my question is, where will more gun control get you?

So you're upset that children are dead?  Well then you must have backed US action in Afghanistan where we were helping to educate people and rebuild the infrastructure.  After all, what better way to make inroads against the nearly 20% child mortality rate there.  Lot's of children waiting to be saved in Afghanistan.

Oh, no?  It's American children you care about?  Well then, you must be out there advocating better car seats & safer driving because the leading cause of death in American children 5 to 14 is motor vehicle accidents.

More children in gun owning households die from gun accidents.  Yeah and more children in two story house die of falls than in one story houses.  More children in homes with pools drown than those without.  More children on farms die in machinery accidents than city kids.  What's your point?

But really, that's not what this is all about is it?  It's just an opportunity to attack the 2nd Amendment.  Like Rahm Emmanuel said, "Never let a crisis go to waste.".  If you bought Obama's tears at that press conference then I don't know what to say to you.  If you don't understand that the 2nd Amendment is an important check in our system of checks and balances, then I don't know what to say to you.  If you don't understand that Newtown is more of an indictment of our mental health system than the 2nd Amendment, then I don't know what to say to you.

Newtown, like Beslan and Norway, was an evil thing.  It's not a lesson or an opportunity.  It's just evil and evil exists and will never be stopped.

Sunday, December 02, 2012


Saturday I had to go meet Frankie someplace I had never been before.  I missed the train but Google said there was a way around it.  The whole trip took twice as long as imagined.

But on the way back, I realized that there was a very easy way to have done this.  Easier than the train and free because I have a T pass.  I also got a good sense of the place from walking all around.

So you know what this means, right?

I'll never have reason to go there again.

USS Constitution Christmas Tree Lighting

I was down in the Charlestown Navy Yard for Old Ironsides Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony.  Santa visited and with the help of one lucky child flipped the switch to illuminate a tree donated by Mahoney's and decorated by loads of children.

Boy Scout Troop #511 of Burlington,MA were aboard to participate and help out.

Directly after evening colors, Santa came aboard to the cheers of everyone present.  After the tree was lit there were cookies and cocoa for everyone.

I was hanging with my friend Tom who is one of the 1812 Marines.  Here we are in front of the goat locker!

You can see more pics of the event on USS Constitution's Facebook page.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Sometimes Being Polite Is Overrated

A young woman was attacked in Charlestown last Saturday evening coming from the Community College T Station.

Here story is printed in the Charlestown Patch.

First let me be clear, this woman is a victim who did nothing wrong and the only one to blame is her attacker.

But let's look at this incident and try to put together some "Lessons Learned"

The part that really struck me about "Michaela"s story was when she said she knew as the man approached her that something was wrong.  Many security specialists will tell you that victims, particularly women often feel something is wrong, but don't act.  It's largely attributed to how women are raised to be more compliant than men.  They are expected to go along, be polite, don't kick up a fuss.  No one wants to be embarrassed.  Even when something primal inside us says "RUN".

I would suggest all women read Gavin de becker's "The Gift of Fear"  it's ages old, but still relevant.

I want to say to all women in Charlestown think about this now and decide that when your creep radar goes off you will act.  Turn back to the place where you saw people.  Don't stop when someone asks for the time, a dollar or directions.  Not when you are alone at night.

When you leave the well-lit and populated T station, zip your phone in your pocket or bag; take your ear buds out of your ears; pull your bag tighter; walk near the curb & be ready to step out into traffic to get attention; watch your shadow for people behind you.  Look behind you, it's not paranoia, it's situational awareness.  Walk purposefully.  Don't walk with your head down. Avoid isolated, dark shortcuts.

If you are worried about appearing rude, who cares?  What?  Is this stranger going to take you off his Christmas card list.  Your safety is paramount.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Dennis Lehane at the BPL

Last night I went to the Boston Public Library for an installment of their author series in the Rabb Hall.  The featured speaker was Dennis Lehane one of my favorite authors.  It was his last stop on his book tour to promote "Live By Night"

Lehane wrote "Mystic River", a book that put into words all the things I ever knew to be true about living in Charlestown; how I feel about being in/from Boston; how I love and treasure Boston.  I've recommended or given this book to others who are of The City.

So of course, I had to go back and read everything he had ever written.  It was good, but nothing touched me like "Mystic River".  Then when I was in Dubai in August of 2003, one of the books I brought was "Shutter Island".  Wow!

"Live By Night" takes up another Coughlin brother's story a few years after "The Given Day", which was an amazing book.  I read the first 136 pages between having it signed at 7:30 last night to when I finally forced myself to put it down and o to sleep.  I've intentionally left it in my 3rd floor bedroom so I could get stuff done today.  But tomorrow, I'll read all day!

Lehane's presentation last night had everyone chuckling.  it comes through so clearly how he loves Boston and of course that endears him to me all the more.  On a funny note, he loves Ybor City, a historic neighborhood  in Tampa.  And of course, that's a place I spent a lot of time when I was visiting Tom (formerly known as the Favorite Naval Consort) .

Yes, I know, I am talking while they took the picture.  Oh well.

Happy Birthday, Taco!

Do you read The Sandgram?  You should!  It's written by my pal, "Taco" Bell.  and today's is Taco's birthday.  Well, all his friends can't be with him.....but we can show we're thinking of him.

How far will I go?  Well, look at this pic.

That's right, I went over to the People's Republic of Cambridge!

You know lots of things are relative. i remember having a discussion with some people about the word "Yankee".  To a non-Ameican, a Yankee is an American.  To a Southerner, it's someone north of the Mason-Dixon.  To Northerners it's a New Englander.  To a New Englander, it's a DownEasterner  And to that's a guy who lives down a dirt road with an outhouse.

So plenty of people think Massachusetts is a crazy liberal place, but other people who live here want you to know it's Boston.  But let me tell you from right here dead center, five blocks from the Bunker Hill Monument.......Cambridge makes us all shake our heads.

But for Taco's birthday.....besides, it was a good stretch of the leg!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish you and yours the very best today!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Allen West recount results only partial

Holy crap!  I was an appointed election worker in Massachusetts and this is ridiculous.  I have been involved with several recounts and it's not that hard to do.  Those officials are obligated to answer to the public.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


****Update after the movie****
It was totally effing awesome!!!!!!!  Go see it.  Better than the original.

Tonight I have passes for a sneak preview of "Red Dawn".  Are you jealous?

Friday, November 09, 2012

No, It Wasn't The Revolver In The Library...

It was a Milkdud in the movie theater!

There I was in the director's hall of the Loew's theater watching "SkyFall".  Thinking Daniel Craig is nearly as sexy as Sean Connery when.........a Milkdud took out my crown.

So depressing.  I had perfect teeth before cancer.  All kinds of people write in my myeloma email group about the problems chemo causes with their teeth.  I've broken four teeth and now lost a crown.

Well at least it's something to think about besides General Petraeus.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

I Believe....

.....that if John McCain had been elected instead of Barack Obama #Benghazi would not be on everyone's lips.

I believe that you wouldn't know the names Christopher Stevens and Sean Smith unless you were a policy wonk or political geek like me.

I believe that you wouldn't know that names Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods because they would be quietly working their mission for the CIA.

Because if John McCain were president, those men would be alive.

Now many will say "That's ridiculous Maggie!  You can't know."

But I do.  And if you are honest, you do too.

That's what really riles me.  It didn't have to happen.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tomorrow At Old South Meeting House

The Old South Meeting House hosts "Middays Talk" that address a particular topic over the course of a given month.  November is going to address "The War of 1812", so you know I'm in!

Tomorrow, Thursday, November 1st at 12:15pm, I'll be front and center for the 1st in the series.

Why should We Care about the War of 1812?  

The War of 1812 nearly destroyed the United States. The enemy blockaded the coast and burned the capital, and New England threatened to secede. But the United States emerged from this disastrous war stronger than before. The War of 1812 did not bring Canada into the Union, as its promoters had promised, but it brought the new nation a sense of unity and purpose, with heroes such as Hull, Decatur, and MacDonough, a timeless symbol in "Old Ironsides," and a national anthem

Join us for a lecture by historian and authorRobert Allison to kick off this lively series! $6; Free for OSMH Members and members of the USS Constitution Museum

I always enjoy lectures by Robert Allison.  Let's see what he can do with this subject!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Great Uncle Jim

So this email came late last night and I am just now talking to my mother about it.  She confirmed some stuff I thought I remembered.  I feel I have to write this down for my cousins and my children.

Jim was my mother's favorite uncle.  She remembers her grandfather, Mike (Big Mike whose bed frame is in the cottage and I always call dibs on that bed) and her Uncle Danny coming to this house I am sitting in now.  They came to the back door which was in a different place back then.  She said she can still picture Danny bending down to come in the door because he was so tall.  He was the tallest of the seven brothers, who were all six foot or taller, and soon to leave and join the Marines.

It was a Sunday so my grandfather was home when they came down for the top of Bunker Hill to Elm Street.  When they told Papa Kelley that Jim was dead, my mother, who was just a little shy of five years old, ran and hid.  She ran to a closet in the living room that is now a bookcase to hide from this news and cry.

My great grandfather, Big Mike was very superstitious.  He told his family that earlier that morning he got up to answer the doorbell.  As he walked to the door he saw Jim's hat and knew he was dead because when he opened the door no one was there.  I think the hat was on a bed because growing up I thought hats on a bed were bad luck.  I must have been misinterpreting the story.  It wasn't the hat on the bed, it was seeing the hat when no one was at the door.

Later people came to tell my grandfather that Jim went back inside and was briefly seen leading a woman toward an exit.  They must have been overcome by the deadly fumes because Jim was not burned at all.

In a little under eight weeks on November 28th, we will observe the 70th anniversary of the Cocoanut Grove Fire.  My grandfather, Papa Kelley lost his brother James.  So, of course, I never met him.  However, Papa Kelley's other brothers made sure I knew about him and his courage.

Bill Durette of the Charlestown Veterans' History Project just sent me a copy of an article referencing SSGT James Kelley of Charlestown.
 My Great Uncles Joe & John sent me on missions to the Boston Public Library fiche room.  It was there that I read an article about how Jim got his date out of the club and went back in for others.  It's possible he got out and went in a second time, but that was never clear.  But in the end he perished in that tragic blaze.  People came to my grandfather to tell him of Jim's heroism.

John and Joe served in the Army as did George and Tim.  John served in Europe, Joe spent most of the war state-side only getting to France just after the invasion.  Tim was in Australia and George was doing intelligence work in China.  Tom was in the Merchant Marine and somewhere along the line the Defense Department began to count their service too.  So all together seven of the eight Kelley brothers served.  My grandfather was turned down because of his age and young children.  However, the two that were lost, Jim and Danny were in the Marines.  Danny was killed at Iwo Jima.

Boston has what they call "Hero Squares" that are dedicated to those who gave their lives in the service of our nation.  At the top of Bunker Hill, the square formed by Bunker Hill Street and Mead Street and North Mead Street is named for my Great Uncles Jim and Danny.

Friday, October 12, 2012

October 12, 2000

Terrorism didn't start for America on 9/11.  Never forget the USS Cole DDG-67 and her crew and her Captain.

But after you've raised your glass and made your toast........... remember you can kick us...... but this is what the crew played as she left that hellhole of a harbor in Yemen...... 

Hey Biden, You're No LLoyd Bentsen

God!  VP Biden was such a clown.  His behavior last night was shameful.  I despair.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Where the *^$&* Have I Been?

So yeah, I have totally been ignoring the blog.  Which is funny since I have been doing blog things.

When I am not sleeping or trying to straighten out some insurance/prescription problem.....I've been having fun.

Really, the most I've done is Tweet.  It fits my attention span, ya know.

So....on to fun.  I've been catching some movies and you know how I love movies!  I belong to a group that attends movie screening.  So I am usually seeing movies about a week or two before their release.  I should write reviews for them here and maybe I'd have a better shot at getting a reserved seat, but, whatever.

I thought "End of Watch" was a really good cop movie.  This is my GoFoBo review.

But I LOVED "Lawless"!  I read afterwards that at one point the wanted Ryan Gosling for the Tom Hardy role.  that would have been ridiculous!

I was late for my intended movie Monday, so I just went into "Pitch Perfect" and liked it much more than I would have guessed.  the star, Anna Kendrick was also in "End of Watch", busy girl!

The most fun was "Expendables 2".  Although it didn't have the same perks as when I saw the "Expendables" back in 2010 at the CineBistro in Tampa with The Commander.  It's an over 21 theatre that serves food and drinks at your seat.  Coke in a glass, fresh popcorn in a bowl, brought to your seat and set on the little table. Randolph has the premium seats, but this is a whole theater like that.  No kids jumping over the little barrier into the top 10 rows.  I am not sure what I liked better, the movie or the cinema.  Kidding.  Bruce Willis is worth any seat.

Last night I saw "Argo", but I'll write about that later.

Any in between I went to Sniper's OctoberFest in Winchester, VA.  Please, please, please click this link to Uncle Jimbo's review.  I loved his Samantha!  Have a party....I'll show up.

And of course, here was the whole Revere Memorial Lecture Series at the Old South Meetinghouse.  "A War So Unpopular...cannot be Supported": New England and the War of 1812"  And I wasn't alone!  I love that Boston is such a great history town.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tonight's Charlestown Historical Society Lecture

Tonight was a tough choice, the Old South Meeting House was hosting "Ghosts of Boston: Haunts of the Hub" Book Launch Celebration for author Sam Baltrusis.  You know I love ghost stories and I am a member of @OSMHBoston ........ but, come on, the competition was Charlestown!
Learn the real truth about Paul Revere and his Midnight ride to warn the Patriots that the British were coming. Actually the regulars were coming as everyone was British at that point. Who leaked the top secret British plan to seize the munitions in Lexington and Concord? Did Journey begin in Boston or in Charlestown? Who directed Paul to make the ride? Did he act alone or with others?  Did Revere make it to Lexington and Concord? Who was the real hero on the night of April 18, 1775? Learn the truth from Carl Zellner who has accumulated knowledge, books and files for over 30 years. His research includes a handwritten account by Paul Revere himself.  He will present his findings on Tuesday September 18, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. in the Bunker Hill Museum. The entrance fee is $5:00, members of the Charlestown Historical Society and Charlestown Preservation Society attend for free.
It was a good pick!  First off, on my way, I met up with my Uncle Walter and his partner Tom.  I laughed because my mother said something earlier about me walking home alone in the dark.  Well, now that was no problem!  Secondly Tom works at the Bunker Hill Florist and knows everybody, so I had inside info on people I didn't know.  
The lecture itself was very interesting.  Mr. Zellner, the official historian of the Charlestown Historical society, contrasted the Oliver Wendell Holmes poem with the actual events.  He also put the famous ride in context with present day landmarks.  The time flew by.  I could have listened to many more questions and answers.
Next month's lecture is October 16, 2012 same time same place.  Joe Bagley, City Archaeologist of Boston will speak on the Archaeology Month Presentation.  My schedule is a little murky right now, but if i can, I'll be there.
In the meantime, tomorrow is the 3rd lecture in the Paul Revere Memorial Lecture series on the War of 1812.  "Salem Privateers and the War of 1812", 6:30pm at the Old South Meeting House.  My

Monday, September 10, 2012

Even When I Try

So I have been having problems with my insurance almost since I went into treatment for the second time in August of 2010.  It's been so ridiculous because dealing with insurance companies is what I did for a living for 16 years.  But in this regard, I have had a black cloud over everything to do with my coverage.

So I gave up and applied to the Commonwealth for help.  And in December I get Medicare. 

I had two last things to resolve.  The refund of my July premium and reimbursement for some prescriptions out of pocket.  This should have been fairly simple, I know all the rules, I mailed/faxed all the correct forms and supporting documentation. I treated it like work - files, notes, copies, the whole 9 yards.

So this morning I resolved to make phone calls and nail this stuff down.  I got up and showered and went right back to my room.  No screwing around on the Internet.  No going down to the first floor and stealing cookies.  (Last night and I made snickerdoodles - yumm.)  Nose to the grindstone.  Phone calls, phone calls, notes, phone calls.  And I did.  I cleaned my room.  Made some personal phone calls

Finally around 4:30 I gave up.  Besides, I was hungry.  So I went down to the 1st floor.

Sitting on the dining room table was a check, resolving one of these matters.

Seriously?  I was just on the phone getting transferred around, repeating my story.  And none of them knew it had been adjudicated.  No one said "Go down and check your mail."

Ok, so tomorrow is another project.  Hopefully, it's a better use of my time.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Hurray For Being A PackRat!

Yesterday I went to Revere Beach.  There was a strong wind from the south and I got sand everywhere.


I peeled off my bathing suit in the tub and there had to be a pound of sand in there.  After I showered I went down to clean all the stuff in my bag. For some reason I had my cell phone charger in the bag.  It's a two piece deal with the cord and the part that plugs into the wall.

The phone worked until it went dead, but it wouldn't charge.  I took off the end for the socket and plugged it into my laptop and got a white light - as opposed to the green or red.  So I figured it was the end that was the problem.

I went to sleep without my phone......that never happens.

Then today at lunch I remembered this basket I have of old chargers and parts.  I hurried through cleaning up after lunch - the Patriots were playing otherwise my Dad would have done it.  He hardly ever lets me clean up, so I had to finish.

I dumped out the basket, sorted through all the cords, tried a few.  Then finally I found another socket end.


I will still go to Verizon to get a new proper end.  This one is charging, but when it's plugged in I can't use any phone functions. 

But for now.....I'm happy. 
Now it's back to cleaning my suitcase.  I was nice enough to loan some girl my sunscreen when I was in San Antonio.  She couldn't get the sprayer to work, so she wrenched open the bottle.  I tried to screw it back on properly, but it leaked all over stuff.  That was a good reminder of why I don't like to be nice.

Where Have I Been?

Lot's of places.  And all have been fun.  When I haven't been having fun, I've been sleeping.

The Thursday before Labor Day, I flew down to San Antonio for the #MilReunion.  Team M (Mary Ripley and I) were in the Omni de la Mansion on the Riverwalk thanks to William Shatner.  Our first night Mary wanted to go to Mi Tierra, a restaurant she knew she liked from a previous visit.  When we explained where we wanted to go, the 3 guys working valet got all excited.  Apparently they were fans too.  One in particular waxed rhapsodic about the sweet potato empanadas.  They offered to have one of them drive us in the hotel vehicle....a nice new Lincoln Navigator!  Well, it was worth the hype. We entered through the bakery and I expected a choir of angels to start singing!  The bakery case was huge!  After dinner, which was good and the waitress gave us a history of the place, it was bakery time!  I got sweet potato empanadas for the valet guys and apple danish for the morning.

Friday I headed down to the pool (with my apple danish) while Mary tried to get Verizon to fix her phone.  I sent out some messages to see what other people were doing. This is the great part about being part of an Internet based group, they are almost always connected!  I got a hit almost right away.  The Armorer and the Mistress of the Castle were headed to the Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg.  I begged to come along.  There's Navy stuff wherever I go, even if I don't know it ahead of time.

The Nimitz Museum was awesome and we got a special tour thanks to the Armorer.  But my favorite part was listening to the Armorer go from display to display saying "I've got that.  I've got one of those." and the like.  Hilarious.  If you have the chance, I highly recommend it.....even if you don't have the special tour guide.  He also recommended a great lunch place.  He was full service!

It was a long day and a late lunch, so we ended up going straight to the Soldiers' Angels warehouse or the Friday night festivities.  it was great seeing everyone who was able to make it.  Tom Goering and wife Bonnie; Sherri the Domestik Diva; the Loopy Libertarian; Wendy of MyMilitarylife, the crew from YouServed; Jihad Gene; Jean, Christina from Words for Warriors and lots of Soldiers' Angels.  And I finally got to meet Old Blue, after reading his blogs AfghanQuest and AfghanBlueIII. Just as interesting in person as in his blogs.

Then I got in trouble.......raffle tickets.  They sold raffle tickets to benefit Soldiers' Angels Valour-IT Project.  Jihad Gene bought a bunch and all I had to do was keep track of them. I brought them safely back to the hotel.

The next day was the main event.  Panels on the future of MilBlogging and how it will help/effect our military.  During the lunch break Tom Goering brought me his old laptop that he had cleared out and reloaded for me!  How awesome is that!  But the day's highlight was the awarding of several special laptops to wounded soldiers who would benefit from the technology. It was such an honor to be there and have the chance to applaud these fine young men. 

Then it was time for the raffle drawing.  Guess who had no tickets?  That's right,  I left them on the table in the hotel room.  They had to draw three times to give away the prize because the first two numbers were clearly in the long strip that Jihad Gene had purchased. But Jihad Gene still loves me looong time and I love him too!  Later that evening at dinner I gave the strip of tickets to Bouhammer.

At dinner I was seated across from Old Blue and it was a good spot.  He was quick on the draw.  Someone asked if we were "together" and he quickly answered "No, I'm not in the Navy!"  There were about 24 of us that night at the "Texas Land and Cattle Company".  It's a chain, but my steak was fabulous.  And with Old Blue holding forth on the subject of Afghanistan (I was riveted), I got to eat it while it was hot! 

A lot of my friends were shipping out the next day, but Mary and I were hanging until Tuesday. So Sunday was all about the Alamo.  It was great to explore it with no deadline.   On the way back to the Riverwalk we stopped in the Texas Ranger Museum and Buckthorn Saloon.  All the while confusing Bouhammer because my "check-ins" and tweets were delayed.  But he and his family did catch up with us at Iron Cactus - Mexican Donuts!!!!! .  We discussed the weekend and the upcoming Ripley Race.  That's when I found out where I will be this Veterans Day.  Buffalo for AUSA Western New York Chapter "1st Annual WNY Veterans Day 5K".

That's right - The Ripley Race on November 4th then The WNY Veteran's Day 5K on November 11th.  mind you, I am not running them.  At the The Ripley Race I stand behind the table and stuff bags.  In Buffalo, I'll be handing out poppies to participants as they cross the finish line.

So, I have to wrap this up now because I did a lot of stuff today and I am wiped.  More later.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's 69 Degrees In Charlestown

The Bunker Hill Pool is nearly empty.  I remembered everything, snack, drink, hat, everything.

This is the perfect calm before the storm of traveling to San Antonio tomorrow.

If you aren't in San Antonio this Labor Day weekend....too bad for you, lol.

I'm on the fabulous smart phone, so no links.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hanging At The Cottage

Enjoying friends and music and delicious weather.  This weeks tide is perfect.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Where Will You Be Today At Noon?

If you are not at the USS Constitution Museum in the Charlestown Navy Yard, you will be missing out!

Constitution vs. Guerriere: What Really Happened?

Commander Tyrone G. Martin, US Navy (Ret.)

12:00 Noon

USS Constitution Museum - Lecture Series

Commander Martin, former Commanding Officer of USS Constitution, will share the story of Constitution’s battle with HMS Guerriere, during which she earned her nickname, “Old Ironsides.”

CDR Martin is the author of "A Most Fortunate Ship: A Narrative History of Old Ironsides" which is available from the Naval Institute Press.

Also, I made five dozen chocolate chip/M&M cookies to share will my fellow attendees.

What more could you ask? Cookies & history, huzzah!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Newark Airport

I wrote this Thursday the 9th in the wee hours - I couldn't post it for some reason, so I am posting it now.

I'm on my way to Annapolis for some fun with my peeps in the Naval  Blogosphere/CHINFO/USNI world.

Right now I'm just past Newark Airport.  I've only been twice, to and from Dubai back in 2003.  But I always smile when I pass by.  Tomorrow will be 9 years to the day.  My Tommy drove down with me to take the car back.

There were flights out of Boston but they were madly expensive.  The Sailor formerly known as The Favorite Naval Consort told me to check Malaysia Air.  Sure enough it was half the price.

I remember  packing and having him on the phone scaring me about my bags being too heavy.  I had visions of having to leave shoes at Newark, lol.  I was so nervous I told the guy checking my bags at the counter.  He had just saved me from being trampled by a little Indonesian man.  I was one of very few Americans.  I had watched him push past a few sari clad women.  Then he tried to push past me.  Before I could object, the Malaysia Air counter attendant called out to tell the man to step back, I was next.  Anyway, after he weighed my bags he said I was well under the weight limit. "Do you want to go home and get more shoes?" he asked laughing.

I passed and got on my flight. It was twelve and a half hours.  The stewardess came every half hour to offer orange juice, water or wine   I stuck with orange juice and water.  The tiny woman who sat cross legged swathed in billowy layers drank every glass of wine offered.  And she never got up once!  I was doing laps around the plane for fear of embolism!

Anyway, that's why Newark Airport makes me smile.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

My Mother Jinxed Me

And then doubled over with laughter.  She had to grab one of the kitchen chairs.


I was, once again, on the phone with my favorite people at Commonwealth Choice and Blue Cross.

You see when I was first diagnosed, we had one of those cadillac plans from Blue Cross.  It had $5.00 co-pays.  I remember that my physical therapist for the Achilles tendon was agog.  But it was really overkill and wicked expensive for my boss.  So they we found another, more reasonable plan for everyone but me.  Instead of joining them, they payed me what the premium would have been for me and I could shop elsewhere.

Now here is an aspect of Romney Care that is a very good idea and should be replicated in every state.  There are three tiers to coverage.  Mass Health for those who truly can't afford insurance.  Commonwealth Cares for those who made to much to qualify for Mass Health, but would still be struggling.  It's a plan whose costs are supplemented by the Commonwealth.  The third option is Commonwealth Choice.  This is for people who have the money to buy their own coverage, but for one reason or another they are buying on their own.  The Connector gives the Commonwealth Choice people group buying power.  You can review the plans and pick what fits you.

So I picked a top of the line plan.  No lifetime max.  No calendar year max.  No deductible.  No co-insurance.  $25 co-pays and a good pharmacy benefit.  I knew what was coming and I didn't want to be left holding the bag.  $515 per month and my boss paid half.  I had a good job and had no problem affording it.

But then in June, 2010, I stopped working.  Slowly it became difficult to keep up on disability.  People asked why I struggled to keep it, especially when the premium jumped to $800.88 per month. My response was that I was getting top of the line care and I should do my part.

Then last summer, I realized that I could get a grant from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to cover my premiums.  Back before I chemo, I would have realized this a lot faster.....but...whatever.

Now though, even that's a problem.  the premium has jumped to $845 and every single month except May there is some kind of problem.  Even with a good pharmacy plan I am still shelling out $200 to $300 per month in co-pays.  So finally I filled out the paperwork for Mass Health.  In June there was a problem that caused me to be cancelled and now, even though the Connector has all the money they won't reinstate me.

This month, like every month, I call.  And call.  And call.  First the Connector, 20 minutes, no result.  Then nearly 30 minutes with Blue Cross.  It seemed the person at Blue Cross was going to fix it.  He kept putting me on hold.  My mother saunters out into the kitchen where I am sitting. 

"Are you on hold?" she asks.  "Yes" I reply.  "You know there's no reason to be on hold.  He's not doing anything."  I protest that Ryan can take all the breaks he wants because he said he can fix the problem.

"He's lying." she says.

Ryan comes back on the line at this point and starts to apologize.  I stare daggers at my mother and jab my finger in her direction.

That's when the laughter started.

I hang up and call Mass Health to check on my application.  The girl is unhelpful, dull and breathing noisily in my ear.  She says new applications are sent to Charlestown.  I already know this from work.  Mass Health is in the Schraffts Building down the street.  The Mass Health clerk asks where I am.  "Charlestown" I reply.

"What?"  Charlestown I repeat.  "What?"  "C-H-A-R-L-E-S-T-O-W-N."  "Where?"  "The place they send all the new applications." I say, taking a different tack.  "What are you doing there?"

"I live here!"

My mother enjoyed that one too.

Monday, August 06, 2012

What's The Big Deal About A Guy Who Makes Chicken Sandwiches?

That's the question my liberal/progressive friends and acquaintances are posing to me in the wake of the "Chick-Fil-A" controversy. 

The answer is so simple and obvious that I have to laugh.  They must be asking tongue-in-cheek!

First off, opposing gay marriage is not a radical position.  Approximately half of America feels the same way.  why, their own "Dear Leader" held the same position a mere three or four months ago.  And Obama was only moved off of his previous position be yet another Biden gaffe.  Where were all the "kiss-in" people back in April?

And even if it was a radical idea, Dan Cathy still engaged in what we like to refer to as "Free Speech".  You know that little right that the Founding Fathers thought was so important that they put it in the First Amendment. 

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Now, granted, Mayor Menino didn't enact a law that abridged Dan Cathy's right to free speech.  But don't you get the feeling that he would have if he could have?

It doesn't matter what your feelings are about gay marriage or civil unions.  All that should matter is that one man expressed his opinion and the highest government official in the City of Boston retaliated.

As my favorite Mayor used to say "Muth-ra-Gawd!"

So yes, we are at war and we have crushing unemployment and bad economic news every quarter.  Yet plenty of us on both sides of these social issues care a great deal about the "Chick-fil-a" business.  Because it was blatant and right in our face.  And we were able to speak out definitively.  I can't act in response to unemployment or foreign policy.  I can't fight our nation's battles.  I can't solve our economic woes.  However, I can fly a flag to support our nation.  I can donate to charities to help my fellow citizens.  I can buy a sandwich in support of free speech.

Because for the majority there is no gray area here.  He gets to say what he wants.  You are free to disagree.  And neither of you should be threatened by the Mayor of Boston.

If people don't like his opinion, they are free to boycott him.  But the Mayor should not be interfering with the man's business. 

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Grace Gets Mad When I Say This...

But sometimes you have to call a RETARD a RETARD.

Now I am not talking about people whose I.Q.s below 100.  I am talking about people who brag about their degrees but then say something completely idiotic.

If I say to you that I was diagnosed with a "FATAL" cancer.  That I am lucky to have gotten this 18 to 24 months remission.

Don't tell me in saccahrine tones "I wish you a speedy recovery".


Friday, August 03, 2012

My Day Was Covered In Awesome Sauce

...and sun tan oil!  I ran my errands.  I hooked a ride back from Thompson Square with my cousin Danny.  I hooked a ride up the Bunker Hill Pool with my Dad.  I swam and sunned.

Dear You-know-who-you-are,

Hahahahahahaha!  *gasp  for air*  hahahahaha *holding my sides* hahahahahahaha.

Thanks for the laugh.  *snicker*

And if anyone else needs a laugh, go read @JDurant52.  This is the Twitter feed of a Detroit Lions linebacker.

Justin Durant ‏@JDurant52

"So people not gon get the best chicken sammich and lemonade on the planet because of a personal belief? Word?"

Followed by

"Chicken too tasty RT @ThatStatBoy: @JDurant52 Would you boycott Chick Fil A if the owner came out and said slavery was a good idea?"

Thursday, August 02, 2012

I Don't Get It.... was I late?  I had nothing scheduled for today except dinner with My Marine.  I enjoyed a leisurely manicure and pedicure.

But somehow I couldn't get out of my own way.  I couldn't find my glasses. I tripped over the phone charger and had to sit on the floor and feel bad for myself.

Then I realized I hadn't picked up my blouse from the dry cleaners.  I couldn't find the tank top I wear with it.  So when I got to the dry cleaners, I had to slip in the fitting room and change.  Then I was stuck with the tank.

When I got to the Navy Yard I hid it behind a bush.  Lol.  I picked it up on my way home.

So I was late.  I swear he jinxed me so he would have something to tease me about.

I thought we were going to the Tavern on the Water, but My Marine was waiting for me at a perfect outside table at The Bistro.

The waitress even teased me for making him wait.  We enjoyed house salads and the flank steak special   For dessert I picked the bread pudding du jour.....S'Mores.  Right up my cousin Jessica's alley!  Delicious!

Of course the draw is the conversation.  It"s like having a tutor who adores me.  What could be better?  And he loves my Navy Yard.

Although I found out that while I was out I missed seeing "The Best Years Of Our Lives" for the 84th time.  I should have cooked dinner and we could have watched the movie.

Don't worry my Dad has boxes and boxes of Kleenex in the cellar.

I Know I'm Late To This....

...but the Nabisco Saltine thing.  It's finally hit the McInnis household.  My Dad makes chicken soup (awesome homemade chicken soup) at least once a week.  And today, there were no Nabisco Saltines. 


It seems in December, 2011 Nabisco decided to make the saltines round.  So we tried them.  I didn't realize that this meant there were no square ones.  My Dad does all the shopping and he buys in bulk.  When the Zombie Apocalypse happens, we will be able to make brownies for a long time.  And we will have plenty of toilet paper.

The result of all this careful shopping means that the Great Saltine Crisis - look it up on the Internet, people are mad - didn't hit us until nine months after the change.

I've looked online to see what's going on.  Besides the change, there were two more added insults.  First, you are paying the same price for five and a half fewer ounces.  And as a last little slap, it is labelled "Original".  Um, no it's not.

So I guess I will have to hit the little "Mom & Pop" places to see if there are any squares out there.  And I suppose I will look online.  When I used to dye my hair red, my favorite conditioner was discontinued.  I was able to get enough online to go another two years.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Laptop Is Back!

It works and I am all set up for MidRats in a few minutes.

Of course, we've lost the element of portability.  I can't close it because the hinges are broke.  But that's fine.  I am just so happy to have it back, I don't care.

So,I got an email from someone who wants to do a guest post.  I think it’s a great idea, so you’ll see that soon.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Still Posting From The Smaahht Phone

Between the tiny keys and my tremor - it ain't easy!

The sun has just come out.....too late swim.  Bummer.

I've been thinking a lot about the summer of 2008.  That's when I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.  July was the month that I learned about MM and the difference between IgA, IgG, IgM and the others.  July was the month I was telling people.

I am sitting here in the 18th of my "18 to 24 month remission" reading my July, 2008 posts On July 19, 2008 I posted about the books I was reading and the books I had no time for.  I joked that I would get to "Guns, Germs and Steel" in 2012.  Lol!  It's in the other room!  Finally I met a deadline.

Of course I said that believing I wouldn't be here four years into it.  But I am.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blueberries.... Bananas..... Apples

What would you like in/on your pancakes?

Oh, I can't choose!

I made all of them and we ate till we couldn't eat anymore.

Now I have to get ready for the beach.  High tide is 2:23.  Hope the bathing still fits after this morning's pancake extravaganza!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

We Were Cooking With Gas!

The gas tank on the grill was empty and I was sad.  You see, I have no car.  How would I get more gas?  But there was a full one by the lawnmower.  We were saved!

There were ribs and marinated chicken strips and stuff!

Tomorrow there will be steaks and sausage and burgers.


"I'll Have 'On The Beach' For $200, Please"

What is "A great Gregory Peck movie"?

What is "A book I have to read"?

What is "Me?"

It is beautiful here today. I am roasting in the warm New England summer.....basting myself with Coppertone.....and it's not a high number.

 I have friends coming to stay.  I hope they're hungry, because I bought a ridiculous amount of food.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Miss Me?

Yeah, I haven't been here. I still haven't gotten my hands on my laptop yet so no blogging. But lots of tweeting!! Soon I will be down the cottage and I will have the laptop.

In the meantime I'm still having adventures. Tomorrow I'm going to a social media event hosted by @MGraham969. That's right, I am headed over to WTKK to meet Michael Graham for the second time.

He won't remember the first. We were at a protest against Harvard hosting former Iranian president Khatami.

Tomorrow's event will feature NRO's Jonah Goldberg.

Sorry there are no links but this is the Droid.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Had A Problem At The Pharmacy Today

It actually started yesterday. You see, I have to plan out my days. For example, I knew last Friday was going to be strenuous, so napped that day. So in planning for the 4th of July, I scheduled my errands for Monday. That would leave Tuesday for laying around conserving energy for Wednesday. But it didn't work out for me. You see after I ran all my errands, I took the train to Haymarket. I was trying to get off the crowded car through two jackasses (jackassi?) who were standing too close to the doors. People behind me were starting to push. Picture someone squeezing a tube of toothpaste. One of my bags caught on "doorway guy" luggage pulling me back while the crowd surged forward. Tbe result? I can within an inch of kissing the floor of platform and the contents of the bag stayed on the train. I hope someone enjoys that stupid Fekkia shampoo I felt guilty about buying because it was so expensive. I also lost two prescriptions. So, even though I was tired, I had to go back to the pharmacy today. I got there around half past four. Two hours later, after my team had left, the pharmacist decided he couldn't fill it. I was upset. I asked why they hadn't come up with this know when people who could help were still available Astonishingly enough, all three of the pharmacy workers left started giving excuses. I have never come across such behavior at the hospital. I was incredulous! I put up my hand. "I don't want to hear any more." One of the three kept talking. I was flabbergasted! "Do you understand what 'I don't want to hear any more' means?" She kept talking. So I said "I guess you don't." She kept talking. I asked "Do you always have to have the last word?" "Yes, ma'am" she replied. Then, miracle of miracles, someone called the hematology oncologist on call. The pharrmacist gave him the story and in one second got approval. I hope that woman enjoyed taunting me as I cried in frustration and exhaustion because Thursday I start making phone calls. Miss Smartie Pants is going to find out who she fucked with.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stealing Some Laptop Time To Tell You.... laptop is fixed!!!!  Don't tell my Dad I have his laptop.

I still have to get it back, but Steve, our computer guru has it running.

I am so happy.  I could only be happier if the Navy were coming to visit me...oh wait!

They are!  Friday night is the Sunset Parade, hosted by USS Constitution.  Come join us.

I will be down the Navy Yard to welcome the USS Gravely (DD 107); the USS Wasp (LHD 1) and all the others!

Ship Visit schedule here.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

So, I Got Two Phone Calls About My Laptop

Because I have been MIA from the blog.  So people think it's laptop trouble.

And it is....kinda.  But it's also that I have been asleep most of the time.  So I have been on Twitter more than anything else.  Taking my news in small bites.

This crap with Elizabeth Warren is enough to make anyone take to their bed!

I'll try to do better.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

You May Want Some Cheese With This

I have no one to blame but myself, but I sure do wish I had someone else to blame.

I am so messed up.  Somehow I missed my morning medication on Thursday.  Which meant I laid around, got nothing done and followed that with something like 20 hours of sleep. 

Then I was so groggy I forgot Friday's meds......slept more.....and forgot Saturdays.

I took them when I woke today....but that was 3pm.

Now it's 11:30 and I am going to have to force myself to sleep.

When I am awake, I am fighting with the laptop.  I love this laptop.  It has accompanied on so many adventures.  It was a gift from a good, good friend, Mary and her brothers.  It was my constant companion during chemo, the transplant and the recovery.  About a year ago, Mary asked if I still used it.  I replied that it slept on the other pillow in my bed, like a lover.  LOL!

But little things have been going wrong.  The battery won't hold a charge despite changing the battery and the charger.  And I got a virus, and after cleaning it, there was damage.  It's hijacked my search capability and I've lost files and Flash.

Don't get me wrong, I won't give up, and if I fix it, it will still be useful plugged into the wall......but the time for a new portable device is in the near future.

Speaking of new things, I finally broke down and got a Kindle.  Holy crap!  What was I waiting for.  I paid $50 for a refurbished device with an Amazon Local deal. Very happy.

So, I'm off to bed.  My Dad is on alert to remind me about the morning meds.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Last Minute Change-Up

My Battleship plans have been shifting as if made on sand.  I've been looking forward to watching the US Navy save the world from aliens.

First I was going with my brother Frankie and my nephews on Tuesday.  Frankie backed out.

Fine! (that's my bratty answer when my plans are thwarted)

So I headed downtown for the 5:30 show Wednesday.  But...I got a little distracted, buying blueberries and stopping to tweet about the guy proselytizing at the top of his lungs in Downtown Crossing.  So I got there a few minutes late.  But that was fine because it was showing every hour.  So I was checking out the other movies to see what I could fit in before a later Battleship showing.  I noticed a line queued against the far wall.  I asked the ticket sellers - there was no one in line for the two registers - "What's going on?"  They had no idea.  Which was weird.  They weren't selling tickets for it, they didn't know what the movie was about or when it started.

So I walked up to the head of the line and asked.  It was a free preview of "For Greater Glory, the True Story of Christiada".  They offered me a ticket and I got in line.  It was starting at 7pm with seating to begin at 6pm.  Someone in the line said the film was a little under two hours.  The closest Battleship showing was 8:45pm.  I figured with all the previews, I could probably make it.  So I got that ticket too.

I was seated a few minutes after six and pulled out my latest read "Guns, Germs and Steel".

The movie was awesome.  It's about a time in the last century when the Mexican government tried to outlaw religion.  There were clashes between the government forces and Catholics fighting for religious freedom.  I was so moved.  And of course, as a Catholic, I felt it on another level.  Really good movie, two thumbs up.

One tiny, itsy-bitsy beef.  President Calvin Coolidge.  Bruce McGill?  Bad fit.  Distracting for this history nerd. wasn't under two was two hours and seventeen minutes!  So they refunded my Battleship ticket and I try again Tuesday.

My Life Is An O'Henry Story

UPDATE:  As My Marine just pointed out - It's O. Henry.  I want an O'Henry....desperately.  No, everyone is not Irish, they just wish they were.

The Internet connection is fabulous.  The laptop has a virus.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hero Squares

Today I attended the dedication of two "Hero Squares" in Charlestown.  The first was at the corner of Belmont and Bunker Hill Streets.  It was dedicated to 2nd Lt George R Meehan who enlisted from a home two doors up from his corner.  Lt Meehan was a member of the 1st Infantry Division who was mortally wounded on October 5th 1918 in France during WWI.
The picture above was poached from the Twitter feed of Danielle V Fitzgerald (@dvallefitz), a Townie & Mayor Menino's neighborhood liaison to Charlestown.

The second "Hero Square" was dedicated on the corner of Pearl and Bunker Hill Streets in honor of PFC Philip J Foley who was killed in WWII during the Battle of the Bulge. Philip was born on July 17th 1916 and lived on School, Cross and Pearl Streets in Charlestown. He was the son of Edward and Helen Foley and was one of three brothers that served in WWII. During the war Philip was a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division, “The All American Division.”
In the picture below a certificate commemorating the event was presented to Pfc Philip Foley's family.
In this picture the Foley family posed with Bill Durette, the Military Historian for the Charlestown Historical Society.  Bill, in addition to doing all the research on Charlestown's military history, is a WWII renenactor. He is also responsible for all the information I have just blogged and three of the four pics on this post.

The next opening of the Charlestown Veterans History Project Exhibit Hall at 20 City Square will take place on Saturday May 26th between 1:00PM – 4:00PM to commemorate Memorial Day. Several new exhibits will be on display. Persons are invited to come down and register any Veteran who came from Charlestown who served in WWI, WWII and Korea. thanks to Bill Durette of Charlestown Veterans History Project.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How Happy Am I?


My parents have finally consented, after nineteen, long, expensive months.......


The most delicious feeling coursed through my body at the words "You are now connected to the network.  Signal strength: Excellent"

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I Know What My Marine Is Going To Say....

... but seriously!

While waiting for my train back to Boston, I popped in the Union Station "WOMEN"s room.  From inside my stall I heard men's voices.  What the...

I heard a surprised woman's voice "This is the ladies.  The men's is on the other side."  They laughed at her and said that was too far.  Then they entered stalls.

I came out of my stall and saw the woman.  She wasn't coming all the way in.  She stayed by the entrance.  I asked "Are there men in here?" She replied in the affirmative.

I went out and saw two men standing near the corridor.  I asked them to flag down the police officer near the seating area.  They said "What?  Police?" a couple of times.  I didn't get it immediately.

Then the two assclowns came out of the "Women"s room and I saw all four were together. 

I reprimanded the two who were in the ladies room and ......  They.  Gave. Me.  Lip. "What?  Is your ass cleaner than ours?" one asked as he walked toward me.  I think I was supposed to be intimidated and back up.


I walked right at him.

 I said "Don't talk back.  You were wrong and ignorant.  And you are picking the wrong fight, jackass!"  I began to walk towards the police officer.  One told me to "Chill."  I told him to call his mother and tell her what a CREDIT he was.

There were three others guys from a cleaning crew.  One must have said something because the four stopped. spoke to him and stayed near him even when the cleaning guy backed up.

I walked up to the police officer and gave my complaint.  I pointed toward the group.  "Now they are hassling your cleaning crew."

Then I walked off toward a seat.  After the police officer spoke with them, they headed for the furthest gate.  I don't know if it was the police officer's suggestion or if they had just had enough of the crazy woman.  Either way it was a good idea.  The bag on my shoulder had two pair of high to chuck at each of their heads.

Friday, May 11, 2012

I'm Here....

at the hotel. 

Everything went great until the Amtrak people made me walk and walk.  But it was fine, because just when I couldn't step another step......a Marine met me at Ballston and carried my bag to the hotel.

The pool at the Arlington Gateway is closed until 4 pm.  Boo!

I'm tired and hungry and I can't make a decision.

BTW, the endocrinologist just called.  The methimazole is working.  So my hair will stop falling out.

On balance, it's a good day.

Tonight will be the Milbloggies.  I am nominated, but didn't really pimp it.  I want Pundit Review radio to win.

Same with the Donovan.  We're hoping his category goes to Lex.

As Alannis Says.....

At 6:35 am I will board a plane and head down to the 2012 MilBlog Conference.

You may say "But Maggie, you rarely blog.  And of the few posts, not many are related to the military."

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  As I told The Donovan during the 1st Milblog "I'm here for the pahties!"

Besides, I have to go handle that Blackfive guy.  He's forcing people to tweet about how "dead sexy" he is.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Congratulations Captain Michael Junge, USN (sel)

Big news in my world!  And the Naval Blogosphere!  And probably Mike's house.....

Nomination: PN1472-112
Date Received: March 19, 2012 (112th Congress)
Nominee: One nomination, beginning with Michael Junge, and ending with Michael Junge
Referred to: Senate Armed Services

If you want to read some of Mike's musings you can head over to this guest post at Information Dissemination; or this article in USNI's Proceedings.  Then there's always his Navy bio

Mike is also husband to the lovely and talented Paulette and Dad to my pals, Eva and Ella.

His friendship is one of the greatest gifts the blogoshpere has ever given me.

I am thrilled and proud to say I will be front and center in Newport for his promotion.  My sisters already found the perfect gift.  Although we will spend from now until then trying to figure out how to wrap it.

There will of course be pics because both of the Junges are very talented photographers.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Well That Was Useless!

The neurologist who thought my tremor was so awesome he filmed it, scheduled an MRI.  I am not kidding.  He filmed me holding my hands out straight, pouring water from one cup to another and stuff.

We talked about the tremor being somewhat present even on 120 mg of propranolol.  We can't increase the dose because it causes my blood pressure to drop.

Now what would my tremor have to do with an MRI?  Well, what do you have to do in an MRI?  You have to stay still.

Guess, what I can't do?  Stay still.  Two hours and tons of admonitions to "please stay still" all we got was blurry, useless images.

When they finally gave up we were so distracted that I almost left with my IV in place. 

My head hurt from being on that hard plastic for two hours.  I self medicated with a strawberry banana smoothie and some chocolate chip cookies.

I did a lot of walking through downtown and Haymarket.  Which of course, means I slept until nearly two this afternoon.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Name A Navy Ship After MOH Recipient Tom Hudner

***UPDATE - Secretary of The Navy Announces DDG 116 to be Named Thomas Hudner***After watching so many stupid names go on ships, this is a GREAT idea.

There is a movement afoot to name a US Navy ship after Medal of Honor recipient, Capt Thomas J. Hudner, USN (ret).

I can not tell you how pleased I am about this.  You can NOT name a more worthy candidate.

It's not political like naming a ship after John Warner.  It's not irrelevant like naming a ship after Gabby Gifford.  It's not outright stupid in the name of political correctness like naming a ship after Ceasar Chavez.  It's not offensive like naming a ship after John Murtha.

Capt Hudner is a Massachusetts native whose actions during the Korean conflict will really move you when you read them.  And I do encourage you to read the links I will leave at the bottom of this post.

I have had the great honor of meeting Capt Hudner on several occasions.  I've blogged about it, but I could never express how it makes me feel.

Please join  me in this effort and write to SecNav expressing your support.
Hon. Ray Maybus
Secretary of the Navy
1000 Navy Pentagon, Rm. 4D682
Washington, DC, 20350-1000

Read more about Capt. hudner at the following links

Valley Patriot of the Month - Hero in Our Midst
Captain Thomas J Hudner, Jr.
by Ted Tripp

Navy urged to name ship for living Bay State veteran
Written by Linden on April 15, 2012

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Thomas J. Hudner

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Screaming Bloody Murder

This is a phrase commonly used in my family to describe someone yelling, screaming or even speaking out in protest.

Before today, I never really, really knew what it meant.

I was hanging with my pal, Griff.  We were strolling down Main Street and had to stop in our fav place, Zumes

As you enter Zume's, the counter is straight ahead, the back of a couch runs along the right and a little table with puzzles for kids is on your left.  So Griff goes right for the puzzles and I step up to the counter to order our cookies.  We aren't even two feet apart.  I am ordering cookies, but looking at Griff.  After raising that horrid Frankie, I know about escapees.

Suddenly, there is this horrible, incredibly piercing scream.  I have never heard anything like that.  It drilled right through me and I think for a sec I stopped breathing.  The clerk behind the counter looked completely shell shocked.  I was saying "Griff?  Griff?  What's wrong?".  Then I realize Griff is attached to my left leg.  I peel him off and lean down "Are you alright?  What's wrong?"  I thought he must have pinched something or something bit him.

But from the look of horror on his face.....I get it.  It's not him.  Griff didn't scream.  In fact, the scream is still happening but his mouth is not open.  Plus, he's just as afraid as I am, lol.  That's when we all see this baby who is on the couch three feet from us.  Maybe eighteen months old. incredibly, the baby begins to laugh.

I paid from the cookies with hands shakier than usual.  As we left Griff backed away, waving to the baby - "Bye, baby."  All I could picture was someone backing out of the tiger's cage "Nice kitty!"

Now, that was screaming bloody murder.

Friday, April 20, 2012

I Want You to Pull Out A Credit Card.....

.....and go to this website. Please throw a few bucks in the pot.

My niece Genevieve is participating in "The 2012 Relay For Life of Clark University" to benefit The American Cancer Society. It's tomorrow at 6pm out there in Wisstah.

This link takes you directly to her page.


Isn't she a good kid?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

More Pudding Notes

I laugh every day in this house. I know it's hard to read, but this another of my father's notes and it says "This pudding is not for consumption" But my mother wasn't funny. Last night when I came home from P.F. Chang's and told her I had a few drinks she said "Well you won't lose any weight this week. You'll gain a pound."

And I did! She's so mean!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So It Might Be The Coconut Lemon Sours.....

...but I really want to punch Leon Panetta in the face.

U.S. troops posed with body parts of Afghan bombers.

After that, I'd like to take a swing at the assclown that released these pics. That soldier betrayed everyone he's ever served with. He lied about his motives. There was nothing honorable in this.

All this fuss over a suicide bomber. Boohoo! Someone took a pic of Achmed the Dead Terrorist.

Listen, if this guy wanted a nice burial, he should have stayed in his village on his prayer rug.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Got Everything On the List!

Unfortunately, I made the list to go with my one priority errand - picking up my prescriptions.

I am really messing this up. I have already noted that I was behind schedule getting the "Grave's disease" medications.

It's a vicious cycle. I'm tired so I don't go get the meds. The lack of meds is making me tired.

So last night I went to bed at early, got up early and headed out.

Since I was headed downtown, I made a list.

CVS is between Downtown Crossing and NEMC. Check!

The pharmacy is in the Atrium, which is two buildings up from Dr. Miller in the South Building. I have some paperwork to drop off. Check!

There is a patient lounge for the oncology patients. The lounge has a computer & a printer and I have to print something. But the print4er is out of ink. What to do? Well there's a hotel across the street and I know where the business office is. Check!

The thing I needed to print was a Groupon for a haircut at Amaci. So off I go down Stuart St. Great haircut, nice stylist who had some experience with chemo hair. It is finally starting to straighten, but the ends are friend. Very happy Maggie leaves Amaci......check!

I head down Arlington toward the Public Garden. I get an ice cream from a truck on Boylston. I start thinking that I have just enough oomph to make it to Downtown Crossing to catch the 93 home.

And then I stop mid-lick.....I have no prescriptions.

Ok, well, we'll try tomorrow. We'll put it on the list.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dear 98 Cents

Yesterday I published my thoughts on Hilary Rosen. I got two responses, three actually because my anonymous commenter had poor reading comprehension. The first was my friend Middleboro Jones & I published it. The second two were from the same hateful anonymous coward. He commented, couldn't comprehend the "comment moderation" response and typed out his hateful rant a second time.

I didn't publish either version. I don't mind disagreement. A quick search of the blog will find I have published opposing views. But only the reasonable ones. Not the hateful, nasty ones.

But I did leave a response -

"I thought long and hard about publishing your hateful comment. But that's the point of moderating comments and having your own blog - your hate has no place here.

For you to say that Ann Romney uses her MS as a "crutch" shows that you can't be reasoned with. Ann Romney didn't bring it up in this discussion, I did.

Frequent readers of this blog know that my sister was DX'd over 10 years ago. No amount of money makes up for her suffering. And I have cancer, not breast cancer, but cancer none-the-less. No amount of money could make up for what I have gone through.

You tried to drop a steaming pile here while you cruise the blogosphere with your baseless rage.
Thanks to comment moderation, you can't.

Go back to HuffPo and the other hateful Obama-bots."