Sunday, May 06, 2012

Well That Was Useless!

The neurologist who thought my tremor was so awesome he filmed it, scheduled an MRI.  I am not kidding.  He filmed me holding my hands out straight, pouring water from one cup to another and stuff.

We talked about the tremor being somewhat present even on 120 mg of propranolol.  We can't increase the dose because it causes my blood pressure to drop.

Now what would my tremor have to do with an MRI?  Well, what do you have to do in an MRI?  You have to stay still.

Guess, what I can't do?  Stay still.  Two hours and tons of admonitions to "please stay still" all we got was blurry, useless images.

When they finally gave up we were so distracted that I almost left with my IV in place. 

My head hurt from being on that hard plastic for two hours.  I self medicated with a strawberry banana smoothie and some chocolate chip cookies.

I did a lot of walking through downtown and Haymarket.  Which of course, means I slept until nearly two this afternoon.

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