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Seat Scott Brown Now

"Scott Brown: 'People Aren't Stupid'" from John fund of the Wall Street Journal

"Scott Brown’s official start date could take a couple weeks"

William Francis Galvin needs an opponent the next time he is on the ballot.
Here is Galvin trying to weasel out of his responsibility
"Galvin: Decision to seat MA winner ultimately rests with Senate"

Remember, this is the assclown who had to be sued by the DOJ before he would count military ballots.

West 2010: “Smart Power: Does the QDR Get It Right?”

****01/29/10 - Another update**** Kanani Fong of Kitchen Dispatch will be joining us on the 1st day of #West2010 & Beth Wilson of "Homefront in Focus" will be appearing at soem point!
Bump & update****In addition to the fine bloggers listed below we are now pleased to announce we will also have the pleasure of Neptunus Lex' company for part of our time in San Diego - Welcome aboard Sailor!
Also, you can catch a special midweek (Wednesday) episode of MIDRATS - Navy Blog Talk Radio *****
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This is going to be good. We have Galrahn, Maggie, CDR Salamander, Jim Dolbow, FBl and URR all covering this event for us, The Naval Institute, which we co-host (sponsor) every year with AFCEA.
Even better, there’s a great list of panels and speakers, including: Gen Cartwright, ADM Stavridis, and Information Dissemination’s very own Bryan McGrath.

Join us at our booth for an Author Signings, Wednesday, 3 February from 4:00pm – 5:30pm



Thomas C. Hone and Trent Hone, BATTLE LINE

Panels include:
Panel: “Winning Wars: Did the QDR Get it Right?
Cyber Issues: What Should Be the Priorities?
What Kind of Navy Does America Need?
And a whole lot more, see the full schedule here:

Can’t be there for the event? Have a good question to ask? Leave a comment here to let us know…or look out on the blogs, follow us on Twitter (#West2010) or our Facebook page

Saving the best for last, if you’re one of the cool kids who get to go, you might get this impeccably designed, handy-dandy, pocket size Field Notes notebook to write down your thoughts.

Front Cover

Inside Front Cover with pertinent coordinate a place for you're name and graph paper (that's right, graph paper!)

Back Cover with Naval Institute logo & pertinent coordinates, so you'll remember us.

USNA Scandal

This story isn't going away anytime soon.

If you care about the Navy, you need to pay attention to this story.

From CDR Salamander "A drug free Annapolis? No, but we have D1 football!"

From USNI blog "A Concept of Honor"

From Facebook "Zero Tolerence = Zero Exceptions"

From today's Examiner "Midshipman explains his way out of drug test results"

Whaddaya Doing this Weekend?

Are you in or around Boston? Here's something interesting!

Models in the Spotlight:
31sth Annual USS CONSTITUTION Model Shipwright Guild Exhibit
at the USS Constitution Museum

BOSTON— Members of the USS Constitution Model Shipwright Guild will display their finest work in hopes of capturing the spotlight during the 31st annual show at the USS Constitution Museum. Models in the Spotlight opens to the public on Saturday, January 30th and will run through Saturday, March 20th. Admission to the Museum and the exhibit are free with donations welcome. The Museum is open daily from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

A total of 75 different ships created by modelers from across New England will be on display. Ranging from World War II vessels to fishing dories, ships-in-bottles to sailing vessels, these modelers have masterfully captured the richness of our maritime history in miniature. A panel of Guild members will judge qualifying entries, with awards being given to the top honorees.

Volunteers from the USS Constitution Model Shipwright Guild will be on hand so visitors can watch them in action, ask questions, and perhaps receive some tips on modeling techniques! A free Family Guide will be available, encouraging guests of all ages to explore the Museum’s exhibits with a new eye towards models as both an art and a tool. During February school vacation week the Museum will offer drop-in activities for all. Please call 617-426-1812 or log onto for more information and visiting tips.

The USS Constitution Model shipwright Guild encourages the art of constructing model ships and supports research in nautical history through its workshops, educational activities, and exhibits. It is among the largest ship model associations on the East Coast with more than 100 members. The Guild meets on the first Tuesday of every month and encourages those who are interested to attend their meeting at the USS Constitution Museum or to visit the Guild’s website at

The USS Constitution Museum is located in the historic Charlestown Navy Yard, directly across from USS Constitution and on the Freedom Trail. The USS Constitution Museum is a nonprofit, educational institution whose mission is to serve as the memory and educational voice of USS Constitution, by collecting, preserving, and interpreting the stories of “Old Ironsides” and the people associated with her.

* For your convenience, a list of entrants in the model show, including their hometowns, follows so you can identify exhibition participants from your area.

Modelers and Towns ~ 2010

Michael T. Ahern – Arlington, MA

James Bean – Northport, NY

Alex Bellinger – Newburyport, MA

Sean Blair – Saugus, MA

Scott Bower – Whitinsville, MA

Frank Casey – Medford, MA

John Churchill – Woburn, MA

Frank Clements – Nahant, MA

Anthony Colton – Quincy, MA

Ray Crean – Beverly, MA

Mike Davison – Foxboro, MA

Paul Dustin – Reading, MA

Pat Ferrara – Boston, MA

Bernard Fournier – Pembroke, NH

Heil, Michael - Oxford, MA

Karl Hering – Beverly, MA

John Joanou – Belmont, MA

George Kaiser – Winthrop, MA

Henry Keene – Dedham, MA

Jonathan Kinghorn – Lexington, MA

Gaspar Lacolla – Medford, MA

Tom Lauria – Yarmouthport, MA

Mat Leupold – Wayland, MA

Steve Lush – North Andover, MA

Tim Mahoney – Georgetown, MA

Frank Moda, Jr. – North Reading, MA

Edward Parent – S. Hamilton, MA

Paul J. Stankard – Dedham, MA

David Stoll – Hudson, MA

Donald Stone – Randolph, MA

Michael W. Swanson – Rowley, MA

Frederick Swendsen – Brooklyn, NY

Salvatore Ursino – Medford, MA

George J. Willis – Sturbridge, MA

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My Son Tom Is Goading Me

I got a text message "Howard Zinn died yesterday of heart attack. He was a 2nd LT in the Army Air Corps awarded the Air Medal. a bit of a liberal later in life"

I answered "A bit?"

He came back with "Just enough to coax John Silber into accusing him of arson and "poisoning academe" i included his WWII stats hoping you'd give him a shoutout on the blog"

Here you go, the guy was the king of revisionist historians. Untold students are being poisoned "America is Eeeeevil" nonsense. If you read lots of history and you read his, it's ok because you have context. My son is an avid reader, with a higher IQ than mine. So he read Zinn and I was fine with that. But for some, that is the only view of history they will have on certain subjects.


From the Yahoo article -
"In a 1998 interview with The Associated Press, Zinn acknowledged he was not trying to write an objective history, or a complete one. He called his book a response to traditional works, the first chapter — not the last — of a new kind of history."

Well then! Carry on! You've been a total success you assclown, it's not objective, nor is it complete!

Midway Magic

While I am looking forward to all of USNI West 2010, this does sound like a lot of fun!

Midway Magic*
Gala Reception aboard the USS Midway

Tuesday, February 2 6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

The Midway is a short walk from the San Diego Convention Center and the Marriott and Hyatt hotels.

Dress: Nautically Casual. Flat shoes recommended.

"Midway Magic" promises to be an amazing experience for all, including virtual reality flight simulators, restored vintage naval aircraft from World War II and other historic battles, audio tours, interactive and multimedia exhibits, and a ""must do"" visit to the Midway Museum store. There'll be plenty of food and drink, and prime networking on all decks.
Disclaimer - all of next week in San Diego is on someone else's dime, so while I am extremely grateful....I am still very broke.

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NVT Virus

My computer in work has this virus and I can't get rid of it. My computer is opening the internet by itself and accessing some porn site.

I am told it's part of a scam to get you to buy some anti-virus program.

I am dying! No Twitter, infrequent emails. Help me!

Interview with Captain Bruce McFarlane, USMC (Ret.)

I have stolen this in it's entirity from the USNI blog
Interview with Captain Bruce McFarlane, USMC (Ret.)
26 January 2010

Hidden among the many legends and characters of the United States Marine Corps are countless Marines, Officer and enlisted, who served with distinction alongside those legends in places whose names populate the 234-year history of the Corps. These Marines shared in the hardships, the dangers, the courage, and the triumphs which made the Corps what it is today.

One such Marine turns 80 today. Captain Andrew Bruce McFarlane was born in Teaneck New Jersey on 26 January, 1930. He enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1948, and retired in 1971. During that time, he served in Korea with Chesty Puller’s First Marines, spent two tours as a Drill Instructor at Parris Island, South Carolina, and is one of very few men to make the rather unlikely transition from First Sergeant to Second Lieutenant. As an Officer of Marines, Captain McFarlane served two tours in Vietnam, in 1966-67 and 1970-71. In his career, Captain McFarlane was awarded three Bronze Stars, (1 in Korea, 2 in Vietnam), a Presidential Unit Citation, a Vietnam Cross of Gallantry, and a host of other medals and ribbons from his service in two wars.

USNI got the chance to ask Captain McFarlane some questions about his service and his experiences. The questions, and his responses, are below:

USNI: What was it that drew you to the Marine Corps?
I graduated from Rutherford High School, June 1947. Worked at assorted part-time jobs, decided to enter the US Military. USMC was my first and only choice. I enlisted on the Marine Corps Birthday, 10 Nov 1948, for a 3 yr enlistment. My recruiting office was in Newark NJ. I was 18 years and 10 months old. I finished “boot camp”, Parris Island SC, at the end of January, and turned 19 years old last day at Parris Island, January 26, 1949. As a young Marine, you wanted to learn & do your very best and my DI’s at Parris Island started me in the right direction.

USNI: How many WWII veterans did F/2/1 have in its ranks, and how did they provide guidance to the younger Marines during the Inchon landing and the fighting that followed?
In all early duty assignments it was those Sergeants and Corporals who had served in the late stages of WWII and decided to remain and serve 20 + years in the USMC. In the early days before Korea and during these early days in Korea, it was those WWII NCO’s who kept us alive, we soon grew up while in Korea and we became seasoned/experience young NCO’s. It was the WWII Marines made the 1st Marine Division what it was in the South Pacific (WWII) and was continued in Korea. They were the very best.

USNI: What was it like to have your Regiment commanded by Colonel Lewis “Chesty” Puller, a Corps legend?
Colonel Puller, a great Marine, when he commanded the 1st Marine Regiment in Korea, was then 50 yrs old, a real legend. I saw him a few times between Inchon & Seoul. The last saw him, he was a retired general at Quantico, Va @ the Marine Corp Birthday 1969. I was a Captain at AWS (Amphibious Warfare School). In my opinion, it is a true shame that the USMC never named a USMC Training Base/Camp after Puller. The only Chesty is the USMC Bulldog mascot, which I think is really very poor.

USNI: What was Fox Company’s role in the landing at Inchon and the fight to recapture Seoul?
F2/1 landed over Blue Beach (Inchon Harbor), and was required the following day (D+1) to take high ground around & near Inchon and continued on the MSR (Inchon-Seoul road).

USNI: Describe the fighting around the Chosin Reservoir and Koto-Ri.
Fighting around the actual Chosin Reservoir was the 5th and 7th regiments; they were deep in battle and suffered by far the most casualties in the 1st Marine Division. The 1st Marines (Chesty Puller) was located just north of Koto-Ri at Hagura- Ri. The 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines, and the 2nd Battalion (with F/2/1) was at Koto-Ri . This was also theCP for 1st Marine Division & 1st Marine Regiment), the 3rd Battalion was south of Koto-Ri at the railroad and highway junction. As I’ve said, the 5th & 7th regiments in constant contact with the enemy!! We were at Koto-Ri, mostly securing the high ground around Koto-Ri. For sure the Marines of entire 1st Marine Division were ALL VERY COLD.

USNI: What do you remember most proudly about your time as a Drill Instructor at Parris Island?
Taking a young Marine in about 10/12 weeks from someone who knew nothing about being a Marine into a young and very proud Marine! Every day was a reward, being a DI, as you could see the individual being built. As a recruit in Nov 48- Jan 49, I was a “boot” in Platoon 254 (2nd Recruit Training Battalion). My two later tours as a DI (1951-53 & 1956-58) were also in the 2nd Recruit Training Battalion. Combined during these years I was a DI for 12 Recruit Platoons. Being a DI upon returning from Korea as a young Corporal, and 21 yrs old, I decided then and there I would make it a 20 yr career in the USMC.

USNI: What changes did you see in the years between Korea and Vietnam?
Korea was more a conventional war, like WWII. You knew were the enemy was. Vietnam was a war where the enemy could be most anywhere! The Marine in each was still a great fighter. The worst part of Vietnam was how the serviceman was treated upon his return to CONUS. This didn’t really bother me, as I was a great deal older, age 37 after my first tour, and 41 upon return from my second, and a career Marine. This was my choice. But the young serviceman understandable had great difficulty.

USNI: Making the rank of First Sergeant and then pinning on 2nd Lieutenant bars had to be quite a transition. What did you find most difficult about it?
The change from a 1st Sergeant with 17+ years as an enlisted man, to that of a brand new 2nd Lieutenant (commissioned May 1966) was what I jokingly called a demotion from 1st Sgt to 2nd Lt! I had NO difficulty at all, I well knew I could do the job and accepted the promotion (?) with great pride! When I arrived in RVN (Sept 1966), I quickly thought to myself, “What the hell have you done now”?

USNI: Were you required to attend The Basic School after commissioning?
I was not required to attend the Basic School, just pinned the “brown bars” on and headed to Camp Pendleton for training in preparation for Vietnam. This was a 1 month training period, then by AIR to Japan to Okinawa to RVN. I was 36 years old, 2nd Lt, better know as a Mustang (prior enlisted) officer!

USNI: How did your platoon and the Officers in your company react to a 2nd Lt with such long and distinguished service and a chest full of awards?
My platoon (3rd Platoon F/2/3) checked me out, they sure knew I was a “Mustang”. We had no trouble, my first rule was simple: You take care of me, and for sure I’ll take care of you. My first Company Commander was a young and newly promoted Captain, a graduate of the USNA, and he was very eager. He needed a little taming and had to know how to use his Mustang officers’ knowledge and experience. That is exactly how it was in WWII and Korea, also. Long service, for sure. Distinguished service, yes, maybe. A chest full of awards? No. I didn’t wear them in combat, day in and day out.

USNI: How do your memories as a platoon leader in combat differ from those you have as a junior Marine?
As a platoon leader in combat in Vietnam, the biggest difference was that, as an Officer, you have a Platoon of 35-40 Marines. Always your first priority was to these men, and keeping them alive! As an enlisted young Marine (PFC or CPL) in Korea your primary concern was taking care of yourself and helping your buddy. Your world was a great deal smaller.

USNI: In what area did F/2/3 operate during your first tour in Vietnam? What were the major engagements or operations?
F/2/3 primarily worked the DMZ area, from Dong Ha west to Khe-Sanh. Of my 13 month tour (Sept 66-Oct 67), I figured I spent at least 75% my time in the DMZ area. During this tour in RVN I also served in G/2/3 as a Rifle Platoon Commander and as 2/3’s Battalion Ass’t Operations Officer (S 3-A) for a few months, just before leaving in Oct 67. All of my time on this tour in Vietnam was with 2/3.

USNI: Had the conduct of the war in Vietnam changed between your first tour in 1966-67 and 1970?
There were no real changes. Vietnam lasted far too long, and no real end could be seen. Upon arriving in RVN for my second tour (June 70) the USMC had “geared down”. The 3rd Marine Division was out of country, and only two regiments of the 1st Marine Division were still in country. Major Operations were few, troops discipline was poor. As I said the RVN ‘war” was just too long. By 1970-1971 all were counting the time.

USNI: What factored into your decision to retire from the Marine Corps after 22 years?
It was very simple. In May 1966 when I was first commissioned, I accepted the fact I would likely serve for about a 5 year period in a temporary commission Program. I retired effective Feb 1, 1971 which reached the five years. During my commission time, I served as a 2nd Lt, 1st Lt, and Captain. My permanent rank at commission was a First Sergeant (E-8). About two years later I was selected for a new permanent grade of Warrant Officer (W-01). As a designated Marine Gunner (03), about a year later I was advanced to the grade of Commissioned Warrant Officer (CWO-2). I never served in either of these grades, as they were a permanent rank to go to upon reversion from Commissioned Ranks. This took place very late in December, 1970. I decided that was more than enough of the USMC for me. After 22 yrs, 2 months and 21 days I retired from the Corps.

Many thanks to Captain McFarlane for taking the time to share his experiences as a Marine in two wars and his remarkable service to Corps and country in between.

Happy Birthday, Captain! Semper Fidelis!
This post was written by the fabulous UltimaRatioReg for the USNI blog.

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The Main Event of USNI West 2010

Mary mistress extrordinaire of the USNI blog (have you "fan"d them on FaceBook?) and yours truly, the Goddess of the Naval Blogging Strike Force will be contesting for the title of......

ADM John Harvey's biggest fan!

Suggestions welcome regarding -




We will be working this all out while we cover -
USNI West 2010
Smart Power: Does the QDR Get It Right?"
February 2 - 4, 2010
San Diego Convention Center

OK, Enough Doom & Gloom

Dbie kicked my ass in the comments below. I called the mortgage company and I am going to take one more shot at this. Cause after ironic would it be if Obama saved me?

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If You Googled...

....."Navy". Or "USS Constitution". Or "Haiti". Then you should skip this.

This blog started off as a place for me to vent. A place for me to yell and scream and spout nonsense. It has evolved, as such things do and that's a good thing. But I miss being able to come out here and just say the things that some people scream into their pillows.

But today will be retro BostonMaggie.

It will be what it was before people knew who I was.

What it was before I felt any responsibility to anyone else.

When I wrote whatever I felt like without editing.

So if you are are looking for the GODNAVBLOGSTRIFOR or some political insightabout Scott Brown or such. Come back tomorrow. Tomorrow we will be back to your regular channel.
My ex-husband and I moved into this house in July of 1982. Tommy was seven months old. I created elaborate gardens in the front and small ones on the other sides of the house. I spent many enjoyable hours reading in the yard. Barely warm spring days when everything was in bud. Languid summer days, stereo speakers pressed against the screens of the living room windows, enjoying the smells of freshly cut grass, the scent of my flowers, a neighbor firing up some charcoal nearby wafting in on a fresh ocean breeze. Fall days that were warm and secret. I felt like I was stealing them. Back then the Nook would empty out after Labor Day and many houses around me would be buttoned up, their owners returned to the city. Kids would be in school and I felt like I had the Nook to myself. Every weekend was a project. Trim to paint. Windows to wash.

My family's cottage was just 500 feet away. My mother and my uncles share it, so the summer was a revolving series of visitors who had their own place to stay. It was ideal.

I can remember hot days when the tide was not good - Rocky Nook beach has such a high tide that you can swim two hours before and after the high tide, otherwise it's mud. It would be too hot to do anything. I would sit in chaise lounge, Frankie slathered in sun block, between my legs, the hose gently misting us.

I can remember cool fall days when Tom and I would snuggle under a blanket in the lounge chair reading Time magazine. He was 5 and he could name every world leader. People said read to your kids....that was what I was reading. Plus Tommy had a higher IQ than mine. I wasn't boring him, I was feeding his head.

The 80s and most of the 90s were spent gardening, cooking, reading and parenting.

When my husband and I separated, he and his girlfriend (later wife) lived a few doors away.

My sister Jen bought a house on the water in 2001. Just 800 feet to my east. It was perfect.

Later after I was divorced, I had to work more and the yard slipped by the wayside. I worked hard and paid the mortgage and even bought my ex-husband out of his share of the house. I remember reclining in the chaise looking up at the stars that night, thinking about owning the house all by myself. I always looked longingly at the yard and thought, someday I will get back to that.

And then of course I was diagnosed in July of '08. I remember standing in the yard after I told Frankie. I thought my heart would break. I needed to think of something else. I looked around and thought about the gardens and how I could bring them back.

Of course that didn't happen. I spent the first month tryng to hang on to my sanity. Telling people was painful. The next two months meeting doctors and trying to learn what I could to make the best decision possible. Treat, don't treat. Two drug cocktail, three drug cocktail. Then when I entered chemo, despite promises of how well most people tolerate it.....I was devastated. I couldn't have lifted a trowel at many points.

Recovery from chemo was supposed to take two to twelve months. Once again I drew the short straw and didn't return to my old self for nine months. This past summer, I was lucky of the lawn got mowed.

So there I was, fifty pounds heavier, deeply in debt, way behind on my mortgage.....and still full of cancerous plasma cells. Chemo had failed. The only flowers in the yard were the beds of orange daylilies and a few other rogue blooms.

I pretty much just got my feet under me when I had the car accident in December. It wasn't a bad accident. The Saturn withstood it and is still chugging along having passed 220K.

Apparently, I am more fragile.

The chiropractor advised me in the first visit that I would have to be patient. They couldn't approach my treatment in the normal way because of the multiple myeloma. she assured me that she could help me and she has. I feel much better and I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But my finances haven't been so patient. I got a letter the other day. The mortgage company has foreclosed and the sale date is scheduled for March 10th.

I knew it was coming, but I hadn't expected to be so blue.

I should be proactive. I should be shopping for a storage facility. I should be sorting what I want to keep. I should be tossing what I don't want to keep so I can streamline this process.

But all I can think about is going out to one of the small gardens and turning over the rocks that edged the iris and rose bed around the tree.

There is a big, half-dead tree that defines one of the borders of my yard. When my husband was little he lived next door. His grandmother had a similar garden on the other side of the same tree. She was the one who planted the iris, tall beautiful blue iris. She put two quarters under the rocks. When we moved in to this house years later, that house was abandoned. There had been a devastating fire there in the years after John's family left and no one was doing anything with it. That yard was wild and untended for years. Part of my gardening had been to push into that yard, trespassing, squatting. I would call John's mother, Marie. She was a lovely woman who I miss every day. Marie would tell me as I pushed, what I would find. I remember finding the bed of lily of the valley on the north side of the house and calling her, all excited.

I remember how I felt when I pulled out the rocks that edged Pearls flower bed on her side of the tree. I called Marie and we talked about her mother. We decided I would put the coins back and add my own.

When the Guildersons moved in and restored the house, they were too busy to bother with that corner of their yard and I continued to tend the rose bed. When the Bradaneses bought the house they were content to leave it where it was. I remember the first time I met them I was working the yard in that flower bed. I had just taken Tommy to school, he was in second grade. I had Frankie in a baby swing next to me and Anna Bradanese came out to meet me, but more to see Frankie. He was a beautiful baby. They have both passed on and I miss them.

The next owner and I never saw eye to eye. Now there is a stockade fence cutting the garden in half. I don't know what happened on the other side. I've never pulled the rocks out, afraid the coins are on the other side of the fence or lost. The neighbor still owns the property, but lives elsewhere. I think I am going to ask Frankie to look on the other side. He is very friendly with the tenants.

So I am at another crossroads.

Do I stay?

I think if I really put my shoulder to the wheel, I could probably work out some kind of deal with the mortgage company. The house is worth less than the mortgage. I'm sure there is a deal to be struck. It would take my all. It would get easier as I recovered, but it would still be hard and all consuming. My income is half what it was before my diagnosis. Fighting back to full pay will happen. But not immediately.

But is that how I want to spend the time I have between now and the next round of chemo? The next round of chemo will be more devastating than the last, they've already admitted that. What the first round broke in half, the next round will decimate. In all likelihood I will lose my job and have to go on disability.

Is an other spring and summer in this house worth it?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Leo Shane, Stars & Stripes +1

Recent Blogger Roundtables have attracted MSM types who are not all that familiar with how the military works.

For example in a recent call with CDR Mark Marino, Director of Nursing aboard USNS Comfort -

Q So basically, the reason why it was taking this amount of time is mostly the time that was necessary to load the personnel, the supplies, aboard the ship, and also just the distance. Is that correct?

CMDR. MARINO: Correct. Again, we left Saturday, and we haven't stopped. So, you know, we're steaming.

Q Okay.

CMDR. MARINO: You know, we left Saturday morning. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. It's at least a five-day transit to get there. We can't get there any faster than we're going. And again, it normally, by doctrine, takes us up to five days to activate a crew, activate supplies and get everybody on board. We got activated Wednesday. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. We were out in less than four full days.

Q Okay.

CMDR. MARINO: So we exceeded our expectations. Exceeded our expectations.

Q Great. Thank you.

CMDR. MARINO: So, you know, the other option is we move the United States closer to Haiti or we move Haiti closer to us and we could have been there much quicker.

Q Right. Thank you.

LT. CRAGG: Thank you, sir. Thank you, Olivia.

CMDR. MARINO: You're welcome.

LT. CRAGG: Leo, please go ahead.

Q Yeah. Hi, Commander. Leo Shane from Stars and Stripes. You don't have an in-depth plan of how to move the United States closer to Haiti, do you?

CMDR. MARINO: (Laughs.) Nope. No, we don't.
Thanks for the laugh Leo and thanks CDR Marino for everything you do and for rolling with it!

Transcript here.

Vis Per Mare

I listened in on a Bloggers Roundtable with Capt Bruce Lindsey, CO of USS Carl Vinson CVN70 this afternoon.

Captain Lindsay discussed some pretty interesting things and was very generous with his time.

Someone called me after to chide me about my interaction with the Captain.

"Okay, we’ll go on then. Maggie, you can go ahead next.

Q Good afternoon, Captain. This is Maggie of Bostonmaggie blogspot, and I just wanted to --

CAPT. LINDSEY: Yes, Maggie. Good afternoon.

Q My questions have pretty much been asked and answered, so I’ll just say if you could pass along to whoever on the ship is running your Twitter account, tell them Bostonmaggie says BZ.

CAPT. LINDSEY: Well, very well. I will tell my public affairs officer, because he’s the one that runs the Twitter account for us. So thank you very much for those kind words.

Q You’re all welcome. Good job."

What???? Is there something wrong with the Goddess of the Naval Blogging Strike Force asking a Sailor to pass a message?
Seriously, my fav part of the phone call was this, in answer to a question from FbL of The Castle Argghhh!!! -
CAPT. LINDSEY: I’m thinking. But what comes to mind real quickly that I haven’t touched on is that we have a lot of sailors -- a few, and each ship does -- sailors of Haitian descent. And they speak French or Creole or Patois. And so as soon as we found out we were heading this way, we found out which speakers we had on board, and they have been enormously helpful when we get medevacs. Because think if you were in a foreign country, when you got medevacked -- and that’s essentially what the aircraft carrier is to a person from Haiti -- you would love to hear somebody speaking in your own language. And so that has been critical, I think, to our success for our medevacs and for our patients. There is somebody there that can talk to them, that can explain what’s going on, and that assures
them. I think that’s a key component, and that comes, again, straight from our sailors.

Guess we'll give the good Captain a BZ as well!

Princess Crabby Is Not Pleased!

Let me put on my tiara and tell me about the serious affront the Goddess of the Naval Blogging Strike Force has suffered -

AW1 Tim has started a blog..........and I had to find out from a stranger!!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm Disappointed In Michelle Bachmann

I woulda laid that asshat Specter out in lavender. But I will cut Congresswoman Bachmann a break, I am sure she was flabergasted that this wizened, traitorous, brain damaged troll said such a thing.

She should have turned to this jerk and said "How about you treat me like a colleague in the Congress? And you can address me as Congresswoman Bachmann, I've worked so hard for that title."

Of course if a male Republican Senator had addressed a Democratic Congresswoman in this fashion, there would have been hell to pay. I try to let this things slide, but it's a little too much here.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

RFK In The Land Of Apartheid

Tonight I went up to the JFK Museum, which is on Twitter @JFKLibrary for one their Kennedy Forums. I don't get to enough of them. But I made a point of this one on Robert Kennedy, he is my favorite.

"RFK in the land of Apartheid" is the new documentary by filmaker Larry Shore on RFK & Ethel Kennedy's trip to South Africa in 1966.

It's an important and largely overlooked moment in history and the film is compelling.

Larry had me with his intro showing young man after young man introduce themselves to the camera...."My name is Kennedy." "My name is Kennedy." "My name is Robert Kennedy". Larry explained later that he knew that people named their oldest child after someone they admired and respected. He had put an ad in the paper asking for people named Kennedy and had been born in 1967 or 1968. There were over a hundred right in the general area he was in at the time.

From the film's website -
Senator Kennedy’s visit to South Africa in June 1966 remains the most important visit an American made to South Africa because it took place during the worst years of Apartheid. The architect of Apartheid, Dr. Verwoerd, was Prime Minister, while Nelson Mandela, Chief Albert Luthuli and other opposition leaders were in prison on Robben Island or in exile. With rare exception, all opposition across the spectrum of black and white South Africa- political parties, the universities, the churches, the arts and the media- were living under the tight control of the National Party and its military, bureaucratic and ideological machinery.

Surprisingly, very few Americans know of this dramatic visit by Robert Kennedy, then the Junior Senator from New York, to South Africa from June 4th to the 9th, 1966. He was invited by NUSAS, the anti-Apartheid National Union of South African Students, to deliver its Annual Day of Affirmation Speech to be held that year at the University of Cape Town. He was accompanied by his wife Ethel and a small number of close aides.

Let's just say I was glad the lights were lowered.

After the film RFK's daughter Kathleen Kennedy Townsend introduced the panel; Margaret Marshall, Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and RFK's student host while he was in South Africa; Albertina Luthuli, Chief Luthuli's daughter and a member of the South African Parliament; and filmmaker Larry Shore.

I was simply in awe of Dr. Albertina Luthuli. What strength of character it must take to suffer all those years and still make such a dramatic and positive impact on the world. There was no bitterness or anger apparent as she spoke. She make the remarkable understatement, that what she and her family suffered "wasn't pleasant". Holy cow! I'll say!

Dr. Luthuli suffered not just a horribly oppressed minority in South Africa, but as a member of a familysingled out for harsh treatment because of who her father was. One short year after being visited by RFK, Chief Luthuli was killed. The official story was that he was hit be a train when walking near the tracks one night. Dr. Luthuli simply stated that she did not believe it was an accident.

Veteran broadcast journalist Sarah-Ann Shaw moderated and boy, did she keep a lid on the questions!

It's an amazing film and I highly recommend it.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

For. The. Love. Of. God.

Please.......please..........please. If I've ever asked you for anything, I am begging for this.

As you see below, I have been invited to cover the USNI West 2010 conference. When this invitation came my way, the first clue was a text message from the USNI Blog Admin. I was out at East Bay with Bette & Jen. The message came "Would you be interested in covering West 2010 in San Diego?" I was thrilled! I fired back a giddy "Yes, of course!". I told Jen & Bette. They started laughing and Jen said "Good Lord!" and rolled her eyes.

The bartender came over to check on us, Colin who we love (although not as much as Dick) and asked what was up. I told him that the USNI was taking me to San Diego for their big West Conference. He looked at me quizically - he knows I am not in the military and in real life I work for Bette in an office - and he asked "What for?". We all laugh and Jen throws her hands in the air and yells "Exactly! What for!"

I explained that clearly they think I am a bigger deal than I am.

So, here's my request -

Please, please, please.....whatever you do, don't tell them! Mum's the word. Not a peep. Do not disabuse them of their illusion that Princess Crabby is an important blogger.

I will be in San Diego.

Yes, the tiara will be with me.

Hitler Finds Out Scott Brown Won Massachusetts Senate Seat

From my friend Mary Ripley, social media wizard of the USNI blog.

I've seen a few versions of this online and this is my favorite. I'm not biased or anything.

Another good laugh is Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. The Phibian has a clip.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown, US Senator

How does it feel?

It feels......good.

I was invited to the victory party in Boston at the Park Plaza and I dearly wish I was there. But here in the real world.....I am exhausted and will be headed off to bed shortly.

My precinct had a turnout just above 65%. Phenomenal. The broke more than 2 to 1 for Brown. Lot's of "voting virgins" as Bette called them. It was a good thing that there was just the one ballot item, because it meant that they moved in and out quickly. Otherwise there would have been huge lines.

Monday, January 18, 2010

God alone decides the contest...

....but we must put our shoulders to the wheel.

Go vote.

You know I am voting for Scott Brown, and of course, I would encourage you to as well. I am certainly hoping that Scott wins...and wins by a stunning margin.

But no matter what, go vote. People have paid for your right to vote with their lives. The least you can do is take the time to vote.

In defense of the conscience clause and Scott Brown's position

A guest post from my cousin Martine,

"I am a registered nurse. During my nine years as an R.N. I have observed that it is only related to the subject of right to life issues where the conscience clause becomes a problem for liberals.

Nurses and other healthcare professionals use their judgement to deal with complicated situations everyday. I have been involved in cases where patient assignments were adjusted for a variety of reasons, including the religious beliefs of the nurse. One such situation was brought to my attention by my charge nurse who told me that my co-worker, Mary, had a doctor's order that she could not carry out because of her religion. I said I could do it and Mary offered to help me out with my patients while I was caring for her patient. After the treatment was delivered Mona resumed care of her patient and thanked me.

Scott Brown stands for individual freedoms and allowing people to be professionals instead of micromanaging every aspect of healthcare. In the situation I described the details were as follows: my colleague Mary is a Jehovah's Witness and the treatment was a blood transfusion. Mary did not have to stop working in a hospital (as Martha Coakley suggested Catholics should not work in emergency rooms). Professional caregivers delivered competent care without stripping individuals of their rights.

Whenever liberals attack the conscience clause they betray that they are actually
"pro abortion" rather than "pro choice". Men of integrity like Scott Brown recognize that you don't have to strip away the rights of the individual to protect emergency healthcare delivery."

Martine called into the Michael Graham Show this morning. I recognized her voice immediately. She called me when she got off the air and asked how she did. I told her she was fabulous and she was.

The best part of the story is that it illustrates how these accommodations are made and the patient likely had no idea that it happened.

In the case of the emergency contraception, this is something that is available in any pharmacy with no script and no questions. In the sad eventuality that a rape victim is in a facility where she needs this (and not every rape victim does), and can not readily obtain it - it's likely she will have other prescriptions to fill. She will get these prescription filled in the very place where she can get the emergency contraception.

Please remember, if you want to be mad at Scott Brown for proposing an unsuccessful amendment which would have added this language to the bill -

Nothing in this section shall impose any requirements upon any employee, physician or nurse of any facility to the extent that administering the contraception conflicts with a sincerely held religious belief. In determining whether an employee, physician or nurse of any facility has a sincerely held religious belief administering the contraception, the conflict shall be known and disclosed to said facility and on record at said facility.

If it is deemed that said employee, physician or nurse of any facility has a sincerely held religious conflict administering the contraception, then said treating facility shall have in place a validated referral procedure policy for referring patients for administration of the emergency contraception that will administer the emergency contraception, which may include a contract with another facility. The referrals shall be made at no additional cost to the patient.

Then you must also be upset with Martha because she supports ObamaCare which has the same exemption for moral objectors......without the stipulation for the facility to find the requested care for the patient elsewhere.

So Martha is screaming at Scott for unsuccessfully proposing an exemption in one piece of legislation, while at the same time supporting a much broader exemption in another piece of legislation. Shall we have cake Martha? That way you can show us how to have it and eat it too.....

The information and links to the actual language of both the bill and the amendment is all due to the diligent work of another blogger, Legal Insurrection. It is a blog chock full of good Scott Brown stuff. I am enjoying reading it very much.

If you only read one post at Legal Insurrection, please read this one -
"Coakley's Disgusting Rape Mailer".
No matter where you come down on the question of an exemption for moral objectors, you must agree that Coakley is simply beyond the pale with this ad.

Do you Recognize This Man?

***UPDATE - He's been identified. All the nauseating details are at Bouhammer's place. Go read it********* The guy you see in the pic above was spotted at George R. Brown Convention at the Annise Parker for Houston Mayor Victory Party on 12/12/2009.

There are many, many problems with the uniform, the medals, etc. People who are far more knowledgable than I are throwing a flag on this one.

If you recognize him, please drop me a line.

Please read the three comments left by My Darling Chief!

This Ain't Hell
From My Position....On the Way - Chuck has more pics
A Soldier's Perspective
Kiss My Gumbo
Hoohah Wife and Friends
CDR Salamander - don't miss comments!
Little Drops....Into the Pool Of Life
Bring the Heat, Bring The Stupid

Someone Else Responds To Stupid Jenn

First a disclaimer - the Jenn we are talking about is not my beautiful, witty sister Jennifer. Instead we are talking about stupid Jenn.

The open letter got many replies and my sister Jennifer finally got around to reading them the other night. I posted about it here. As instructed by my sister Jennifer, I contacted the author to relay Jennifer's kudos. I also asked for permission to repint the response here.

I give you, the articulate and witty Phyllis LiBrandi Coppolino

@Jennifer Dombrowski-Scott: I joined this group just so that I could respond to you.

******* are NUTS!*********

I didn't need to know any of the people involved or the background of this situation to realize that. I just had to read your letter & your email to Lela. Your crazy, ignorant, misinformed, misspelled, incoherent, anti-American, double-talking, mean-spirited, uneducated, offensive, gobbledegook of a letter and email show that you need professional mental health care as well as educational help. To say nothing of the fact that you should never have been allowed in any position that had anything, whatsoever, to do with a school or children.

******* I AM afraid of YOU!********

So, who should I complain to? Your boss? Your husband's boss? The military?

Apparently, there are people connected with the school who are still pursuing CJ Grisham and trying to ruin him. They have to be reported, too.

I don't even feel sorry for you for when the time comes that your children learn the truth about you, and are as ashamed of you, and disgusted by you, as I am. I am ashamed of you because, like me, you are a woman, a mother, and a citizen, and I hate the fact that we have anything in common.

You are so obviously a bully. And I detest bullies. But, as we all know, (except you, of course, because you are so "out of it" mentally), that bullies are really weaklings. And when they can't get their way, they'll do anything under-handed that they can in order to get revenge.

That you lied against a US SOLDIER, and possibly affected his CAREER, after the sacrifices he and his family have had to make in order for him to serve OUR country, is deplorable! That you did it over an incident that was in no way connected to his position in the military is detestable! That you used his PTSD, resulting from military service, as a lying excuse to stab him in the back is absolutely sinful!

I can only hope that the truth will win out, that justice will be served, and the Army will do their duty and back-up one of their own, as soon as possible. And that the evil you & others have wrought can somehow be undone or rectified. And I hope that you all are punished for your abusive actions!

If your husband IS a Marine and/or a police officer, I am so very disillusioned by his lack of action. And I am disgusted with him, as well, for neither preventing, nor stopping your reprehensible behavior.

I am also disillusioned and disgusted by the actions of the Army in this case.

Do you even realize the long-reaching damage you have done? And those at the school who are still persecuting CJ Grisham. Are you mentally capable of understanding all the people you have negatively affected? Do you even care? I don't think so. Too bad....for the Grisham family, for others you have dealings with, and for the rest of us.
Picture my sister Jennifer and I in the balcony, like Statler and Waldorf - applauding!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What's Better Than The Cavalry Arriving?

**Ding Ding** United States Navy...arriving!

100116-N-6006S-063 PORT-AU-PRINCE (Jan. 16, 2010) Haitian citizens receive water from U.S. Navy air crewmen from Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 9, assigned to the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70). Carl Vinson and Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 17 are conducting humanitarian and disaster relief operations after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake caused severe damage near Port-au-Prince on Jan. 12, 2010. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Aaron Shelley)

Vis Per Mare!!

OK, So God Told Me To Calm Down

People say that God speaks to them in a "small still voice".

That's very true. But sometimes, God speaks with M&Ms. LOL
After putting up the post below, and spewing on Facebook and Twitter, I left for work. I was so angry. So mmmmmmental mad that I was shaking. I grabbed the mail out of the box and got in the car.

Cable bill.

Scott Brown flyer. (GO SCOTT)

And a bulky oversized envelope from my cousin. I open it up and two packages of limited edition coconut M&Ms fall into my lap. I started to laugh. How perfect!

Ok, I am much better, thanks Jessica.

I'm still mad, but not vein bulging, ripe-their-still-beating-heart-out-of-their-chest-and-show-it-to-them, wrathful mad.

Kerry & Chris Shook Are Insensitive Assclowns

I am so angry that I can't even make a joke about it.

These two clowns wrote a book extolling the virtues of living like you were dying. They have an adventure planned......fuck me! An adventure? An adventure!!!! They are calling it an adventure. They are going to have a bunch of people live for 30 days like they only have a month to live.

They are on the FoxNews morning program.

They are laughing about the pitfalls of this adventure. haha! "What if you just eat donuts for 30 days?" "What if you run up your credit cards?"

Wow! What a chuckle!

Gee, I know I'm not within a month yet, ........but it's coming. The current prognosis gives me 18 to 30 months. I better go get this book......SO I FUCKING GET IT RIGHT!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Massachusetts Is On Fire!

And baby, it's nice to have the company!

When Scott first announced, I had to explain to sooooo many people who he was. Thank God his daughter was on American Idol! LOL, I've never watched the program myself, but it gives you a jumping off point in conversation with so many people.

Months ago the conservative radio guys were saying "Good for Scott, run a good campaign and you will be well positioned for state-wide office someday." and I railed against that. I would ask people why we are conceding the race already. But now they are feeling what I was feeling.....and like Michael Buble says....It feels good.

Before the primary when Martha was battling it out with her 3 democratic primary opponents, my pals at SEIU ran an ad saying "Next Tuesday you will choose the next Senator from Massachusetts." I almost lost my mind! I called talk radio to complain. Joe & Huggy on their Saturday show let me rant (I'm pretty friendly with them), but then they laughed. I really felt I was making an important point. It contributes to the mindset that the next Senator must be a Democrat.

Another thing that made me mental was the whole "Teddy's Seat" nonsense. That one makes me grind my teeth.

I haven't really said anything in the blog because my following here isn't all that local. But I've been pushing it in emails and criminy, do I love Twitter!

Happily, Martha only continues to shoot herself in the foot. She talks about Brown not caring about rape victims and don't you know, victim rape advocates come out of the woodwork to defend him. If he didn't have much of record of support for rape victim advocacy, she might have gotten away with it. Turns out he has a strong record.

And to quote "Kevin From Heaven" - Muth-ah-ra Gawd! Who is doing her opposition research? It made some people so angry that many media outlets had to bring up her less than stellar record, in regard to sexual assault vis-a-vis not prosecuting Cardinal Law or certain priests in the priest sex abuse scandal.

Even the Boston Globe had to cover an absolutely horrifying rape case where she refused to act (a 43 Somerville cop raped his 23 month old niece with a hot curling iron). Coakley refused to act at all until the child's mother hired her own attorney to press the issue and even then it half hearted. This was when she was DA. Fortunately the next DA, Leone, picked this right up, tried the scum and he got two life terms.

Last night she explained that nuns who might object to dispensing the morning after pills shouldn't work in emergency rooms.

Keep 'em comin' Martha! Every time you opens your mouth, it's another Brown vote.

I'm listening to Howie Carr. He has had several guests and none more poignant than Gerald "Tookie" Amirault.

The Sean Hannity Show wants Howie on and he was fretting about his sweatshirt. Some woman just called in to the show....she's bringing him her husband's shirt and tie. LOL!

Go Scott Brown!

From BOQ & Nice Deb


OK, now to things in my email this morning

Ok, that was serious. What I beleive we are facing is serious. I think it will be BAD if Martha Coakley becomes the junior Senator from Massachusetts. It's not just that I prefer Scott. It is that I believe it will be BAD if it's Coakley.

If you are registered to vote in Massachusetts, I implore you to vote for Scott Brown.

Now for a laugh -
Go to this post and enjoy the caption contest.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Squeaking In Under The Line

Today's Jennifer Dombrowski-Scott post! Whew! Made it.

Today my beautiful smart witty sister Jen finally got around to reading the FaceBook Open Letter.

She also picked her fav of the responses. I've sent a message to the author of that response and if she gives me permission, I will reprint it here.

Every day, jackass. Every day until you apologize for the horrid remarks you made about our military in general and CJ in particular.

You know who else is a jackass? Jean-Louis Santini of AFP. I heard him today in a news conference. What a moron.

You know who is awesome? Richard Lowry of Op-For. You rock Richard!

Hot! Hot! Hot!

If you want to know what is going on in Haiti vis-a-vis relief efforts and the role of the US Military, this is the latest.

Lt Cragg and her peeps have pulled together a very timely DOD Blogger's Roundtable for today at 1500 (3 pm EST).

Bloggers Roundtable: U.S. Air Force Maj. Jason Daniels, director of operations for the 720th Operations Support Squadron, Hurlburt Field, Fla.

On Thursday, Jan. 14 at 3 p.m. ET we will interview U.S. Air Force Maj. Jason Daniels, director of operations for the 720th Operations Support Squadron, Hurlburt Field, Fla.
Maj. Daniels, an Air Force combat controller, is part of the team who is opening Port au Prince airport, the only airstrip in Haiti, after their tower collapsed. He will discuss special tactics capabilities to support Humanitarian operations and offer insight on the training to conduct such operations.
He will also discuss airfield assessment, airdrop assessment, para-rescue ability and the effort involving interagency partners.

To listen live, click here

Stuff I Didn't Know

In yesterday's Blogger Roundtable with ADM Stavridis SACEUR - audio here.

There was a discussion of alternatives to poppie farming.

The Admiral mentioned trying to turn the farmers toward cultivating pomegranates.

Turns out there is quite a bit out there to read on this subject -

Here's an interesting article on the concept - "Pomegranate not poppies"

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So Back To How We Started the Day

This morning bright and early I was on the phone with my fav DOD peep - Lt Jennifer Cragg for a Bloggers Roundtable.

The speaker - ADM James Stavridis, USN, Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR).

ADM Stavridis gave a brief statement and then it was on to questions.

Here's my exchange -
ME: Good morning, sir. This is Maggie of bostonmaggie.blogspot, and my question goes to the attitude of the troops, troop morale. When you're out there doing your all-hands, what do you see different than you saw before the surge -- the Afghan surge was announced?

ADM. STAVRIDIS: Maggie, great question. I must say I have a special place in my heart for Boston. I went to graduate school up there at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. And I'm going to now speak in dialect. It's in Medford, "MED-FID", Massachusetts.

ME: Yes, it is. (Laughing)

ADM. STAVRIDIS: All right. There you go. And I -- and my wife, Laura, and I spent two great years there and enjoyed it. And I see you've got some Navy in your background and have actually been on the Constitution. So thanks for your time in and around the service. It's a terrific question, and I have seen a marked upbeat feeling from the folks, our folks, our NATO folks, and I'm talking not just U.S. but the French, the Italians, the Spaniards, the Dutch, the Germans, all of them, since the troop uplift of the additional 37,000 NATO troops was announced, because they feel that support from the international community. I'll tell you the other big bounce that's happening right now is the bounce of this poll that I talked about. And I'm getting that from all of my sources, both online, social network, conversational and the regular chain of command. So I feel -- if you'll permit me a nautical metaphor, I feel we're starting to get some weigh on the ship in Afghanistan. And so I think our troops sense that, Maggie, before any of us do. And so I think the bounce is pretty good in Afghanistan these days.

That's an answer I was glad to hear. It's important that the troops fighting on our behalf feel our support. It's a bonus if the NATO troops feel it too.

Plus, how funny was the "MED-FID" thing? He had it exactly correct.

So there was more to the call but I will have to get that up later.

Jillian Thorp's Parents Interviewed

Ok, I have given up in frustration. I copied the code to embed the interview. It was there and it disappeared.

So how about a link instead?

Click here for vid.

Once Again

*****UPDATE****This is video of Frank Thorp describing rescuing his wife Jillian in Haiti where Jillian is an American aide worker & Frank is a journalist*****
The place to follow current events is Twitter

From @NavyNews we have this thread in HaitiRelief

Galrahn has a post up at his place with a note about my friend Frank, RADM Frank Thorp IV, USN (ret). Frank's son Frank and daughter-in-law Jillian are in Haiti. Please keep them in your thoughts.

USNS Comfort and U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (@CVN70) are on their way to Haiti.

Shift colors! America's Navy, a Global Force for Good


For those keeping score at home - Jennifer Dombrowski-Scott is still an unapologetic jackass.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cut. The. Shit.

18 years? 18 YEARS!

Virginia Beach man pleads guilty to shooting wife in 2008
By Shawn DayThe Virginian-Pilot© January 13, 2010

A 26-year-old man admitted in court Tuesday that he locked his two children in a bedroom and then shot his wife and himself in the head nearly two years ago. Both he and his wife survived.

Jacob A. Johnson pleaded guilty to charges of child neglect, aggravated malicious wounding and use of a firearm in commission of a felony. In exchange for his guilty plea, prosecutors agreed to recommend Johnson be sentenced to serve no more than 18 years in prison.

According to court records, Johnson initially told investigators he was high on acid when he shot his wife, Kendra, and himself in July 2008 in their home on Springbreeze Court, near Lynnhaven Parkway and Riverbend Road.

During Tuesday's hearing, however, Johnson admitted that his wife had demanded a divorce on July 14, 2008. Later that day, he bought a .40-caliber handgun.

The next night, records show, Johnson locked his two children, ages 2 and 4, in a bedroom and shot his wife in the head as she slept. He later shot himself in the head.

Police said neither Johnson nor his wife showed up for work for several days, and family and friends became worried after they were unable to reach them. A relative who stopped at their house July 18, 2008, discovered the bloody scene.

Jacob Johnson was in the hospital for several days and transferred to Central State Hospital, where he underwent months of treatment to restore his competency to stand trial. He entered the courtroom Tuesday with a walker and told the judge he understood the charges and plea.

Kendra Johnson, who has difficulty speaking and still hasn't regained the use of one arm, walked in with relatives. She declined to comment after the hearing.
Formal sentencing is set for March 30.

And to the jackass in the comments who says " ...we don't necessarily know the full story", kiss my ass. What more do you need to know? He has admitted the whole effing thing!

Argghhhh!!!! Ok, I can't have the death penalty. Fine. How about you sentence him to 5 minutes in a room with her Dad and his friends - yeah, that includes me.

Fah Cryin' Out Loud!

It's Massachusetts!!!!!

Like they say, if you can't handle the small things, how can you be trusted with the big things?

If you live in Massachusetts and you are registered to vote, I am begging you to vote for Scott Brown. He is a good solid citizen-soldier who would be an asset to any organization, especially the US Senate. I would be backing Scott anyway because I like him. I like what he says and how he says it. But besides me from "Martha - the Kennedy family endorsed me - Coakley".

The vid is from Joshpnw on YouTube. Thanks.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Miles to go Before I Sleep

OK, that's a mad exaggeration...but you must be used to that by now. the bed is about 20 feet away.

Today was good and bad.

Great email from someone - good

Stress about my car - bad

Made it to the gym - good

Thought I lost $100 dollars and after an hour of searching found it - good and bad

Heading off to bed after a relaxing shower with B&BW Lavender Chamomile Sugar Scrub - very good!

Just stopping off here to remind you all that Jennifer Dombrowski-Scott (not Jennifer, my super-intelligent, witty, beautiful sister, aka SB's BFF) is an assclown. Don't believe me? Click on her name and read her words.

I Want

So yesterday I was listening to Midrats....of course....and the guest was Professor Claude Berube of the US Naval Academy.

Now I had heard of Professor Berube, but there was lots I didn't know.

First he blogs. "As Maine Goes/Claude Berube's Blog" will have to be added to the "Naval Blogosphere" on the right.

But he also writes.....books.....about Navy history.....about Old Ironsides!

A Call to the Sea: Captain Charles Stewart of the USS Constitution

I want it. And I want it autographed...personally autographed....after some serious contemplation by the author.

That's not too much to want is it?

People Always Say.....

"Maggie, why can't you be nice?"

Once again, we have the answer to this question reinforced for us.....'cause it never works out for me, that's why!

Being nice is overrated.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Have To Hit The Hay

I can't stay up through Pundit Review Radio....even though Bruce is on to do "Someone You Should Know"

Told Grace all about Jennifer Dombrowski-Scott. She can't believe it. She agrees with many who have contacted me to say - "Yeah, this is funny Maggie, but JD-S is too stupid to realize she should apologize"

To All The New England Patriots Fans......

....tearing their hair out.....

Pitchers & Catchers report in 37 days!!!

We were driving back from White Plains when it was time to find the game on the radio. I thought I was going to have to grab the wheel and save us all. Grace is a serious fan.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

What Could Keep The Chill Of January At Bay?

Thoughts of sunny warm Boston Navy Week 2010, of course!

Sure, I am a hardy New Englander and this cold isn't really a problem....but there really is nothing nicer than sitting pierside in the Charlestown Navy Yard for the Sunset Parade.

Headed Off To White Plains

Jen has to go stay in New York for a bit so Grace and I are driving out with her to get her settled in.

Deb & Gen sent texts asking if they could go. But of course! Now it's a party.

We will have Girl's Weekend West! The girls are bringing sleeping bags. There will be movies and popcorn and lots of laughs. We will make fun of Jennifer Dombrowski-Scott. I have to come up with something besides "asshat" since Stella thinks I can do better. But really, that whole group - "ass" "assclown" "jackass" "asshat", they amuse me to no end. However, I have missed Stella in the comments, so we shall endeavor to keep her entertained.

So tonight will be fun, but there is some stiff competition....last night was a blast! Went to dinner with Bill & Linda. I got to really cut loose since I had a designated driver. We had dinner at Atlantica in Cohasset. I understand the view is fabulous, but last night was snowy and blustery. No matter! Fabio and his fellow bartenders took great care of us. We started with really good calamari (Bill & Linda had oysters....blech). There was a toast to troublemakers since we decided that was a title that applied to each of us. After some delicious salmon (see, I remembered that the nutritionist said that was really good for me - although he didn't mention the Cape Codders to wash it down) and lots of laughs, we headed off to their fav hangout. There was a couple from Southie and a guy from Dorchester, so I explained to Bill that if there was a problem, I would have to take their side against him even though we just's a city thing. The guy from Dorchester thought that was pretty funny.

And there were presents! I'll add a pic later, but I'm too excited to wait to post about it! Since Bill reads the blog, he knew how much I would appreciate a christening coin for USS Missouri SSN-780.

How awesome is that?

So, there was food and drink and laughs and presents and chocolate!

My Marine has the duty this weekend....I'll bet he's jealous.

Friday, January 08, 2010

My Jen & Jennifer Dombrowski-Scott

In a round robin email between my Jen, my Marine & myself we were discussing Apocalypse Man (History Channel), Spam (the "alleged" food) and Twitter.

They don't tweet.

I don't eat Spam.

My Marine pronounces -
"I don't twiddah. Twiddah is for loozahs.

Survivalist? Like a guy who goes into the wilderness and eats bugs? Or a guy who can defend himself and his food supply from hungry neighbors after the Bad Day?

First one, Rudy has it all over me. Second? Rudy would be full of holes before he put a finger on my stash of Spam."

I offer -
"There you both are, you can discuss Spam (which I loathe) and Twitter (which neither of you are cool enough to do)."

My Jen responds -
"Rudy Reyes is not a fictional character he is Apocalypse Man a show on History channel.

Spam is imitation ham but much saltier. In a samich or mixed with eggs it is CRAZY TASTY, hence the slogan.

Tweeting is essentially sh!t disturbing, which I don't mind doing but on a large scale would be too exhausting for me. You basically voice for your opinion to an unsuspecting audience lulling the foolish into the idea you are open minded about sharing. Then when they respond in opposition you club them like baby seals with your superior intellect. It's not fair, but then again LIFE ISN'T FAIR. Don't believe me ask Jenn D, I rest my case!"

For the record, Rudy Jennifer is super smart and witty.....and my Marine stands no chance taking on the both of us.....and Jennifer Dombrowsky-Scott is still an asshat that should apologize for this.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

It's Late

I'm tired.

So I'm farming out today's Jennifer Dombroski-Scott post to Mudville Gazette.

As always we* issue the standard Princess Crabby disclaimer that "Jenn" of the stupid open letter on Facebook, is not Jennifer, my super-intelligent, witty, beautiful sister, aka SB's BFF.

So here you are - Zero Tolerance

Thanks Mr. & Mrs. G

* "we" in the royal sense.

CDR Lippold, USN (ret) - You Bet

**UPDATE***I would like to thank CDR Kirk Lippold for considering this request that I posted last month to please run for elected office - "Former commander of USS Cole considers run against Reid" ****

Please run for elected office, sir. Please.

So, Did You Notice the New Ad?

It's in the upper right hand corner.

You can get details here.

The schedule is here.

Go follow the links and tell me what you think. We're going to be talking about it a lot for the next few weeks.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Today's Slice of Jennifer Dombrowski-Scott

In her stupid open letter on Facebook, "Jenn" (remember, as always,...not my super-intelligent, witty, beautiful sister Jennifer, aka SB's BFF) expressed this concern -

I wanted my children protected not plastered all over the internet. Can you assure me that not one pedophille has ever gone to your website? My innocent 5 yr old was on there, people are sick and can very well narrow down the area in which he resides, Yes it is really reaching but I have seen worse things happen as you recall my husband is in law enforcement.

Gee, anyone so concerned with keeping their children from being plastered all over the Internet would never post those same children in their profile pic on Facebook, would they? Well, if they did, at least they'd set the security settings so only family and friends could see those kids, right?

For the record, once it was pointed out to CJ that he had captured the child's image on his video, CJ edited the child out.

So, CJ, to protect the child and his privacy moved immediately to take corrective action.

Jennifer Dombrowski-Scott? Yeah, not so much. Months later, you can still type her name in the search window of Facebook and up pops her pic with BOTH kids.

And a quick Google search of her name also brings up the Facebook link. It's the first result....*I* am second and fifth. Someone quoting me is third. LOL!

Twidow? Twidower?

From @ScottyHendo

Funny little article in Vanity Fair about Twitter.....

America’s Tweethearts

It's all about Twitter...which I love.

You should read it all, but my favorite quote was

"Real-world friends, and even spouses, can be left in the cold. Michaels’s husband, a real-estate appraiser with horn-rims and a crew cut—a “normy”—calls himself “the Twidower.” “My wife found Twitter and dropped me,” he says. “I basically lost my wife.” Then he sighs. “Sometimes, during dinner, it gets to be too much.”

Too funny!

I think I balance it all out pretty well. Do any of you in the Rotation or the Navy Coterie feel neglected? My Marine? My Grand Vizier? My Darling Chief? Ogre? SouthieBoy?

And of course, soon allllllll my attention will be focused on my favorite Boatswain's Mate, BMC Dotson! He has made it to Port Hueneme (way-ne-me). I hope NMCB Two One is ready for Hurricane Maggie. I'll be visiting before they head of to Afghanistan. Expect lots of focus on their activites.

Don't worry about balance, my friend Jamie is headed over to play with the Army guys and I'll be keeping you updated on his stuff too.