Wednesday, December 24, 2014

We're Moving!

I've haven't been this excited about a move since John Miller, Tommy and I left our apartment on the top of Broadstreet Ave to move to Rocky Nook in July of 1981.

When Tom asked me to move down to Virginia and live with him for a while in 2013, I arranged for a temporary place in Harrisonburg near JMU for June & July.  That way we'd have two months to poke around the rental market.  There were at the time, others who had a say in our choice.  I said I didn't care except for two criteria,  One, I wanted to be within a mile of public transportation.  I haven't driven in years, unless you count nipping down to the Craigsville post office or over to the dump. My second request was that it not be a ranch house.  I find them depressing.  I can't tell you why, but I've never lived in one ..... until now.  That's right we ended up moving into a ranch house twenty-nine miles from public transit on August, 2013.

Wha' happen????  I-a-no.

The only good thing that could be said for it as far as I was concerned was that Tom's commute to the correctional facility was nil.

Tom started talking about moving  just after last Christmas and I was like a four-year old.  When are we moving?  Can we start looking?  Well first decisions had to be made about where he wanted to go.  Would he move to another facility altogether?  Which one?  Or would he stay at this one and we would move into Staunton?

Well decisions were finally made and I found something so fast Tom's head was spinning.

It's an old tavern in the historic distract called "Gospel Hill".  It is 400 feet from a trolley stop.  Staunton has a good public transit system considering you're deep in the southwest of Virginia.  It's not Boston, but hey it beats having none!  I will be less than half a mile from the Amtrak station - no more scheduling around Tom.  The library is maybe three quarters of a mile - no more worrying about overdue books.  And right up the street is -  A CATHOLIC CHURCH!!! 

Not to mention that the main thoroughfare, East Beverly Street, is full of shops and restaurants.  There is a Shakespearean troup  and a movie theater.  It's a small movie theater, but the public transit system will drop at the front door of a big, new theater.  There are supermarkets and little specialty markets.

But the apartment itself has me even without all the great things around it.  It's old, it's got tall windows and high ceilings and wood floors and a long west facing front porch.
It's a triplex.  We are the middle with a couple below us and a family above us.  The porch seems sturdy enough, but up close you can see how badly it needs to be painted.  The landlord assures us this will happen in the spring.  The open living/dining area is behind the front door and first three windows on right.  Further to the left and out of this pic will be Tom's room.
In the back you can see that they have closed in the wooden porches.  That's where the kitchen, utility room, bathroom and second bedroom are.  As with many old homes there have been renovations over the years that did it no favors, but being a little strange appeals to me.  I like that it's not like any other house around.
There will be lots of cleaning to do, but so far there has been no sign of the mold I had to contend with out here in Craigsville.  And as a special bonus, as near as I can figure the overall household budget (rent, utilities, etc.) will drop about $200.  Thank you very much for this Christmas present Santa!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Last Pomalyst Pill....

...for December will be swallowed tonight.

And not a moment too soon!  My brain is seizing up.  Decisions need to be made and I am nearly incapable.  I am messing up other meds.  I am trying to arrange my Dr. Miller visit.  I am trying to remember things.  And I am nearly paralyzed.  I've been up since 10:44am (thanks Frank!) and only just out of the shower.

Pomalyst was none of the things I thought.  Unlike Revlimid which just put me to sleep, Pomalyst makes me shaky and dizzy, but unable to sleep.  My body is physically exhausted, my eyes are burning, but I don't sleep until I nearly pass out.  Even then, it's not restful.  It's full of strange, vivid dreams.  No, it turns out Tommy didn't come out to the living room the other evening and cut his hair and make a mess after I had just swept and washed the floor.  First off, Tom shaves his head to a whisper of hair these days.  He hasn't has curls in twenty years, lol.  But Sunday evening I dropped dead on the couch while watching CSpan BookTV (yes, I am that nerd).  I woke two hours later looking around for the hair.  Author James Robbins had been discussing his new book on Custer....I think that was the hair connection.  Anyway, I got up and went to bed and could not get back to sleep at all..  I didn't sleep until midnight last night.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

New Chemo....and...STEROIDS!!

Relax.  You are all safe.  I am tucked away in the backwoods of the George Washington National Forest.

And Tom can just shut his office door; go to work or escape to his Dad's house.

With no license and no car, I am effectively incarcerated.

So....Pomalyst.  Don't Google if you are going to ask me questions.  I am not ready yet.

But steroids? We already know this story.  I have the living room pulled apart for cleaning.

 I only stopped because I was wicked thirsty.  Chemo aggravates my dry mouth (a common side effect of many medicines.... and I take many!!).

Back to it!