Saturday, May 26, 2012

Last Minute Change-Up

My Battleship plans have been shifting as if made on sand.  I've been looking forward to watching the US Navy save the world from aliens.

First I was going with my brother Frankie and my nephews on Tuesday.  Frankie backed out.

Fine! (that's my bratty answer when my plans are thwarted)

So I headed downtown for the 5:30 show Wednesday.  But...I got a little distracted, buying blueberries and stopping to tweet about the guy proselytizing at the top of his lungs in Downtown Crossing.  So I got there a few minutes late.  But that was fine because it was showing every hour.  So I was checking out the other movies to see what I could fit in before a later Battleship showing.  I noticed a line queued against the far wall.  I asked the ticket sellers - there was no one in line for the two registers - "What's going on?"  They had no idea.  Which was weird.  They weren't selling tickets for it, they didn't know what the movie was about or when it started.

So I walked up to the head of the line and asked.  It was a free preview of "For Greater Glory, the True Story of Christiada".  They offered me a ticket and I got in line.  It was starting at 7pm with seating to begin at 6pm.  Someone in the line said the film was a little under two hours.  The closest Battleship showing was 8:45pm.  I figured with all the previews, I could probably make it.  So I got that ticket too.

I was seated a few minutes after six and pulled out my latest read "Guns, Germs and Steel".

The movie was awesome.  It's about a time in the last century when the Mexican government tried to outlaw religion.  There were clashes between the government forces and Catholics fighting for religious freedom.  I was so moved.  And of course, as a Catholic, I felt it on another level.  Really good movie, two thumbs up.

One tiny, itsy-bitsy beef.  President Calvin Coolidge.  Bruce McGill?  Bad fit.  Distracting for this history nerd. wasn't under two was two hours and seventeen minutes!  So they refunded my Battleship ticket and I try again Tuesday.

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