Wednesday, June 29, 2011

USS Constitution Events

USS Constitution Participating in Boston Harborfest

From USS Constitution Public Affairs

CHARLESTOWN, Mass. (NNS) -- Sailors assigned to USS Constitution will participate in the 30th anniversary of Boston Harborfest, June 29-July 4.

"This is one of my favorite times of the year," said Cmdr. Tim Cooper, Constitution's 71st commanding officer. "For the entire Harborfest event, we will be showcasing more aspects of the ship's history. Visitors will have the opportunity to see my crew perform a variety of time-honored maritime evolutions they wouldn't normally see during other times of the year, so I look forward to a great turn-out."

Sailors will be performing boarding pike and gun drills pier-side to the ship throughout the festival with sessions at 12 p.m., 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. For the days of June 29 and July 4, sessions will begin at 2 p.m. The drills will simulate to visitors how Sailors prepared and fought in battle at sea during the age of sail.

"The public really enjoys the show we put on every year we do this," said Aircrew Survival Equipmentman 2nd Class (AW/SW) Jason Keith, boarding pike/gun drill coordinator. "But while it's meant to be entertaining, it's also very important we educate folks just how violent combat at sea was during the age of sail."

Constitution will also host the annual Sunset Parade, July 1. The parade celebrates the connection between Constitution's representation of naval heritage and New England's patriotic heritage.

"This will be my first time participating in the Sunset Parade," said Fireman Jessica Rodriguez. "I was told a lot of people attended it last year. It means a lot to people here. As a Sailor, I'm glad that I'm representing the Navy for the people of New England who are also so proud much of the history to our country's Navy began right here in this area."

Finally, Constitution will wrap up Harborfest by getting underway the morning of Independence Day with its 2011 lottery winners. During the underway, Sailors will exchange a 21-gun salute with Fort Independence on Castle Island and a 17-gun salute to the city of Boston in the vicinity of Coast Guard Station Boston.

Later that evening, Constitution's color guard will also perform in the Boston Pops July 4th concert.

Harborfest is a six-day long Fourth of July festival that showcases the colonial and maritime heritage of Boston. The festival strives to honor and remember the past, celebrate the present, and educate the future with reenactments, concerts and historical tours.

Constitution is located in the Charlestown Navy Yard in Boston. She is the world's oldest commissioned warship afloat and welcomes more than 500,000 visitors a year.

For more information on Constitution, visit their web page or their Facebook page

Chrissie....Taylor.....the Stanley Cup

My lovely cousins Chrissie & Taylor having their picture taken with the Stanley Cup! Wish I had made it, but I am happy they did.

What's Next A Tupperware Bed?

Remember back in January when my Dad was trying to cook my brain?

Yeah well last night I slept in a fridge!

Apparently my Dad wanted to cool off the 3rd floor, so he set the AC in my room for 60. I didn't notice - I just shut the door and went to bed. This morning I woke up and realized I was huddled under the covers......and I didn't want to come out. For a second I thought I was in Jennifer's house!

I sent Jen & Grace text messages saying that Dad made sure I woke up in Alaska. Jen replied that he was "just trying to preserve my freshness". Really.....does he think I am leftovers....he cooks me then he refrigerates me......what's next? A Tupperware bed?

So I am waaaaaah....just laying around trying to get going. I'm already missing stuff. They held the opening ceremony for the Boston HarborFest today at noon in Faneuil Hall. There was cake and I missed it.

Plus my cousin Chrissie asked if I wanted to come over and have my picture taken with the Stanley Cup. But, I just couldn't make it. That would have been wicked cool though, huh? I sent a text to the Favorite Naval Consort. He said "That would be great on the blog. Not that you'd gloat or anything." LOL! He knows me well! Gloat is one of my favorite words......just like
Schadenfreude is ....yeah, I know, I am Miss Mature.

But I think I will make it down to the Navy Yard later. Boston HarborFest and Boston By Foot are getting together for a special tour tonight "Charlestown: Where Boston Began". At the rate I am moving, I should just about make it, lol!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm Not Upset In the Post Below

I got a few messages and I just want to reassure everyone that I wasn't upset in this post.

Do I wish I had my long, carefully dyed hair back? Yes

Can I wait? Yes

I was just making a point that I have often made in the life is a Fellini film! The irony of having to pay more to keep my hair dyed because it grew so fast....and now that I would like it to grow doesn't.

The irony of being told that I would likely have somewhat of an easy time with chemo & the transplant because I was young and otherwise healthy.........and I can't make it 4,000 white blood cells.

But I'm not upset and I'm not really beefing. I am a really lucky person. I was reminded of this just today when my mother and I shared a laugh over something. Sure some of the stuff that has happened to me sucks, but I landed safely, didn't I? I live in a lovely house that I couldn't not afford. I'm in a beautiful sought after neighborhood in Boston. Someone else pays the utilities and buys the food. And I don't just love my parents.........I like them! Seriously, that's pretty lucky.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Area In Which I Am An Underachiever

You already know the ongoing saga of my low white blood cell count. A normal person has between 4,500 and 11,000 white blood cells......I haven't topped 4,000 yet! They keep telling me that progress may be slow....but it is a steady progression. Then on June 14th, they tell me that my count had dropped from 3,500 in May to 3,000!!!

What. The.



So today my mother and I are discussing my hair. I tell her I want to know how long it is, but it's hard to tell because it's so curly. My hair was always wavy, but what has grown back in is much curlier. My mother says that she will get a ruler and measure my hair.

Ok, on average human hair grows a half inch per month. My hair started growing back in early March. It's now late June. It should be at least an inch and a half. My hair has always been fast growing. Most people at the salon I patronized could go four to six weeks between hair colorings. I needed to go every three weeks.

My hair isn't quite an inch long.

I can't win!

STFU Already!

I need to vent about a Twitter thing.

So there I am on TweetDeck pimping my Navy stuff & my 4th of July stuff & pointing out the whole magnificence of me. I'm having fun. TweetDeck, for those who are above Twitter (yes, I am talking to both my Favorite Naval Consort & My Marine), TweetDeck is an application that let's you watch different groups & different hashtags more easily. I follow close to 1400 Tweeps & the feed can go by pretty fast. TweetDeck lets you highlight certain things. So, naturally I have permanent columns for the US Navy, USS Constitution, Massachusetts politics. There are temporary ones as I flit about the Internet, like #WhiteyBulger for the last few days. And, since I grew up here & live here......#Charlestown is a permanent column.

Not all of the Tweets in that column relate to my Charlestown here in Boston. There is a Charlestown in Rhode Island and another in West Virginia (which has a casino!). But I've picked up some interesting stuff in this column. And of course, some crap.

Now I'm not roaming around Twitter looking to smack people down, but I do chime in when I feel the need.

So today I read - "@andymboyle #Charlestown = bank robberies #benaffleck #hot #thetown". Yeah, I get it. It's a joke. So I RT (retweet) with a little add-on "Don't fall for the hype. We are so much more." This means both parties, the girl who sent it and @andymboyle, see my comment.

Then I see Boyle RTs it. I look at his timeline and see several tweets regarding his coming to Charlestown today and checking into a hotel on the harbor. Not for nothing, it is absolutely beautiful here today. If you are really on the harbor and not two blocks back, you are at the Marriot. The Marriot is right near USS Constitution and has lovely views - all in all very nice. The Feedom Trail goes right past the front door. I decide to give him a little poke.

@andymboyle Really? You are going to sit down in #CitySquare steps from #RevolutionaryWar & #WarOf1812 history & talk smack about us?

He replies - @BostonMaggie Wasn't aware I talked smack? But you may misread things however you wish, as that is your right.
Really? He thinks he can say I am too dumb to get the joke & I'll go away?

I reply - @andymboyle Saying Charlestown equals bank robberies is talking smack. I didn't misread. No doubt you think it's humerous. We don't.

Then as a general Tweet I write - #Twitter pet peeve - ppl who use a hashtag & then act like you R interrupting a private conversation when you comment.
And I think I was supposed to be intimidated by the "But you may misread things however you wish, as that is your right." reply I got. Ha!

Boyle comes back - @BostonMaggie I was retweeting something someone else said. Doesn't mean I said it. If you'd like, I can explain how retweeting works later.
Ah...sarcasm, that will help you...

Other people are talking to me about this, so I calrify to them -

@andymboyle & his friend tweeted "#Charlestown = bank roberries" I called him out for talking smack. He says I misread.

From there he commences a series of passive/aggressive tweets that don't help him

@BostonMaggie You should maybe lighten up? I'm well aware that bank robbers don't live in Charlestown and it was just a movie plot device.
@BostonMaggie I meant no disrespect. It's a very pretty place and I'm glad I get to walk around it now :)
@BostonMaggie I don't know who you are and I wasn't looking to pick a fight, so perhaps you should let it go?
Ok, he's dismissive, he's contrite, he's dismissive.

I have "misread"? Well please tell me -
How does one misread "#YourLocation = Bad bahavior" #Charlestown is full of decent, hardworking ppl

@BostonMaggie And no, my intention wasn't to intimidate. I'm a jovial guy, I swear! And you caught me on the worst day since I moved here.
Ahh, perhaps I should let it go?

There is a time lag, my internet connection is not primo and now my reply to the dismissive/contrite/dismissive series pops up - @andymboyle - Seriously? I was just about to accept your apology.....& then you go passive/aggressive in the next tweet

@BostonMaggie So let's just settle down, realize that it was just a silly joke a friend -- not me -- made, and enjoy our environs. Cool?

Who am I? Why do I care? Let me explain - @andymboyle I am 2nd generation #Townie on my Dad's side & 3rd generation on my mother's side. We aren't criminals.

Annnndddd we're back to dismissive - @BostonMaggie Then don't accept it. I don't know you, and I have no clue why you're bent out of shape over a silly thing a friend said.
@BostonMaggie I DON'T BELIEVE YOU ARE CRIMINALS. It's just a movie! My friend was attempting to bond with me! That is all.

More explaining why #TheTown does not really relate to Charlestown - @andymboyle Ben Afleck is from BERKLEY, CA & the author of "The Town" is from Canton
@BostonMaggie Yes. I am quite aware of these things. Like I said, I know it was a movie plot point and not true. I am aware of this fact.

@andymboyle Well, get back to your bad day. I was having a good one & I'd like to get back to it.

@BostonMaggie Anywho, I'm glad you love your town enough to defend it when random folks you don't know retweet things. Seriously.

@BostonMaggie But I obviously meant no disrespect, and this whole thing is blown out of proportion, and I never meant to affect your day.

@BostonMaggie So I apologize if I was offensive. It was never my intention, and I'm looking forward to exploring Charlestown.

@andymboyle Apology accepted. Go around the corner & get an ice cream & walk down to @USSConstitution. Your day will get better

@BostonMaggie I'm very excited that I'm by Old Ironsides, and I'll definitely get some ice cream later. Thanks :)

Why am I amused that this guy is sarcasticly offeriing to teach me what retweeting is? Well, you see on Twitter, hashtags are meant to catch the eye of others and draw attention to your tweet. That's why people use them. If you don't want people to come along and comment, don't use them.

In conclusion, let me say, if you don't want the play whack-a-mole.........don't stick your head up.

I Am Sooo Pleased With Myself!

Last night I got the audio back on the laptop. I don't understand how I did it.....but I did it. I want to thank everyone who sent me tips.

I was up at a reasonable time this morning and I did more than an hour's worth of yoga.

I am eating my flaxmeal.

Plus I finished some overdue correspondence and some financial stuff.

If that wasn't enough to guarantee a good mood, this is the week leading up to Boston's Harborfest and the 4th of July. I am reasonably sure that if I keep up the yoga, I am going to feeling well enough to attend lots of events.

I've already RSVP'd for this coming Friday night's Sunset Parade down in the Charlestown Navy Yard. It's free, it's open to the public and it's a nice way to kick off the weekend. There will be seating set up facing USS Constitution and it lasts about an hour, I think. Local militia bands, fife & drum outfits, bagpipes, etc., perform for the crowd.

To cap it off, the crew of Old Ironsides performs a gun drill demonstration. First they go through it slowly, explaining the steps. Then they go through it in real time so that just as the gun would have fired......had they been using real gunpowder.......the gun is fired on the ship for evening colors.

It's really neat, it's kid friendly.....and I will be there!

If you want to keep up with USS Constitution events, you should "friend" them on Facebook. For more info on HarborFest, check here, they kick off on Wednesday the 29th.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Didn't Look Like This When I Was Little!

This is a pic from the Charlestown Garden tour last weekend. I peeked at a few of the series of 18 pics at the Boston Globe online and retweeted the link. Then this evening, I really looked through all of them.

Surprise! Three of the pics are from the yard of one of my childhood homes. I lived quite close to the Charlestown Navy Yard until I was 5. Then we moved to Mystic Street. This picture is the backyard on Mystic street. We lived there until I was 11.

Believe me, it didn't look like this when Grace and I were in there, digging to China. My father had a lilac that we couldn't run near and he planted the little corner that is in this picture.

We didn't move far. If you were the person taking this pic and shifted your focus from 12 o'clock to 10 o'clock, you would be looking in this kitchen window to where I sit here typing now.

My Uncle Walter's partner Tom is the one responsible for this lovely garden now. And he's doing a great job!

A New Link In An Old Post

Someone Googling "Jeremiah Hurley" found an old post I wrote and put in a link to this story.

I thought it was worthy of it's own post. Thanks "Anonymous"

Westfield trooper raises funds for school and kids of fallen cops
The two were among six teams to play in the 3rd Annual Jeremiah Hurley Jr. Wiffle Ball Tournament at Westfield’s Fenway Park, a quarter-scale replica of the iconic Boston venue built in the backyard of Massachusetts State Trooper Christopher Dolan.

Proceeds from the event go jointly to benefit Westfield’s Community Christian School and to scholarships of children of fallen police officers from Massachusetts. Dolan and other organizers said they typically raise $8,000 between $500 team fees, raffles and other boosters during the event.

Hurley, Dolan’s uncle, was a Boston police detective killed in 1991 when a homemade bomb went off Roslindale. There are 28 plaques on the side of Dolan’s shed on the property off Western Avenue, including names of local and state police and federal agents."

Good job Trooper Dolan and all those involved.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

USS Oak Hill Visits St. Peter's Fiesta!

I am late with this - sorry!

USS Oak Hill (LSD 51) arrived in Gloucester on Thursday, June 23 for the 89th Annual St. Peter’s Fiesta.

St. Peter’s Fiesta is sponsored by the Italian-American fishing community of Gloucester carrying on the customs practiced in some communities in Italy of paying homage to St. Peter, the patron saint of fishermen.

During the port visit, the ship will not be open for general public visiting due to the current U.S. military security policy measures. Local residents who would like to see the ship can come to any location that has a view of the southern portion of the harbor. Sightseers on boat are asked to remain at least 500 yards from the ship. OAK HILL sailors will attend various community events and locations during the visit.

But I am on time for this event that will happen tomorrow!

Navy Band Northeast’s popular music group, “Rhode Island Sound” from Newport, RI will perform a free public concert during St. Peter’s Fiesta in Gloucester on Sunday, June 26th at 3 p.m. in St. Peter’s Square.

so, if you are looking for something fun to do tomorrow, check out St. Peter's Fiesta. You can enjoy "Rhode Island Sound" performing and say "Thanks for your service" to the USS Oak Hill Sailors that will be attending as well. Get your picture taken in front of the Gloucester Fisherman.

Here's tomorrow's schedule for the Fiesta!
10:00 a.m…… Celebration of MASS OF ST. PETER….. at St. Peter’s Park

12:00 noon….. Procession following the Celebration of Outdoor Mass

3:00 p.m…… Blessing of the Fleet… Stacy Boulevard.

3:00 p.m… … Concert….United States Navy Band Northeast…St. Peter’s Park

4:45 p.m…… Sports Event at Pavilion Beach – Seine Boat Races &
Greasy Pole Contest

6:00 p.m…… Concert…..St. Alfio’s Band (One Hour) St. Peter’s Park

6:30 p.m…… Children’s Pinata Contest – Pascucci Court

7:15 p.m….... Awards Ceremony – Trophies awarded to winners of the 2011 Sports Events

8:30 p.m…… Musical Entertainment – St. Peter’s Park – featuring Gianni Faraone w/ Ray Cavichio and his mini Big band

11:00 p.m…… Raffle Drawings and Closing Procession

Friday, June 24, 2011

Line Of The Day

Whitey Bulger is a murderer, a rapist, a sadist, a pedophile. But he does have balls of brass.

This from WBUR

Bulger, appearing in federal court Friday afternoon, asked for a public defender. But prosecutors objected, citing $800,000 found in the former mob boss’ Santa Monica, Calif., apartment.

“Can you afford an attorney?” asked the federal attorney.

No, I could if you give me my money back,” Bulger responded.

Bulger was represented by attorney Peter Krupp on Friday. The federal magistrate did not immediately rule on the request

Thursday, June 23, 2011

3 Strikes & Alden Park Is Out

My friends and I used to dine occasionally at Chroma. I liked it. Unfortunately, they didn't make it. Alden Park has opened in their spot. We have been there 3 times.

First time my chicken was underdone. Pat & I got free dessert.

Second time my steak tips were not steak tips. They were some other cut of meat, tough and slightly fatty. Just cause you cut it into that size & shape doesn't mean it's a steak tip.

Third time I ordered the flat iron steak. Jen had enjoyed this entree both times we had been there. As a matter of fact, the second time, she said she wanted to lick the plate. I start eating it and I think "This is kinda tough". Before I could relay this to Bette & Jen, the bartender came over (points for his service on this and the first visit). He asks how everything. Jen tells him its tough and not sliced the same. He looks at me & I nod my agreement. Then she says the polenta is also disappointing and I laugh because I am also disappointed.

He looks momentarily distressed. Gives Jen a free beer.

That's it.

The bill for the three of us was $145 before the tip. That's the last money they get out of me.

Jen accused me of getting my bad Alden Park juju on her steak. No one had any sympathy for me. Bette & Jen had wanted to go to our fav - East Bay. But I was not ready to see my favorite bartender, Dick with my post chemo hair.

I told my mother this story and she shrugs and says "You have a wig."

Tough crowd. So I will pull on my "Big girl pants" or my wig and next time get great steak tips at East Bay.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Holy Crap - They Arrested Whitey!

Police: Mobster Whitey Bulger arrested in Calif.

LOS ANGELES—James "Whitey" Bulger, a notorious Boston gangster on the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted" list for his alleged role in 19 murders, has been captured near Los Angeles after living on the run for 16 years, authorities said Wednesday.

Back in the day, I thought nothing of Whitey and his "Gentleman Bandit" kind of rep. But once the truth came out that changed. He was truly a sick POS. I hope it was hard being on the lam and I hope he gets real jail time. I will be very disappointed if he gets any compassion from a judge due to his age.

There's no WAY I am missing a minute of Howie Carr's radio show tomorrow!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Something Different - House

A friend of mine has two properties to rent out. She asked if I would advertise them here. So....need a place to rent in Plymouth, Massachusetts?

Available July 1st 2011.

$1,675.00 All utilities included. Large two bedroom in a great home. Awesome family friendly neighborhood. This won't last long.

Includes heat, electric, water, hot water, full cable and wi-fi.

Living room : Four windows keep it light and airy with two remote controlled ceiling fans, decorative fireplace with mantel and raised hearth, 23 x 13 allows plenty of room for seating and family entertainment.

Dining room : Enter into an 11 x 18 foot area from the front door to hardwood floors, ceiling fan and large bay window over looking a garden area and beautiful stone patio in front yard.

Kitchen : Enjoy all the ammenities of a new refridgerator, dishwasher, a vented 4 burner stove with double oven, deep porceline sink and custom built in cabinets with sit at breakfast bar and plenty of floor space that measures out to 11 x 14.

1st Bedroom : 12 x 12, wood floors, 2 windows and full closet.

2nd bedroom : 10 x 11, wood floors, one window, shelving on both sides of window and full closet.

Bathroom : Full Bath, shower / tub combo, plenty of storage and deep linen closet.

First, and last required. Security, one full month, but also can be broken out into payments per month. Bad credit, not a problem if you are working and have a good history or working. Bankruptcy, not an issue if it's closed out already.

A dog or cat may be allowed with an interview with the owner. No big dogs allowed.
Trash removal service is provided and paid for by owner for normal household trash.
Parking for one car off street and one car on street.

Contact me at Pictures may be available upon request.
An excellent one bedroom apartment located in an exclusive neighborhood in scenic Plymouth Mass is available as of July 1st, 2011. $1,200.00 per month, and inclusive of all utilities. Heat, hot water, electric, full cable with all the movie channels, and wi-fi. This won’t last long !

Oak cabinets, quartz counter tops, new appliances, built in wine racks, new carpeting in living room and bedroom, two built in entertainment centers, surrounded by 900 square feet of living space. One full bath, air conditioned, his and her closets, one floored living, handicap accessible, off street parking for two cars. This is a perfect place for one or two people in an awesome family friendly neighborhood.

1st, last, and one full months security, but we will allow the security to be made in payments. Non smoking or outdoor smoking only. Pets allowed only by interview with owner and meeting pets ahead of time. No large dogs.

Contact me at Pictures available upon request.

Bone Marrow Biopsy Postponed

They apologized, I laughed. I took an extra 30 mg of oxy for nothing. Jen drove my dizzy ass down to the cottage. I'm here until next Wednesday. If there were would be the happiest place on earth.

I went to the beach on Thursday and got a slight sunburn. I've been hanging with Jen. I called Grace and said "You need to be here!"

Frankie and Tommy have stopped by multiple times.

Jen and I are going out to buy our Father's Day present. While I am waiting for her to get ready, I jumped on the computer.

I'm happy, happy! I hope everyone else is having as good a time as I am.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Atkins Has Left The Building!

Tomorrow is my third bone marrow biopsy. The first was in July, 2008. It was very painful and revealed a 70% cancer load. The second was December, 2010. It was only a little uncomfortable and showed that chemo had pushed my cancer load to less than 1%.

So now tomorrow will be the determining factor on whether or not my bone marrow transplant has been a success. All the blood work points toward success. But we won't know until it's checked with a bone marrow biopsy.

This anxiety about both the results and the possible pain of the actual procedure has driven me to ice cream.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Greta Sends a Giggle

So I open a text on the phone and it's this pic. I can't see it too clearly so I forwarded it to my email.

And I think....."Huh?"

But then I read the little cards. There is some glare on the bottom one, so I Google "Leigh Wade"
So here's the deal, according to the Air & Space Museum at the Smithsonian.....this is "Maggie". Yeah, "Maggie the Spider Monkey".

I read the article "Magellans of the Air"
On September 28, 1924, crowds cheered and sirens shrieked as the Army Service pilots known as “the Magellans of the Air” landed at Sand Point Field in Seattle, Washington, after completing the first round-the-world flight.

They had set off on April 6, some six months earlier, determined to circumnavigate the globe: eight men, four airplanes, eight stuffed spider monkeys from the Ambassador Hotel (see photo), and one stowaway from the Associated Press. (Ok, the AP stringer didn’t climb aboard until the group reached India.)

The group endured Arctic snow (dodging icebergs because of low cloud cover), survived the blistering heat of India, and made their way through thick fogs and violent storms. The four ships—the Seattle, the Chicago, the Boston, and the New Orleans—were specially built by the Douglas Aircraft Company. Not all would complete the journey: The Seattle crashed in the fog on an Alaskan mountainside, and the Boston sank near Iceland. (The crews survived.)
The Ambassador Hotel's manager gave eight stuffed spider monkeys, taken from the lobby's imitation palm trees, to the fliers as mascots. He promised $50 for each monkey safely returned

You can read the rest of the article here.

So the long and short of it is........the pioneer Army aviator, Major General Leigh Wade, USAF (ret) flew the "Boston" along with her crew and his spider monkey....."Maggie"!

Thanks Greta!

I Am Having Palpatations!

I just went online to check my health insurance premium. I had the monthly bill, but I thought it was wrong.

It wasn't.

My premium just went from $515 to $800.88 per month.

I've been good on Atkins since June 1st.

I think that's over.

Ok, it's not the end of the world. I ate the stuffing on the baked haddock my Dad made. But I haven't had any sugar, so Atkins is not really damaged.

There is a charity that would possibly cover my health insurance premiums, but I haven't been too quick with the paperwork. They want a copy of this and a printout of that and it was an intimidating packet. So I went up and got it.....turns out it's not so bad. A lot of the paperwork didn't apply to me because I pay my own insurance and it's not through an employer. Also I have no secondary insurance. So I finished all the questions and packed up to go find a copier. Up to now, whenever I need a copy of something, I waited until I was visiting work. That's part of what took so long on this.

My parents asked where I was going and I told them Staples on State Street to make copies. It was the closet and it's right on the Bunker Hill bus route. My father points out that the supermarket in Thompson Square makes copies. I remember where it is, but it's in an awkward spot. I was standing there weighing the pros and cons of walking to the strangely placed copier or riding the bus to the Staples. I start to head for the door and my father calls me back. He tells me to follow him to my room on the 3rd floor.

There were things in my room when I moved in....two sewing machines (I use one as a desk) a giant ladder....a nifty plaque explaining the origins of the surname "McInnis"........and.........a copier! LOL!

So tomorrow I will mail out the completed packet as well as some Blue Cross claim forms for about $700 worth of stuff that I paid out of pocket. Like $400 for the stupid wig I never wear.

If the charity says no, I have another insurance plan I can go to. So everyone can relax. Thanks.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Jen Sent This

Earlier today thunderstorms rolled through our area. I was watching them with Grace in Malden. Grace picked me up today and ran me on all kinds of errands and even cooked my dinner!

This was Jen's view in Rocky Nook.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Bruins Beard-A-Thon Update

Frankie still has the beard going. My mother would have preferred the Bruins to sweep Vancouver so Frankie would be clean shaven by Bunker Hill Day. But.....sorry Muriel!

So this is an updated pic from Frank. Look at that gray! Hehe!

Anyway, please go vote for Frank at the Boston Bruin's Beard-A-Thon web page and if you can pledge him. The money goes to a great cause - "One Mission". The first post is here.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Fun Stuff

I forgot some things when I packed for my little getaway. Doesn’t everyone?

This morning at breakfast I realized I forgot my flax cereal. It’s like low carb oatmeal, but I find it tasty and would eat it on or off Atkins.

At lunch I was eating hamburger and wished I had mustard.

On the way back from the beach – which was fabulous – I remembered that while I had packed a razor, I had forgotten shaving cream.

I had the most marvelous time at the beach. The smell of the ocean, the sand, the seaweed and the sun. The feel of it. The sounds. Everything exactly as it has been every summer of my life. Just awesome. When I returned to the porch… nice, clean, pollen free porch, I started thinking. Frankie’s been driving my van – I haven’t driven since December and considering all the meds I take, driving isn’t a great idea. I know there is stuff in the rear of the van from all my moving and all my trips. So I sent him a text and asked him to drive by…..his third trip today taking care of his mother. I am lucky to have such sons.

So Frank helped me pull a few bags and small boxes into the cottage…..and off he went.

1st find….shaving cream and a bunch of unused razors.

2nd find…..a sealed bag of Flax Z Snax hot cereal – butter pecan! I saw that as he pulled it out of the van and exclaimed “Flax cereal!” Frankie replied with a grimace “That stuff is disgusting!” I told him that he sounded like Papa (my Dad), but I love it. Both Frankie and my Dad are enthusiastic oatmeal eaters, so

I don’t know what their problem is, lol!

3rd find….now this was comical, there was a jar of mustard! I unscrewed the top and underneath….no word of a lie….the seal was intact! How funny is that?

Jennifer told me I should buy a lottery ticket

Another Escape!

As I said yesterday, I plotted an escape to the Cottage. I was going to take the commuter rail all the way to Kingston and then ask for a ride. It’s a matter of a few miles. However, the work that the MBTA is doing on the Kingston/Plymouth line is causing weekend closures. I was thwarted by this a few weeks ago, but now I find that it will continue until December. Rats! So now my next option was to take the Red Line to Braintree, but that means asking someone to drive 20 miles. So I sent out a bunch of texts and the first response was my son Tom. So that was good, Tom and I got to hang. He’s going to comeback in the next day or two to mow – a task way beyond me.

Jen came up after Tom left to take me to the local Stop & Shop for some groceries. As we sat on the porch afterwards, we realized everything was covered in a thick, yellow/green layer of pollen. Once I was alone and unpacked, I scrubbed the tub…a bug-a-boo with me. Then it was off to the porch. I pulled all the furniture to one side of the porch and hosed down all the gunk. I wiped down all the furniture and repeated the process, remembering to include the screen frames – one point for my memory.

Well that was it for the night. I slowly made a very sparse dinner and flopped on the couch. When I had the energy to wash my dishes and brush my teeth, I figured that was my best chance to head for bed. When it’s my choice, I pick “Big Mike’s” room. The bedstead belonged to my mother’s, father’s father – my great-grandfather Mike. Grace always picks “Mama Kelley’s” room, Mama always slept in that room since the cottage renovation in the early 80’s. But I do steal the “Mama Kelley” sheets to put on “Big Mike’s” bed, lol. Before the renovation, when we were on one side with just two bedrooms, Mama slept on the back porch with one of us. There were two twin beds tucked in an alcove. There is still one bed out there, but the alcove is gone. I can’t imagine the last time someone slept in it. Now that the renovation doubled the number of bedrooms, the back porch is under used and somewhat unappealing. The spirit of renovation never quite made it that far. Not that I fault them, this was a big undertaking for my uncles, my Dad and my male cousins – yes, there were no girls allowed. Although, I lived around the corner and sometimes brought lunch or snacks just to peek at the work.

When my grandparents bought the cottage in 1953 it was divided with each side having 2 bedrooms, an open kitchen/living room, bathroom and front and back porches. My grandfather’s sister Kay and her family were on the other side. Around ‘79/’80 we bought Kay’s half and made it one larger place. But the back porch feels like storage for the grill and lawnmower, it isn’t a place you hang, like the front porch.
But this summer I am sleeping out there. The idea came to me when Grace and I were talking about our parent’s time here in the second half of July. Right now I am here on my Uncle Frank’s time. His family mainly uses it on weekends. Their favorite thing is a cottage they rent in Hampton for several weeks in August. Knowing the Cottage was empty this weekend, I called and asked if I could use it. That was no problem. Starting the first two weeks in July, my uncle Jim and his family will be here. Then it’s my parents. If Grace and her kids come during my parent’s time, and I hope they do….I won’t get “Big Mike’s” room. So Grace and I started talking about the back porch.

It would be much more work than just hosing out the front porch and wiping down the furniture. So after last night – and how slowly I am moving today – I know one thing……

I’ll need to recruit some help!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Breakfast With A Blogger

Today this Townie girl ventured all the way to the wilds of South Boston for a blogger meet!

Seriously, I took to Red Line to Andrew to meet up with a blogger who keeps her deets under wraps. So I will just say....."Elle" and I enjoyed scrambled eggs and bacon and lots of great conversation. Although, now that I think abut it, I forgot to ask about "Mr. Big"!

But we did talk Sox! Elle is a big fan and yesterday's game was some solace given the way the Bruins game turned out. Not to say I am worried. Everything will change once we get them back to Boston.

We saw each other at the MilBlog, but there were a hundred other people we wanted to pay attention to there. It was great to have a sitdown with just us.

I was walking back to Andrew and started to think about the rest of the day. It struck me that the cottage is unoccupied, so I might head down. It's the land of no Internet, but everything else is so awesome.....

High tide tomorrow is around 4 pm and the high for tomorrow is expected to be 70 and sunny. That sounds good, doesn't it?

Friday, June 03, 2011

USS Constitution & USS Carr

Today was a perfect day in Boston, just right for today's Underway Demonstration110603-N-SH953-673 BOSTON HARBOR (June 3, 2011) USS Constitution greets USS Carr [FFG 52] in Boston Harbor during an underway Battle of Midway commemoration. The underway honored approximately 200 members of Gold Star Families who lost loved ones in Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom and the Navy's victory at Midway Island in World War II. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kathryn E. Macdonald)

110603-N-SH953-655 BOSTON HARBOR (June 3, 2011) USS Constitution greets USS Carr [FFG 52] in Boston Harbor during an underway Battle of Midway commemoration. The underway honored approximately 200 members of Gold Star Families who lost loved ones in Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom and the Navy's victory at Midway Island in World War II. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kathryn E. Macdonald)