Wednesday, November 05, 2014

New Hampshire's Lessons

First - People say all the time that they want a candidate who votes issues and not party.  Voters claim to want an end to gridlock and politicians who will "reach across the aisle".

Clearly, if you are a New Hampshire Democrat who says such things yet pulled the lever for are full of shit.

Shaheen has a proven track record of voting the party, and Brown has a proven track record of reaching across the aisle.

But this post isn't just about bashing hypocritical Democrats.  Oh no.  I am most disgusted with registered Republicans who bitch and moan about Democrats..... but stayed home yesterday.

I am so sick and tired of the RINO discussion.  I am not saying they don't exist, they do.  But labelling every Republican who doesn't toe the party line 100% a RINO is wrong.  And unhelpful. You play this RINO game and you defeat good candidates like Scott Brown.

Now you are stuck with Shaheen.  How's that feel?

If you are a liberal Democrat who voted for Shaheen because you believe in her and her issues - congratulations.

If you are a voter of any party who voted for Brown because you saw the value of moderate Republican and/or the danger of an Obama acolyte - good try, better luck next time.

But if you are a voter, particularly a Republican who disagrees with Shaheen or Obama and you stayed home..... well you are more of a problem than Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi.  You are playing some childish game you should have left in the sandbox.