Sunday, May 13, 2012

I Know What My Marine Is Going To Say....

... but seriously!

While waiting for my train back to Boston, I popped in the Union Station "WOMEN"s room.  From inside my stall I heard men's voices.  What the...

I heard a surprised woman's voice "This is the ladies.  The men's is on the other side."  They laughed at her and said that was too far.  Then they entered stalls.

I came out of my stall and saw the woman.  She wasn't coming all the way in.  She stayed by the entrance.  I asked "Are there men in here?" She replied in the affirmative.

I went out and saw two men standing near the corridor.  I asked them to flag down the police officer near the seating area.  They said "What?  Police?" a couple of times.  I didn't get it immediately.

Then the two assclowns came out of the "Women"s room and I saw all four were together. 

I reprimanded the two who were in the ladies room and ......  They.  Gave. Me.  Lip. "What?  Is your ass cleaner than ours?" one asked as he walked toward me.  I think I was supposed to be intimidated and back up.


I walked right at him.

 I said "Don't talk back.  You were wrong and ignorant.  And you are picking the wrong fight, jackass!"  I began to walk towards the police officer.  One told me to "Chill."  I told him to call his mother and tell her what a CREDIT he was.

There were three others guys from a cleaning crew.  One must have said something because the four stopped. spoke to him and stayed near him even when the cleaning guy backed up.

I walked up to the police officer and gave my complaint.  I pointed toward the group.  "Now they are hassling your cleaning crew."

Then I walked off toward a seat.  After the police officer spoke with them, they headed for the furthest gate.  I don't know if it was the police officer's suggestion or if they had just had enough of the crazy woman.  Either way it was a good idea.  The bag on my shoulder had two pair of high to chuck at each of their heads.


Yer Marine said...

Well, you know SOME of what Yer Marine is gonna say.

Semper Offendus. I will run the motto past the Heraldry folks, but I think it would be dynamite on the Goddess coin you can hand out.

The other part is, what is the difference between those guys in there and a man in women's clothing being legally protected to use the Ladies' Room? Nothing except a bra, and possibly a dress in a large/long.

If we want there to be no difference between the genders, then we will have to get used to things such as that.

Anonymous said...

Now that is some moxy...I would have done the same thing--and especially to mart-mouthed females. Argh. No one gets any respect these days.

Gordon Dundas said...

Good For you !

Yer Marine said...

Your arrest warrant for unlawful harassment will be served any day now. You lawbreaker you!