Thursday, October 04, 2012

Where the *^$&* Have I Been?

So yeah, I have totally been ignoring the blog.  Which is funny since I have been doing blog things.

When I am not sleeping or trying to straighten out some insurance/prescription problem.....I've been having fun.

Really, the most I've done is Tweet.  It fits my attention span, ya know.

So....on to fun.  I've been catching some movies and you know how I love movies!  I belong to a group that attends movie screening.  So I am usually seeing movies about a week or two before their release.  I should write reviews for them here and maybe I'd have a better shot at getting a reserved seat, but, whatever.

I thought "End of Watch" was a really good cop movie.  This is my GoFoBo review.

But I LOVED "Lawless"!  I read afterwards that at one point the wanted Ryan Gosling for the Tom Hardy role.  that would have been ridiculous!

I was late for my intended movie Monday, so I just went into "Pitch Perfect" and liked it much more than I would have guessed.  the star, Anna Kendrick was also in "End of Watch", busy girl!

The most fun was "Expendables 2".  Although it didn't have the same perks as when I saw the "Expendables" back in 2010 at the CineBistro in Tampa with The Commander.  It's an over 21 theatre that serves food and drinks at your seat.  Coke in a glass, fresh popcorn in a bowl, brought to your seat and set on the little table. Randolph has the premium seats, but this is a whole theater like that.  No kids jumping over the little barrier into the top 10 rows.  I am not sure what I liked better, the movie or the cinema.  Kidding.  Bruce Willis is worth any seat.

Last night I saw "Argo", but I'll write about that later.

Any in between I went to Sniper's OctoberFest in Winchester, VA.  Please, please, please click this link to Uncle Jimbo's review.  I loved his Samantha!  Have a party....I'll show up.

And of course, here was the whole Revere Memorial Lecture Series at the Old South Meetinghouse.  "A War So Unpopular...cannot be Supported": New England and the War of 1812"  And I wasn't alone!  I love that Boston is such a great history town.

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