Sunday, May 27, 2012

You May Want Some Cheese With This

I have no one to blame but myself, but I sure do wish I had someone else to blame.

I am so messed up.  Somehow I missed my morning medication on Thursday.  Which meant I laid around, got nothing done and followed that with something like 20 hours of sleep. 

Then I was so groggy I forgot Friday's meds......slept more.....and forgot Saturdays.

I took them when I woke today....but that was 3pm.

Now it's 11:30 and I am going to have to force myself to sleep.

When I am awake, I am fighting with the laptop.  I love this laptop.  It has accompanied on so many adventures.  It was a gift from a good, good friend, Mary and her brothers.  It was my constant companion during chemo, the transplant and the recovery.  About a year ago, Mary asked if I still used it.  I replied that it slept on the other pillow in my bed, like a lover.  LOL!

But little things have been going wrong.  The battery won't hold a charge despite changing the battery and the charger.  And I got a virus, and after cleaning it, there was damage.  It's hijacked my search capability and I've lost files and Flash.

Don't get me wrong, I won't give up, and if I fix it, it will still be useful plugged into the wall......but the time for a new portable device is in the near future.

Speaking of new things, I finally broke down and got a Kindle.  Holy crap!  What was I waiting for.  I paid $50 for a refurbished device with an Amazon Local deal. Very happy.

So, I'm off to bed.  My Dad is on alert to remind me about the morning meds.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if this will help, but my SIL must take meds or go crazy, literally. We use her cell phone as an alarm 3 times a day. Just a thought...

Tom Goering said...

Hopefully things are better today and you were able to go see Battleship - If so, how was it?

BostonMaggie said...

The alarm would be great if when it sounds I remember what it's for, lol.

It would be better if I could schedule my hot flashes, because I always remember my pills when that happens!

Tom, yet again I got distracted. That same movie club was showing "Snow White and The Huntsman". I liked that.
I'll try again tomorrow.

Tom Goering said...

The Snow White movie previews did look cool, I forgot it was out. We may just have to hit that one up this week.

Mark Tempest said...

You need the nagging alarm - the one that tells you why it's going off!

"Time to take the pills! Time to take the pills!"

Here's a Linux version -

The problem with which is that it is Linux, which may just be the OS that you need to fix the computer.

Surfcaster said...

Hey Kiddo - I just saw this - I'm going away for a week of manlyman fishing to Cuttyhunk and Block but give me a jingle if you are still having issues and I can remote into it and maybe fix a few things for you next week. You may have my email still & if not - just holler.

Anonymous said...

Kindles are awesome. Glad you got one.