Saturday, December 01, 2012

Sometimes Being Polite Is Overrated

A young woman was attacked in Charlestown last Saturday evening coming from the Community College T Station.

Here story is printed in the Charlestown Patch.

First let me be clear, this woman is a victim who did nothing wrong and the only one to blame is her attacker.

But let's look at this incident and try to put together some "Lessons Learned"

The part that really struck me about "Michaela"s story was when she said she knew as the man approached her that something was wrong.  Many security specialists will tell you that victims, particularly women often feel something is wrong, but don't act.  It's largely attributed to how women are raised to be more compliant than men.  They are expected to go along, be polite, don't kick up a fuss.  No one wants to be embarrassed.  Even when something primal inside us says "RUN".

I would suggest all women read Gavin de becker's "The Gift of Fear"  it's ages old, but still relevant.

I want to say to all women in Charlestown think about this now and decide that when your creep radar goes off you will act.  Turn back to the place where you saw people.  Don't stop when someone asks for the time, a dollar or directions.  Not when you are alone at night.

When you leave the well-lit and populated T station, zip your phone in your pocket or bag; take your ear buds out of your ears; pull your bag tighter; walk near the curb & be ready to step out into traffic to get attention; watch your shadow for people behind you.  Look behind you, it's not paranoia, it's situational awareness.  Walk purposefully.  Don't walk with your head down. Avoid isolated, dark shortcuts.

If you are worried about appearing rude, who cares?  What?  Is this stranger going to take you off his Christmas card list.  Your safety is paramount.


Yer Marine said...

Carrying a 3.5" 1911 with 230-grain SJHPs would also be advisable, if the People's Democratic Soviet Socialist Republic of Massachusetts didn't consider you a criminal for exercising your Constitutional liberties.

BostonMaggie said...

LOL! My point is not to need it.

Charity said...

This made me laugh, but I totally agree on this: "If you are worried about appearing rude, who cares? What? Is this stranger going to take you off his Christmas card list."