Thursday, August 02, 2012

I Know I'm Late To This....

...but the Nabisco Saltine thing.  It's finally hit the McInnis household.  My Dad makes chicken soup (awesome homemade chicken soup) at least once a week.  And today, there were no Nabisco Saltines. 


It seems in December, 2011 Nabisco decided to make the saltines round.  So we tried them.  I didn't realize that this meant there were no square ones.  My Dad does all the shopping and he buys in bulk.  When the Zombie Apocalypse happens, we will be able to make brownies for a long time.  And we will have plenty of toilet paper.

The result of all this careful shopping means that the Great Saltine Crisis - look it up on the Internet, people are mad - didn't hit us until nine months after the change.

I've looked online to see what's going on.  Besides the change, there were two more added insults.  First, you are paying the same price for five and a half fewer ounces.  And as a last little slap, it is labelled "Original".  Um, no it's not.

So I guess I will have to hit the little "Mom & Pop" places to see if there are any squares out there.  And I suppose I will look online.  When I used to dye my hair red, my favorite conditioner was discontinued.  I was able to get enough online to go another two years.


Anonymous said...

You can get saltines, but you gotta buy the off brand. Zesta is what I call "off" because I like Nabisco. But the Zesta's can be bought at places like Sam's club, BJ's and maybe Costco. Not sure...If you're really desperate...I. will. send. Nobody growing up in New England that I know can eat any soup w/o saltines!!!

Charity said...

This cracks me up, I stockpile shades of cosmetics I love. I'm convinced they'll stop making a particular color. The stuff will go bad before I use it.

And you can never have enough tp or paper towels.