Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Screaming Bloody Murder

This is a phrase commonly used in my family to describe someone yelling, screaming or even speaking out in protest.

Before today, I never really, really knew what it meant.

I was hanging with my pal, Griff.  We were strolling down Main Street and had to stop in our fav place, Zumes

As you enter Zume's, the counter is straight ahead, the back of a couch runs along the right and a little table with puzzles for kids is on your left.  So Griff goes right for the puzzles and I step up to the counter to order our cookies.  We aren't even two feet apart.  I am ordering cookies, but looking at Griff.  After raising that horrid Frankie, I know about escapees.

Suddenly, there is this horrible, incredibly piercing scream.  I have never heard anything like that.  It drilled right through me and I think for a sec I stopped breathing.  The clerk behind the counter looked completely shell shocked.  I was saying "Griff?  Griff?  What's wrong?".  Then I realize Griff is attached to my left leg.  I peel him off and lean down "Are you alright?  What's wrong?"  I thought he must have pinched something or something bit him.

But from the look of horror on his face.....I get it.  It's not him.  Griff didn't scream.  In fact, the scream is still happening but his mouth is not open.  Plus, he's just as afraid as I am, lol.  That's when we all see this baby who is on the couch three feet from us.  Maybe eighteen months old. incredibly, the baby begins to laugh.

I paid from the cookies with hands shakier than usual.  As we left Griff backed away, waving to the baby - "Bye, baby."  All I could picture was someone backing out of the tiger's cage "Nice kitty!"

Now, that was screaming bloody murder.

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MissBirdlegs in AL said...

I started laughing at "horrid Frankie" & then just couldn't quit.