Sunday, May 26, 2013

Who We Remember On Memorial Day

ScottTheBadger mentioned his Dad's cousin Lt. Francis Albert Riley, USN.  Lt Riley was aboard USS Albacore SS-218 when she was presumed to have struck a mine on 7 November 1944 near Hokkaido.  All hands were lost.  I got the picture from "On Eternal Patrol", a website dedicated to all men lost while serving in the U.S. submarine force.

I will be remembering my grandfather's brother PVT Dan Kelley, USMCR.  Dan enlisted one week before his 18th birthday; became active duty within 3 weeks and was KIA at IWO Jima a mere 9 months later.

When you eat your hot dog or shop that car sale today, remember you are free to do so because men and women like Scott's cousin and my uncle paid the ultimate price.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Separated At Birth

An English Defence League supporter takes part in a march in Newcastle on Saturday. Photograph: Jonathan Pow/PA
 Sloth from "Goonies"

Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day is......

Memorial Day is........

.....this coming Monday, May 27th b/c it occurs annually on the final Monday of May.

....a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

....a day formerly known as Decoration Day. Decoration Day originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War. 

.....NOT to be confused with Veterans Day which occurs on November 11th of each year.

.....NOT a sale at Macy's or a car dealership or an appliance store.

Monday, May 13, 2013

My Awesome Goddaughter!

Mother's Day was awesome.  Giving and getting gifts, flowers, chocolates.  My mother made her famous potato salad.

Although getting there was kind of like crossing the country in a Conestoga wagon!  I love Hull, but convenient it is not.  No shuttle on Sundays till after Memorial Day (although Frank's Britt took care of that part); on and off the 220 to pick up last minute things - yeah, last minute, I said it; and the Red Line under construction.....whew!  Then again, it's not like I had anything else to do except get up to my Mum's house.

I've been trying to weed through my stuff and contain my spa/facial/cosmetic/body lotion addiction - no support groups for that.  It's slow going and a few days ago I thought "Deb will give me something new for Mother's Day, I should call & stop her".  My goddaughter Debbie shops in Bath & Body Works or Victoria Secret, which I have heard is even more expensive than Bath & Body Works.

I thought I should ask for some chocolate chip cookies, which are no better for me.....but cost less and never sit around waiting for the next purge.

But I forgot.

Still.......I opened my gift bag and it contained.........brownies!  Pretty good considering we were communicating on a psychic connection.

We all had a chuckle about that.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

My Kindle

I went from -

"I like books.  I like holding them.  I like the way they feel.  I like the way they smell.  I like wandering around book shops.  Especially the Brattle."  

To -

"It's used.  It's short money with this coupon on top of it.  What's the harm?"

And then yesterday when the screen froze -

"Oh my God!  All my zombie books! All my foreign policy books!  This magazine is weighing down my bag!"

All in just one short year, give or take a few days.

Amazon had a helpful page and my Kindle is back.  Whew!

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Thursday's Good Deed

I'm going to do you all a favor......cause I love you all so much!

I believe in doing a good deed a day......I don't always get there, lol.

Here is an easy one and you can all do it.

Vote for Joshua Newey as a favorite "Life Moving Forward", "Local Hero" to celebrate National mobility Awareness Month.  I became aware of Josh because he is a friend of a friend from Bridgewater, MA

Josh Newey was born on May 13, 1977. His date of injury (C5 quadriplegia) was January 11, 1997. Always an active young man, Josh became quadriplegic at age 19, following a terrible accident involving a snowmobile. After three years of rehabilitation, hard work and perseverance, Josh began attending Bridgewater State College, becoming involved with the Peer Leadership Program and also Managing the Swim Team! Josh’s bright spirit and love of life showed through during his Peer Visitor sessions at Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital, where Josh also did his rehab. He has visited others injured under similar circumstances, in an effort to “give back”, and to aid those whose injuries are fresher, and has tried to help them as they face an altered future. Josh is very independent, taking care of his own “personal” needs, even working three days per week as a Marketing Specialist. Each workday morning Josh must roll out to a cold vehicle which may or may not start, with a MANUALLY operated door and ramp. Somehow he manages to open the door and pull down that ramp by himself – a difficult task for even an able-bodied person. Seeking financial independence and wishing to end his need for disability payments, Josh’s greatest wish is to work full-time, but desperately needs a reliable vehicle to make that dream come true. Unfortunately, the economy has hit Josh’s family as hard as many others and they are unable to help him acquire a new van. His current van, a 1999 Dodge, is in deplorable condition – unsafe and undependable, with rotting floors, some non-functioning equipment and no heat. Josh acquired this van after family and friends pulled together a fund-raiser THIRTEEN years ago. He has certainly made full use of that van, putting 204,000 miles on it in the course of his travels. Josh is a dear friend and a loving son, brother and uncle, and is always looking out for the welfare of others. Josh leads an active life that could only be made more productive with the increased mobility a new van would provide. Josh’s love of life, selfless spirit and independent nature truly make him our HOMETOWN HERO!

 Please click on the link and vote.  You can vote every 24 hours until May 10th.