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Are You Having A Good Friday?

I am!

The favorite Naval consort was someplace where a private conversation could be held, mmmmmmmmmm!

Now I am getting ready to head up to my parents where all the women in my family, mother, sisters, nieces, (although my goddaughter has a dance to go to) and I will play cards and hang out. My father will pretend to object and be put out, but I bet he's been shopping for our favorite snacks.
OK, change of plans. Grace doesn't feel well and Jen is stuck at work. So I am at work, lol. I called my nieces and told them to email me schedules so we can pick another night.

I'm bummed, however, I still get to call the Gulf at 2130 and give someone a wake up call,'s all good!
Have a great night, I know I will!

The Prince Harry Rollercoaster

Welcome aboard!
Going up the first small hill - Prince Harry is set to deploy to Iraq with his men.
Crest the hill and plummet down - No, the powers that be say no.
Up we go again - Harry made in theater!
Oh, down to the depths - Harry has to be pulled out - thanks to Matt Drudge blowing his cover.
The Armorer is none too pleased.
CDR Salamandar covers it here.

SB Sends

Forward from the favorite Naval Consort

From a Chaplain in Iraq :

I recently attended a showing of ‘Superman 3′ here at LSA Anaconda. We have a large auditorium we use for movies as well as memorial services and other large gatherings. As is the custom back in the States, we stood and snapped to attention when the National Anthem began before the main feature. All was going as planned until, about three-quarters of the way through the National Anthem, the music stopped.

Now, what would happen if this occurred with 1,000 18-22 year-olds back in the States? I imagine there would be hoots, catcalls, laughter, a few rude comments, and everyone would sit down and call for a movie. Of course, that is, if they had stood for the National Anthem in the first place.

Here, the 1,000 Soldiers continued to stand at attention, eyes fixed forward. The music started again. The soldiers continued to quietly stand at attention. And again, at the same point, the music stopped.

What would you expect to happen? Even here I would imagine laughter as everyone sat down and expected the movie to start. Here, you could have heard a pin drop. Every soldier stood at attention.

Suddenly there was a lone voice, then a dozen, and quickly the room was filled with the voices of a thousand Soldiers. ‘And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave, o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?’

It was the most inspiring moment I have had here in Iraq. I wanted you to know what kind of soldiers are serving you here.

Written by: Chaplain Jim Higgins on 5/14/07.LSA Anaconda, Iraq

So, as with all forwarded emails, I did a little Googling to make sure it was legit. I found it reprinted over at Sgt. Hook's place and in the comments there was confirmation from my girls "LL" & "SK" who have corresponded with Chaplain Higgins and sent him cigars. So it's a great, true story!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A gathering of American heroes

***This will stay on top all day, new stuff below****
A gathering of American heroes
By Gordon Edes, Globe Staff March 3, 2005
WASHINGTON -- He had been on a training mission in the California desert on the night the Red Sox won the World Series, leaving his new bride from South Boston, Gina, and their dog, Teddy Ballgame, to watch the game by themselves on the base in Fort Irwin. So eight hours in an operating room yesterday wasn't going to stop a Milton kid, Philip Dow, not when Gina and his best buddy from BC High, Mike Viano, told him that the Sox were coming by the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

So Dow, 25, asked that his bed be wheeled into the room where the Sox had come directly from a ceremony at the White House, even though it was less than an hour after doctors had finished putting a metal plate and eight screws in his fractured left arm, worked on his fractured left leg and torn-up Achilles' tendon, and treated the shrapnel wounds in his right leg.

"I told the nurses, `You gotta hurry up, let's get this show on the road,' " Dow said.
This was the place where Curt Schilling slipped off the World Series ring he'd won in Arizona and placed it on the good hand of a kid who had part of his right arm blown off. Where Tito Francona sat huddled with another kid who'd been victimized by a suicide bomber. Where Theo Epstein held up the World Series trophy for a double amputee. Where PFC Paul Skarinka -- who had been part of the Whitman, Mass., fire rescue team before he got sent to Iraq and was now undergoing therapy to try to regain the feeling he lost in his left hand and foot after being hit by a rocket-propelled grenade in Sadr City -- sported his Sox cap while talking with Johnny Damon and Billy Mueller and Trot Nixon and the other players who stopped to visit.

"I got beat up real bad," Skarinka said.

Dow, who'd played lacrosse at BC High before becoming a first lieutenant in the 11th Armored Cavalry Second Regiment -- the Black Horse Regiment -- wasn't going to miss this.

"It's such an honor to meet you," catcher Jason Varitek said, leaning over Dow and taking his hand.

"It's an honor to meet you, sir," Dow said.

Larry Lucchino complimented him on his cap. David Ortiz came over and signed a ball. Tim Wakefield was at his side when Dow told his story of what happened that day in Iskandariyah, a town so far from pastoral Milton, a place about 30 miles south of Baghdad.

"I'm a platoon leader," Dow said, "and we were out on patrol. We'd been looking around for a vehicle, and we saw a vehicle parked on the right side of the road.

"The platoon took a short halt, and we all dismounted from our vehicles. As we approached, they blew up their vehicle.

"Fortunately, I was the only one who got hit. I was able to get my guys out of there."
Dow had spotted a man sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle, and when the man did not respond when they called to him, he sensed danger and told his platoon to scatter.

"Right after the vehicle blew," he said, "we sent in an Air Medivac helicopter, but as it was coming down, we got ambushed. It was like they wanted the helicopter to come down so they could shoot the helicopter.

"My platoon did an excellent job. My guys were all able to get me out of there."

This happened Feb. 17, just two weeks ago. "The first night, when I heard what happened," Gina said, "was the worst."

Three out of his four limbs torn up by a booby-trapped vehicle?

"But at least he still has them all," Gina said. "At least that's something."
Dow said that doctors told him it would take six or seven months for him to recover from his wounds.

"Hopefully," Dow said to the Sox players around his bed, "I'll recover in time to get back with my guys."

Major General Kenneth Farmer, the commanding general of the medical center, shook hands with Dow.

"We're all American heroes," he told the group. "We've just been given different roles in life. You [the Sox] bring joy into their lives. They bring freedom and a whole lot of other things to you."
As the Sox prepared to leave, Wakefield returned to Philip Dow's side.

"If I don't get the chance," he said, "I want to thank you for what you've done for us,"
Wakefield said.

"Thank you," Philip Dow said.

Paratroopers Fighting in Afghanistan Need to Hear from You!

The lovely DomestikDiva, Sherri has sent out an email to her buds to repost this everywhere.

Paratroopers Fighting in Afghanistan Need to Hear from You!
Posted By Blackfive
Not too long ago, Blackfive readers, joined by thousands of readers from other blogs, sent over 30,000 emails of support to Marines in Iraq. The Marines had to shut down the email address because you all were causing bandwidth issues with the support we were sending.
Now, as if the Taliban and Al Qaeda, bad weather, and lack of support here at home weren't bad enough, the New York Times has published a one-sided view of the paratroopers tour in Afghanistan.
And so now we have cause to band together again and send massive support down range. Here's why:

(break - go to Blackfive and read the whole thing)

Please send an email of support to
Or you can mail cards to:
Leta CarruthP O Box 100Cordova, TN 38088

Due to security reasons in Afghanistan please do not put addresses or phone numbers on any correspondence. All emails will be printed out here in the US and mailed to Afghanistan as they do not have the resources to receive a large number of emails. All letters and emails will be vetted to make sure there are no negative comments. These are letters of support, so please keep them positive and uplifting.

A Huge THANK YOU to the proponents of (and the leaders of) this effort - Tanker Babe and Mrs. Diva!

OK, Let's Not Get All Gloomy

Lot's of people are popping by thanks to links to the Pat Condell post and video on Islam in England.

As I say in the post, don't give up on Old Blighty!

There are many intelligent people working on a solution to Britain's Clash of Cultures problem, chief among Professor Gwyn Prins.

Professor Prins, who I have met and found incredibly charming and engaging, is working on it. Here is a paper he coauthored for the RUSI.

Risk Threat and Security: The Case of the United Kingdom"

It's six pages..go read it.

How Big Is My Head!!!!!!

Sitemeter logged 307 visitors. Holy crap! My average is like, 80. Last time something like this happened was when I was picked up by Stand-To (it was one of my stalk-MG-Rick_Lynch posts, shhhh).

Started the day with a link from the Castle in the H&I Fires for this.

Then it was my pub crawlin' home girl, AWTM for this.

AWTM fired off a link to Matt @ Blackfive who linked with the words "...the most excellent Boston Maggie"!! I love you too, baby!

Then there were some more of AWTM's friends here and here.

Finally Wonkosphere for this post.

I am going to have turn sideways in doorways to fit my swelled head through.

Don't worry, my sister told me in email to unswell my head or she'd do it for me. After all, you people are just my imaginary friends according to both my sisters and my mother.

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And Justice For John Labanara

And Justice for John Labanara
This is a petition to send a message to Gov. Deval Patrick. The undersigned (I'm #112) are strongly against commuting the sentence of Arnold King.

Arnold King murdered John Labanara in 1971 and received the just sentence of life without parole.

Mr. King and his supporters think John Labanara should get a second chance.

Yeah. Right after John Labanara gets his second chance, jackass.

Go to the petition and sign it.

"W" Meets With The Red Sox

We need a little break from my frustration over Obama. Bush honors Red Sox at White House ceremony

WASHINGTON - President Bush has honored the Red Sox for their 2007 World Series victory with a White House ceremony, calling the team "wise enough" to maintain a core group of players who know how to win.
Players, coaches and the team’s owners gathered with Bush today for the second time in the past four years. Members of the 2004 World Series champion team also met with Bush, a former managing partner of the Texas Rangers.
The president referred to Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester’s successful battle against cancer as an inspiration to many people.
Lester began the 2007 season on a rehab minor league assignment, but recovered and won Game 4 of the World Series against the Colorado Rockies.
Red Sox players also will visit patients at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington before returning to spring training.

Same Video Cut, Different Point

I discuss a point from this video below. In this same cut there is a discussion of leaving Iraq. Leaving Iraq is their big thing, right? So Russert proposes a scenario where we leave, things go south, whadya do?

RUSSERT: Senator Obama, I want you to respond to not holding oversight for your subcommittee. But also, do you reserve a right as American president to go back into Iraq once you have withdrawn with sizable troops in order to quell any kind of insurrection or civil war?

OBAMA: "....(Obama whining about why it's not his fault that he didn't do anything as the head on the subcommittee) ........Now, I always reserve the right for the president -- as commander-in-chief, I will always reserve the right to make sure that we are looking out for American interests. And if al Qaeda is forming a base in Iraq, then we will have to act in a way that secures the American homeland and our interests abroad. So that is true, I think, not just in Iraq, but that's true in other places. That's part of my argument with respect to Pakistan.
I think we should always cooperate with our allies and sovereign nations in making sure that we are rooting out terrorist organizations. But if they are planning attacks on Americans like what happened on9/11, it is my job, it will be my job as president to make sure that we are hunting them down

I am baffled. You will pull out. Quickly. Precipitously. You will waive a white flag and run. You will give all the Code Pink people a simultaneous orgasm. Because "W" was wrong, wrong, wrong to go in.


You will re-invade if you, the Obamasiah, decide we need to go back in?


Better, more cohesive response to be found at National Review Online.

A Look into Obama World [Charlotte Hays]
I think Obama made a huge boo boo in last night’s debate. When asked what he would do if we pulled out of Iraq and the place turned into an al-Qaeda haven, he said he would re-invade. Smooth as butter, didn't miss a beat. The correct answer is: If I thought that was going to happen, I wouldn’t pull out. Senator Clinton dodged the question by pretending it was a hypothetical. Hypothetical it is not. There are few things a Clinton won’t say to get elected, but I think even Senator Clinton balks at saying, Hey, we'd just re-invade that country. (Maybe I am giving her too much credit.)Obama's answer—he didn't hesitate—was cavalier and shallow and callow. This is something the Republicans ought to be able to work with. What a mess Obama World would be.

Last Night's Debate

So I go to Jen's last night, instead of the gym. Yes, I'm a bad girl. She was making dinner, so I bundled up on her couch with the clicker and put on the debate. I was yelling at the TV, lol, I always particpate.

Jen asked "Do you yell at the TV like this all the time?" "Yes. It unnerves the boys." She looks over her shoulder from the stove, "No wonder no one wants to watch the debates with you!" I told SB on IM today and he said "I'd watch them with you, Maggie." Thanks baby!

So, the debate. They roll around to my top priority, National Security and foreign policy. Clinton hits one outta the park and I am actually cheering (I am not kidding!) for HRC "Good one! That's right!" Jen raises an eyebrow and shakes her head. "No one got that but you."

Not true! Watch this part of the debate and tell me you get it!!!!!

Clinton points out that Obama talks a good game and hasn't done anything when he had the chance.
CLINTON: "..... But I also have heard Senator Obama refer continually to Afghanistan, and he references being on the Foreign Relations Committee.
He chairs the subcommittee on Europe. It has jurisdiction over NATO. NATO is critical to our mission in Afghanistan. He's held not one substantive hearing to do oversight, to figure out what we can do to actually have a stronger presence with NATO in Afghanistan.
You have to look at the entire situation to try to figure out howwe can stabilize Afghanistan and begin to put more in there to try toget some kind of success out of it. And you have to

Obama's answer is that it's not his fault. LOL The complete transcript of the debate is here.

It comes at 3:40 of this YouTube clip.

William F. Buckley Jr. Is Dead at 82

William F. Buckley Jr. Is Dead at 82

William F. Buckley Jr., who marshaled polysyllabic exuberance, famously arched eyebrows and a refined, perspicacious mind to elevate conservatism to the center of American political discourse, died Wednesday at his home in Stamford, Conn.
Mr Buckley, 82, suffered from diabetes and emphysema, his son Christopher said, although the exact cause of death was not immediately known. He was found at his desk in the study of his home, his son said. “He might have been working on a column,” Mr. Buckley said.
Mr. Buckley’s winningly capricious personality, replete with ten-dollar words and a darting tongue writers loved
to compare with an anteater’s, hosted one of television’s longest-running programs, “Firing Line,” and founded and shepherded the influential conservative magazine, National Review.

Obama's Defense Policy

Bigg Bill sent me this a few days ago and I was floored. Yesterday over at CDR Salamader, LBG said in the comments "I would like to see him brought out in the field of battle and to actually be made to lay out his plans." So I said "Like this?" and put out this video. They are still in the WTF stage.

Then this morning John put it up at The Castle with a whole breakdown for context and including a transcript and point by point analysis. It's really good and you should read. Everyone should read it. Especially everyone who is thinking about voting for Obama.

Ogonowski For United States Senator

Go here, read more and do what you can.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

we're in ur base, killin ur doodz

February 26, 1993

On this day fifteen years ago, Islamic jihadists set off a bomb in the World Trade Center, killing six people, wounding 1,000, and causing $500 million in damage.

Never Forget.

September 11, 2001 - Terrorists hijack four U.S. commercial airliners taking off from various locations in the United States in a coordinated suicide attack. In separate attacks, two of the airliners crash into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, which catch fire and eventually collapse. A third airliner crashes into the Pentagon in Washington, DC, causing extensive damage. The fourth airliner, also believed to be heading towards Washington, DC, crashes outside Shanksville, PA., killing all 45 people on board. Casualty estimates from New York put the possible death toll close to 5,000, while as many as 200 people may have been lost at the Pentagon crash site.
Oct. 12, 2000 - A terrorist bomb damages the destroyer USS Cole in the port of Aden, Yemen, killing 17 sailors and injuring 39.
Aug. 7, 1998 - Terrorist bombs destroy the U.S. embassies in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In Nairobi, 12 Americans are among the 291 killed, and over 5,000 are wounded, including 6 Americans. In Dar es Salaam, one U.S. citizen is wounded among the 10 killed and 77 injured.
June 21, 1998 - Rocket-propelled grenades explode near the U.S. embassy in Beirut.
June 25, 1996 - A bomb aboard a fuel truck explodes outside a U.S. air force installation in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. 19 U.S. military personnel are killed in the Khubar Towers housing facility, and 515 are wounded, including 240 Americans.
Nov. 13, 1995 - A car-bomb in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia kills seven people, five of them American military and civilian advisers for National Guard training. The "Tigers of the Gulf," "Islamist Movement for Change," and "Fighting Advocates of God" claim responsibility.
February 1993 - A bomb in a van explodes in the underground parking garage in New York's World Trade Center, killing six people and wounding 1,042.
Dec. 21, 1988 - A bomb destroys Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. All 259 people aboard the Boeing 747 are killed including 189 Americans, as are 11 people on the ground.
April 1986 - An explosion damages a TWA flight as it prepares to land in Athens, Greece. Four people are killed when they are sucked out of the aircraft.
April 5, 1986 - A bomb destroys the LaBelle discotheque in West Berlin. The disco was known to be frequented by U.S. servicemen. The attack kills one American and one German woman and wounds 150, including 44 Americans
December 1985 - Simultaneous suicide attacks are carried out against U.S. and Israeli check-in desks at Rome and Vienna international airports. 20 people are killed in the two attacks, including four terrorists.
November 1985 - Hijackers aboard an Egyptair flight kill one American. Egyptian commandos later storm the aircraft on the isle of Malta, and 60 people are killed.
October 1985 - Palestinian terrorists hijack the cruise liner Achille Lauro (in response to the Israeli attack on PLO headquarters in Tunisia) Leon Klinghoffer, an elderly, wheelchair-bound American, is killed and thrown overboard.
August 1985 - A car bomb at a U.S. military base in Frankfurt, Germany kills two and injures 20. A U.S. soldier murdered for his identity papers is found a day after the explosion.
June 1985 - A TWA airliner is hijacked over the Mediterranean, the start of a two-week hostage ordeal. The last 39 passengers are eventually released in Damascus after being held in various locations in Beirut.
April 1985 - A bomb explodes in a restaurant near a U.S. air base in Madrid, Spain, killing 18, all Spaniards, and wounding 82, including 15 Americans.
November 1984 - A bomb attack on the U.S. embassy in Bogota, Colombia kills a passer-by. The attack was preceded by death threats against U.S. officials by drug traffickers.
October 1983 - A suicide car bomb attack against the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut kills 241 servicemen. A simultaneous attack on a French base kills 58 paratroopers.
April 1983 - A suicide car bombing against the U.S. embassy in Beirut kills 63, including 17 Americans.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Pat Condell

*****UPDATE*****Welcome to all the readers who have been directed here for this excellent vid. A lot of the comments I am seeing seem to despair for Old Blighty. Don't give up! There are reasonable and highly intelligent people who are working hard on this situation in Britain (yes, the Townie girl can't bring herself to add "Great"). Chief among the is Professor Gwyn Prins (who I have met). This is a link to his recent work with RUSI “Risk Threat and Security: The Case of the United Kingdom"****
Bigg Bill sent me a vid and I followed the links to this guys website. It's funny and true!

Princess Crabby Speaks

Huckabee: NY Times Slam 'Best Thing That Could Happen'

February 25, 2008 4:14 PM

ABC News' Kevin Chupka Reports: During an impromptu press conference in Providence, Rhode Island, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee talked a bit more about last week's New York Times article that suggested rival John McCain had been party to an inappropriate relationship with a Washington lobbyist.

Up until now, Huckabee has said only that McCain is a man of great integrity and refused to comment further on the allegations, despite a chorus of criticism from conservative talk radio and others.

But on Monday, Huckabee was asked if this was McCain's "macaca" moment, referring to the infamous incident in which then-Senator George Allen, R-Va., referred to a Democratic operative in an otherwise supportive crowd by the offensive term."

It's something that could be like that," Huckabee said, "Obviously, that one didn't seem to make a big difference. In fact, if anything it's helped John McCain and I'm kind of hoping the New York Times will take me on and run a nasty front page story -- may be the best thing that could happen to me, certainly was to him."

Huckabee has suggested recently that such a moment could be his ticket to the nomination."

One word can end a guy's political career, one word, and it's over," Huckabee elaborated. "So when people say I can't be the nominee, until we get to the convention in Minneapolis this fall in September, we don't know absolutely, positively who that nominee is."


What. An. Idiot.

I assure Governor Huckabee, while we may not know "absolutely, positively who that nominee is." I know who it will NOT be. It will not be you.

Now It's Ours.

I know! Let's see what Rick is up to. Let's interview with Tim Cocks (now that's an unfortunate name) of Reuters
Outposts help U.S. troops quell Iraq violence
Tue Feb 19, 2008 7:07am EST
By Tim Cocks

On a patch of Iraqi desert flanked by palm trees, U.S. soldiers erect concrete blast walls and saw wooden planks to make cabins. Out front, a gunner tests his mortar launcher, firing a round into an empty field.

The soldiers are building the latest U.S. combat outpost in Iraq, a tactical shift begun a year ago to move troops off their relatively safe, sprawling bases and into small garrisons in and around the country's dangerous neighbourhoods and towns.

The town of Salman Pak, 45 km (25 miles) south of Baghdad, had long been a haven for al Qaeda, whose bombers used it as a springboard to launch car bomb attacks on Baghdad.

But thanks to a combat outpost set up a year ago and then with help from Sunni Arab tribal leaders who turned against the militants, U.S. officers say security in Salman Pak has improved and they want to make sure those gains are not lost.

"Al Qaeda owned this for the past three years. Now it's ours," Major-General Rick Lynch, who commands 20,000 U.S. troops south of Baghdad, told Reuters during a visit to the town.

"The way it's ours is we get this permanent presence here, so they know we're not leaving. We're not going to give this up until Iraqi security forces can ... maintain security."

Read the rest here.

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Can Someone Explain This Jackass To Me?

Mike Suck-A-Bee on SNL being an asshat.

This is supposed to be funny?

Get the FUCK out of the race. You serve no purpose. Get out and GO AWAY. Go back to rehearsing for you community workshop theater performance of "Deliverance".

Semper Fi Act

Senators Introduce Semper Fi Act of 2008
Bill Stops Berkeley Earmarks and Transfers Funds to Marine Corps
February 6, 2008

Washington, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senators James Inhofe (R-Oklahoma), Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina), Saxby Chambliss (R-Georgia), Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-Oklahoma), John Cornyn (R-Texas), and David Vitter (R-Louisiana) introduced the Semper Fi Act of 2008. The bill would rescind over $2 million in hidden earmarks for Berkeley, California in the 2008 Omnibus Appropriations bill, and transfer the funds to the Marine Corps. U.S. Congressman John Campbell (R-California) is introducing a companion bill in the House of Representatives.
Last week, the City Council of Berkeley voted to oust Marine Corps recruiters from their downtown office, saying the Marines were “uninvited and unwelcome intruders.” Berkeley officials also voted to give the radical protest group Code Pink space outside the recruitment office and urged them to “impede, passively or actively” the work of Marine Corps recruiters.

One earmark provides $243,000 in taxpayer dollars for the organization Chez Panisse to create gourmet organic school lunches in the Berkeley School District. Chez Panisse is dedicated to “environmental harmony” and their menu features “Comté cheese soufflé with mâche salad,” “Meyer lemon éclairs with huckleberry coulis,” and “Chicory salad with creamy anchovy vinaigrette and olive toast.”
*********Correction****The $243,000 is designated for the Chez Panisse Foundation not the Chez Panisse Restaurant. Although, the confusion is understandable (to me anyway) since it was the restaurant's owner who established the foundation. However, in the interest of complete accuracy, the money is proposed to go to a 501c3 non-profit organization. I would like to thank Stephen Denney for pointing this out. Although it does not change my mind one bit and I still support the Semper Fi Act. The point is cause pressure to be brought to bear on the Berkeley City Council. While bringing healthier food choices into school lunch programs is a laudable goal, it can wait until the Berkeley City Council pulles it's head out of it's ass. No one is going hungry.

Another earmark would spend $975,000 in taxpayer dollars for the University of California in Berkeley Matsui Center for Politics and Public Service, to create a new endowment and cataloging the papers of Congressman Robert Matsui. U.C. Berkeley currently already has a $3.5 billion endowment. Senator Inhofe: “Unfortunately, those on the Berkeley city council do not seem to understand the sacrifice of the brave men and women of the United States Marine Corps. By interfering with military recruiting, the city of Berkeley is hampering our ability to protect this nation. While the city of Berkeley and the protestors are free to say whatever they like, free speech is not a protection from consequence.”

Senator DeMint: “Berkeley needs to learn that their actions have consequences. Patriotic American taxpayers won’t sit quietly while Berkeley insults our brave Marines and tries to run them out of town. Berkeley City Council members have shown complete ingratitude to our military and their families, and the city doesn’t deserve a single dime of special pet project handouts.”

Senator Cornyn: “The Berkeley City Council insulted our troops and offended people across the country. If the U.S. Marines are not good enough for Berkeley, neither are taxpayer dollars Congress would have sent there this year. That city closed its doors on the same individuals taking bullets on the front lines while fighting for the safety and freedom of families in Berkeley and throughout America.”

Senator Vitter: “The actions of the City Council of Berkeley are in stark contrast to beliefs of the vast majority of Americans who recognize and honor the service and sacrifice of our U.S. Marines. This is simply unacceptable and those funds could be better utilized by the Marine Corps.”

Dr. Coburn: “The actions by the city of Berkeley are deplorable and insulting to those who are serving and those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect the very freedoms that are being exercised to insult them. I know I stand with the majority of Americans in thanking our service men and women for their selfless service to our nation.”

Senator Chambliss: “We need to send a strong message that our military personnel deserve our strongest support. Georgia is a proud military state, and my constituents will be out outraged to know that during a time of war, their taxpayers dollars have been used to reward folks who have insulted and disparaged those who defend this nation every day.”
H/T Bigg Bill aka Bill Steiner, if you aren't on his email list, you want to be. The man has a finger in every pie. The issue closest to his heart of course is the Flight 93 Memorial and making sure it isn't an Islamic memorial.

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Robin Moore, 1925 - 2008

So while I was at work tonight I was listening to "The Green Berets", you know what a John Wayne fan I am. The whole movie is posted at YouTube by The Cobalt Agent (who I love!). The John Wayne character, Col. Mike Kirby is talking to the Col. Frank Morgan character, Bruce Cabot. I wanted to ask SB a question about what they were discussing. I couldn't remember Bruce Cabot's name, so I was Googling "The Green Berets". This news item popped up.

'Green Berets' Author Moore Dies at 82
HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Robin Moore, a nonfiction author best known for writing "The French Connection" and "The Green Berets," has died after a long illness. He was 82.
Moore died Thursday night at a hospital in southwestern Kentucky, said Dennis Monroe with Lamb Funeral Home.
Born Robert L. Moore Jr. on Oct. 31, 1925, in Massachusetts, he wrote several books under the name Robin Moore.
"The French Connection," published in 1969, was about a New York drug bust. It inspired a movie that won five Academy Awards in 1971, including best picture.
"The Green Berets," published in 1965, was made into a movie starring John Wayne in 1968. Moore also co-wrote "The Ballad of the Green Berets," which became the signature song of the Special Forces unit.
Moore spent time in Vietnam with the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) to write the book, and his connection with the Green Berets endured after the book was written. In 2005 he and his wife, Helen, moved to Hopkinsville, which borders Fort Campbell, the sprawling Army post that is headquarters to a Green Beret group.
Maj. Gen. Gary L. Harrell, deputy commander of the Army's Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg, called Moore a "devoted advocate" for the Special Forces and said his writings became textbooks for the Army's unconventional forces.
"They were both educational and inspirational and introduced the world to the Green Berets." Harrell said in a statement posted Friday on an Army Special Forces Web site. "He will be missed."

Read the rest here.

I remember watching this movie many times, especially in the summer time when Red would get us movies for Wednesday night movies in the Coop. He made sure they aired "The Green Berets" at least once every summer. I was such a Wayne fan that I went the to library to find the book. I read "The Green Berets" when I was in high school. At a time when I was far too young to "get it". Such confusion! Especially when Col. Cai's sister-in-law sleeps with the VC guy to distract him for the kidnapping. They described a sexual technique that the this day I don't get.
I'm getting a little blast of Castle readers to this post. Which is grand, thank you John. However, I want to get a few things straight.

I love this movie and John Wayne so don't bother trashing either. I moderate comments and I am not fair or nice.

The sun in the movie is not setting in the East, it is rising, the story is ending in the morning. If you didn't know that, you weren't paying attention to the movie. Not only is the sun rising, it's part of a whole metaphor about a new day and the future and emerging from the darkness.

There are pine trees in Vietnam, here is a picture of Nam Dong. The battle of Nam Dong is the basis for the crucial battle scene in the movie.

Friday, February 22, 2008

You're Welcome

HMS Campbeltown is featured on a little CNN video which you can watch here. The video is titled "Royal Navy resumes patrols" and lasts 2 minutes and 34 seconds. I could not figure out how to download it, so I couldn't embed it here.

The British Royal Navy resumes patrols near Iran with beefed up security and new tactics to protect crews. From ITN.

CNN's story (via ITN) is about the HMS Campbelltown, presently in the Gulf. Campbeltown is boarding vessels in that part of the Gulf near Iran where the HMS Cornwall's sailors were scooped up last year by the IRGC. The interviewer talks to a Royal Navy Captain who says they want to put it behind them and things are different now.

Why are things different?

How did they beef up security?

What new tactics protect the crews?

Why are these British Sailors and Marines safer?

Well watch the video and see who pops up at 1:25.

Princess Crabby smiles benevolently from BOSTON and says "You're Welcome!" Nothing says "I love an IBU!"

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bravo Zulu, USS Lake Erie

Congratulations to the men and women of the USS Lake Erie CG 70.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

When I Think Of Everything I Have To Read

I get a headache. There is no way I could ever catch up on everything I already have in the house, nevermind add new stuff. Everything I read leads to more shit I have to read. Today, following links from The Castle, I went over to the Cannoneer, love his Decatur/Navy motif. Anyway, I follow more links and realize there are two more blogs I should be trying to fit in and a bunch of books. Oh, the pain! LOL One of these blogs has a caption contest that had me laughing out loud.

I keep swearing that when I go to Vegas next month there will be no serious reading. As I said before I seriously need to reset the reading meter in my head. I have promised myself there will be nothing but Stephen King and Cosmo. But......I have so much stuff to read and I'll be out there by the pool with all that down time.

February 20, 1938

20 February 1938
Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden resigns over the 'appeasement' of Italy. With overt militarism on the rise across Europe, Britain persisted with its policy of 'appeasement' - making concessions to avoid provoking a wider scale war. Notably, Britain had not intervened in the brutal Spanish Civil War in order to avoid antagonising Italy. The decision of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain to recognise the king of Italy as emperor of Ethiopia following the Italians' unprovoked invasion was a concession too far for Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden, who resigned.

From his speech to the House of Commons detailing his resignation from the government as Foreign Secretary on February 21, 1938.

I do not believe that we can make progress in European appeasement if we allow the impression to gain currency abroad that we yield to constant pressure. I am certain in my own mind that progress depends above all on the temper of the nation, and that temper must find expression in a firm spirit. This spirit I am confident is there. Not to give voice it is I believe fair neither to this country nor to the world.

Sure he wasn't Winston Churchill. Sure he went along with Chamberlain for a while. But then he snapped out of it and did the right thing. This would be something for Great Britain's current leaders to read aloud to themselves, with a little something added by Maggie......"if we allow the impression to gain currency abroad (and at home) that we yield to constant pressure." .

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Email From Kathy

I am passing this on to you because it definitely works, and we could all use a little more calmness in our lives. By following simple advice heard on the Dr. Phil show, you too can find inner peace. Dr Phil proclaimed, "The way to achieve inner peace is to finish all the things you have started and have never finished."

So, I looked around my house to see all the things I started and hadn't finished, and before leaving the house this morning, I finished off a bottle of White Zinfandel, a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream, a package of Oreos, the remainder of my old Prozac prescription, the rest of the cheesecake, some Doritos, and a box of chocolates!

You have no idea how freaking good I feel right now.
Pass this on to those whom you think might be in need of inner peace.

February 19, 1945

Castro Retires - AMF

Fidel Castro retires
By Anthony Boadle
Reuters Tuesday, February 19, 2008; 7:48 AM
HAVANA (Reuters) - Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro said on Tuesday that he will not return to lead the communist country, retiring as president 49 years after he seized power in a revolution and became a central figure of the Cold War.

Read the rest here.......wish it was "Castro dies", but I'll take what I can get.

Monday, February 18, 2008

I've Been Waiting FOREVER!

John Adams - the HBO Miniseries. Finally! Adams is my favorite president. I loved McCullough's book. People started talking about it over a year ago. The wait has been excrutiating. Can't say I was thrilled with the casting. After all, William Daniels IS John Adams. Plus Laura Linney sucked in "Mystic River". However, I want to watch so bad, I will overlook these casting mistakes. Tom Hanks isn't infallible!
March 16th.

So I Ask Jennifer.....

......"Is there even the most remote, most minute chance that if I tell you SB is a jackass you'll at least hear me out?"

"No, it's done. It's over. Move on."

Never mind that I am the aggrieved party. Never mind that she is my sister. My blood, as SB likes to point out. Doesn't matter what it is, she can't even listen to my story.

Well that's why I have this blog.

As I wrote previously, I had my first free and open phone call with SB in four months on Valentine's Day. It was perfect and I loved it. However, as regular readers know.....Princess Crabby is greedy. I have been eagerly awaiting my next one. SB mentioned my Sunday afternoon, but we were having a birthday party at Grace's (which was great, thanks Grace!). So we settled on having me wake him in his Monday morning (my Sunday night). I asked him to leave me a message before he went to bed so I would know what time.

Seems like a simple enough mission, right? The Navy should be able to focus on this task, right?
Wrong. I pop out and there's a message alright, just nothing about what time I should call.

SB: Thank you. Just checking in on my way to bed. FN long day. Exhausted and have another early start tomorrow

My response? I am looking at this message and thinking "Is he doing this on purpose? Is he trying to make me absolutely crazy? Does he understand that I have been nearly vibrating with excitement at the prospect of waking him? That all he had to do was leave a time. Just checked my email.....nothing there either. I just hope you realize what you are putting your BFF through. I am on my way to meet her for pedicures. We just spent the afternoon at Grace's for the family party. Now I am going to drive her bonkers all evening with "should I call", "should I wait", "should I chance it at 0600" , "what about later", "what about earlier". I will be stepping on her last nerve and all because you couldn't stay focused and accomplish the mission.

So, I didn't call at all and Jennifer wouldn't let me whine and moan. I can't stomp my foot until the physical therapist is finished fixing it.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Has Britain become soft on terror?

Interesting article. I've met Professor Prins, he is absolutely delightful and very intelligent.

Has Britain become soft on terror?
As home-grown terrorists are aquitted, a new report says a lack of national identity has made us vulnerable
Richard Woods and David Leppard

In late February 2006 Mohammed Irfan Raja, a 17-year-old schoolboy from Ilford, east London, packed a bag and left home, apparently bent on pursuing Islamist terrorism. On his computer was a martyrdom song and under his mattress a letter he had left for his parents.
It said he was going to fight abroad and promised: “We will meet in the garden of paradise.” It added: “PS. Just in case you think I am going to [do] something in this country, you can rest easy that I am not.”
In fact Raja headed not abroad but to Bradford, where he met other British Muslims who had been downloading extremist material about suicide attacks and bomb-making. Raja stayed with his new-found friends for three days.
A few weeks later, another group of British citizens began meeting in private, talking about jihad and discussing radical ideas. They were a rather different bunch, though not without military expertise. They included Field Marshal the Lord Inge, Lord Salisbury, scion of the noble political family, General Sir Rupert Smith and Gwyn Prins, a historian.
Last week these diverse faces of modern Britain collided with explosive force. First, Raja and four of his associates were acquitted by the Court of Appeal of terrorist offences, despite the horrible nature of the material they had viewed and downloaded, which included graphic images of US troops being killed in Iraq.
The judgment appeared to be a severe blow to Britain’s fight against terror, blasting a hole in laws intended to nip attacks in the bud.
Two days later Prins and Salisbury let loose a cri de coeur entitled Risk, Threat and Security, which was the fruit of their group’s discussions. The report, published through the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) think tank, declared Britain’s security to be at risk and its vulnerability to be down to a “loss of confidence in our own identity, values, constitution and institutions”.

Reag the rest here.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Maggie In The Bushes

No, not that! Get you mind out of the gutter!

This morning when I was already running late and had more errands than usual to run, with no time for side trips.......of course, something came up.

As I passed the war memorial near the highway I saw the rope for the American flag had snapped. The flag was caught in tall bushes. I pulled over and spent the next 20 minutes alternately trying to get the wind to carry the flag within my reach and climbing in the bushes to try to snag an end. I took off my bulky coat, after all it's in the 40s....a balmy late winter day. I called the highway department to see if I could get an assist. The woman promised help, but couldn't say when. The forsythia and evergreens and I think a small maple pulled my hair and blouse. Back out and more wiggling to loosen the top rope.

Finally success! I had it. It didn't hit the ground.

I was walking back to my car, winding up the rope, when the guys from the highway department showed up.

When I got into the office, the girls had a laugh. I looked like who did it and ran.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Wasn't The Only One Getting Presents Today

My friend, Bob Cerasoli got one in the Washington Post this morning.

What's New in New Orleans
By Robert D. Novak
Thursday, February 14, 2008; Page A25
NEW ORLEANS -- The imposing presence of Robert A. Cerasoli as the city's first inspector general is the clearest sign that the changes Hurricane Katrina wrought on New Orleans in 2005 were not limited to physical devastation. By declaring war on municipal corruption, Cerasoli has signaled that life in the Big Easy no longer will be so easy.

Read the whole article here.

Nothing like a well-deserved pat on the back! Keep up the good work, Bob! Happy Pitcher's & Catcher's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!

I just received the most wonderful Valentine's Day present eva!!!!

After 4 months of a handful of short, carefully worded conversations on monitored lines.

After 4 months of saying "Hi, you know........" and having him answer "Yeah, I know........"

After 4 months of saying "I was thinking......." and having him answer "Me too......"

Today I got a most glorious litany of all the things that he wants to do to me when he gets his hands on me.....31 whole minutes......topped off with the most deliciously growled "Maggie......."

Yeah, baby! SB makes me crazy and the best part is, I make him crazy!

Of course he couldn't help himself, he had to tease first. He popped up on IM and made me beg for the phone number. He pretended he didn't know what I wanted or why. Bastid!

Congratulations on Making It Out of Oslo

Happy Pitchers/Catcher's Report Day!

Pitchers, catchers set to arrive
Posted by Amalie Benjamin,
Globe Staff February 14, 2008 10:33 AM

It's a glorious day down here in Fort Myers. The sun is shining, the birds are singing (I assume, I haven't heard any yet), and pitchers and catchers report today. What could be better?
Oh, it's Valentine's Day. (A very happy one to all of you out there reading.)
Jonathan Papelbon just spoke, anointing the Red Sox as the team to beat. He sat on the green steps outside the Red Sox locker room and addressed the media, wearing a T-shirt and sweats, and sporting some stubble. We'll be back to you in just a few minutes with some pearls of wisdom from the Sox closer.
But speaking of Valentine's Day, a group of baseball writers, myself included, were out last night having dinner. We were deciding on orders, when our waitress asked if we were ready for the big day tomorrow.
Our reaction? Wow. How did she know that pitchers and catchers report tomorrow? Must be a big baseball fan.
Oh, wait. She might have meant Valentine's Day.
That's right. Your intrepid reporters have a one-track mind at this time of year. It's all baseball, all the time. And all blogging, all the time. We aim to please.

On a sad note Boston radio personality Jess Cain passed away. He wrote the "Yaz Song".

Incredibly, I Was Still Late

Last night we had plans to celebrate my mother's 70th birthday. My father told her that it would be just her children but he had actually invited her brothers and their spouses as well. I make every effort to be punctual for my father. It matters to him, so it matters to me.

I scheduled my hair appointment for 2 pm. After all when I leave Utopia Place, it's the best I'm going to look all month. I was early for that appointment and had a relaxing time, drinking tea and reading "The Pentagon's New Map".

I left and popped into my usual place for a manicure at 4:15. Then it was back to work to check for word from SB at 5:15. The plan was to be in the parking lot of Jen's work at 6:30 pm in order to be at Venezia by 7.

So far, so good.

Then I see the email from Jen. I have to go to her house to get the camera. OK, I am running early enough. Then Frankie calls, he is in Abington and lost, am I on a computer? We get Frank settled. I drive to Jen's, very slow going in the rain. Then I go to Jen's work. We drive as quickly as the weather will allow.

We get to Venezia - last - at 7:25.

It's just not fair.

However, it was a fabulous night. My mother was very happy with the surprise appearance of the brothers and sisters-in-law.

My mother's brother Frank (yes, not just my son, not just my father, not just my brother, not just my nephew.........also my uncle, his son and his grandson) who turned 70 a few years ago was teasing my mother. How could she be 70? He was not that old? Then he turned serious for a moment and said "You know, we are very lucky." Everyone yelled that he was jinxing them. But I said "He's right. We aren't just lucky because of your age. We're lucky to have this and each other."

We are very lucky.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hezbollah: Top U.S. Target Killed

To quote the Ogre - AMF!

Hezbollah: Top U.S. Target Killed
Imad Mughniyeh, a senior but shadowy Hezbollah commander accused by the United States and Israel of masterminding suicide bombings, hijackings and hostage-takings that spanned 25 years, was killed by a car bomb in the Syrian capital of Damascus, the Shiite Muslim group and other officials said Wednesday.
Although Hezbollah has always denied a role, the United States accused him of orchestrating two bombings of the U.S. Embassy in Beirut -- in 1983 and 1984 -- killing 72 people. Among the victims was Robert Ames, then the CIA's top Middle East expert. Even more devastating were the suicide truck bombings organized against U.S. Marines and French paratroopers in Beirut in October 1983. Together, those attacks killed 300 people.
Good news to start the day off with! Sure it took twenty five years, but better late than never! I'm only sorry it wasn't a Marine who dispatched you to your fiery death. Since I can't have my first wish.....I hope it was an Israeli who blew your sorry ass to hell. I hope it wasn't an instantaneous death. I hope it hurt. I hope it was excrutiating. I know you are suffering even more in hell, right now........but I hope your last moments were an absolute horror. You can't suffer enough to suit me.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Did You Ever Watch...... one of those kinetic glass marble mazes. They are fascinating to watch....that's how I feel about Springboarder's mind. I love watching those marbles roll along those smooth tracks making their connections.

Go read this:
Disabled LNG Tanker Update: Lookout Boston!

".....two of the three tugs currently on site of the disabled LNG tanker Catalunya Spirit, are owned by New York Yankees boss George Steinbrenner."

"(Look, burning Boston to the ground is about the only way the Yankees are going to be able to beat Boston this year.,..and given that Yankees pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training in two days, they've got just enough time on their hands to do know...for the team...)"

If it blows, that smart-ass Galrahn wants pictures........I'll give you pictures!
Here he is in the comments, causing trouble like Sailors do:

Galrahn said...
sending me pictures would be dangerous hun, although they might boost morale.
Just earning my new nickname. :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Well Said!

"My opinion is, if the death of 3,000 people isn’t sufficient for a death penalty in this country then why do we even have the death penalty?"

Deborah Burlingame, whose brother died in the Sept. 11 terror attacks, on the government’s decision to seek capital punishment against six Guantánamo Bay detainees.

GOP Valentine

From the RNC. In case you needed a reason to pull your head out of your ass and vote for my bad boyfrind.

Why sitting out the fall election is a very bad idea

Recently, al-Qaeda terrorist, Abu Maysara, a senior adviser to Abu Ayyoub al-Masri was killed and his translated diary reveals profound al-Qaeda depression at its dramatic recent battlefield defeats, and the loss of the hearts and minds of Iraqis to their Americans and Iraqi allies. Nonetheless, Speaker Pelosi now assures us of the surge that ""There haven't been gains ...The gains have not produced the desired effect... This is a failure. This is a failure."

Victor Davis Hanson @ The Corner online

Sunday, February 10, 2008

"Grace Is Gone" gone

Have I ever told you......I always have a plan? Really, I do.

Sometime just after Thanksgiving my mother mentioned that she wanted to go see the new John Cusack movie, something with "Grace" in the title. This was a bit unusual. My father is the cinephile, not my mother. So we noted that and said as soon as we saw it out in theaters, we'd take her. At subsequent get-togethers she would mention it. We would discuss it, but no one else was seeing previews anywhere and we thought it wasn't yet released. She mentioned something about Kenmore Square and we all groaned. An artsy film? Those can be dicey. We all had our individual horror stories. None of us wanted to risk taking our mother to a movie like when Jen took Jim to "My Own Private Idaho" or when I took Mike to "The Rapture". My father corrected her and said Kendall Square Cinema. Not much better....... Finally, last Sunday I looked it up on line and saw that it was indeed out and at the Kendall Square Cinema. Showtimes were 3 pm and 7 pm.
I asked Jen, "7 pm Thursday or 3 pm Sunday?" Sunday.
I called my mother and told her "Next Sunday 3 pm, "Grace Is Gone". OK
I call Grace, "Mark it on the calendar, tell the girls."

I'm all set, right?

Today, I pop up to teach CCD. I have brunch at Laurel. Get over to Charlestown ahead of the 2 pm scheduled meeting time.

I'm all set......right?

Our goddaughters have snacks packed, Jen and Grace are also on time. My mother seems to have forgotten, but there is plenty of time to get ready. I tell her that I did inform her of this plan. She scolds me and says in an exasperated tone "That was a week ago!" My father turns his palms up and says no one told him. He was making Sunday dinner. I am upsetting the apple cart.......there are five of us taking her to the movie....but *I* am upsetting the apple cart. She asked to be taken to the movie......but *I* am upsetting the apple cart. She gets ready & we are out the door. There was some last minute direction from my father, none of us has been in Kendall Square in nearly ten years.

I'm all set.......right?

We miss it on the first two go arounds and finally we call, get the street address (1 Kendall Square, that was hard to come up with) program Jen's GPS and finally, we are there. Still plenty of time, we are all in the lobby.

I'm all set.............right?

Maggie: "Six for 'Grace Is Gone', please."

Cinema employee: "Oh, 'Grace Is Gone', gone."

Grace: "Good job, Maggie."

Jen: "Yeah, good job."

The movie had been there since DECEMBER! It ended it's run Thursday.

We conference. We go back to the parking garage. We pay more for parking 15 minutes than if we had watched a two hour movie and had our tickets validated. We drive to Revere. All cell phones are going; conferencing between the two vehicles and calling the Revere Cinema for movie times. We settle on "The Bucket List". We arrive in time, get in our seats....the screen is FUBAR. Everyone looks like a reflection in a funhouse mirror. We keep waiting for the employees to notice and fix it. Preview, preview, preview.......main attraction. No fix. I go out to the lobby, summon an employee, go back.......wait.......the screen goes black, the pic is rectified, but not restarted. The movie was good, we all liked it. As I left, I stopped at the desk to register dissatifaction. The girl said "Well you didn't miss anything." Yes I replied we missed the first five minutes of the movie. "No, when they fix those problems, they restart the movie." No, I told her they didn't. She sighed and called for complimentary tickets. What do I care if she sighs? $7.75 per ticket on a Sunday afternoon, I want the whole damn movie. So I made her sigh again by handing her the receipt for six tickets. I walk over to the others. My mother asked "Were you complaining?" as though that were bad manners. I laughed and held up six tickets. "They probably have a file on you!" She was referring to another movie we saw in the same cinema, "Mystic River" where they cut off the ending and I got replacement tickets for that. I point out it is dwarfed by my FBI file, which my mother is sure I have with all my subversive blogging and the lectures I attend. Jen says, "Yeah, that one's like the Pensky file."

I Despair

What in Hell goes on in Kansas and Louisiana?

The majority of voters in those states voted for a man who said:
"But I believe it's a lot easier to change the Constitution than it would be to change the word of the living god. And that's what we need to do -- to amend the Constitution so it's in God's standards rather than try to change God's standards so it lines up with some contemporary view."

Before you say "Oh Maggie! You would say anything to help your bad boyfriend!" the clip below.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Thank You, Clint Eastwood!

I am off the hot seat! I am out of the doghouse!

Eastwood had this to say about the nomination of McCain, which was propelled today by the withdrawal of Mitt Romney: "If that’s the way it’s supposed to go then that’s the way it’s supposed to go. I like John McCain, personally, very much.”

How can I be in trouble if you support my bad boyfriend?

I can't be.

Jennifer has loved you since she was born. I am all set now.


Unbelievable video! Sherri found it. Tell me again why she doesn't blog?

It's Truck Day!

It's not exactly Groundhog Day, but it's as much a sign that spring is around the corner in New England as any shadow-seeking critter. That's right, Sox fans, Truck Day is here!
Happy days, huh Southie?

Friday, February 08, 2008

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Well, this is the best day.....

in the last 37 for the PCSIP.........

Up at 0745; shower, dishes, laundry

In work and up & running by 0945.

Leave work after more than ten productive hours to head for the gym for two hours.

Avoided impulse buys in the supermarket because I was afraid my arms would break.

Bought fish so I am ready for tomorrow.

Off to bed, if I can make it that far.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Why Can't I Be Here?

You know my friend Admiral Keating is there.............he probably misses me, don't you think Steve? Steve really likes him too.
How much fun would this thing be for me???????


SB made a special request and I got the items as quickly as I could. They came in last Tuesday and Rachael mailed them for me on Thursday. He should get this package today by my calculations.

However, when he opens one of the two packages he will be perplexed. On the same day I received his two boxes, I got something I ordered for a customer.

Yes I mailed SB something every Sailor in the desert wants.....trach brushes and hospital, non-skid sock/slippers.

I went to open the Invacare order and wondered why it was so heavy and rattling.

I am a jackass.

Ash Wednesday

For the second morning in a row, I got up at 0500 hours (ok well, closer to 0530 since I hit the snooze alarm at least twice, if not three times). Cripes! It hurts! LOL I tried to creep through the house in the dark so as not to wake anyone else and have the bruise on my left thigh to prove it. I wanted to leave by 0600 and it was pretty close. Heavy traffic on the Artery that cleared after the Pike/Airport people exited made for some anxiety. However, I think if God knows you are headed to Mass he makes some things break your way. Indeed, I walked in with two minutes to spare. On time is all that matters, not how close it is. My childhood friend Kathy came in with her son and sat beside me. The bells chimed and Father Mahoney came out to the altar. Kathy elbowed me with a smirk. The picture was complete.

My forehead is dirty.

I made it to my car by 0757 and did NOT get a ticket from the metermaid (permit only parking 8 am to 8 pm on Bunker)

I have tuna for lunch.

I made it to the dump on my way to work and cleared out the car.

I made my mortgage payment over the phone (yes I was late, I'm late for everything but SB and Mass).

I made it to work by 0900.

I have an appointment this evening to see the PT to be evaluated for my achilles tendonitis.

Life is good.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Tuesday

Massachusetts is having their presidential primary tomorrow. I am appointed by my town as an election official. I have to be up at the polls by 0600.....ready to open the polls at 0700.......

I expect it to be quite the day! There have been a few small rules changes/clarifications and by the end of the day a whole new group of people will hate me.

TTFN............miss me!

SB's Superbowl AAR

Maggie: How are you?

SB: No big deal. It was a game and now it's time to move forward.........besides, pitchers and catchers report in 10 days!

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Saturday, February 02, 2008

Stealing Stuff From BlackFive

Where Do I Get My Card?

Shouldn't I have one, so I can say that I am card-carrying member of the right-wing blogosphere?

I was over at BlackFive, looking for trouble....and found this.
3 war opponents chain selves to door of recruiting station, and right-wing blogosphere goes ballistic
As the right-wing blogosphere railed and a U.S. senator vowed financial retaliation against the Berkeley City Council for its effort to boot the Marine Corps out of town, three war protesters ratcheted up pressure from the left by chaining themselves Friday to the front door of the downtown Marine recruiting office.

You must follow the link and see the pics.

Quote of the Day

My friend Gary..............
I never ever want to see a Sailor or Marine in a fair fight. I always want them to have the advantage.”

The above is from a very interesting article "U.S. Navy Demonstrates World's Most Powerful Electromagnetic Railgun at 10 MJ"

I Hope Congressman Mica Keeps On This

Airport found legitimate in troop treatment
January 31, 2008
By Audrey Hudson
The Oakland International Airport did not break any laws or regulations when it denied 200 Marines and soldiers access to the passenger terminal during a layover last year from Iraq to the troops' home base in Hawaii, the Transportation Department says. Calvin L. Scovell III, the department's inspector general, blamed the mix-up on security concerns and a communication failure between the Defense Department and the Homeland Security Department. The contract to allow military layovers at the California airport "did not require that military personnel have access to the airport terminal; it only required that military personnel be allowed to deplane and stretch their legs on stops lasting over one hour," said a report released yesterday to House lawmakers who requested an investigation into the matter. The Sept. 27 layover was the last stop for fuel and food, but the troops, who were returning from a tour in Iraq, were denied access to food and bathroom facilities.
(cut for space - read whole article here)
Mr. Mica said he and Rep. Tom Petri, Wisconsin Republican and ranking member of the Transportation and Infrastructure subcommittee on aviation, will follow up on the inspector general's report. "The shocking thing is that there is no protocol for handling our returning troops, and at Oakland they got a very rude welcome," Mr. Mica said. "We just need to get some regular order of the process so we don't have a recurrence of what we saw happen here."

Read the whole article here.

I hope the Congressmen, Mica and Petri keep on this.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Yeah, It Does!

Star Jones writes at Huffington on Wednesday the 30th.

What Goes Around Comes Around
There's an old Indian proverb that I haven't used in a while... because quite frankly it sounds pretty cruel...but it makes the point: "I sit by the bank of the river and wait for the body of my enemy to float by." Basically what it means is...all you have to do is be patient...because people who put out the end always will get bitten right on their own behinds.
Look at now ex-presidential candidate, Rudy Giuliani. Today he bowed out of the race. And I say...better late than never. It's pretty clear to me that Rudy ran a campaign built upon arrogance and smoke and mirrors, and the voters quickly found out that the image of "the nation's mayor" didn't match the reality of the man himself.

There is more of this screed............................

But, you know, the title is correct isn't it Star?

Verdict swift for Star Jones' TruTV show
NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - TruTV has canceled Star Jones Reynolds' legal-focused talk show after a six-month run.
The last episode of the show, which aired at 3 p.m. weekdays, will be Friday (February 1). "Arrest & Trial" will run in that slot.

How's that feel Star? Cause I bet my friend, Rudy, to the extent which he gives you any thought at enjoying watching your body float by..............................

Now I Understand

How some people crack under the pressure of certain interrogation techniques. Last night I was subjected to sleep deprivation and I came close to cracking.

Yesterday I got up early, did laundry, dishes, got into work, spent nine hours there, went to an election (DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON THAT!!!) and then dinner with Jen & Ed. I wanted to be home by 11. I had a full day. I wanted to get to sleep at a reasonable hour. I wanted to be in good shape to repeat my productive day on Friday.

But no. Ed & Jen kept me out until 1 am. Fine, it's not too bad. I got in the house, it was empty. Good. Threw in a load of laundry. Good. Went into the bathroom and washed my face and brushed my teeth. Good. Just needed to dash off a quick email to SB and then off to bed. All good, right?


First Tom comes in. He works odd hours and we don't see much of each other. So he thought this was a good time to talk. OK

Then in comes Frank. He directs his friends to the back porch and joins in the conversation with Tom and I.

They decide this is a good time to talk to me about holding grudges. I can, they can't. I am endlessly frustrated with them. I tell them it is defective genes from their father's side. I tell them I love them anyway.

They are pleading the case of a young man I will not speak to. The boy in question has literally known my family his whole life. He lived across the street more than half his life. He was Tommy and Frankie's friend. One day while I was at work, Tom was away at college and Frank was at another friend's house, my ex caught this boy trying to steal Frank's Play Station. After John and I divorced he rented a house on the same street to be close to the boys. People thought it was strange, but we get along really well. When things at my ex's house got too chaotic, he would slip down to my house and catch his breath (yeah, I know it's weird). On this day, John walked into the house just as this boy was coming to the door, but bending down as thought he were tying his shoe lace. John asked what he was doing in the house, he said he was waiting for Frank. John spoke firmly to him that if we weren't home, he shouldn't be in the house. Yeah, I know, but it was that kind of house, people came and went.....Frank was very popular, there were and still are constant visitors. The boy got in his car and left. John went into my room and called me at work. I was ballistic! I knew this kid had been getting into trouble everywhere and I wasn't crazy about him being in my house at al, let alone, by himself! We hung up and John settled in to read and make a few phone calls.....enjoy his downtime. My house was his rec room or study, if you will, lol! After about a half hour, he is refreshed and recharged and ready to head back up the street. As he walk to the front door, he sees this kid coming back and preparing to walk right through the front door. John stops and watches as he indeed comes right back through, no knocking. John says "Hey!" The boy looks stammers that he was just checking to see if Frank is back, yada, yada. John tells him very sternly to NEVER come into the house without knocking and being admitted. the boy apologized and left. Then John looked down. There, beside the door, and the floor, was Frankie's Play Station. When John saw him bending down that first time, he was hiding that Play Station by the door so he could come back later. The boy drove around until he thought John was gone and came back to retrieve the Play Station.

That's not a bad impulse. That's not an error in judgement. So no, there will be no forgiveness.

We went around and around. It was so late. I was so tired. I almost cracked.

What saved me? Well I don't go into these things unarmed! I whipped out my "I am your mother and you should not question me!"

Thankfully, I escaped to bed, my grudges intact. Now, I'm exhausted.