Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stealing Some Laptop Time To Tell You....

.....my laptop is fixed!!!!  Don't tell my Dad I have his laptop.

I still have to get it back, but Steve, our computer guru has it running.

I am so happy.  I could only be happier if the Navy were coming to visit me...oh wait!

They are!  Friday night is the Sunset Parade, hosted by USS Constitution.  Come join us.

I will be down the Navy Yard to welcome the USS Gravely (DD 107); the USS Wasp (LHD 1) and all the others!

Ship Visit schedule here.


Charity said...

Wish we could visit! BJ did his disassociated sea tour on Wasp. :)

Middleboro Jones said...

Howdy from Kandahar !

Hope you are feeling better.....I would LOVE to be there for Navy week but I have taken on a new gig here in the Sandbox (again) as it was time to get off the bench...

Hope all goes well - I was a crew member for the 1997 Undersail Operation and it was a blast....got to be there for the 1998 close out of the BiCentenial Year too...

All my best to you and all back there in Boston.