Monday, March 31, 2008

Tim Blair

So, el Cid of Tizona's Weblog pointed me toward Tim Blair today. Right on the first page, six posts down from the top......I fell in love! Currently, comments registration is closed so I couldn't tell him there, but I can tell him here, lol.

What has my heart aflutter? Why, it's a good story about my bad boyfriend! It was in a funny post.

If you follow the link in the post it takes you to this story by Dean Barnett.

The sloppy hackery of the left.
by Dean Barnett
03/29/2008 12:00:00 AM
LAST THURSDAY, A controversy erupted in the blogosphere. Like most controversies that start in the blogosphere and die there as opposed to gaining a second and more meaningful life in the mainstream media, the entire affair was a tempest in a virtual teapot. But this incident was a particularly pregnant one, as it revealed the difficulties the left will have in developing a coherent attack against John McCain. It also highlighted Barack Obama's most significant weakness in a match against Senator McCain.
In a campaign address to the Los Angeles World Council, McCain made a point of stressing his hatred for war:
I detest war. It might not be the worst thing to befall human beings, but it is
wretched beyond all description. When nations seek to resolve their differences
by force of arms, a million tragedies ensue. The lives of a nation's finest
patriots are sacrificed. Innocent people suffer and die. Commerce is disrupted;
economies are damaged; strategic interests shielded by years of patient
statecraft are endangered as the exigencies of war and diplomacy conflict. Not
the valor with which it is fought nor the nobility of the cause it serves, can
glorify war. Whatever gains are secured, it is loss the veteran remembers most
The statement is eloquent and powerful, but given the speaker, unremarkable. There are few people in America who can speak so personally to their dislike for war than a fellow who spent a half decade in the Hanoi Hilton. If there's anyone in this presidential race who has cause for hating war, it's obviously John McCain. Compared to McCain's personal experience, Barack Obama's exposure to war is a mere intellectual construct. Even Hillary Clinton, the Lioness of Tuzla, can't compete with McCain in this area.
For reasons that still mystify, men of the left decided that McCain's denunciation of war represented a soft spot. The bumbling gumshoes at the lefty website Think Progress got busy investigating McCain's speech and discovered that Rear Admiral Timothy Ziemer had given a speech featuring remarkably similar language in 1996. "Plagiarism!" the left wing blogosphere cried, nearly in unison.

I don't need to read the rest to know this is untterly ridiculous, but here's the actual truth.

Without leaving you in any further suspense as to how the brouhaha ended, suffice to say McCain's critics beclowned themselves in the extreme. Turns out Admiral Ziemer's 1996 speech borrowed from a speech that McCain gave in 1995. The fact that the McCain campaign had posted the 1995 speech on its website should compound his critics' embarrassment. The additional fact that no one at Think Progress contacted the McCain campaign or even checked the Senator's website before charging "Plagiarism!" will likely cause professional writers to think twice before citing a Think Progress report in the future.

Jesus wept!

What ASSHAT thinks that John McCain needs crib notes to speak about war?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Deepest Condolences....

.....Mr. and Mrs. Maupin, on the loss of your son, Matthew.

My Sunday

I set the alarm for 0615....I finally got out of bed at 0730. For those of you keeping score, that means I hit the snooze button 8 times. LOL But after a quick shower I made it up to Charlestown with 10 minutes to spare! In those 10 minutes, I sat and let myself feel the peaceful feeling that almost always envelopes me when I am in St. Francis. This was my view from my pew.
I know they are blurry, but you know I have that tremor and that's the best I can get.
I waited until almost everyone had cleared out of Church and the altar servers were straightening things up for the 11:30. Then I went over to the Convent to teach my CCD class. There are no nuns anymore, so the Convent has been converted for the use of CCD.
Next I popped down to my parent's house. I flew in the back door, starving!!! I said to my father, "Please make me eggs!" My father is so patient and careful, his eggs are always perfect, never runny, never overdone. Yummmmm. I read the whole of the Boston Herald and hung out with my parents until everyone else showed.
Grace wanted a boiled dinner for her birthday. Cabbage.......yuck!! But it wasn't my birthday.
I resisted the cake and the ice cream. I have no idea how, lol! It looked really good.
We had lots of laughs and tried to make my brother Frankie feel bad about missing Las Vegas, but that isn't possible. We made plans for Frankie (my brother as opposed to my son, or nephew or uncle or cousin.....oh well you get the idea) and my Dad to come down and drywall my room in a few weeks. I can't wait, I am so excited!
A really good day. I am very lucky.

One Last Birthday Present!

Frankie called (I'm in the office) and asked if I could zip home.

When I pulled up I was astonished. They cleaned the whole yard. It took four of them all day. They burned the brush pile!!!!!

When I saw the fire smouldering, I couldn't help it.....the mother voice kicked in, "Please tell me you spoke with the Fire Department." Yes they assured me.

Then I noticed how small the pile was and I said "Frankie, when I talked to you earlier you said you overslept and didn't burn." His proud reply? "I lied!"

LOL Thanks boys.



Tuesday, April 1, 2008

9 P.M. (check local listings)

In June 2007, as the American military surge reached its peak, a band of National Guard infantrymen who call themselves "The Bad Voodoo Platoon" was deployed to Iraq. To capture a vivid, first-person account of the new realities of war in Iraq for FRONTLINE and ITVS, director Deborah Scranton (The War Tapes) created a "virtual embed" with the platoon, supplying camer as to the soldiers so they could record and tell the story of their war. The film intimately tracks the veteran soldiers of "Bad Voodoo" through the daily grind of their perilous mission, dodging deadly IEDs, grappling with the political complexities of dealing with Iraqi security forces, and battling their fatigue and their fears.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Destroyermen

A new Navy blog!!!! How pleased is the Princess? You know, my favorite, favorite, favorite Navy man was a TinCan sailor.

The Destroyermen
Life Aboard United States Ship RUSSELL (DDG 59), Through the Eyes of its Crew.

Bravo Zulu, XO. If I knew how to blogroll, I'd add you.

How Much Do I Love Uncle J!!!!!!

The closest the VFF National Heroes Tour will get to me is New York City. This Red Sox fan is actually contemplating venturing into the land of the Yankees to see them. Not sure that the budget and circumstances will allow this trip. But here's the real question:

Jim? If I travel 400 miles for there a pub crawl?

Is It Just Me?

***UPDATE - Sunday afternoon. I was telling my sisters about my Saturday morning and basically relaying this post. When I get to this line"Yes, but I have questions and I'll wait my fuckin' turn!", I dropped my voice low and subsituted "F". My mother, who I did not think was listening said "Did you write that in the blog!?" Then I got the "disappointed" look. It stings*******

I got up this morning and had some errands to run. So, the first "hmm" was at the top of the lane where the side exiting onto the main road widens so the "left-hand-turn" people can move over and ....GET OUT OF MY WAY. Car in front of me is solidly in the middle. No problem, the sidewalk doesn't have a true curb and I pass them on the right anyway. Next, as I passed over the highway I watch a truck run the red arrow light and cause the southbound car to brake. Interesting. Next, a big SUV is inching into traffic to take a left from a restaurant parking lot on my right. The problem? She has a red light. Needless to say, she doesn't get in front of me. Yes, yes, I know, aggressive driving is bad, whatever. You can't be surprised the I am an aggressive drive, can you?

Anyway, so I get to the strip mall that is my first destination. It's a right turn for me and there is a vehicle waiting to turn left into the same mall. I slow, my signal on (I am aggressive, but my car has turn signals and I use them, properly I might add, ahead of my turn by 100 feet, not as I turn). Does he turn? No. I slow more and give the wave. Does he turn? No. I flash my lights. Does he turn? No.....fuck 'em. I turn and leave him waiting. Once in the strip mall I drive down to the dry cleaners. I park in the area literally marked "service area". It is two spots in front of the building. I get out and walk around the SUV parked in front of the door in the fire lane. As the young lady is making my pick up slip for the new red silk blouse I am dropping off for comes Mr. SUV. He does not wait behind me, he moves up beside me to the opening in the counter for big bags. "Just dropping off?" the clerk chirps. "Yes...." and then launches into a conversation. Hey, asshat....she's waiting on me. "Just drop off?" should be answered with "Yes" and you leave or "Yes, but I have questions and I'll wait my fuckin' turn!" But he keeps talking, mostly nonsense about stains in his jacket and how much this will cost and she prints my slip. I turn to leave and he moves to leave ahead of me. He holds the door but then stands in my way. I have to walk around him so that I may walk around his fat ass SUV which, have I mentioned is in the fucking fire lane? Oh, I did. Anyway, at this point he turns to smile and try to strike up a conversation. are you fucking kidding me? He gets the eyebrow, I don't respond and I walk to my legally parked vehicle. Mr. SUV drives away ahead of me (Of course! His vehicle was closer!) and as we approach a bottleneck in the parking lot, parked vehicles on either side he stops.

What. The. F!

He inches slowly forward and I turn into a parking spot and pass him. Aggressively. Noisily. Unneccesarily gunning the motor. On the right. Asshat.

I am in work now. Door is locked.

I can't be me. Nothing is ever my fault.

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Blog-O-Cuss Meter - Do you cuss a lot in your blog or website?
Created by OnePlusYou - Free Online DatingFrom the Armorer

USCENTCOM Relinquish of Command

Today at 1300 you can watch LtGen Dempsey succeed Fox Fallon as the Commander of CENTCOM.

If you miss it live, I'll try to remember to post the video on demand link later.

I Like This Too

From JonnyMordant

On A Serious Note

It's good to be reminded of words of wisdom.

War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things; the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks nothing worth a war, is worse.” —John Stuart Mill

"War sucks but a world run by Islamofacists sucks more." - T.F. Boggs

"There's only one thing worse than an overstressed Army and Marine Corps, and that's a defeated Army and Marine Corps. I believe this is a recipe that will lead to our defeat sooner than later in Iraq." - John McCain, arguing for the Surge.

AssHat Team!

Forwarded to me by JonnyMordant who seems to know the Princess's tastes very well.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Something Silly

***UPDATE - 50,000 happened just after midnight.*****

Jen will be the first to roll her eyes at me..............

Sometime soon sitemeter will roll over the 50,000 mark.

Yeah, it's silly, but I like it.

It's 2338 and I have five more to go......i think I'm going to miss it. I have to get to bed.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Richard Widmark

Richard Widmark, Actor, Dies at 93
Richard Widmark, who created a villain in his first movie role who was so repellent and frightening that the actor became a star overnight, died Monday at his home in Roxbury, Conn. He was 93.

What a great actor! So many films, so many choices. A favorite? I really couldn't say. Probably Cheyenne Autumn. Although, he did two John Wayne movies........

Hillary - Bosnia - My Amusement

Of course you know I have loved every minute of Hillary stepping on her crank about Bosnia. Following a week of Obama stepping on his crank it seems as though the Heaven's are sending presents.

So far my favorite stuff has come from Jen's guy Col. David Hunt. Turns out Hunt was in Bosnia at the time. On Howie, he was "en fuego"! My sides hurt from laughing at Howie, the Col. and that callers. You can listen to it here.

However, on O'Reilly, he was serious. The thing that was most clear after watching Lanny Davis, Col. Hunt and O'Reilly is how lucky Lanny Davis is that Col. Hunt (and Jennifer) couldn't reach out and touch Mr. Davis! Also, I found out that as much as Jen loves Bill O'Reilly....she loves Col. Hunt more.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Armorer Says

Hey - all you guys within a easy reach of Walter Reed...

Go. Read. Do (if you can).


National Heroes Tour

Pete Hegseth's alma mater Forest Lake HS cancelled a Heroes Tour event when anti-war groups threatened to protest. Several dozen students showed up at the new venue anyhow. Read what Uncle J has to say here.


Posted with no comment -

Vice admiral fired over false testimony
By David Brown - Staff writer
Posted : Tuesday Mar 25, 2008 9:43:52 EDT

The three-star director of the Navy staff was fired last Friday for providing “false and misleading information” during a Defense Department inspector general investigation, the Navy’s top spokesman confirmed Monday.
Vice Adm. John “Boomer” Stufflebeem was relieved by Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Gary Roughead due to the testimony Stufflebeem gave during the investigation, said Rear Adm. Frank Thorp, the Navy’s chief of information.

OK, one comment. During the CNO pool this past summer, Stufflebeem was actually floated as a contender. People whose opinion I respect thought well of him. So, I feel this is unfortunate all around.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

or Happy Purim

Saturday, March 22, 2008

This Should Not Be Missed

Yeah, I know I posted it two weeks ago. But it shouldn't be missed and it bears repeating.

Where Is Myk?

I went to check on Myk's Sandbox and it's been removed.

Here is a cached page.

Where is he?

Friday, March 21, 2008

I Am Weighted Down

But fortunately I have been subverted. I was going to go to the gym. However, I am in no mood to be left alone with my thoughts. Lucky for me, Jen just called and asked me to meet her in 20 minutes.

I left work early and headed up to St. Francis for Good Friday services. Weather and traffic were very cooperative. I zipped right up and headed into church. St Francis is a spectacularly beautiful church at the top of Bunker Hill, built in 1859. Things are done as they were in my childhood. Father Mahoney has been my pastor for 40 years. I settled into my pew, opened my book to the right page and sat back.

Father Mahoney has been on my mind a lot lately because of the Obama/Rev. Wright nonsense. I laughed about Obama saying he didn't realize Wright was a racist even after all the evidence came out. Jen and I laughed that it would be the same as the two of us trying to assert that we didn't realize that Father Mahoney was also a firefighter!

Then the altar servers began to file out of the sacristy and into the church. Father Mahoney came into view last. I *know* the arthritis in his hip is severe. I *know* he is actually past the retirement age for priests.


I was doing a pretty job blocking.

Until then.

I don't want to be reminded that time grows short.

WW1 Battle of the Somme 1916 (The Pals Battalions)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

March 20th

Princess Crabby sits on her throne....arms crossed.....foot tapping.....


First this year was Frankie's ex, Toni. I love her! She sent me a text on the 18th while I was still in Vegas.

Grace called this morning at 0830 (not quite the crack of dawn out of respect for my advancing age) and sang.

The girls in work gave me a bask of goodies and Rachael made a giant brownie. There was singing.
SB called and I wasn't paying attention and I forgot to make him sing!!!!! We talked for over an hour! That rat bastid!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008





Off to bed.


Monday, March 17, 2008

When SB Heard About My Vacation.....

His first comment was "So, you'll be in Vegas for the High Holy Day?" There was faint disapproval wafting over an international phone line.

So I'll just say "Happy Saint Patrick's Day!" and "Happy Evacuation Day!" (if you must ask, then I must ask you - what are you doing here?).

And to that forward leaning Shoe............."I'm a damn sight closer to Boston than you!"

At Last.....

The vacation I wanted!

Facials for Jen & I......good but not Foxwoods.

And pool/sun time.


Just left breakfast

with Grace and Dave. Grace and I kept comparing the breakfast buffet (which was good) with Jordans, Filenes, and Woolworths when we were little. It occurs to me that Grace, Jen and I have become Mama Kelley and her sisters. That's a really good thing. I can't think of anything better. Mama and her sisters were all distinct people who loved each other deeply and supported each other completely. They were lucky to have each other and I am grateful to have the same thing with Grace and Jen.

Gambling. You know I don't. The only time I put money in slots is when I want the seat next to my mother or Jen or Grace. So, up until last night, I had gambled $15.00 and won $10.45. I was terribly upset. My parents laughed (ok, everyone laughed). Then last night after dinner, Jen was gambling and I wanted to sit next to her. We were looking to make plans for the rest of the evening. So I put a dollar in....then another dollar.....then a thing you know I have $96. something! LOL When it got back down to $48, I walked away. So, now I am up and it will stay that way.

Today will be a spa day and hopefully the Fremont thing tonight.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

It was chilly!!!!!

Jen was happy.

Lot's of eating and drinking and recon for September.
Miss me? Last night after our cousin's lovely wedding we went to the Keno lounge and bothered nearly everyone we knew. Frankie my son....Frankie my goddaughter....Jen's goddaughter.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


The first night the Tropicana was a HUGE disappointment...but everything got better after that.

I have such a great time with my sisters!

Frankie, my brother (as opposed to my son, my father, my uncle, my cousin....etc), you are not here and we are not speaking to you.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Princess Crabby Has Left The Building

It's 0508 EST

My flight to Vegas leaves at 0930

Unsure of Net access from here out.

Miss me!

We're Such Bastids!!!!!

Over in Iraq.....building empires......stealing oil......oppressing defenseless Iraqis. Hell! Killing defenseless Iraqis.

Yeah, whateva!
I'm in the office still trying to wrap up. Just. One. More. Thing. Before I go to Vegas. It's 0205. We leave for the airport at 0630. I better hurry. LOL
Jen sent me an email at midnight. "I am still in the office."
I sent back "Losah!"
What is it we used to say as kids - "Yeah! Takes one to know one!"
Anyway, this vid - getting a little slap happy - it's from DVISHUB
Footage of coalition forces returning an Iraqi girl, Amenah Ala Thabit, to her family after receiving open-heart surgery to preserve her life. Provided by Regimental Combat Team-5, 1st Marine Division Public Affairs

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Some Worthwhile Fallon Analysis

Steve Shippert (Who is responsible for the first and only hangover Princess Crabby has EVA had) -

On Fallon Fallout [Steve Schippert]

The announcement of Admiral Fallon's resignation was no surprise to those with enough proximity to know. That said, it is interesting to see how the story is being presented to Americans far removed from the halls of the Pentagon or CENTCOM. It would be amusing if it were not so disturbing—and, for those weaving the tapestry, self-serving.

Admiral Fallon is presented to middle America as supposedly the one sane mind standing between an off-kilter President George W. Bush and an invasion of Iran. This is both a reach and disingenuous at best.

If President Bush had wanted to invade or bomb Iran, he would not have needed Fallon's nod.
For instance, since before Fallon's appointment, we've known of specific Iranian training camps used to train and equip insurgent fighters and terrorists, who are then sent (or returned) to Iraq. We know that Iranian EFPs (Explosively Formed Penetrators) have accounted for a full 10% of all US combat fatalities since the invasion in 2003. We even have had intelligence presented on precisely where the nexus of Iranian EFP production was situated—long before Fallon.

Yet President Bush has neither sought nor determined to bomb these facilities or storm them with ground incursions. The so-called author of "cowboy diplomacy" has shown remarkable restraint in this regard, both before and since Fallon's appointment.

So when readers entertain the thoughts written and offered by others of how Fallon is some sort of uber-balance against unbridled aggression pursued or dreamed by President Bush, his administration, or others at the Pentagon, check your timelines first before nodding with agreement in deference to the persuasion of others.

I remarked in private yesterday - and Michael Ledeen alluded as well this morning - that in cases of sudden departures (even when, as here, insiders saw them coming), it is much more often due to human matters of ego and personality, rather than policy positions. In order to believe the suggestions offered by so many on his Iran positions, one would have to believe that President Bush would appoint a flag officer to a major regional command while unaware of his views on theaters specifically under that command. That is folly on its face.

Consider that Admiral Fallon was in a senior position to General Petraeus, yet he was reactive to General Petraeus' decisions - strategic and otherwise - with regard to Iraq, rather than directing them. Iraq was seen as a sinking ship when Petraeus took the helm. And it is a safe bet to say, in observing his personal imprint on all things there, that one thing he was granted in taking it was the freedom to command and conduct things his way. Perhaps one factor in Fallon's departure (and this is, to some degree, my speculation) is that he may have found it difficult to be unable to command a general who was technically under his command.

To be sure, Fallon's policy views surprised no one. Now, that doesn't mean that they were any more liked; but Fallon may have been quite surprised at how difficult the command of CENTCOM evolved into being.

A select few know for certain. However, the "Admiral Iran Sanity" red herring is precisely that.

For my money, Max Boot and the Wall Street Journal today offer far more informative discussion for middle Americans blissfully distant from Washington, D.C., than what is passing for news analysis from most generally under-informed news sources.

Two cents. Perhaps less.
03/12 12:40 PM

Mr. Ogonowski Goes to Washington

Today Is the Birthday of the Girl Scout

May 12, 1912 the Girl Scouts of America were founded by Juliette Gordon Low. You know, I was a Girl Scout. I don't just mean for a little while or while I was very young. I joined as a Brownie and was in it straight up through Juniors and Cadettes.
On my honor, I will try:
To serve God* and my country,
To help people at all times,
And to live by the Girl Scout Law.
* The word "God" can be interpreted in a number of ways, depending on one's spiritual beliefs. When reciting the Girl Scout Promise, it is okay to replace the word "God" with whatever word your spiritual beliefs dictate.
Of course, this isn't the pledge I recited when I was little. They had no problem with the word "obey". I would pledge to "obey the Girl Scout law". And there was no asterisk after God. In Charlestown in the '60s and '70s, it was clearly understood the "God" there was the same God Father Mahoney and Father Cutress and Father Murphy talked to me about.

I Can Not Even Wrap My Mind Around This

Affirmative action at IUPUI
Keith John Sampson never thought he could get in trouble for reading a book, especially not on a college campus. But that’s what happened. Sampson is a man in his early 50s. He does janitorial work for the campus facility services at IUPUI, where he’s been gradually accumulating credits for a degree in communications studies. He has 10 credit hours to go.

“Being on that campus has really been an experience for me,” Sampson told me not long ago. It’s an experience that got a lot more complicated last year.

Sampson is an avid reader. It’s been his habit to bring books to work with him, so that he can read in the break room when he’s not on the clock. Last year, Sampson was working in IUPUI’s Medical Science building. It turns out the break room there is across from the morgue, which, as Sampson pointed out, is kind of ironic when you stop to think about it.

At the time, Sampson was reading a book he had checked out from the public library. Notre Dame vs. the Klan: How the Fighting Irish Defeated the Ku Klux Klan, published in 2004, features a photograph of the University of Notre Dame’s famous golden dome on the cover. Its author is Todd Tucker, the publisher is Loyola Press of Loyola University in Chicago.

The book is about how for two days in May 1924, a group of Notre Dame students got into a street fight with members of the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan was meeting in South Bend for the express purpose of sticking a collective thumb in the eye of the country’s most famous Catholic university. Notre Dame vs. the Klan was a Notre Dame Magazine “Pick of the Week” and garnered an average customer review of 4.5 stars on In its review, The Indiana Magazine of History noted that Tucker “succeeds in placing the event in a broad framework that includes the origins and development of both the Klan and Notre Dame.”

Sampson recalls that his AFSCME shop steward told him that reading a book about the Klan was like bringing pornography to work. The shop steward wasn’t interested in hearing what the book was actually about. Another time, a coworker who was sitting across the table from Sampson in the break room commented that she found the Klan offensive. Sampson says he tried to tell her about the book, but she wasn’t interested in talking about it.
***********Read the rest of the article here***************
This guy is literally facing disciplinary action for reading this book. Everyone who objects knows jack about the book. The book's author has joined in defending the man.

"Pornography"? YGTBFKM!!!!! Boogles the mind. I've got to get this book.

H/T to "A Student of History"

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's 2302.....Still In The Office

Yes, in true Princess Crabby fashion I am trying to wrap up a project before I leave for Vegas Thursday. When I am alone in the office (and trust me, no one else is crazy enough to be here), I like to listen to lectures and stuff on the computer. I just finished with Public Radio International's "Independent Minds - John Adams". Adams fascinates me, he is my favorite President. Although I fear he would have little use for me!

Anyway, go here and listen. Except for the fact that they wove in snippets of those ejits Deval & Fatboy reading Adams' letters, I loved it. They also used some stuff from the movie. I have been on the bubble about the casting of Giamatti, but I feel better now. He's obviously had some excellent dialect coaching. One little 'inside baseball' note.........when speaking the words "finer arts" he gets it exactly, precisely right. Most would assume that a Bostonian would say "Finah ahhhts". But they would be wrong. When you have a two word phrase and the first word ends in "r" you don't drop the "r". You chop it off and add it to the next word. So the correct pronunciation is "Finah Rahts". I know, I know....."Obscure Maggie!" But if you know me, you know obscure is my specialty...........that and Sailors.

Admiral Fallon Resigns as Head of Centcom

******UPDATE - I am getting a lot of hits from people searching for what I presume is gouge on Fox Fallon's resignation. I am a Navy girl, so I don't do that unless I am sure there is "shit" to be slung. However, there is some interesting specualtion going on at Ace of Spades, and Blackfive. Of course you should read the article at Esquire and the posts at Tom Barnett's weblog. That is all.....Princess Crabby******
Admiral Fallon Resigns as Head of Centcom

Tuesday , March 11, 2008
Navy Adm. William Fallon, the head of U.S. Central Command, which leads U.S. operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, is stepping down, Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced Tuesday.

Fallon claimed ongoing misperceptions about differences between his ideas and U.S. policy are making it too difficult for him to operate, Gates said, agreeing. He added that the differences are not extreme, but the misperception had become too great.

"I believe it was the right thing to do, even though I do not believe there are, in fact, significant differences between his views and administration policy," Gates said, noting that he accepted the request to retire with "reluctance and regret."

"I don't know whether he was misinterpreted or whether people attributed views to him that were not his views, but clearly there was a concern," Gates said.

The misperceptions relate to an article published last week in Esquire magazine that portrayed

Fallon as opposed to President Bush's Iran policy. It described Fallon as a lone voice against taking military action to stop the Iranian nuclear program.

In a statement distributed by Centcom headquarters in Tampa, Fla., Fallon said he requested permission to step down because the article showed disrespect toward the president and caused embarrassment and distractions that were the result of misrepresentations of his views of Centcom missions.

"Recent press reports suggesting a disconnect between my views and the president's policy objectives have become a distraction at a critical time and hamper efforts in the Centcom region.
And although I don't believe there have ever been any differences about the objectives of our policy in the Central Command area of responsibility, the simple perception that there is makes it difficult for me to effectively serve America's interests there," Fallon said.

"Recent press reports suggesting a disconnect between my views and the president's policy objectives have become a distraction at a critical time and hamper efforts in the Centcom region. And although I don't believe there have ever been any differences about the objectives of our policy in the Central Command area of responsibility, the simple perception that there is makes it difficult for me to effectively serve America's interests there," Fallon said.

**********read the rest here******

Thank you for your service, sir.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Because Rick Asked Me To

Today the DOD's Blogger's Roundtable hosted my favvvvvvvorite MG Rick Lynch. So you know Princess Crabby was listening in, rapt.

Rick responded to a question posed by Dave Dilegge of Small Wars Journal.
I pulled up this morning your 100-day letter that outlines yourfocuses of effort that -- main focuses as you're getting ready to turn over to(Tank ?) Mountain. And I was wondering if you could expand a little bit on the-- pushing through the national media statement, specifically how you'rereaching out to Iraqis, the Arabic press, really, the people in-country there.What types of IO things that you're doing.

MG Lynch:
Yeah, sure. I mean, I believe that you're really speaking to three publics. You're speaking to the American public, the Iraqi public, and the insurgency. And we've got systems in place here in Task Force Marne to do all three. I've got a great public affairs office that reached out to the American public.

My point about the national media, I find myself very frustrated, because as much as we talk about the progress being made, rarely do I see that reflected in the national media. And I'm not sure why that is. I just wish that -- I wish that there was a balanced approach there, talking about the good things and the bad.

I know for a fact that if something bad happens, it'll be on everybody's TV station and everybody's newspaper. But the good things just don't make it through the national media filter. So what I've decided to do is go straight to the hometowns.

I mean, I have everybody in my staff, the leaders, all my leaders across the subordinate units engaging with their hometowns in print media, TV media, radios, to tell the story. To tell the progress to our -- I mean, we're America's army over here, fighting America's war. The American public deserveto know what's going on.

And then, for the Iraqi public, what I've done is I created an Iraqi media section. And that Iraqi media section does nothing but share the stories with the Iraqi media and facilitate them going out to get the stories. So we're actually transporting Iraqi media out to the places across our area of operations so they can talk to the people, understand the progress.

And a perfect example is just recently we had a major governance center open in Salman Pak. And as a result of that important event, we took outa lot of Iraqi media, both print and TV, and they covered it appropriately.

But telling the stories is important. It's important to tell it to the American public and the Iraqi public.
So here you go............go read and/or listen to all the good things that are happening.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Navy Has Plans For SB

SB might not be ecstatic. He would do well to remember the words of Quintus Arrius
"We keep you alive to serve this ship. So row well and live."

I am teasing, SB has been doing what is best for America and the Navy since time out of mind.

Friday, March 07, 2008

John Adams @ The BPL

Tonight there was a special screening at the Boston Public Library for "John Adams", the new HBO movie.

Princess Crabby was not in attendance. Humph!

Just a reminder so this doesn't happen again. Princess Crabby is well rounded. She likes chocolate and politics and chocolate and history and chocolate and Sailors. Did I forget anything? Oh yes, chocolate.

Have I mentioned it's 13 days until my birthday?

My God! How MUCH Do I Love My Bad Boyfriend!

I don't who put together this spot for McCain, but It. Is. Fabulous.

Islamic symbolism causing fundraising problems for Flight 93 Memorial

Islamic symbolism causing fundraising problems for Flight 93 Memorial
Pennsylvanians know about the Islamic symbolism in the Flight 93 Memorial, and have stopped donating. The first indication came last September when State Senator Jane Orie came aboard as a fundraiser. She got a quick education in the growing controversy.
In a 9/11 radio interview with Pittsburgh talker Fred Honsberger, Orie explained why she hoped the Flight 93 families would get back together and revisit their design choice:
Orie: "No matter who it is, and no matter where I went today for 9/11 events, everybody brought up this crescent. Whether it is intentional or not, it is disturbing to people."
Honsberger: "So everyone is bringing it up to you."
Orie: "Absolutely."
At that time, the Memorial Project had collected about $12.5 million, far short of the huge design's anticipated 60 million dollar price tag. Six months later the amount sits at "A little more than $12 million." It is possible that they are actually spending more on their fundraising efforts than they are bringing in.
Bill Steiner, who has been rustling up opposition on the ground in PA, dropped by Somerset recently and had a conversation with Memorial Project Superintendent Joanne Hanley. She appeared beleaguered, and confided that fundraising was sluggish, suggesting that the memorial would probably have to be built in stages. Presumably she meant something other than the normal stages of building, but was anticipating delays.
Now this week the Somerset Daily American has an editorial complaining that the whole state seems to be dumping on Somerset County, bemoaning amongst other things the lack of funding for the Flight 93 Memorial.
This is not the preferred way to stop architect Paul Murdoch's terrorist memorial mosque from being built. The damn thing ought to just be stopped by those in government who are in a position to stop it, so that a new and fitting design can be selected. At that point, money will be needed, but for now, with Murdoch in full command of the hijacked memorial, lack of money is what is needed. Starving the engines of fuel is one way to keep the hijacker from reaching his target, and until the hijacker is stopped, nothing else matters.The people get it, and are voting with their pocketbooks. When are our our elected representatives going to step up and do their part?
Senator Orie is not the only Pennsylvania state legislator who has expressed concern, but Congressman Tancredo is as yet the only politician to actually call for the crescent design to be scrapped. If our representatives can't be leaders, can't they at least be followers?
Bigg Bill sent this along and asked me to join the Blogburst.
Here you go baby!

The Armorer Sinks To A New Low

Really sir, this taunting is beneath you!

He emailed me yesterday, forwarding (rubbing my face in) his invitation with a note "Ach, too bad I'll be on a plane."

Subject: Bloggers Roundtable w/MG Rick Lynch - MONDAY 10 MAR

Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2008 14:04:19 -0500
Bloggers Roundtable w/Major General Rick Lynch, Commanding General,Multi-National Division Center (MND-C)
Monday, 10 March 2008
Topic: MG Lynch will discuss two major events in the Task Force Marne area in the southern belts of Baghdad.

Nice, rub it in, why doncha! Of course, he's not the first to harrass me this way and it's not like he doesn't have good reason.

But still......humph!

Thursday, March 06, 2008



Do you know someone whose home deserves an Extreme Makeover? If so, the producers of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition want to hear from you! Ty Pennington and his crew have been all across the map and they are ready to drive that infamous bus into your neighborhood.

What does it take to be picked for an Extreme Makeover?
We are in search of real heroes - people that have amazing strength and who have put their own needs aside to help someone else. In addition to heroics, the producers are looking for families whose homes are in dire need of help. We don’t want to tear down a nice looking house. We want to see houses that look like they might fall down on their own!

To be eligible: A family must own their own single family home and be able to show producers how a makeover will make a huge difference in their lives.

Interested families should: e-mail a short description of their family story to –

Nominations must include:
1. The names and ages of each member of the household
2. A description of the major challenges within the home.
3. Explanation of why this family is deserving, heroic, or a positive role model in their community.
4. Photos of the family and a photo of the home
5. Don’t forget to include a contact phone number.

The deadline: for nominations is March 13, 2008. Don’t Delay!

For more information on how to apply please visit our website at:

Posted at the request of SteeljawScribe. Anything for you, baby!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


More Professor Pryns

SA urged to 'pull the plug' on Mugabe
Hans Pienaar
March 05 2008 at 11:56AM
South Africa should threaten to switch off Zimbabwe's electricity if President Robert Mugabe's government continues to intimidate the electorate or contrives to sabotage presidential challenger Simba Makoni's campaign, a British professor says.

Professor Gwyn Prins of the London School of Economics was one of the speakers at an Africa Dialogue meeting on the Kenyan crisis at the University of Pretoria.

The ongoing series is run by the Centre for International Political Studies.

The doors of history were creaking on their hinges, Prins said of the "compound tragedy" that hit Africa when ethnic conflict broke out in Kenya after the December 27 elections.

Along with the continent's failure to save the people of Darfur, and the poison spread by the failure to deal with Mugabe, Kenya's collapse put South Africa on the spot.

It was now the remaining military pivot on a continent with the worst peacebuilding capabilities.

Its external security has been destroyed, which will compel it to play a much more proactive role to protect itself against forces meaning to do it harm.

"If you want peace, you have to prepare for war," Prins said on Tuesday night.

This would have to replace the dictum from the times of the Mandela presidency, "if you want peace, prepare for peace".This meant that South Africa would have to change its military strategic policies, to enable it to develop expeditionary capabilities allowing it to act on its own to stop conflicts destabilising the region.

However, the South African army was "in a sad state" and this would not easily happen.

Prins was particularly scathing about the SADC's "puzzling failure" to rein in Mugabe.

Prins said South Africa at the very least should proclaim that its infamous "quiet diplomacy" was a failure.

Zimbabwe in effect did not have a president, as he did not govern the country."

Mugabe is an outlaw awaiting trial alongside Charles Taylor in The Hague," he said."
I hope Mugabe will answer for his crimes before he dies," he said.

He warned that endemic conflict south of the Sahara was now threatening South Africa.

Zimbabwe could act as a toxin that would further poison the country, or it could become a vaccine, warning South Africa's leaders off from following the same path.

There were five million Zimbabwe refugees in the country playing a destabilising role, Prins said.
Have I mentioned that I find Professor Prins as charming as he is intelligent. I think more people should be paying attention to what he says.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My Bad Boyfriend Just Clinched The Nomination!!!!

See how happy he looks! Almost as happy as I am!
For the love of God, don't tell Jen.
"I have never believed I was destined be President. I don't believe anyone is pre-destined to lead America. But I do believe we are born with responsibilities to the country that has protected our God-given rights, and the opportunities they afford us. I did not grow up with the expectation that my country owed me more than the rights owed every American. On the contrary, I owe my country every opportunity I have ever had. I owe her the meaning that service to America has given my life, and the sense that I am part of something greater than myself, part of a kinship of ideals that have always represented the last, best hope of mankind."

Melissa's Bill

Hearing slated Tuesday on 'Melissa's Bill'
March 2, 2008
The Joint Committee on the Judiciary is scheduled to hear testimony on An Act Relative to the Punishment of Habitual Offenders, better known as "Melissa's Bill," Tuesday at the State House.
The legislation was filed by Representative Brad Hill, a Republican from Ipswich, and would create a "three strikes" form of punishment for habitual violent felons.
Schoolteacher Melissa Gosule, 27, of Jamaica Plain, was murdered in 1999 by a man who had been convicted of at least 20 previous violent crimes.
Jody Tozier, a Hill aide, formerly worked with Leslie Gosule, Melissa's father, who lives in Milton.
The Gosules have started a foundation in their daughter's memory for the families of homicide victims,, and have asked Hill to help their cause.
For further information, contact Hill at 617-722-248 or

Sunday, March 02, 2008

"I christen thee New York. May God bless this ship and all who sail on her."

Don't worry, Mrs. England, He will.
Navy Ship Christened ‘New York’ Symbolizes U.S. Resiliency
In the long years of this warship’s service life, she will help defend America and our allies and friends. Through (that) service, future generations will proudly honor … all of the fallen angels of 9/11,” Gen. Robert Magnus said.

“As sure as day follows the night, good follows evil,” he added. “As you’ve heard (it said), ‘If it takes those who guard the streets of heaven - and it does – to follow evil into the gates of hell, they will come from ships like New York.”

When New York is officially commissioned into the Navy’s fleet in New York City next year, it will carry with it a reminder for all future crews why it’s more than just another new ship.

On Sept. 11, 2006, Boy Scout Troop 40 from Hopewell Junction presented the Navy with a flag flown above Ground Zero.

Faded, frayed, still bearing the dust and debris from its silent watch, it was an extraordinary gift that will grace the ship forever,” said Navy Rear Adm. Charles H. Goddard, Program Executive Office, Ships. “I can think of no more fitting reminder that freedom is not free.”
BZ to everyone involved.....which by the way includes Princess Crabby's Ogre.

"The janjaweed are back."

That's the opening line to the NYT article this morning on Darfur.

Scorched-Earth Strategy Returns to Darfur

Richard S. Williamson, visited Darfur and the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, meeting with President Omar al-Bashir. Any improvement in relations, he said, would be contingent on tangible improvements in the humanitarian situation.

“Since the first of the year another 75,000 people in Darfur have been displaced,” Mr. Williamson said in a telephone interview. “That is more than a thousand a day. There are not going to be any changes until that reverses.”

How much longer are we going to wait?

Jennifer = Chaos

Last night the plan was to work until I went to the gym.


Jen called, she needed to shop for her upcoming business trip. I thought that was fine, I'd postpone the gym until after shopping. No. There was dinner and then we watched the Fox tribute to WFB. There's a rousing Saturday night, huh?

Still it's ok, I plan to get up and be in work by 1100, work until I'm tired and go to the gym. Jen was supposed to be flying out Sunday afternoon. First hitch was Jen calling for me to drive her to work, so her car would end up in her driveway. Ok, that makes me late, but still, I have the next few days to just work and go to the gym. I get her to work, I get to work.

All set? LOL No!

Jen send a message, the trip has been pushed back til Tuesday, can I come get her in three hours?

Saturday, March 01, 2008

USS New York LPD 21

New York Christening Powered by Memories, Resolve
Story Number: NNS080301-15Release Date: 3/1/2008 7:29:00 PMBy Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class David Poe, Naval Support Activity New Orleans Public Affairs

AVONDALE, La. (NNS) -- The Navy's newest amphibious tranport dock was christened "New York" March 1, at the Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding New Orleans Shipyard at Avondale, La.

With seven-and-a-half tons of steel recovered from New York City's World Trade Center forged into its bow stem and hundreds of New York City first responders in attendance for the ceremony, the ship's motto "Strength forged through sacrifice. Never Forget," was heard loud and clear.

An array of speakers were on hand for the christening, including the Honorable Gordon England, Deputy Secretary of Defense. England spoke about the naval tradition of christenings and the naming of ships."

The names are important," he said. "They come from battles, or symbols, or communities, and they serve as reminders of the sacrifices of Americans past and present. Each has a legacy, and as 'New York' will for the Sailors and Marines that will serve upon it, each is a source of inspiration."

England's connection to what will be the Navy's fifth amphibious transport dock of the San Antonio class is more than just serving as a speaker at its christening.

On Sept. 7, 2002, while serving as Secretary of the Navy, England formally announced that LPD 21 would be named New York from the decks of USS Intrepid, a refurbished aircraft carrier, which serves as a museum ship, and is moored in New York Harbor.

More than five years later, England's enthusiasm for New York hasn't waned."

This is a special ship," said England. "Ships' names are messages and while we know fellow citizens will not forget Sept. 11 and New York City, we'll be sure to bring this message when we bring the fight to the enemy."

England's wife Dotty served as the ship's sponsor. While her husband served as the 72nd and 73rd secretary of the Navy, she was a strong advocate of Navy and Marine Corps families with a special dedication to their housing, medical care and other support activities. Among many involvements with New York, Dotty participated in the ceremonial pouring of World Trade Center-salvaged steel in nearby Amite, La., in 2004.

While a small crew had already been assigned to New York's ship's company, the bulk of the crew is scheduled to report for duty in the fall. The ship is scheduled to be commissioned in September 2009 and will be homeported in Norfolk.

Ron Parker, a retired New York City firefighter, was one of many New York City first responders on hand for the ceremony.

Parker served with Brooklyn, N.Y. Ladder Company 148 on Sept. 11, 2001, and remained at the World Trade Center wreckage site almost around-the-clock for more than four months after the attack while he helped recover the remains of 45 of his fellow fire fighters, along with countless others. In the shadows of the 25,000-ton vessel New York, Parker personally christened the ship with a perspective that may define the spirit of the amphibious transport dock's legacy."

Embedded in the core of this mighty ship," he said, "are the souls of mighty heroes, never to be forgotten."

080301-N-8273J-344 AVONDALE, La. (Mar. 1, 2008) Mrs. Dottty England, wife of Deputy Secretary of Defense The Hon. Gordon England, christens the amphibious transport dock Pre-Commissioning Unit New York (LPD 21) at Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding New Orleans. The bow of the New York is built with metal recovered from the World Trade Center site. U. S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Tiffini M. Jones (Released)

Navy Ship Christened 'New York' Symbolizes U.S. Resiliency

By Samantha L. Quigley American Forces Press Service WASHINGTON - On what was described as a "fine Navy, Marine Corps day," in New Orleans, Defense Department officials, service members and distinguished guests gathered March 1 to christen a tangible symbol of America's mettle. "

This is a special day for a magnificent ship that has a special place in the heart of every American," Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England said during the christening ceremony for USS New York.

080301-N-6528P-001 AVONDALE, La. (Mar. 1, 2008) Deputy Secretary of Defense The Hon. Gordon England speaks during the christening ceremony for the amphibious transport dock USS New York (LPD 21) at Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding New Orleans. The bow of the New York is built with metal recovered from the World Trade Center site.U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class David Poe (Released)

Anyone Else Troubled By This?

OK, this is not going to be hysterical or exaggerated. It's going to be a few things that I think are worth tying together.

On this date in history - March 1, 1971 (It was predawn on a Monday, so I was asleep before heading up the hill to Sr. Mary Esther's 5th grade class) -

A bomb exploded in a restroom in the Senate wing of the U.S. Capitol, causing some $300,000 damage but no injuries. The Weather Underground, a leftist radical group that opposed the Vietnam War, claimed responsibility.

Barak Obama *knows* Bill Ayers a Weather Underground leader who expressed "no regret" for his violent actions in a NYT interview which was published, ironically enough on 09/11/01. How well does Obama know Ayers? Reports vary. Obama also accepted a campaign donation ($200.00) from Bernadine Dohrn (a fellow Weather Underground member) during his first campaign for state senate.

Ayers and Dohrn were married, had two kids and went underground, literally, as fugitives from the law. They ended up in Chicago and were reported to have been early supporters of Barack Obama, hosting him in their home according to Ben Smith at Politico.

Ok, so what would you call a person who set bombs and planned the violent overthrow of the United States government? A terrorist. What would you call a couple living in Chicago, expressing no remorse for the horror they caused? A pair of terrorists.

So how do you feel about your Presidential candidate having a history of associating with violent, leftist terrorists?

I don't care for it at all.

Princess Crabby Speaks

I'm flat on my back at the gym, thinking