Sunday, April 07, 2019

Sunday, April 7, 2019

So we are a week out from The Tough Ruck.  The actual website is down or has problems, but the Facebook page is fine.  So, go there, like it, and if you can, donate, attend, yada yada.

From their FB page:

  "Tough Ruck, a 26.2 mile Ruck March, is a project of the Military Friends Foundation. We are proud partners with the Boston Athletic Association, National Park Service and The Trustees.

On April 14, 2019 be part of something GREATER. Join the elite group of 1000 Tough Ruckers who will be the first to earn the official 2019 Boston Marathon Medal!

***#ToughRuck2019 will take place on Sunday, April 14, 2019. Registration rates and fundraising commitment will be the same as 2018.***

We are a group of Military, First Responders, and civilians whose sole purpose is to Ruck in honor and in memory of our Fallen Service Members, Police, Firefighters and EMTs, while raising funds to support Military families in times of need. We will walk/ shuffle/ruck a 26.2 mile course on Patriots Day weekend on the battle roads of the Revolutionary War, in Concord. We will carry the names of our Fallen comrades on our rucks. Tough Ruck is a proudly hosted partnership with the Boston Athletic Association/Boston Marathon. #ToughRuck2019 #MarathonWithAMission

So, I'm still processing the passing of my friend Carrie.  I couldn't go to the funeral.  Financially, flying to Kansas City from the East Coast was prohibitive and I've had a cold for six weeks.  I can't talk without coughing/gagging and peeing my pants.

But if i couldn't be there, at least I'm in a Carrie place.  She attended Mary Baldwin College here in Staunton, VA and loved Wright's Dairy Rite down the street.  So, I have that.