Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Got Everything On the List!

Unfortunately, I made the list to go with my one priority errand - picking up my prescriptions.

I am really messing this up. I have already noted that I was behind schedule getting the "Grave's disease" medications.

It's a vicious cycle. I'm tired so I don't go get the meds. The lack of meds is making me tired.

So last night I went to bed at early, got up early and headed out.

Since I was headed downtown, I made a list.

CVS is between Downtown Crossing and NEMC. Check!

The pharmacy is in the Atrium, which is two buildings up from Dr. Miller in the South Building. I have some paperwork to drop off. Check!

There is a patient lounge for the oncology patients. The lounge has a computer & a printer and I have to print something. But the print4er is out of ink. What to do? Well there's a hotel across the street and I know where the business office is. Check!

The thing I needed to print was a Groupon for a haircut at Amaci. So off I go down Stuart St. Great haircut, nice stylist who had some experience with chemo hair. It is finally starting to straighten, but the ends are friend. Very happy Maggie leaves Amaci......check!

I head down Arlington toward the Public Garden. I get an ice cream from a truck on Boylston. I start thinking that I have just enough oomph to make it to Downtown Crossing to catch the 93 home.

And then I stop mid-lick.....I have no prescriptions.

Ok, well, we'll try tomorrow. We'll put it on the list.

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