Friday, February 02, 2018

Team M - Hanging In Annapolis

There are lots of people who are very good to me & invite me to visit.  One of my absolute favorite destinations is Mary Ripley's house in Annapolis.  Back when I was much more active in blogging I met Mary at a Milblog Conference and we have been fast friends ever since.  Mary has been part of some of my favorite adventures.  She has actually facilitated some of them, enabling me to do some things that I would never have been able to do otherwise.  Team M - Mary & Maggie.

I try to be back in Virginia with Tommy during my 14 days of Pomalyst.  No one wants to watch someone hanging like a blob on the couch.  But this month Mary has persuaded me to give Tom a break and hang here.  It's a kindness I'll never be in a position to repay.  And more than just being a place to be, it's a fun visit. 

Mary and I could never run out of things to talk about.  If we did, her granddaughter Sailor visits and keeps us entertained.  Sailor is the most outgoing, sparkly little six year old.  I sit in this cushy armchair and there is room for Sailor to comfortably pop in beside me.  Knowing her mother, I suspect Sailor will always fit in this spot.  Not that Sailor sits a lot.  She bounds into the middle of the room to dance when the right song comes on.  There are many songs that are good for dancing or showing me "Cheer" moves. 

And there's no guilt here!  When in Virginia I always want to get a project done so I can feel like I accomplished "something".  Well, there are no projects for me here!  Just chocolate & binge watching "Masterpiece Theater" dramas and Graul's chicken salad.

Thanks you, Mary!