Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Effing Phone Works!!!

You know since MG Rick Lynch signed day has gone downhill.

I had a verbal altercation with someone I care deeply about.....which is causing me to be snippy and find fault with everyone in the office.

The new phone arrived and my boss took it down to be activated. He brought the old phone to see if the phonebook could be saved.

He called. "Maggie? It works."


"So I spent $30 online for nothing?"

Argghhh!! My life is a Fellini film. Or an O. Henry novel. Or de Maupassant.

Excited Screaming!!!!

No, it's not the Beatles..................

It's better!

MG Rick Lynch is going to be on Michael Graham (WTKK) this morning!

9:45 am he will be on live!

Thank you, Michael!
Guess who popped up in IM and this blog a good two to three hours early?

So are you going to call in and talk to Lynch?

31 January, 2008 09:36
LOL, I was completely discombobulated! What a riot! Just a little reminder from SB, that after all......I am a Navy girl.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thanks, Rudi

Had you won the nomination I would have backed you with a glad heart.

I Like It!

Today's Word "esurient"
esurient \ih-SUR-ee-uhnt; -ZUR-\ (adjective) - Hungry; voracious; greedy.

No Suh!

Edwards bid shows poverty not big campaign theme
From Rueters & Matthew Bigg:
The inability of John Edwards to gain traction in his bid for the U.S. Democratic presidential nomination indicates that fighting poverty in America has limited appeal for voters.

No suh, it show that people were smart enough to know that for John Edwards, poverty was nothing more than a gimmick. "Two Americas" was his schtick.

They saw through his disgusting stunt last summer where he campaigned on the memory of Bobby Kennedy. Needless to say, I abhor John Edwards. I am just relieved that he did not fool more Americans than he did.

You don't invest in companies that foreclose on Katrina victims and then say you want to go to Washington to fight for them.

Edwards is an asshat with a wayyyyyy overinflated ego. Trust me, I know a away overinflated ego when I see one.......mine is huge.

Imagine me running for office and telling you my leading concern was downsizing the military and pulling out of Iraq.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why I Love My Bad Boyfriend

Jen is always yelling at me about immigration when McCain's name comes up. It's not that I don't care....I do. I care deeply. I want the borders secured. I want people deported. But it's not my #1 issue. Jen says if I had been in Southern California with her, confronted with the damage illegal immigration was causing I wouldn't feel this way. I disagree.

Also, for all that people want to call McCain "Juan McCain" or "Amnesty John" they are missing the point or trying obfuscate it. McCain had an immigration plan that the American people roundly rejected. I also rejected it. McCain looked at that and said "Ok, lesson learned." Now he says that he understands that for the American people, securing the border comes first. It was always part of his plan, just not the centerpiece. Next priority is deporting the two million that Homeland Security says are dangerous and must go immediately. Good. Then we go after employers who break the law and hire illegal aliens. The problem will resolve itself.

So that's why the immigration thing doesn't bug me so much. I do believe he will handle it. He won't immediately deport 12 or 20 million people, but that wasn't practical anyway.

Now, let's get to my number one issue. If you have read my nonsense here, you know that sprinkled in with my fried cell phone, my yoga/gym time, my preening for SouthieBoy's attention and my love of Hersheyettes, Coca Cola, Dubai, and all things my absolute conviction that we are involved in an epic struggle against fanatical, hardline, Sharia-loving Islamic terrorists. you can look everywhere, not just the Presidential contenders and you would be hard pressed to find a better choice for Commander-In-Chief than John McCain. Of course John McCain has done things, said things, backed things that disappointed me. Who hasn't been disappointed at one point or another in their candidate? I am not saying he will be the perfect President....I am saying he is the best person to be CINC.

Why do I feel this way? Well first off, it's hard to explain to people who don't study things like history or keep up with foreign policy.......people who don't see the "big picture". I know that Jen does, it just must be a slightly different angle. Her trip to Southern California must have blurred her vision slightly.

Today over at CDR Salamander, the Phibian explains it better with stuff to back up his viewpoint.

Bush, McCain and the Surge
Though only mentioned in one paragraph, I put McCain in the title of this post because you have to give credit where credit is due. In the area of victory in Iraq, few if any have been more right than Sen. McCain (R-AZ). Full stop. End the discussion. Fact. Everything else is mindless politics.
I am not a McCain guy, that is for sure ... but ..... this steadfastness alone would ensure that if in the end it is him against Obama or Clinton - he will get my money and vote in '08.

That second paragraph is sort of my flip side......If Romney is the nominee he will certainly have my support. I like him well enough, I just don't know what he'll do under pressure. When it comes to CINC, I want the steadfastness the Phibian speaks of. He also describes McCain as a lion.

So.........through it all...........I'm a McCain girl.

Shhhh! My Bad Boyfriend Took Florida

Be very quiet. Jen is ready to beat me with a stick. She was mad enough when everyone thought McCain's campaign was dead. Now.........yikes!

Roberta McCain

CSpan has this marvelous interview with Sen. McCain's mother. I loved it.

At the beginning she talks about how the United States Navy represents the best America has to offer. Ok, fine, she's preaching to the choir.

Then twenty minutes in the interviewer asks how he takes after her and she exclaims that he doesn't. Mrs. McCain said that *Johnny* is like his father, Jack. The interviewer points out that Sen. McCain says he's more like his mother than his father. She just says "Well, he isn't. He's like his father and I don't think any traits that I have at all he has. I really don't." Interviewer "None at all?" Mrs. McCain "Un-huh. No. He will not hold a grudge. I kind of like some of mine."

I laughed out loud. You know I have a similar lament about Frankie. He can't hold a grudge and I get so frustrated! SB calls it Irish amnesia when you forget everything but the grudge. That's me.


SB's BFF (aka my sister Jen) shoots me an email - it's 2015. I am at work (loser), she is at work (loser).

How was the doc? What did she say about your foot? Did she think it was beautiful???

You see, Jennifer thinks my ego is a little too big and so she never misses the opportunity to poke.

Is there anywhere I can go and not be abused?

This morning's email from SB was no better. The first person I jumped online to tell about my cellphone was SB. You know I sleep with this thing under my pillow so as not to miss a call. With my luck, he would have been sitting at his desk in my morning, thinking "Let's wake Maggie up!" So I wanted him to know why there would be no answer and no explanation. I usually leave explanations "I'm in the movies." or "I'm in Mass." so he knows (and Frankie too) why I am not answering the cell phone. Anyway, I send him an email.

My email:
To: SB, Pirate King, USN
Subject: My Cell Phone is Fried

It fell in water. I don't know if it will recover when dried out.

His reply:
To: Maggie, The Ultimate Bed Warmer

Usually not but you’re an exceptional case. May I be so bold as to ask what water? Where? How?
Inquiring minds want to know!

My indignant response:
To: SB, Pirate King, USN

I'm an exceptional case? Do you mean that in a good way? You bold???????? There's a shocka! You can ask, but the answer might be "NUNYA"."


LOL, Yahoo has this headline "Middle-age is truly depressing, study finds". Thanks, I was feeling pretty good until this. I didn't know it was this bad. Cause after 46 I am past middle-age. I have no attention of living to 92 or anywhere near it.

My Podiatry Adventures

So, about five weeks ago my right foot hurt when I would do lunge pose in yoga. When the right foot was in the back and the shin would be moving toward the right toes, it felt like something was being ripped off the bottom of my foot. It hurt up the back of my heel to the bottom of the calf. I asked around and tried some things, Nothing really worked. I got gel heel cups and they were okay, but actually irritated the other foot.

So this morning I go to the podiatrist. I have an extra bone in my foot! LOL I have the craziest shit, between the arthritis in my ear (otosclerosis) and now an extra bone in my foot.

Anyway, that's not the problem, the problem is tendonitis of the achilles. Or, as she put it "a dysfunctional tendon". No bone spurs and no arthritis. And by the way, the heel cups are useless, ditch them. LOL, but of course! 27 bucks I'll never get back. Anyway, the answer is physical therapy and arch supports and lose the treadmill. I love the treadmill, damnit! I read and watch TV. She wants me to substitute the eliptical. Hello? I am not that coordinated!

Now that I am sitting at my desk, I just noticed that I sit with one foot up on the cross brace of the chair and my right foot flexed..........probably not good.

There will be physical therapy, but don't worry, Princess Crabby keeps up with the pedicures, the foot scrubs, the foot cream, pumicing.......the feet look good.

Cell Phone Update

****UPDATE******Bought a phone on EBay and the nice people at Verizon say they will waive the transfer fee. Thanks, Olga! $28 with shipping.......much better than $200! I know the other phone was nicer, but I didn't use a lot of the features.*******
Still fried. They don't know if they can save the phonebook info until they see it and replacing it will cost $200!!!! WTF? I was thinking it was because the my boss picked such a fancy-shmancy phone last time, but it turns out they all have cameras, etc. Anyway, no cell for a bit while I figure out if I want to pay $200, go on EBay (Verizon's suggestion) or have Frankie scrounge me something (don't ask),

My Cell Phone and the SOTU

Last night I went to get a pedicure....I wasn't really in the mood, it was a maintenance kinda thing. I had a ton of work and I was just going to go back to work afterwards. It wasn't relaxation and since Jen couldn't go it wasn't all that fun.

But wait! It gets worse. I was sending a text and the damn thing jumped out of my hands and dove into the water!


If they can't retrieve my phonebook, I am screwed. I use it for everything, business, family, pleasure.............I have over 150 entries.

Plus I will again lose my texts from SB.

I was so upset that I wasn't paying attention at my next stop. I was dropping off some clothes at the Planet Aid box and guess what? It's cold when you are walking in the snow on a 35 degrees New England night in just spa slippers!

The only part of the night that went as planned was that I did make it to the treadmill in time to watch the SOTU speech. Of course I spent the last 5 minutes or so lounging against the side support of the treadmill. Hey between the entrance and exit it was way over an hour! It's ok, at that time of night, there are like 3 or 4 other people in the gym. Because the cell is fried, I couldn't text people during the speech and because I was at the gym, I couldn't yell at the TV or give FatBoy the finger (that's right "FatBoy", my blog, my rules). This blog has some amusing observations on the entrance and exit. My favorite was Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee. As "W" passed her, she grabbed his hand and Brit Hume (you know I was watching Fox, right? LOL) was making fun of her hypocrisy. How she always gets a handshake even though she is his political, polar opposite. Anyway, Fox went to the floor for audio and as she grabs his hand she says something. I didn't catch it all, but she clearly addressed the POTUS as " brother..." YGTBFKM! I swear I heard her say that. My right hand to God!

Princess Crabby gives "W" a "B". It was good, it wasn't great. He waited so long to talk about Veteran's benefits, I thought he wasn't going to get there.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Mike Holovak, PT Boat Skipper

SouthieBoy says
"Rest easy LCDR Holovak, we have the watch!"

We were blessed to know him
Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle
He was a coal miner's son, the youngest of five born to Czechoslovakian immigrants. From those humble beginnings, Mike Holovak went on to live out a uniquely American story.
He skippered a PT boat, survived malaria and lost a brother in World War II. He once counted President Kennedy among his many friends.
He played for Frank Leahy and George Halas, drafted Hall of Famers Mike Munchak and Bruce Matthews and was the architect of Oilers teams that made seven consecutive playoff appearances.
He once played in a high school game in which Vince Lombardi was the opposing coach.
Mike Holovak died at 88 on Sunday, leaving behind hundreds of friends that admired him for his decency and loyalty and humor. His was a wonderful life in every sense of the word.
He was a few months from his 70th birthday and preparing for retirement in 1989 when Bud Adams asked him to become general manager of the Oilers. Adams didn't make many better decisions.
Holovak was a scout at heart and was never happier than those days he would spend in a darkened room attempting to evaluate who could play and who couldn't. He once joked that he hoped to die while watching film.
"He worked most of his NFL career in obscurity, and that's the way he liked it," said Titans CEO Steve Underwood, who worked in the organization 19 years with Holovak. "He had no desire to have his ego massaged."
Now a word about those catnaps. He took them frequently. When he was general manager of the Oilers, some assumed it meant the old man was starting to slip.
He wasn't. He'd become so accustomed to sleeping two or three hours at a time while on that PT boat that his sleep patterns were ruined forever.
That's why he might have watched more hours of tape between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. than anyone in NFL history.
Respect around the NFLTo understand how he was viewed by his peers, one had only to see the reception he got at NFL meetings. Al Davis admired him in a way he didn't admire many people in football.
Lamar Hunt and Ralph Wilson loved him, too. Holovak was on the ground floor of building the AFL, and those guys never forgot his contributions as coach and general manager of the Patriots.
According to the College Football Hall of Fame, Leahy found Holovak almost by accident. He had gone to watch Lombardi coach a high school team and came upon a player that would be one of the best in Boston College history.
It was during his Boston years that he met the young senator. They forged a friendship that lasted until the end of JFK's life.
Adams never had a more loyal employee. Holovak once confided that he never had asked for a raise, and he took every bullet for the organization's mistakes, deserved or not.
He had a toughness about him that endured until late in life. He was a devoted runner and would be seen at the practice facility pounding out the miles in the heat of the day.
Not one to criticizeOn his KTRH talk show, he would defer to his host on questions that might mean criticizing someone. That simply was a game he was unwilling to play.
He retired to Florida in 1999, to play poker and take his daily power walks. Teams never stopped sending him video and asking him to evaluate a player.
He had tough times along the way. A high school-aged daughter died in a car accident. Holovak suffered for years after that, once telling a reporter that he owed the Raiders and 49ers apologies for being so smothered by grief he was unable to work.
His real legacy won't be that he was the greatest executive or the most successful coach or any of that stuff. He was inducted into so many halls of fame over the years that the names and places begin to blur.
That's small stuff compared to what Mike Holovak was to the people who knew him best. They remembered him as a good friend, relentless worker and for having a heart bigger than almost anyone.
Those people are mourning his passing, but celebrating the fact they were lucky enough to know him. They know they were blessed.

Michael J. Holovak, legendary football coach for BC, Pats; was also ace PT skipper in WWII

Michael J. “Mike” Holovak of Wimauma, Fla., legendary football coach for Boston College and the Boston Patriots [team stats], died yesterday from complications of pneumonia at Life Path Hospice in Ruskin, Fla. He was 88.
Mr. Holovak was born and raised in Lansford, Pa.
During high school he won an athletic scholarship to Seton Hall Prep School in New Jersey. He went on to play football for Boston College, where he became starting fullback on the Eagles’ undefeated 1941 Sugar Bowl champion team.
As a senior in 1942, Mr. Holovak was an All-America selection. In that season’s Orange Bowl game against Alabama, Mr. Holovak scored three touchdowns and averaged 15.8 yards every time he touched the ball - a rushing record that has stood for more than six decades.
Following graduation from Boston College in 1943, Mr. Holovak enlisted in the Navy and served as skipper of a PT boat operating in the South Pacific war zone.
“He rarely spoke of it, but he was so proud of that service to his country,” said his widow, Pauline Scudder Holovak. His boat was credited with sinking nine Japanese ships and Mr. Holovak retired from the Navy as a lieutenant commander.
After the war, he played professional football for the Chicago Bears and Los Angeles Rams before beginning his coaching career as freshman football coach at Boston College in 1949. In the two years that he held that post, his teams didn’t lose a single game.
He was named head coach at Boston College in 1951 where he remained for nine seasons. In 1960, he was appointed the first director of player personnel for the newly founded Boston Patriots and was named the team’s second head coach during the 1961 season. In 1964, under his coaching, the Patriots reached the American Football League championship game where they lost to the San Diego Chargers.
“Mike was a mentor, a coach, and above all, a consummate gentleman,” said Gino Cappelletti, one of the Patriots’ all-time leading pass receivers and scorers. “ . . . His contributions as coach and general manager in the critical early years of the Patriots’ franchise were monumental.”
Mr. Holovak also coached and held administrative positions with the San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders and New York Jets [
team stats]. Later in his career, he served as vice president for player personnel and general manager of the NFL’s Houston Oilers and worked for the Oilers, now the Tennessee Titans [team stats], in various front office positions until his retirement from football in 1998. He remained a consultant and scout for the Titans until shortly before his death.
“Mike was the quintessential ‘football guy,’ ” said K.S. “Bud” Adams Jr., founder, owner and president of the Tennessee Titans franchise and a long-time friend of Mr. Holovak. “He had such a passion and knowledge of the game. It is rare when you see a person excel in all three areas of the sport: a great player in college, a successful coach and great talent evaluator, but Mike was one of the special people.”
Mr. Holovak was a member of the National Football Foundation College Football Hall of Fame, the Boston College Varsity Club Hall of Fame, the Tennesse Titans Hall of Fame and the Seton Hall Prep Hall of Fame.
Mr. Holovak is survived by his wife, Pauline Scudder; two daughters, Michele Harrison of Gloucester and Cindy Oatess of South Tampa, Fla.; and three grandchildren.
A memorial Mass will be celebrated at 10 a.m. Feb. 9 at St. Ignatius Church, Boston College.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bob Cerasoli Takes NOLA

This was interesting. This is the back story from July.

When Bob gets it all straightened out, I'll pop back down and congratulate him. The Ogre's waiting to take me out for a drink anyway.
**********UPDATE - I LOVE BLOGGING!***************
Look what turned up in my comments!
rcerasoli said...
I look forward to being congratulated, but this will not be an easy task for me to complete. Thank you for taking time to notice.Robert A. Cerasoli
Mr. Cerasoli - You are welcome! Boston loves you, NOLA will too! You have a problem, this Townie's gotcha back!

I'm Sorry, Caroline

But I am terribly disappointed with your Op-Ed in The NYT . I can not agree with your premise that you back Obama because of your father. I am the first to agree that your father inspired many. I will also concur with the same wistful longing that your father lights our path today, 45 years after his assassination. But Obama is an empty vessel. He has no substance.

I was speaking with a young man the other day who commented on Obama's speeches. I agreed that he was moving speaker. But what about a record to stand on? I asked the young man, "What is he telling you in that eloquent voice that you agree with?" Yes, we can! Yes we can what?"

Follow this link to Obama's voting record. Do his votes reflect your values? How about scrolling through the catagories to "Budget, Spending and Taxes". How do you feel about all the NV (not voting) entries?

"Yes we can!" is a catchy slogan. So was "I Like Ike", so was "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too!" So what? What does this tell us? It tells us that Obama can whip up and inspire a crowd with his passion and his words. Great! Pull together a congregation and put him at the pulpit. But don't put him in the White House.

I'm sorry Caroline, but I think your father and your Uncle Bobby would be laughing. Your father was a more than slogans, more than speeches. Your father was substance. Your father was a leader of men in WWII (a small boat Sailor - my favorite!). Your father had principles to go with his ideals and a record to stand on. Your father walked through Charlestown to begin his political career and served as a Congressman and Senator from 1946 to 1960. In the Congress he voted his own way and didn't always follow the party line. Your father was about more than feeling good.

I know there's a certain amount of luck involved in these things. You have to be in the right place at the right time. But for pity's sake! If Jack Ryan hadn't wanted his wife to try a little something different on night in Paris, you wouldn't even know Obama's name!

Gotta go with Senator Bentsen on this one........

Grace Has Some Advice For SouthieBoy

Grace, my sister who is prepared for everything. She of the carefully filled out calendar and polite and helpful children. Grace who can not fly by the seat of her pants unless dragged. Grace with bird flu supplies in the attic. Grace who has an answer for everything and she will tell you whether you want to hear it or not..............

I saw something briefly about a satellite which will fall to earth at some point. So on my way home from work, I called Grace.................."Are you building a shield?" She knew immediately what I was taking about and replied in an awestruck tone, "Did you see that? It weighs 20,000 lbs. (How the hell does she know that?). But I'm not worried, it's going to land in the Persian Gulf." I hadn't heard that and I said "Hey, that's where Tom is!"

Grace said

"Tell him, he better duck."

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Who Doesn't Love Uncle Jimbo?

It was a rough day.....thanks for the laugh, baby!

Friday, January 25, 2008

My Mother is Right!

Isn't she always? She often describes Jen & I as "my twins born nine and a half years apart".

Last night Jen got her package from her BFF. Which, of course, means that I can now talk about mine. They were flags that flew on Navy boats in the Gulf, complete with certificates from the commanding officer.

Jen found it at her front door when she got home from dinner with friends last night. She said she was exhausted, but when she saw the return address she knew it had to be opened immediately. I was home and Jen couldn't be sure I was awake, so she sent me a text message saying " I got my package. I am honored and never loved my BFF more." I called her and we discussed how we felt opening these packages. Over and above the fact that he thinks of us and sends them.......these two flags and their accompanying certificates......made us both feel a rush of emotion. We are patriots and these things matter to us.

So even though I am not a country music fan (to say the very least) we will put up one of SB's favorite songs.

This Day In History 1981

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Try Again!

If that's you, try again. the voice mail that came through is just the sound of an outgoing ring.

I tried your cell, really bad static.

Are you still here?

Ok, I guess you are gone. I was being greedy anyway!

Have a great day. I gave your BFF the message and she said........"Back atcha!"

I See You Peeking

I have to go to bed right now, I am exhausted.

I went to see "I Am Legend". Very good. Then dinner with Jen, I can't move.

I have to be up early for Frankie.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Good Morning!

I am in a great mood! I got a phone call from that "mad man in the desert"......what a great way to start the day! It reminded me of Dubai and this song.

My Left Foot

About a month ago I noticed that when I was in lunge pose, my right heel felt like something was being ripped off. So I stopped. LOL Different people had different ideas.
Ice it.
Stretch it before the gym.
But it just seemed to slowly be getting worse. As a result I stopped going to the gym. I haven't been since the 13th because the concensus was that I was doing damage on the treadmill. Saturday I was ready to fork over money at the emergency room because it hurt when I ran across the parking lot at Walmart. That gave me a little scare. Up to that point it only hurt when I was flexing my toes toward my shin.
Jen thinks it was because the night before the chiropracter asked if I could walk on my heels and that sent a real pain shooting through my foot. Anyway, I decided to try heel cups, which made Jen call me "Nana". Wonder what she'd say if she knew her BFF, SB was using them because he also had a problem with his heel? Yeah, it would be okay for her hero to wear them! Whatever!

So I went to the gym tonight with my new sneakers (Christmas present from Mum & Dad) and my fancy visco gel heel cups. I get on the treadmill and guess what? AMC was showing "Rio Bravo"! Mmmmmmmm Oh, right, sorry, the heel. Well the right heel felt good.....but the insert bothered the left foot just where the heel meets the arch.

I can't win.

But did I mention John Wayne? mmmmmmmmm

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sometimes It's Not Worth Fighting

Yesterday wasn't good and I tried my best to turn it around. But, sometimes it's just going to end badly and you can't win. Sometimes you should just stand back and let it crash and burn.

It wasn't all the bad in the beginning. I was just a little harried. Late (that's no big deal), trying to settle in at work before SB came on line. Then I heard someone in the office talking in those malicious gossipy tones that told me I wanted to turn my bad ear toward that conversation. But then I heard the name. I was startled and turned around demanding to know what she was talking about. I heard the story and my heart was broken. Someone I have known for more than a quarter century, someone whose wife I had known since childhood was dead. And worse, we were assured in hushed lurid his own hand.

I could barely grasp this. SB came on line and even through IM felt something wrong. He demanded to be told. He did his best to cheer and distract me, but I was adrift.

I reached out and made some phone calls, left some messages and waited. Alternating between grief and anger.

Finally Paul called. Yes, he was dead, but God! No! Not by his own hand. How strange to be relieved, happy in my state of grief.

The afternoon passed in stops and starts. I would work, but then I would remember and almost cry.

Jen and I discussed it all afternoon in email, the tragedy itself, his children, his family and my anger at the gossip that had me thinking poorly of him. It was decided we would go to see something weepy at the movies. That is what we do when something sad happens. We watch a sad movie and get it all out.

We picked "Atonement". Ugh! Don't bother. It was tragic all right, tragically stupid. I felt cheated. I would rather sit through Spiderman again.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


When the Red Sox play and I am at work, I leave Yahoo game channel up on the computer. I cheer quietly. My boss listens to MLB game day audio. When it is just the two of us in the office (Saturday and Sunday afternoons) it is very noticable that I am getting information several seconds before it is broadcast on her computer. She yells at me. I laugh, but I try to keep it down.

My father has always preferred radio announcers to TV commentators. There is the same gap. Jen and I stayed there to watch the game. He was upstairs with his big TV, comfy recliner and radio. We were downstairs with our mother and the smaller TV. If we were upstairs, Jen & I would have ended up on the floor. Which would have been fine with me. Anyway, six seconds ahead of everything we got the reaction from upstairs. Just as the ball is snapped on the TV, a cheer or a clap or a "damnit!" told us what was going to happen. I laughed everytime it happened, picturing my boss and her frustration with me during the summer and fall. Jen was not so accepting. He came down and half-time and she beefed. He laughed.

Second half he's upstairs again and there is a big play that went well for the Pats, but there was no sound. Jen said "Hey! He didn't say anything!"

Then you could hear him laughing upstairs....kinda like Dick Dastardly's dog Muttley.

Happy Birthday Frankie!

Tomorrow my baby turns 20. This year was something off the wall, as per usual, but nothing like last year.

Today was supposed to be Frankie's family party. He chose the day, he chose the time. The plan was to get to my parent's house at 1300. Party for an hour. Leave at 1400. But settled in front of the TV for the Pat's kickoff at 1500.

Well you know what they say about plans.........Frankie partied a little too hearty last night with his friends. So guess who was *not* at the party? LOL No matter. We ate and had fun and cake!

How To Honor Two Great Men

Maj Andrew Olmsted and Captain Casey. Major Olmsted was a blogger. Go read, I'll wait.

Now Laughing Wolf at Blackfive directed me to this post at Sgt. Hook's place which in turn sends you here. Won't hurt you to read them all, it's good stuff. But it boils down to this:

A member of Andy Olmsted's family has just written me to say that if people want to do something in honor of him, they can send donations to a fund that has been set up for the four children of CPT Thomas Casey, who served under Andy and was killed while trying to help him. The address is here:
Capt. Thomas Casey Children's Fund

P.O. Box 1306
Chester, CA 96020

What a great idea.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Congratulations To My Bad Boyfriend!

McCain wins South Carolina primary
By DAVID ESPO, AP Special Correspondent
Sen. John McCain won a hard-fought South Carolina primary Saturday night, avenging a bitter personal defeat in a bastion of conservatism and gaining ground in an unpredictable race for the Republican presidential nomination.

I Think I Have To Dash Off A Memo To The CNO

Certain Sailors are trying to cheat certain Swabbie Doxies out of *points*. I'm thinking my friend Gary needs to put someone in hack. Certain Sailors need to learn there are CONSEQUENCES for their actions!

If you read this blog. You know I operate on a point system. I am not always good, so I try to make up for it on the back side. Remember the whole "Sins/Virtues" thing? I'm a little weak on the Virtues, so I teach CCD. A few good points to balance things out.

So when SB asked me to obtain a piece of information a few days ago, I jumped right on it. I Googled and Yahoo searched. I sent out emails. I made phone calls. I told Jen and she thought she might have a lead. In the end, I got it. I send off the email "Success!" and pass along what I have learned.

Today, in IM with SB he writes: "Hey tell my BFF I really appreciate her help getting that *redacted for security purposes* for me and that I love her and miss her."
I reply: "She didn't get it!!!! I did. I got it and I get the credit. My points."
SB: "Well tell her anyway. I'm sure she was thinking about getting it."
Maggie: "No. My points. Are you keeping track of my points? I expect to receive credit and the proper reward for all my points. I am not sharing any."
SB: "What points? You have no points! You don't need no stinkin points!"
Maggie: "I have points, I have lots of points. I will not be cheated. I will take this matter to the CNO if I must."
SB: "So says you!"
Maggie: "I will explain that the Pirate King is an indian giver!"
SB: "Just pass my message to my BFF."
Maggie says: "That he is trying to renege on commitments. That he OWES me.
SB: "I never, ever committed to anything regarding points for you!"
Maggie: "He will place you in hack until my points are all credited and rewarded. They are my points, earned fair and square whether you acknowledge them or not."
SB: "Be tough to do if I'm in hack! Won't be my first time in hack!"
Maggie: "Well the CNO is very wise and he is very grateful for all my assistance in making sure he became CNO. He honors his committments, so I am sure he will make it so that you are placed in hack behind a locked door with me. He is not as scurrilous as the Pirate King."
SB: "That's not hack! That's fun! Don't use words I have to look up!
Maggie: "What's a matta CM boy?
SB: *taunting comment redacted for security purposes*
Maggie: FU
SB: "Are you shouting at me?"
Maggie: "YES"
SB: "Are you talkin to me?
Maggie: "FUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFU! Cheater! What can on expect of someone from *redacted* anyway?"
SB: "Tisk tisk, temper temper. I'll decide who collects what when where and how."
Maggie: "Humph. I have no say in this?"
SB: "Of course not. I'm runnin this train. I do have to go."
Maggie: "Then what is the point of trying to acquire points? Go. Be gone."
Maggie: "Princess Crabby is tired of you."
SB: "Because I may someday acknowledge them."
Maggie: Humph. Go work. You might as well do something useful for the taxpayers. You are of no use to me!"
SB: "The Pirate King has left the building!"

Scarlett Johansson

Sometimes movie stars and celebrities go on the USO tour for a little PR. Sometimes they go the extra mile because it means something to them. Anyone can hit the big bases.....but there are some places that you have to make the effort to get to.

Scarlett: What a Trooper
By: Gina Serpe
Thu, 17 Jan 2008 12:48:56 PM PST
Scarlett Johansson has been playing muse to Woody Allen. Now, she's attempting to take her motivational skills to an all new, slightly less neurotic, demographic.
The 23-year-old actress has announced plans to pay a five-day visit to the Persian Gulf as part of an upcoming USO/Army Moral Welfare Recreation tour, something the increasingly politically active star has paid increasing lip service toward doing.
"This USO tour to the Gulf region truly means a lot," Johansson said. "I've wanted to go over and visit for some time, and now my moment has arrived."

You can read the rest here.

Ms. Johansson went the extra mile and she gets a Bravo Zulu from Princess Crabby.

The Armorer's Snipe Hunt

Over at The Castle, The Armorer has called "An Internet Snipe Hunt". Go over and take a look if you know what this pic is. I want the answer to come from a Sailor.

My Report Card

It was bad............

Atkins - Non-existent

Gym - twice

Work - 47 hours

Organizing - This was the only bright spot. I threw away a lot of useless stuff, made a lot of room, cleaned some stuff. I was pretty happy.

Spending - Let's not talk about that.

Friday, January 18, 2008

I Exhausted and Aggravated

Last night I was cleaning and trying my best to comply with the organizational component of the PCSIPtm. But there was a lot of yelling at the TV. This story about the New York Times was giving me an Excedrin headache "this BIG"! Then the Suckabee stunt of smearing John McCain sent me into spasms!

Plus, I stayed up toooooooo late. I look every minute of 46 today.

Tonight will be an early night!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Exciting Thursday Night

I'm home cleaning.

Miss Me?

Life's been a little chaotic.

Monday, January 14, 2008

I Got a Package

*****UPDATE-Jen got her package, so now I can spill!*******
I can't say what it is just yet.
I was happy just from seeing the box.

Today turned out to be just great.

How does a guy from Southie get this Townie so spooled up?

Funny thing is, I was out shopping tonight for something I want to send him. My package goes out tomorrow. I'll tell you what it is in five days.

Go Visit My Friend, Beer Girl

My friend Maryann of Soldier's Angels Germany has this great post up. Don't just read it, watch the attached YouTube Video.

Today Stinks!

I have spilled three different things on my slacks.

Our computers have been up and down all day......right now I am in the server room so I have the Internet.

I missed talking to SB by four minutes.......I can't be in the server room all the time.

People keep calling me with problems and I DON'T CARE.......but I have to pretend I do. I don't mean Jen, I care about that one. I mean the other people. I don't care about the other people.

I have tried three times to upload the longer version of the Hopper video and I have been unsuccessful because of the roller coaster computer access.

And that Chuck Simmins from America's North Shore Journal.....who I USED to like.....sent me an email this morning. He was taunting me about being in on a Milblogger Roundtable with MG Rick Lynch. Hello?

It's 2315 Your Time

I'm in your email. Come out and play with me!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

"W" Visits Camp Arifjan

Earlier today "W" was over in Kuwait visiting Camp Arifjan.
In his opening remarks he called out to the individual branches. Even though he was there to talk to and about the 3rd Army, "Patton's Own"...(and you know who's over there currently assigned for operational control to 3rd Army...Hi, Rick! That's right, the 3rd ID.)......the loudest shout back was from the Sailors! How come? Maybe because Sailors just know how to have more fun!
Sailors attached to Naval Coastal Warfare Squadron Forward 21 conduct boat maneuvers off the coast of Camp Patriot, Kuwait, on Jan. 9, 2008. The squadron is providing anti-terrorism/force protection for the camp and seaport at Ash Shu'aybah, Kuwait. DoD photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Sandra M. Palumbo, U.S. Navy. (Released)

A Painfully Stupid Statement

When someone mispeaks, even if you don't like the person, sometimes you wince in sympathy. I am no fan of Hilary's. You can skim this blog in the most superficial way and know that I am far from in sync with either Clinton. However, after reading about her January 8th interview on NBC's today show..........

Sen. Obama used President John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to criticize me,” she said. “Basically compared himself to two of our greatest heroes. He basically said that President Kennedy and Dr. King had made great speeches and that speeches were important. Well, no one denies that. But if all there is (is) a speech, then it doesn’t change anything.”

I realize that she is not saying that all Dr. King did was make speeches, but that *is* how it comes across.

I am not any kind of minority. As I have said many times in the past, there is NOTHING easier than growing up Irish Catholic in Charlestown in the 60s and early 70s. Even with the forced busing! My closet brush with that sort of thing was during the busing, people outside of Charlestown assumed we were racist. Comparatively speaking, that is a drop in the bucket as far what blacks in Boston suffered.

So, if reading her statement makes me cringe.......I can't imagine how I'd feel if I were black.

Friday, January 11, 2008

My Report Card

My work week runs Thursday to Friday. So that's kind of how I think of my life. How did the PCSIP(tm) do this week 01/03/08 to 01/10/08?

Gym - 3 times - that's just ok.....

Atkins - stuck to 20 carbs per day or less all week except for Sunday breakfast with Jen. I ate the toast......I think I'll blame Jen. Yeah, that's it. It was Jen's fault. Jen will just say "Whatever, Crazy!"

Spending - A)No frivolous purchases.
....................B) Eating out, 2 meals, take out 1 - not good.

Work - 43 hours - not great. I didn't work Wednesday because I took the morning for personal errands which were for the good.....but the bulk of the afternoon went to instant messaging SB and blogging. Bad Maggie! So if the extra carbs are Jen's fault.....the lost work time will be SB's fault? Yeah, that's it! It's SB's fault. SHHHHHH! Don't tell him, he'll threaten to talk to me less for my own good. He's a bastid that way.

Personal Organization - Now this was good. Got some things hemmed and dry cleaned. Cleaned out clothes for the boys and I. Several big bags to the PlanetAid clothing bin. Lot's of crazy stuff to the dump. My bedroom seems to be getting bigger, lol!

Overall - C

I Have Powerful Imaginary Friends

That's how Jen refers to my fellow bloggers.

In the post below I wrote about Galrahn's suggestion (from his blog) that each Presidential candidate should answer this question:

"The CO of the USS Hopper was about to open fire right before the Iranians turned away. The Pentagon was reported to use the phrase "at the last second" in terms of how close it came to a shooting incident. Would the CO of the USS Hopper been right to open fire?"

Fast forward to tonight. I'm home from "Girl's Night" and my duties as designated driver. I sit down to blog and pop on the repeat of tonight's debate. Imagine my surprise when Brit Hume, who clearly got the memo asks Galrahn's question. I mean, sure, he changed it up a tiny bit to avoid paying Galrahn a royalty or crediting him........but we know!

"A recent incident in the Strait of Hormuz between a U.S. Navy ship and five Iranian speed boats launched a vigorous debate Thursday night among Republican candidates about America’s role in the world.

Five of the six candidates on stage at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center in South Carolina applauded the commanding officers for responding with restraint when they did not fire on the speed boats even though a radio call claimed the U.S. ship was going to explode in minutes."

Read the rest here.
***************UPDATE - Galrahn popped in to the comments to be modest & tell me he loves me..............I love him too! He is one of a group of Navy bloggers that I read so I can seem wicked smahhhht to SB. Galrahn is also gracious to be part of a group of Navy guys who let me email them my questions. My regular readers in my's all about Maggie!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Galrahn Has A Question For The Candidates

"The CO of the USS Hopper was about to open fire right before the Iranians turned away. The Pentagon was reported to use the phrase "at the last second" in terms of how close it came to a shooting incident. Would the CO of the USS Hopper been right to open fire?"

You know my answer.

Read his whole post.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

USS Hopper Video

From DVIDS on YouTube.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

She Just Won't Go Away

That was the line of the night for Jen and I.

FoxNews switched over over to Hannity & Colmes at 11. Sean looked very unhappy. The polar opposite of last night when Hilary was projected to be overwhelmed by the "WAVE". He speaks for a few minutes and then, one of their political analysts comes on, Frank Luntz. He looks stunned and ready to cry. "She just won't go away."

Jen and I burst out laughing. I looked at Jen "It's like he's talking about the 'undead'! I had a silver bullet. A wooden stake. Holy water. And..." Jen & I in a chorus "SHE JUST WON'T GO AWAY!"

We shouldn't be laughing. I won't be funny if that's who we face in the general election.

Jen Is Ready To Beat Me Within An Inch Of My Life!

You would think I was singlehandedly responsible for every vote McCain is getting. But in truth, I am simply the closest target. For Jen, immigration is Number #1. She is telling me that I will have to answer when my bad boyfriend doesn't secure the border. It will be my fault when all of America is like certain sections of southern California.

The Bill O'Reilly Shove Thing

I'm ok with Bill, Jen's the big fan. But I went out and voted in his poll question today. I think he was right to move the guy.

You can read his side of the story here and there is video.

This is Mike Francesa's post on it. It has the greatest photo.

Somebody get the Secret Service guy a Tums.

I Have Been Remiss

Bravo Zulu to the Sailors and Officers of the -
CG-73 "The Will To Win"
DDG-70 "Amazing Grace"
FFG-61 "The Last and The Finest"

Gentlemen and Ladies, thank you for your service, your restraint, and your professionalism.

McCain By 5

****UPDATE****It is being pointed out to me that right now, SJS is exactly, precisely right*****That's my prediction for tonight in New Hampshire.

SJS says by 8, but you know I'm not much of a gambler.

Jen say's Romney's gonna pull it out. That I should brace myself. It's going to hurt. Like a bandaid being ripped off.

Whatever! I can't wipe the grin off of my face. I know it's one state. One race. One win. But I intend to enjoy it.

How The MSM Influences Voting

Even when they are not trying..............

As I noted in a post below, there has been precious little coverage of the Iranians idiocy in the Gulf. Most people don't know about it. Most people don't realize how close we came to 5 dollar a gallon gas. One of the blogs I go to (I'm sorry I don't remember which) pointed out the if we had fired, oil would have shot up over $150.00 a barrel.

If that story had received the prominent coverage it deserved........


I was listening to Michael Graham on WTKK and he had on a guy from National Review Online. I didn't catch the name, but he said the funniest thing. He & Michael were discussing John Edwards and his comments on Hillary's emotional state yesterday. The guy from NRO said that things like this reminded him that John Edwards was a "John Grisham hero in a Tom Clancy world" (or words to that effect).

Love it.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Stuff To Read

The Phibian

Galrahn - I had to wait for the link to be sent. When I heard this on FoxNews this morning, I went to his site and just kept refreshing til I was feeling a little Rainman-ish. So I made myself shut it off until I got an email telling me to go look, lol! The Princess drives herself crazy.

BullNav - He has the best title on his post, SB is going to get a chuckle out of it.

Thank you gentlemen, it's not like I can get this stuff anywhere else. Regular news has been infuriating! I was stuck in the pedicure chair watching WHDH evening news and then a little NBC Nightly news. In the whole sixty minutes the only mention was one minute from Brian Williams. This should have led both newscasts!

Bloomberg's Tony Capaccio = ASSHAT

The Question:
Q Sir, Tony Capaccio with Bloomberg News. A lot of people are going to wonder why was the U.S. Navy afraid of five small speed boats when the vessels encountered were fairly large and well- equipped. Can you give the public a sense of the potential damage these vessels, these even small vessels could have caused. Did they have any anti-ship missiles on them, for instance, or torpedoes?

The Answer if I were running the press conference:
Maggie: Hey! Jackass! The United States Navy isn't afraid of anyone. Missiles? Torpedoes? Yeah, everyone knows you need those to cause damage. Otherwise you're completely harmless. OK. Anyone not on the short bus want to ask a question?

Fortunately for those involved, VADM Cosgriff was handling things. he was very firm, but far more professional:
ADM. COSGRIFF: Neither anti-ship missiles nor torpedoes, and I wouldn't characterize the posture of the U.S. 5th Fleet as afraid of these ships or these three U.S. ships afraid of these small boats. Our ships were making a normal transit of the Strait of Hormuz. They followed the procedures they've been trained to follow to increase their own readiness in the face of events like this, and as the Iranian behavior continued during this interaction, our ships stepped through there, increased readiness, the pace. And I didn't get the sense from the reports I was receiving that there was a sense of being afraid of these five boats. That said, we take the potential for a small craft to inflict damage against a larger ship seriously, and we would be irresponsible if we didn't.

Hey Capaccio, STFU!

Pentagon Briefing 07 January 2008

Not A Great Day In The Gulf

Navy Fighter Jets Crash in Persian Gulf
Monday January 7, 2008 7:16 PM
Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - Two U.S. Navy fighter jets plunged into the Persian Gulf Monday, after what initial reports suggest was a mid-air collision, a defense official said.
All three pilots ejected safely from the planes and were headed back to the USS Harry Truman, the aircraft carrier they were operating from, according to the official, who requested anonymity because the information was preliminary and not yet released publicly. No other details or the crash were released.
One of the F-18 jets that crashed held two pilots, the other held just one.
The crash occurred at about 1 p.m. EST

Let me reiterate - All three pilots ejected safely.

Check Your Tinfoil Lined Beanie At The Door

I don't want to hear any crap about Turner Joy, Part II.

We don't know how this will shake out, but it is way too early to trot out consripacy theories. Until I hear differently, I am going with the theory that the SOPA took the most appropriate COA based on the circumstances at the time.


What Is The Point Of Consorting With The Navy....

******UPDATE***** SB is fine. I knew that from the get-go this morning, thanks for asking
.......if a girl can't a heads up on this.....

Iran boats 'threatened US ships'

Five Iranian speedboats harassed three US navy ships at the weekend, approaching them and radioing a threat to blow them up, US officials say.

The incident happened as the US vessels passed through the Strait of Hormuz, which separates the Arabian peninsula and Iran, Pentagon officials said.

US sailors came close to opening fire, unnamed officials told CNN.

The White House on Monday warned Iran against "provocative actions that could lead to a dangerous incident".

The speedboats came within about 200m of the US vessels, a Pentagon official told the French news agency AFP.

"I am coming at you. You will explode in a couple of minutes," the Iranians said in a radio transmission, according to the officials.

The Iranian craft turned away "literally at the very moment that US forces were preparing to open fire", the Associated Press reported, also citing an unnamed Pentagon official.

He said that it was "the most serious provocation of this sort" that had occurred to date.

The incident took place between Saturday evening and Sunday morning, reports said, although it was not clear exactly when.

Some officials identified the Iranian boats as belonging to Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

At the time, the US navy cruiser, destroyer and frigate were entering the Gulf on what is a major oil shipping route, AP reported.

Pentagon officials insist the US ships were in international waters.

The incident comes as US President George Bush is due to begin a tour of the Middle East on Wednesday.

Long-standing US-Iranian tensions remain over Iran's nuclear programme, although these have been somewhat reduced since a report made public in late 2007 said the US intelligence community believed Iran had stopped its nuclear weapons programme in 2003.

The incident also follows a row last March after Iranian Revolutionary Guards captured 15 British sailors and held them for nearly two weeks.

Iran says the crew had strayed into Iranian waters, a claim which Britain disputes.

The BBC's Paul Reynolds says the key question is whether this is a one-off incident or whether it heralds a more aggressive stance by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

The latter policy would be unexpected given the lowering of tension over the nuclear issue, he says, but as the incident of the captured British naval personnel showed, tensions are always high.

There is no doubt that the US is ready to respond, our correspondent adds.


The Armorer refers to it in a less hysterical fashion than the Princess.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Campaign Song

**Update** Jen & SB don't see the humor. I think it's funny**
Every good campaign has a song. Jen & I battle constantly about my support of my bad boyfriend. On my way to work I was listening to him on Meet The Press.
I love him.
I know, immigration amnesty.
I know, pics with Ted Kennedy.
I know, there have been times he has disappointed me, too. Hell, why do you think he's my *bad* boyfriend? If he never let me down......
But still.......

I Almost Made It!!!!

Into work by noon like I promised myself. First I stayed a little too long at my parents house. I left at 1245 and even my aggressive driving can't get my to work in fifteen minutes. Then just as I got off the exit in the industrial park, Jen called. Her conference call (yes, we are both crazy work-a-holics) for California was moved to noon PST. Do I want to go grab breakfast?

Yes, I do!!!!

She has to drive past my work to get to the breakfast place (yeah, I know it's past noon, but it's Sunday), so I am here fooling around while I wait.

See ya!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Maj. Andrew J. Olmsted

*****UPDATE - Go read this. H/T to Sgt. Hook & Laughing Wolf @ Blackfive**********JP at Milblogging sent us a sad email this morning.
This is very tragic news I have to report to you today. Milblogger Andrew Olmsted, was killed in Iraq. Our hearts and prayers are with his family, friends, and everyone that got to know him, as they face this enormous loss and tragedy in their lives.
I didn't read Major Olmstead's blog, but I popped over real quick and I really liked what I read. You should check it out.
Read JP's post.
Read the Armorer's post.
If you go and read Huffington, skip the asshats in the comments.
There is also a very heartfelt story up at the Rocky Mountain News which left enough clues (along with what the Major is wearing in the pic below) to tell me that he was a member of Red Sox Nation.
Olmsted spends his time off with his wife, Amanda Wilson, as they take advantage of the June weather to hike near their home in Colorado Springs. Olmsted, 38, was killed Thursday.
Major Olmstead requested this: "So if you're up for that, put on a little 80s music (preferably vintage 1980-1984), grab a Coke and have a drink with me. If you have it, throw 'Freedom Isn't Free' from the Team America soundtrack in; if you can't laugh at that song, I think you need to lighten up a little. I'm dead, but if you're reading this, you're not, so take a moment to enjoy that happy fact."
Yes sir.

This Day In Boston History 1885, Hugh O'Brien, the first Irish immigrant elected mayor of Boston, took the oath of office. A new era was beginning. For several decades, the Roman Catholic Irish had outnumbered the native-born Protestants, who were now forced to give up their long domination of Boston politics. As a well-spoken, mild mannered, successful businessman, O'Brien defied all the Yankee stereotypes of Irishmen. During four terms as Mayor, he widened streets, planned the Emerald Necklace park system, and built the new Boston Public Library in Copley Square, all the while cutting taxes. Popular among both native- and Irish-born Bostonians, Hugh O'Brien paved the way for the better known Irish mayors who would follow him— "HoneyFitz" Fitzgerald and James Michael Curley.
O'Brien, Hugh (1827-1895) — of Boston, Suffolk County, Mass. Born in 1827. Mayor of Boston, Mass., 1885-88. Catholic. Irish ancestry. First Irish Catholic mayor of Boston. Died in 1895. Interment at Holyhood Cemetery, Brookline, Mass.
From the Irish Heritage Trail - As Boston's first Catholic Irish-born mayor, Hugh O'Brien (1827-95) helped usher in a new era of Irish participation in the city's government. He and his family immigrated to Boston when he was five years old. He left school at age 12 to work in the newspaper business, and had a successful career as a publisher, launching the widely read Shipping and Commercial List. A member of Boston's Board of Aldermen (1875-83), O'Brien challenged Republican mayor Augustus Martin in 1884 and beat him by a margin of 3,124 votes. His victory represented the city's passage from a Yankee plutocracy to a more democratic and accessible political environment that quickly inspired other Irish to run for office. He served four consecutive terms (1885-1888) as mayor and quickly allayed Yankee fears by demonstrating strong leadership, fiscal responsibility and vision for Boston's future. He was a strong advocate of public parks: during his administration Frederick Law Olmsted developed the city's famed Emerald Necklace park system. O'Brien laid the cornerstone of the new Boston Public Library in 1888, and was viewed as a champion of workers. He was an active member of the Saint Vincent's Orphan Asylum, the Charitable Irish Society and the Catholic Union of Boston. His funeral mass at Holy Cross Cathedral was attended by the city's leading citizens. According to the Republic Newspaper, "The largest and most conspicuous delegation was that from the St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum, 200 little children all dressed alike, who sat immediately behind the family." American sculptor John Donoghue (1853-1903) created the bust of Hugh O'Brien in 1888.
And, finally, the Mayor's obit in the NYT.

Friday, January 04, 2008

I Feel Good!

I made it back on Atkins Wednesday.
I went to the gym Wednesday and Thursday.
I threw away some clothes that I still had only because I am a pack rat.
I finished off the "Decadent Walnut Whip" body cream....less clutter on the bureau. Wasn't that crazy about it, I wouldn't get it again.
The boys are going to do the heavy lifting on a project in the kitchen and I will finish tonight.
While I was at the gym last night watching Fox, Jen was trying to taunt me via texts about my bad boyfriend finishing 4th in Iowa. I know it's a "rice crispies treat"(inside, inside joke - email if you need to know), but I'm voting for him anyway!
It didn't work. LOL

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Yeah Baby!!

Jen is listening to Ralph Peters.....I am presuming he is on FoxNews. She can't stand any other news channel for long. She sent me this text

"Ralph Peters just called you bad boyfriend President McCain"

"Yeah Baby!"

Followed by

"He has a new book we might want to put on the list."

My answer? "Yes. I think I saw something about it at The Castle. We'll get to that around May.....2010!"

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I Hurt


I apologize to everyone who can't read my mind. I am fine. I went to the gym last night and when I got home.....the title was all I was capable of typing.

My arms hurt.
My bum hurt.
My legs hurt.

But in a good way, lol. Besides, it was my own fault. I hadn't been to the gym since December 20th. As it was, last night, I ditched early after only 75 minutes.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ok, It's Time

The Princess Crabby Self Improvement Plan

Get the hell back on Atkins. It's not just about losing weight or not gaining weight. I simply function better on Atkins. I sleep less and the sleep I get is more restful. I am more on an even keel. I admit it. When it comes to chocolate.....I have a problem. I am an addict. And, like any other addict, I'm better when I'm clean.

More gym time - this one is easy enough, I like being there.

More time at work - there are projects that I think of for work and I never get to them because I am not there enough.

An expansion of the Austerity Program. There are things I want to do this year. I want to go to Vegas with my family in March. You know I don't gamble, but my cousin is getting married there, so we are going. There is the Milblog Conference in late April/early May. The Ogre wants my back in NOLA for Mardi Gras. I told him that just wasn't possible. It's too expensive, but I wouldn't mind going at some other point. Who knows, maybe he'll leave the shipyard for a few hours and take me to dinner. Plus, at some point, that mad-man-in-the-desert will come stateside and I would like to show up where ever my friend Gary sees fit to billet him.

So, all of the those "wants" cost money. Frivilous spending needs to stop.

Personal organization - I have every check I have ever written...... since 1979. I have a lot of paper, a lot of crap. I have manuals and warranty info on appliances that went to the dump ten years ago. I have pictures that need info written on the back. Some that need to be uploaded. I have books and papers. My attic is full of stuff that I don't want to think about. It's a small house. There might be some elbow room if I could bring myself to to sort and organize and make a few trips to the dump.

Then, if it's possible......the garden. Years ago, when Tommy was young, I gardened.'s brown and barren and bleak.

I'm off to bed now, so I can get a good foot under me.

The Last Hurrah!

ColdStone Creamery "Banana Split Decision". An obscene amount of money....but I wanted a banana with my ice cream.

The Princess Misbehaves

Last night we popped up to my brother's house for my nephew's birthday. He rarely gets a party on his actual birthday and his mother decided for once it would be. Grace brought her two girls (the boys had plans); I showed up with Tom (Frank had plans) and Jen brought my parents. After the party (where all I did was talk about malasadas!) we shuffled people and cars and I ended up driving our goddaughters, and Jen in Jen's car.

Jen has a nice car.

Jen has a fast car.

The roads weren't crowded and I was cruising at 80 and yes, your honor, passing people on the right.

Got pulled over. Got pulled over by an irate Massachusetts State Trooper. They are my favorite flavor and he was cute. Did I know what an unsafe lane change was? I said I used my directional. Sound of exasperation! He held his hands two feet apart "It doesn't matter if you only leave that much room!" He gestured in frustration with my license (which he didn't even look at) and told me that the way I was driving he thought the driver was drinking. "No sir, not at all." another sound of frustration and his voice got louder "I know that! I knew that when I looked at you!" I tried to pass him the registration. I started to say that sometimes the car gets away from me, I forget how powerful it is, I am used to a pokey ten year old Saturn, but all I get out is "I'm sorry, you see it's not my car...." "I know that! It's a leased car! I know it's not yours!" He still hasn't looked at the license and he didn't take the registration.

That's when I realized I wasn't getting a ticket. I wasn't getting a warning.

LOL, baby if you read this, drop me a line and I'll buy you a drink. I understand. I am very frustrating.

He finished off my lecture with "There are a lot of people out here who shouldn't be driving. If you drive aggressively, you could get one of them mad at you...and it wouldn't be good."

Yes, sir.

We did 70 or less the whole way home.
****SB reads this and emails me "70 or less the rest of the way? He has no clue."

Oh, if you are from the Castle, I am sure you expected the "misbehaves" to refer to this.....but that was just fun, hardly misbehaving.