Monday, October 31, 2011

Check Marks On The WHOLE List!

Every day is a list. I do some. I do none. But today - I did all!!!! Dry cleaning; gym membership; drug store; library; UPS store; supermarket. Venti vanilla chai tea latte was my reward. I walked around the North End and not through no pastries were consumed during this adventure. A mile and half is pretty good for me.

Happy Halloween, so far we have had just a single Trick-or-Treater. It's not like the Nook.

Oh well, I've taken the Nyquil and I am going to pass out now.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Reprinted With Much Love

Red Journalism: Michael Yon’s Medevac of Righteousness Failure; the Golden Hour of Truth.

An Open letter to Micheal Yon.

Somewhere near FOB Gabe, Iraq in 2005 there was an action, which resulted in two casualties, Truth and Justice. Immediately a 9-line was called in as Truth and Justice were quickly bleeding out. There is a “Golden Hour of Truth”, which, as defined by Don Freed, is a period of time immediately following an incident when events should be put to paper, as they are freshest in the mind and will give the greatest most accurate accounting of an event. Everyone with a background in reporting information, from policemen to journalists know this, that’s why the Medevac of Righteousness is always on stand-by.This particular Medevac of Righteousness mission was given to the pilot, Michael Yon, who received it with great enthusiasm. But something went horribly wrong. Somewhere between his bunk and the pilot’s seat, he forgot about the mission. Truth and Justice kept calling for evacuation, but something more important seemed to be afoot.

Countless deployments and 6 ½ years later, while gabbing with some old friends in the DFAC, an old faded memory began nagging at the fringes of Michael’s memory. My God! It was the call from Truth and Justice! He grabbed his gear, and headed to the bird.

After flying to the site posthaste, he landed and began a frantic search. He found the remains of truth, he thought. Maybe. He couldn’t really tell because Truth was so badly decomposed. All that were left were some bones. But maybe they weren’t even bones…maybe petrified wood. Who knows. A search of the area for Justice met with negative results. It seemed person(s) unknown had taken him away. Justice is officially listed as MIA.

How could this happen? A person that makes a living as a professional reporter of information gets a scoop on a war atrocity, does not follow-up on reporting the crime to authorities, and does not write a dispatch about this huge gross criminal act and the following cover-up? Can one professional reporter be so inept? Or could it be something else? One could look at said reporter as having participated in the cover-up because he wanted to protect his “Brothers”, a group which up until recently he did not seem to have a problem with publicly associating himself.

Michael, open up and tell us what really happened. Who did you notify? Why did you not follow-up? Why did you not report this atrocity if the first officials did nothing? Do you feel you could have done more? Do you think this could be viewed as a lack of intestinal fortitude to do the right thing…or maybe things didn’t exactly happen the way you said? Being on the receiving end of line of questioning like this is uncomfortable, no?

I hope we do find out what happened so we can get Justice back, but maybe when we do, Justice will point to a villain no one is expecting.
I am reposting this from the Professional Soldiers Forum with love and respect for exposing Michael Yon for the self-absorbed, narcissistic, bastard he is.

You see, Michael Yon talkks a lot of shite on his Facebook page. Then he deletes comments that don't agree with him. But don't worry about only getting one side of the disccussion. You can meander on over to the PS Forum and see where Yon was an asshat and got called on it. You can see all of it because Yon can't delete or manipulate that forum.

I am more proud than ever that I, Princess Crabby, the Empress of La Moata, she who has no equal, Princesa Malhumorada, Maggie has been "Banned By Michael Yon"

Just Finished Sunday Dinner

I didn't make it.

I had to fight to clean up some of it.

It was delish.

You people wish you lived with my parents.

Where Is the Damn Snow?

Last night, the French toast Alert was up and I made the decision to return the rental car early. It was due back today at noon. I thought "Why deal with this?"

So first, I forget to gas it up and pay more than top dollar to the car rental place.

Then, I open my eyes this morning to.......NOTHING! No snow, no storm, bright sunshine.


Then at breakfast I was chastised for going outside last night and telling some party-goers under my window to pipe down.

I'm staying in my room.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I Just Paid $5.32 For A Gallon Of Gas

My head cold is killing me and the rain is scheduled to turn to snow. So I made a snap decision to return the rental car early. It's due Sunday at 11:00 am. But I wanted it done with.

The whole drive over to Eastie I had the feeling I was forgetting something.....

I was.....

I forgot to gas it up at one of the million places I passed selling gas for $3.69 or $3.79.

When you don't fill the tank, car rental companies charge you a higher price.

My own fault.

As Kathy would say "Repeatan usedes.......Ammadick...Ammadick....Ammadick"

Shhhh! It's Nearly 2 AM

Ok, today was a total "here-we-come-on-the-run-with-a-burger-on-a-bun" day.

Up early to hang with Griffin, we went to Zume's Coffee House for hot chocolate & cookies.

Saw Spankie Frankie for all of three minutes, but apparently I am "the best mom ever". Sounds good.

Home to do some actual real-life business.

Stopped at Cake in Milton on Eliot Street. I had a Group-on and it was about to expire. I needed something to bring when we went to Cara's....Voila! OMG! Loved them!

Down to hang with Jen at East Bay before we went to a Tupperware party. Yeah, that's right, Tupperware. We are diverse. Seriously it was a chance to hang with Cara, our friend Chris' wife who we never see. And the bonus was Kevin's wife was there too.

I just didn't get enough Rocky Nook time this summer.

Then I drove home, but had a serious hankering for Beachmont Roast Beef. While I was waiting for my order (they are open until 2 am, but cash only) I realized that it's not such a big deal to get there anymore. When I lived in Rocky Nook, it was a pain to go over the bridge or through the tunnel. But now that I am mostly on the T.....Beachmont is tucked under...Beachmont Station!!! LOL!

Then I came back through the Sumner tunnel so I could take a spin around Dewey Square and see the #OccupyBoston-cicles. It was 37 degrees when I drove by. I gave myself a giggle because I was paying such attention to them that I followed the pickup truck in front of me right up onto the plaza. Pay no attention to the woman banging the "Uey" on Dewey Square.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm Home....I'm Unpacked... laundry is done.....

When's my next trip?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

#OWS Comparisons That Irritate Me

First we have people who tell us that

"The Occupy Wall Street protests are explicitly inspired by, and modeled on, the Tahrir Square protests in Egypt"

Now Stacey Hessler says

"Military people leave their families all the time, so why should I feel bad?” a defiant Hessler said. “I’m fighting for a better world."

Get a grip! You are not fighting a war. you are not risking your life for a cause. You are not being shot at. The government is not suppressing your right to free speech.

As a matter of fact, mayors and government officials are bending over backwards for you. People are bringing you food and clothes.

You are not at war. You are at a Boy Scout Jamboree. You are staying up all night and eating marshmallows even though you know your mom would disapprove.

Get over yourself.

Bicentennial Commission Visits Naval Academy Museum - Video - WBAL Baltimore

This is video from part of our tour/conference yesterday. I am in the crowd at the bottom of the steps as the piece begins.

My Marine viewed it and said "You look so......civilized" LOL!Bicentennial Commission Visits Naval Academy Museum - Video - WBAL Baltimore

Well! That Hasn't Happened In A Bit.

I just slept 14 hours...through breakfast.....through lunch plans.....through wandering around Annapolis.

Just this past spring that was an every day occurrence.

Then every other day.

Then just a few times a week.

You get the drift. But I think it's been two weeks since that happened. Mind you, I'm not saying the rest of the time I'm getting along with 6 or 8 hours, lol.

Anyway, I am still at Mary's house. which is awesome by the way. It's this mix of Mary and her parents and family. My house was a little like this, but Mary's is pulled together like a designer did it. But like mine, you know most of these object have a story attached. I don't need to know the stories - although I do know some - to be comfortable and comforted.

So now, I am packed and can leave at my leisure, it's time to blog about yesterday and revise plans and see if I can't move lunch to dinner.

I'll be back here in less than two weeks for The Ripley Race - don't even by silly enough to ask if I am running. I'd be thrilled if you came - to run or cheer on the runners - and donated.

I'll be posing for pics and autographing body parts! How can you resist?

Monday, October 24, 2011

USS Constitution Turn Around

Last Friday Old Ironsides took a spin around the Harbor to celebrate the anniversary of her launching. J. Michael Rodriguez took these pics and tweeted them

This one above is my favorite.

You can follow him on Twitter @JMR_Boston

I Am the 2%

Mary showed me this and I howled laughing. I got this from Reddit. Go over there and give it a thumbs up.

Apologies For Being A Day Late - 23 OCT 1983

Beirut: In Memoriam
Posted By Laughing_Wolf • [October 24, 2011]

23 October 1983; A Blast that Still Echoes

October 23, 1983

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm Off!

I am hitting the road to Annapolis.

No blogging.

No Facebooking.

Minimal tweeting from the phone and even then, unless you DM me, I can't see what anyone else writes.

It's a #WarOf1812 road trip - yea for me.

In the meanwhile be entertained by my friends B5; Sal & the guys (& DeltaBravo) on the porch; my fellow Denizennes at the Castle; and everyone at USNI.

Miss me!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lack Of Passion?????


As Kevin from Heaven used to opine "MuthraGawd!"

If there is one thing I have never heard from a man in my life - it's that I lacked passion.

I think someone should call the doctor - My Marine must have bumped his head.

"Welcome Back!"

We're at Grace's watching the Bruins game. She made us a fabulous dinner of fish & asparagus. Debbie made snacks; brownies.......cookies.....salsa....nachos.....nuts...

Boone's Farm Wine???? Seriously Deb? She claims it's good. I don't drink wine, but I know this is wrong. She wanted neon blue, but she had to settle for wild cherry and some berry thing.

Grace, Jen and I were working on the ornaments for the Kelley Family Christmas Party. Deb came over with her glass of wild cherry. It smelled just like cough syrup. I took a sip, guess what it tasted like? Yup, cough syrup. So now we are relaxing, watching the Bruins, talking during the commercials. The conversation meandered about and touched on a family we know where the two children were not good to their father. Jen said she didn't like them. I started to defend them. Jen was yelling at me. Then I said that it was harder for me because I knew them and liked them before.

Jen yelled at me, "You are looking at this through rose colored glasses!"

I started to remember the actual circumstances - how I had tried to intervene. How I couldn't understand how they didn't see how poorly things were going to go if they continued with their plan.

I looked at Jen and said "I remember how I offered to help. I begged them not to do it. I forgot that. Guess I was blocking."

Jen says "Welcome back!"

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Am Beside Myself

I just watched Channel 7 WHDH in Boston. They were interviewing Mary Rizzo. She was crying. I started crying.

The Rizzo are genuinely nice people that I have had interactions with for years. Eliot played soccer with Frankie; Nick played with my bosses' son Mark; Mike coached Frankie in soccer; and I would hang with Mary on the soccer field sidelines.. I didn't know Jonathan, but everyone who did loved him.

The Rizzo's lives were irreparably harmed when serial killer Gary Lee Sampson murdered their eldest son Jonathan. Sampson confessed to Jonathan's killing and the killing of others. He received the death penalty. Jonathan's parents set up a successful Memorial Foundation in his memory and tried to live their lives.

Now ten years later Judge Mark Wolf has thrown out his death penalty.

Three jurors gave "incorrect answers" on their questionnaires. There is no question of guilt. There is no exculpatory evidence. There is no crucial DNA. Sampson confessed.

Now ten years later, Judge Wolf hits the family with this?

What. The. Fuck.

If there is a new trial, it will begin in December. Merry Christmas.

Hey MBTA Badge Number 69999!

Correction - Today, November 8th, the MBTA called to say Operator #69999 was scheduled to drive this bus, but someone else substituted at last minute. So Operator #69999 was not the person who was rude and uncaring in this incident.
I apologize.
That's right jackass, I got the number despite the fact that when asked, you gave a different four digit number. You ticked me off enough that I took the bus back to Sullivan Square and asked the starter. I also called in to the T and filed phone complaint with Carlos.

And now, it's time for your lesson in Social Media 101: "You never know who is sitting on your bus."

A late start on errands today - is anyone surprised? I left the house around 4:30 pm. When I got to the Route 93 bus stop aka "The Bunka Bus", I checked the schedule. A bus had left Sullivan Square at 4:30pm and would be cresting the top of Bunker Hill in a moment. Lucky for me.

I got on and sat in the first forward facing seat on the door side. There was a woman in the middle of the side facing seats in front of me. She was two seats from the door. She had a cane. I didn't notice anything past the that. I sent my Frankie a text message at 4:37 pm and then just gazed out the window.

Someone rang the buzzer for the next stop. The bus stopped at Medford Street and North Washington, the first stop after the North Washington Street Bridge. the woman in front of me slid forward in her seat like she was going to get up but she didn't. She was facing the driver and she was getting agitated. A different woman walked up the aisle, got off the bus and the doors closed.

As the driver pulled away from the curb, the woman with the cane asked "Was that Medford? Where is Medford?" The driver replied "I told you before I didn't know where Medford was"

I was just listening because I was confused, there is a Medford Street in Charlestown, but the 93 bus doesn't connect with that at all. Besides, now we were in the North End.

The woman with the cane, who I would come to find out was named Andrea, said "I told you it was the first stop after the bridge."

Operator who was substituting for #69999 replied "Well I stopped and you didn't get off."

Andrea "You didn't tell me"

Operator who was substituting for #69999 "Was I supposed to pick you up and carry you off?"

Now let's pause for a moment - I am know for hyperbole, exaggeration, etc. But I promise you, the above is a direct quote.

Another woman began speaking to the driver as well, telling him he shouldn't be talking to her that way. Andrea meanwhile is getting very agitated because it turns out she has two canes and one is WHITE. I, with my lack of situational awareness, just then realize, Andrea has one cane because of physical disabilities and a white one because she has a 90% vision loss.

I told the driver "You might not have known where Medford St was, but you certainly knew which was the first stop after the bridge."

The bus driver replied with some nonsense about how he had to pay attention to driving the bus.

An important note here - at no time was the bus driver upset, remorseful or angry. He was dismissive. He smirked the entire time.

I hit the button for the next stop which would leave us off in front of City Hall. I leaned forward and put my hand on Andrea's arm and told her "Don't worry, we will get off at the next stop and I will take you back."

The other woman said she was going to call and complain, I said I was too but I was waiting for his number to scroll by on the bus marquee. The driver called out a number over his shoulder - and it wasn't "69999". So on top of everything else.....he lied. This paragraph is wrong, on November 8th, the MBTA called and said it was not Operator #69999, but a last minute substitute.


After we got off the bus, Andrea and I crossed Congress Street to the Haymarket T Station and got on the 93 heading back toward the bridge. I asked her where on Medford Street she was going and she replied that she was headed to Endicott Street, Medford Street was just the closest T stop. So I took her down Thatcher to Endicott and escorted her right to her front door.

After I ran my errands, I was back on the 93 to go home. Different driver. But I was kicking myself that I couldn't remember the other driver's number. I was so peeved, it just slipped my mind. After all, the important part was getting this woman where she needed to go, not getting out paper and pencil to take notes.

But, it was a warm night and it wasn't late, the buses were still running fairly I stayed on the bus all the way to Sullivan Square and spoke to the starter.

I told him that I had been on the 4:30 pm Route 93 bus and I wanted the driver's number. He joked "Operator number, right?" I smiled and said yes. I told him I needed to be sure it was the right guy. I said he was Caucasian, young, good looking, facial hair and wearing a knit cap. The Starter said "So in other words, he looked like me?" We laughed and I said "Yes, except for the knit cap, he was good looking, just like you."

So that's how I know who you are T bus operator #69999. correction - it wasn't #69999, but a substitute driver.

I told the starter my story.

I called into the T's main line and told Carlos my story.

I really hope some of my fellow passengers call in. I think that woman who said she was going to cal will follow through, she was really steamed.

But for now Operator #69999 welcome to Blogger..........and Facebook..........and Twitter.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm Like A Two Year Old - Why? Why? Why?

By coincidence I walked over two bridges today that gave me some insight into questions I would come to ask later this evening.

I bought something at Radio Shack for my Dad, it wasn't right and needed to be returned. So I walked through Thompson Square, over the Prison Point (Gilmore) Bridge, crossed McGrath Highway and over a little bridge that spans the Lechmere Canal. The Galleria Mall is right on the other side. It's just over a mile, very pleasant, sunny, warm.....but you can feel fall right underneath it, know what I mean?

Anyhow, this evening I attended a meeting if the Charlestown Neighhood Council down at the Knights.

Now everything from here forward is my opinion and my understanding of the situation. It's not reporting, I could have some stuff wrong. It was my first meeting on this subject and there have been many others.

It was hosted by the Real Estate Project Development and Transportation subcommittees of the CNC and the guests were representatives from Boston Transportation Department (BTD). Also in attendance were planners and subcontractors who are trying to come up with solutions to traffic problems in Charlestown. In particular, Sullivan Square, Rutherford Ave and Austin St/Prison Point Bridge.

I'll be posting more about this and attending all future meetings when possible. But for now let me posit an answer to one of the many "Why?s" that came up for me and others.

The BTD plans suggest that Rutherford Ave become a total surface road. Right now there are two underpasses. The BTD plan fills in those tunnels.

There is my first "Why?". We were told that less than a quarter of the current traffic travels through the underpasses. That if we fill them in, these vehicles will be forced to the surface. So....why add any cars? Even if it is a small percentage?

We were told that it would allow for shorter pedestrian crossings. Right now crossing from
Austin Street to the Prison Point Bridge/Community College buildings and T station runs about 200 or so feet. Now remember - I just made this trek today. It will be shortened approximately 100 or so feet to about 90 feet. Also, there will be better sidewalks and Rutherford Avenue will be a boulevard with green space, trees and parking spaces.

Ok, my next "Why?" - why is that a fair trade? You add all those cars/trucks from the underpass to the surface congestion to get a shorter crosswalk and some trees? One woman called out "Quality of life" when I was questioning this. Listen, if Cancer Girl here can make it across from Austin Street to the Bridge side.....almost anyone can.

The real answer came out from another question - What costs the City of Boston less - closing the underpasses or leaving them open? Closing them is cheaper.....I'm sorry....more cost effective.

Ahhhh, I see.

After the meeting I spoke informally to some of the other attendees. Their "Why?s" included "Who cares about multiple crosswalks that take us to the industrialized side of Rutherford Avenue? Who cares about parking spaces along Rutherford Avenue?"

Here is where my afternoon trip came in.
This picture is the Lechmere Canal Park from the overpass near the Cambridgeside Galleria.
This is about the midway point of the Prison Point/Gilmore Bridge about a quarter mile north of the first picture.

When I was young the top picture and the whole of the 2nd picture was a mess. All industrial and bleak and weedy. But now development, landscaped public spaces, new condos and office space have crept from the Charles River north toward Charlestown.

Can you see the chain link fence separating the landscaped area from the wild area? That wild industrial area stretches to Rutherford Avenue.

Now, why would you want Rutherford Avenue to be an attractive boulevard connected to Charlestown as opposed to the highway-esque scar that cuts this wild area off from Charlestown, one of the hottest residential neighborhoods in the city?

I'm not against development. Go ahead, build condos and office space and create jobs and landscape your way all the way from that chain link fence to the other side of Rutherford Ave.


Don't pretend it's for us. Don't pretend there isn't lots of benefit to the City (more development/bigger tax base).

And don't try to do it on the cheap - keeping the underpasses costs more, but it is a bigger benefit to the Town.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Saturday From The Rose Kennedy Greenway

So, you have seen all the pics in the papers and on TV and on Howie Carr's page of #OccupyBoston on the rose Fitzgerald Greenway. But they are only on part of the Greenway. For those who don't know what the Greenway is, it's this public space that came about when they put the Expressway underground. The elevated highway that used to put this area in shadow all day was named after Rose's father, "Honey Fitz". And rose's son, Ted secured most of the pork to fund "The Big Dig", so I guess I am ok with the name, lol.

Anyway, I had been tweeting about #OccupyBoston. Some of their Twitter supporters said that couldn't talk about it if I didn't go myself. So Friday night and Saturday morning I did - two separate visits mind you......Princess Crabby doesn't camp.

I have no good pics from Friday night despite the fact that I used the flash, it was just the cell phone and not the camera. Plus it was raining and everything was blurry. By raining, I mean that at times it was like standing under a waterfall. I saw filth and garbage and ruined plantings. There were people dancing under a tarp and playing music and chewing up all the grass. There was every kind of tent and shanty. And there was a 3rd world stench. They are going to be lucky if no one gets cholera or malaria.

Saturday morning I walked from Aquarium on the Blue Line to South Station for the Red Line.

This is how it looks Little parks, all different but connected between traffic intersections.
A world of difference from when I was a little girl. Just lovely.
And at the last intersection, just before crossing Congress Street to where the #OccupyBoston encampment is, I found this guy -
"We honor those who serve" I introduced myself and asked why he was there. He said he wasn't there to pick a fight. But that the story of some from the #OccupyBoston camp verbally and physically assaulting a uniformed member of the Coast Guard has moved him to act. He said he was there in solidarity with her.
The first thing I did was send it to Blackfive because I knew he would get it online much faster than I could - I really need to get a fancy-schmancy phone.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Problem With #OccupyMath

I've got lots of problems with #Occupy & #OccupyBoston. I've written, tweeted & FB'd about it before. But my biggest problem is with their audacity to say they speak for me.

I am not super rich, so I am not the 1%.

Therefore, I am in the other 99%. #Occupy says they represent the 99%. That's pretty damn ballsy.

Hey #Occupy, you speak for yourself and your supporters. Fini.

Your mindless whining and complaining should be no reflection on me.

Also, My Marine was MIA for the season premiere of I am pouting.

#WalkingDead Is Back Tonight!

I almost forgot.

See a clip here.

Now I have to speed up my pace from glacial to just slow.

And the dinner decision has become a red rare meat. What to do?

Sleepy Sunday Is Going Just As Planned

The plan for today is chugging along just fine folks. I slept until noon, put on sweats and started laundry. I "swiffered" the hard wood floor and soon I will vacuum.

But my pace is glacial. I stopped to Tweet. Gotta keep up with my #USNavy; #WarOf1812; #Charlestown and other fav topics.

I've been on the go so much lately that it seems, I dump things in this room and can't find them again. I have to update my "go bag".

I stayed up last night for The Military Channel's "Officer and a Movie". It was "PT 109" with the first CO of the USS Samuel B Roberts, FFG58. Captain Paul X. Rinn is an important figure in modern Naval History. I'm guessing it was scheduled this was because the Navy's 236th birthday was this past Thursday. I went to bed before it ended.....but I think I know what happened.

Ok, back to napping and laundry.

Leave suggestions for dinner please

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Watch Out! I'm Having An Insta-lange!

Right now - midnight - I am the top post on BlackFive.

Holy Moly!

Attention - I love it!

Let's Celebrate!

My laptop is fully functional again.

I have numbers -

I have symbols -

Thanks to Curt Middlebrook (The Computer Whisperer) who told me what to do step-by-step and emailed me the link to purchase the new keyboard and Steve, the Therap-Ease IT guy who installed it for me.

I'm so happy!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

OK, So You Know #OccupyBoston Is Making Me Crazy

You don't need to read the post to know that, huh?

They are allegedly fighting corruption by doing illegal things. Yeah, that makes sense.

They are trying to garner followers by aggravating the very people the purport to represent.

First off, I'm peeved they have no permits, etc., the way any other group would need to have. They are cowing local pols - yeah, I mean you Menino - and blatantly disobeying city regs.

Next, they tie up traffic on North Washington Street bridge and make a commute that is already miserable, more so. You know, for the working people they supposedly represent.

Then they try to expand into other areas, refuse to move, bait police and cry when they get arrested. All forms of stupidity irritate me. You dared them to arrest you....they did....shut up.

How can you make it worse? Well you can cause the cancellation of the Greenway Mobile Food Fest. You know, with my friend TSO's fav food truck, Roxy's Grilled Cheese. I was gonna saunter on over's supposed to be sunny tomorrow, and the Greenway just had all new plantings done. And now it's wrecked by people crying about their student loan debt.

But now, I'm really mad.

"'Occupy Boston' Protesters Spit on Coast Guard"

When I first heard the story on Twitter, it was a rumor and I waited. Then the local Fox affiliate reported it. So I started Tweeting about it.

Then opponents of FoxNews - FauxNews as they call it - and Occupy Boston backers said "No real news outlet is reporting it.

Fine says I..... I can get my own confirmation. So I emailed the PAO over in the North End. This was the reply.

Ms. Miller,

The assault did occur. We do not have an active statement. The Coast Guard member filed a report today with Boston Police Department and we have the utmost confidence in how they handle the situation. I hope this answers any questions you may have.

Petty Officer 3rd Class Luke Clayton

Still some on Twitter protest that it's not proof. For pity's sake! Take off your tinfoil hat. The Coast Guard has no dog in this fight. Read Admiral Neptun - who I have met - would not let this blossom into a news story if he didn't believe the Coastie involved.

I also told the doubters that I am certainly going to put more stock into the word of a uniformed member of the Coast Guard than I am in the protestations of the lawbreakers on the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Every Day Something Fun!

Monday Jen, Grace and I went down to the Newport Octoberfest. We were invited by my friend Mike, his lovely wife Paulette. It was also my first chance to meet their daughters.

What fun. Schnitzel, spray on tattoos - mine fooled Frankie for a minute or two - cupcakes......but no strudel!

How does that work???? I am going to file a complaint with the International Commission of Octoberfests.

When I got back to the cottage it was time to Tweet the PBS showing of the "War of 1812". Did you see it? It was great. I saw the sneak peek a few weeks ago and got more out of it the second time.

I can tell you, I fell into bed that night.

Tuesday was my Dr. Miller check-up and finally.....finally.....a white blood cell count in the NORMAL RANGE - 6,300! I celebrated with a venti, vanilla chai tea latte from Starbucks.

I couldn't decide about dinner, so Frankie and I had ziti, meatballs, chicken parm, meat ravioli, garlic bread and garlic broccoli with mozzarella. I was in a carb coma.

Today I had a gift certificate for a facial at an Aveda Salon and it was fabulous! Thank you Val at Tropez Salon in Natick.

Then I took myself to the movies with one of my AMC passes. I saw "50/50". I know, you are thinking "Maggie, why would you do that?" But it was really good and I am all the more grateful than ever for my fabulous support system.

Lastly, it was a visit to my favorite and longtime hairdresser. We went brown, dark brown. It looks so strange to me. I have had white hair for so long. It kinda looks like a hat. But I know that's just me. It's a fabulous dye job. If someone who hasn't seen me in the last ten months saw me, they would only notice my hair was very short. But I am getting there too, one half inch per month.

The parking gods smiled upon me and just as I pulled down the street a great big spot opened up in front of where my Aunt Helen lived when I was young.

Now I am off to bed because I have to get up early to go hang with my pal, Griffen and play with Matchbox cars.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Genevieve Says Papa Shouldn't Be.....

.....funding our deviant behavior.

Saturday night Grace, Jen, Deb and I went to Maxwell's Pub in Ogunquit. We picked it because it was just down the street from our motel. the plan was to have a few drinks and watch the Bruins.

Before we ordered I announced I had forty dollars and a credit card. Grace said she had forty. Deb tried to tell us what she had and we just laughed. Jen said she had forty and our father's credit card. She was supposed to pick something up for him, so she had it on her.

So we get Nicole, our waitress to change one of the many TVs to the Bruins - all the others were on football games. We order drinks and appetizers.

After a bit they start setting up for karaoke right next to us. We get Nicole to move us and change another TV for us.

We had a GREAT time.

At one point I walked outside to talk to My Marine, who was not having nearly as much fun. During the conversation I noticed a candy shop across the street. My mother had mentioned earlier she would have liked a piece of fudge - seaside vacations do that to her I guess. So after I hung up, I went across the street and grabbed some fudge and other things.

So now I didn't have forty dollars.

I drank, don't tell my oncologist. I'm not saying it was a lot, but I was keeping up.

When the bill came, it was steep. So I reached in my pocket for the credit card.

It wasn't there, I had my driver's license..........

We were cracking up laughing, but we had no choice - out came Dad's credit card.

Fast forward to today at his and Debbie's joint birthday party. I came up to him with the money and he waved it away. I tried to explain that we had used his card. He said he knew that and to put the money away.

Genevieve, who couldn't attend "Girl's Weekend" due to other committments piped up -

"Papa you shouldn't be funding their deviant behavior"

Who's a little green with envy, Gen?

Thanks Dad.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Being Forced To Tip

Some restaurants have a policy where they add in a tip for big parties.

This morning we had breakfast at The Wild Blueberry Restaurant in Ogunquit Maine.

The food was excellent, the service was sub par. I was baffled, didn't this guy care about his tip?

Um, no, he just knew his TWENTY PERCENT tip was secure.

I am a good tipper, so are Grace, Jennifer and our mother. This automatic tip business usually backfires with us, since in most circumstances we would give more than what is forced upon us. However, today that was not the case.

I complained to the owner but she just kept repeating he was her best waiter and everyone loved him.

So what, I didn't. I was forced to tip for good service and I didn't receive it.

After our food was delivered and it was awesome, we didn't see him again until he delivered the check. We wanted more napkins, cream and water.....but that was our loss.

So if you go to the place, I recommend that you try the french toast with blueberries.....and only bring four friends, not five. That way the waiter will have to work for his tip and he may well pay attention to you.

Ever Thought About Being a Bone Marrow Donor?

Years ago, long before I was diagnosed, I registered my bone marrow. Now of course, it doesn't matter if I match a dozen one wants my myeloma filled marrow.

My transplant was an "auto", meaning they took my own myeloma and used it after high dose chemo. But some people can't do "auto", they are "allo"s. They need matches. And sometimes those matches are hard to find.

But tomorrow there will be a drive to register down in Connecticut.

This email is from someone in my support group -
A Young Mother in Our Community is in Need of a Match.

Is the "needle in a haystack" among us at Yale? Help us find out on Monday, October 10th at Slifka Center.

A member of our community - an alumna of the Yale School of Public Health, the spouse of a Yale graduate student, a leader in our Jewish community, and mother of a nine-month-old baby - is searching for a bone marrow transplant match. And Slifka Center is rallying Yale's Jewish Community to help find him or her.

Working with Gift of Life, a nationwide public bone marrow matching organization, we have the opportunity to register 500 potential donors immediately to help her search for a transplant needed in her battle againstacute myelogenous leukemia (AML). It all starts with finding a match.

Please donate: The laboratory fee required for processing each registration is $54, but we have arranged with Gift of Life that up to 500 registrations will be processed immediately without waiting for the fees. We promised Gift of Life that we would ask our community to support this incredible effort with a donation. Please visit Bone Marrow Registration Drive to make a gift of any amount today. 100% of the proceeds from these gifts will go directly to Gift of Life.

Thank you for your compassion.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Grace Is Ranting

We're in Ogunquit at the Seaview Motel. It's on the trolley line, but service is a little sporadic. The six of us; Grace, Jen; Debbie; my Mum; Ruth and myself had a delicious lunch at the Front Porch right in the center.

We had tons of laughs walking through the shops and reading the funny mugs and plaques. Lots of lobster and moose jokes.

The weather is just gorgeous. Of course, no fall foliage yet...I think there was too much rain this summer.

Jen called from the beach and asked if I could pick her and Ruth up. The trolley wasn't coming on schedule and they had bags.

Grace and my mother was in the deck watching me drive away. Two people were walking to the trolley stop to go into town, so I offered them a lift. Very nice couple visiting from England.

Grace saw me.

She is still yelling at me.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

New Email Scam

I wouldn't have even opened this except that I drove through New York last Saturday. And I was speeding, lol. Anyway, I was no where near New York in July, so......

But, it was quite well done. I couldn't copy the background, but it was good. No misspellings, etc. If I had been in New York around that day, I might have clicked on the attachment to dispute it.

New York State — Department of Motor Vehicles
Local Police Code 727

Time: 7:25 AM
Date of Offense: 07/02/2011


031 Description of Violation



Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Took Myself To The Movies Last Night

I have made a huge mistake in this post....I meant to say that I am my SECOND favorite movie date. My apologies and I shall make every effort to be more accurate in the future.

I was down on the South Shore, so I decided to take myself out to the movies. I am my own favorite movie date.....I buy myself popcorn....I never talk....I'm open to a wide variety of movies.

So last night was "The Guard", an Irish comedy with Brendan Gleeson and Don Cheadle. Accents were thick, but I made it through.

I like watching movies at Plimoth Cinema. It isn't expensive, just ten dollars - eight if you spring for the Club Card. Plus they pop fresh popcorn just before each showing.

I'm a fan because it's somewhere nice and clean to see indie or foreign films.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Think She Was Saving For This Trip For Long?

Look, you know I am nutty and that crazy things peeve me. So I am not going to pretend this is all that reasonable to anyone but me.

On my way home to Charlestown, I slowed and entered the lane for paying the toll on the Mystic River Bridge. It's three bucks....way better than the twelve on the George Washington Bridge in New York.

It's a toll. It's a toll bridge. Big signs "Last Exit Before Toll"; "Slow-Pay Toll"; "Have Toll Ready".

I try to have exact change, but I always make sure I have something, right?

There are four or five cars in front of me. Each stops, pays, moves on. But not the woman right in front of me in a Mercedes. Nothing is happening.

Then an arm comes out with a bill.

Then the arm comes out and deposits change into the toll takers hand.

Then more change.

I am incensed - insert the exclamation point that my keyboard still can't type.

There is still a pause while she realizes her right hand turn signal is on and she shuts it off.

I get up to the tollbooth, the toll taker looks like a Townie or a mick from Southie or Dorchester.

I said "Think she was saving for this trip for long?"

He replies "Yeah, I know. Some people have no consideration."

After my quick, efficient transaction, I easily catch the Mercedes and pass her. She was on her cell phone.

Gee lady, sorry our toll caused any interruption to your driving/talking on your cell phone.

Well, It Seems....

....that chocolate therapy was not enough. I know, that seems ridiculous, doesn't it? But sometimes we need more.

No, not for me. But someone close to me is upset, so yesterday, I spent time with them.

We ate chocolate, talked and got stomach aches.

Today, we will move on to weepy movies, I think.