Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tonight's Charlestown Historical Society Lecture

Tonight was a tough choice, the Old South Meeting House was hosting "Ghosts of Boston: Haunts of the Hub" Book Launch Celebration for author Sam Baltrusis.  You know I love ghost stories and I am a member of @OSMHBoston ........ but, come on, the competition was Charlestown!
Learn the real truth about Paul Revere and his Midnight ride to warn the Patriots that the British were coming. Actually the regulars were coming as everyone was British at that point. Who leaked the top secret British plan to seize the munitions in Lexington and Concord? Did Journey begin in Boston or in Charlestown? Who directed Paul to make the ride? Did he act alone or with others?  Did Revere make it to Lexington and Concord? Who was the real hero on the night of April 18, 1775? Learn the truth from Carl Zellner who has accumulated knowledge, books and files for over 30 years. His research includes a handwritten account by Paul Revere himself.  He will present his findings on Tuesday September 18, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. in the Bunker Hill Museum. The entrance fee is $5:00, members of the Charlestown Historical Society and Charlestown Preservation Society attend for free.
It was a good pick!  First off, on my way, I met up with my Uncle Walter and his partner Tom.  I laughed because my mother said something earlier about me walking home alone in the dark.  Well, now that was no problem!  Secondly Tom works at the Bunker Hill Florist and knows everybody, so I had inside info on people I didn't know.  
The lecture itself was very interesting.  Mr. Zellner, the official historian of the Charlestown Historical society, contrasted the Oliver Wendell Holmes poem with the actual events.  He also put the famous ride in context with present day landmarks.  The time flew by.  I could have listened to many more questions and answers.
Next month's lecture is October 16, 2012 same time same place.  Joe Bagley, City Archaeologist of Boston will speak on the Archaeology Month Presentation.  My schedule is a little murky right now, but if i can, I'll be there.
In the meantime, tomorrow is the 3rd lecture in the Paul Revere Memorial Lecture series on the War of 1812.  "Salem Privateers and the War of 1812", 6:30pm at the Old South Meeting House.  My

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