Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tonight's Charlestown Historical Society Lecture

Tonight was a tough choice, the Old South Meeting House was hosting "Ghosts of Boston: Haunts of the Hub" Book Launch Celebration for author Sam Baltrusis.  You know I love ghost stories and I am a member of @OSMHBoston ........ but, come on, the competition was Charlestown!
Learn the real truth about Paul Revere and his Midnight ride to warn the Patriots that the British were coming. Actually the regulars were coming as everyone was British at that point. Who leaked the top secret British plan to seize the munitions in Lexington and Concord? Did Journey begin in Boston or in Charlestown? Who directed Paul to make the ride? Did he act alone or with others?  Did Revere make it to Lexington and Concord? Who was the real hero on the night of April 18, 1775? Learn the truth from Carl Zellner who has accumulated knowledge, books and files for over 30 years. His research includes a handwritten account by Paul Revere himself.  He will present his findings on Tuesday September 18, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. in the Bunker Hill Museum. The entrance fee is $5:00, members of the Charlestown Historical Society and Charlestown Preservation Society attend for free.
It was a good pick!  First off, on my way, I met up with my Uncle Walter and his partner Tom.  I laughed because my mother said something earlier about me walking home alone in the dark.  Well, now that was no problem!  Secondly Tom works at the Bunker Hill Florist and knows everybody, so I had inside info on people I didn't know.  
The lecture itself was very interesting.  Mr. Zellner, the official historian of the Charlestown Historical society, contrasted the Oliver Wendell Holmes poem with the actual events.  He also put the famous ride in context with present day landmarks.  The time flew by.  I could have listened to many more questions and answers.
Next month's lecture is October 16, 2012 same time same place.  Joe Bagley, City Archaeologist of Boston will speak on the Archaeology Month Presentation.  My schedule is a little murky right now, but if i can, I'll be there.
In the meantime, tomorrow is the 3rd lecture in the Paul Revere Memorial Lecture series on the War of 1812.  "Salem Privateers and the War of 1812", 6:30pm at the Old South Meeting House.  My

Monday, September 10, 2012

Even When I Try

So I have been having problems with my insurance almost since I went into treatment for the second time in August of 2010.  It's been so ridiculous because dealing with insurance companies is what I did for a living for 16 years.  But in this regard, I have had a black cloud over everything to do with my coverage.

So I gave up and applied to the Commonwealth for help.  And in December I get Medicare. 

I had two last things to resolve.  The refund of my July premium and reimbursement for some prescriptions out of pocket.  This should have been fairly simple, I know all the rules, I mailed/faxed all the correct forms and supporting documentation. I treated it like work - files, notes, copies, the whole 9 yards.

So this morning I resolved to make phone calls and nail this stuff down.  I got up and showered and went right back to my room.  No screwing around on the Internet.  No going down to the first floor and stealing cookies.  (Last night and I made snickerdoodles - yumm.)  Nose to the grindstone.  Phone calls, phone calls, notes, phone calls.  And I did.  I cleaned my room.  Made some personal phone calls

Finally around 4:30 I gave up.  Besides, I was hungry.  So I went down to the 1st floor.

Sitting on the dining room table was a check, resolving one of these matters.

Seriously?  I was just on the phone getting transferred around, repeating my story.  And none of them knew it had been adjudicated.  No one said "Go down and check your mail."

Ok, so tomorrow is another project.  Hopefully, it's a better use of my time.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Hurray For Being A PackRat!

Yesterday I went to Revere Beach.  There was a strong wind from the south and I got sand everywhere.


I peeled off my bathing suit in the tub and there had to be a pound of sand in there.  After I showered I went down to clean all the stuff in my bag. For some reason I had my cell phone charger in the bag.  It's a two piece deal with the cord and the part that plugs into the wall.

The phone worked until it went dead, but it wouldn't charge.  I took off the end for the socket and plugged it into my laptop and got a white light - as opposed to the green or red.  So I figured it was the end that was the problem.

I went to sleep without my phone......that never happens.

Then today at lunch I remembered this basket I have of old chargers and parts.  I hurried through cleaning up after lunch - the Patriots were playing otherwise my Dad would have done it.  He hardly ever lets me clean up, so I had to finish.

I dumped out the basket, sorted through all the cords, tried a few.  Then finally I found another socket end.


I will still go to Verizon to get a new proper end.  This one is charging, but when it's plugged in I can't use any phone functions. 

But for now.....I'm happy. 
Now it's back to cleaning my suitcase.  I was nice enough to loan some girl my sunscreen when I was in San Antonio.  She couldn't get the sprayer to work, so she wrenched open the bottle.  I tried to screw it back on properly, but it leaked all over stuff.  That was a good reminder of why I don't like to be nice.

Where Have I Been?

Lot's of places.  And all have been fun.  When I haven't been having fun, I've been sleeping.

The Thursday before Labor Day, I flew down to San Antonio for the #MilReunion.  Team M (Mary Ripley and I) were in the Omni de la Mansion on the Riverwalk thanks to William Shatner.  Our first night Mary wanted to go to Mi Tierra, a restaurant she knew she liked from a previous visit.  When we explained where we wanted to go, the 3 guys working valet got all excited.  Apparently they were fans too.  One in particular waxed rhapsodic about the sweet potato empanadas.  They offered to have one of them drive us in the hotel vehicle....a nice new Lincoln Navigator!  Well, it was worth the hype. We entered through the bakery and I expected a choir of angels to start singing!  The bakery case was huge!  After dinner, which was good and the waitress gave us a history of the place, it was bakery time!  I got sweet potato empanadas for the valet guys and apple danish for the morning.

Friday I headed down to the pool (with my apple danish) while Mary tried to get Verizon to fix her phone.  I sent out some messages to see what other people were doing. This is the great part about being part of an Internet based group, they are almost always connected!  I got a hit almost right away.  The Armorer and the Mistress of the Castle were headed to the Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg.  I begged to come along.  There's Navy stuff wherever I go, even if I don't know it ahead of time.

The Nimitz Museum was awesome and we got a special tour thanks to the Armorer.  But my favorite part was listening to the Armorer go from display to display saying "I've got that.  I've got one of those." and the like.  Hilarious.  If you have the chance, I highly recommend it.....even if you don't have the special tour guide.  He also recommended a great lunch place.  He was full service!

It was a long day and a late lunch, so we ended up going straight to the Soldiers' Angels warehouse or the Friday night festivities.  it was great seeing everyone who was able to make it.  Tom Goering and wife Bonnie; Sherri the Domestik Diva; the Loopy Libertarian; Wendy of MyMilitarylife, the crew from YouServed; Jihad Gene; Jean, Christina from Words for Warriors and lots of Soldiers' Angels.  And I finally got to meet Old Blue, after reading his blogs AfghanQuest and AfghanBlueIII. Just as interesting in person as in his blogs.

Then I got in trouble.......raffle tickets.  They sold raffle tickets to benefit Soldiers' Angels Valour-IT Project.  Jihad Gene bought a bunch and all I had to do was keep track of them. I brought them safely back to the hotel.

The next day was the main event.  Panels on the future of MilBlogging and how it will help/effect our military.  During the lunch break Tom Goering brought me his old laptop that he had cleared out and reloaded for me!  How awesome is that!  But the day's highlight was the awarding of several special laptops to wounded soldiers who would benefit from the technology. It was such an honor to be there and have the chance to applaud these fine young men. 

Then it was time for the raffle drawing.  Guess who had no tickets?  That's right,  I left them on the table in the hotel room.  They had to draw three times to give away the prize because the first two numbers were clearly in the long strip that Jihad Gene had purchased. But Jihad Gene still loves me looong time and I love him too!  Later that evening at dinner I gave the strip of tickets to Bouhammer.

At dinner I was seated across from Old Blue and it was a good spot.  He was quick on the draw.  Someone asked if we were "together" and he quickly answered "No, I'm not in the Navy!"  There were about 24 of us that night at the "Texas Land and Cattle Company".  It's a chain, but my steak was fabulous.  And with Old Blue holding forth on the subject of Afghanistan (I was riveted), I got to eat it while it was hot! 

A lot of my friends were shipping out the next day, but Mary and I were hanging until Tuesday. So Sunday was all about the Alamo.  It was great to explore it with no deadline.   On the way back to the Riverwalk we stopped in the Texas Ranger Museum and Buckthorn Saloon.  All the while confusing Bouhammer because my "check-ins" and tweets were delayed.  But he and his family did catch up with us at Iron Cactus - Mexican Donuts!!!!! .  We discussed the weekend and the upcoming Ripley Race.  That's when I found out where I will be this Veterans Day.  Buffalo for AUSA Western New York Chapter "1st Annual WNY Veterans Day 5K".

That's right - The Ripley Race on November 4th then The WNY Veteran's Day 5K on November 11th.  mind you, I am not running them.  At the The Ripley Race I stand behind the table and stuff bags.  In Buffalo, I'll be handing out poppies to participants as they cross the finish line.

So, I have to wrap this up now because I did a lot of stuff today and I am wiped.  More later.