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Funeral Arrangements for CDR Duane Wolfe USNR

From the Lompoc Record - A memorial service for Navy Cmdr. Duane G. Wolfe will take place at 11 a.m. Tuesday at Camp San Luis Obispo’s Perlee Theater, officials announced Saturday.

The 54-year-old Los Osos resident, who worked 24 years as a civilian employee at Vandenberg Air Force Base, died in Iraq on May 25. Vandenberg’s 30th Mission Support Group deputy commander was in Iraq as a member of the Naval Reserves.

A graveside service at Los Osos Valley Memorial Park will immediately follow the memorial.
Officials reportedly are expecting up to 600 people for the service, and Vandenberg’s 30th

Mission Support Group will send at least two buses of airmen to the service, according to Lt. Raymond Geoffroy, a Vandenberg spokesman.

“We’re working out the logistics of it,” he added Saturday afternoon.

Wolfe, a 32-year Los Osos resident who deployed from Port Hueneme in Ventura County, was assigned to the Army Corps of Engineers’ Gulf Region Division in Iraq when his vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device.

He died during a trip to visit construction projects, including a water treatment plant, in the Fallujah area, military officials said. Wolfe led a team that oversaw nearly $300 million in planned and ongoing construction projects, many of which are providing essential services to the Iraqi people, the military said.

“My family would like to thank the local community for their thoughts and prayers during this tragic time in our life,” said his wife, Cindi Wolfe. “It is amazing to see how many lives my husband touched on a daily basis.”

Wolfe began his military career with the Navy in 1972 and served on active duty for five years. In 1978, he joined the Navy Reserves and served until his death. His rank of commander is the equivalent of lieutenant colonel in the Air Force.

He began working at Vandenberg in 1985 as a civil engineer, and later joined the environmental division. In 2005, he became the 30th Mission Support Group’s deputy group commander.

He arrived in Iraq in December for the six-month assignment.On Thursday in Iraq, his colleagues there held a memorial service to honor Wolfe and two others killed by the roadside bomb.

Military officials said Wolfe will posthumously receive the Bronze Star with "V" Device for Valor; Purple Heart; Navy Combat Action Ribbon; National Defense Service Medal with Service Star; Iraqi Campaign Medal; and others.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests memorial donations to be made to Parents Helping Parents Family Resource Center, two lending libraries with books, videos and audio tapes on a wide variety of parenting and special needs topics. The San Luis Obispo organization can be reached at 549-8148.
Related posts are -
Godspeed CDr Wolfe
CDR Wolfe Remembered By Family & Colleagues in Iraq
I didn't use the title of the actual article of the Lompoc record article because I felt it was inappropriate to characterize CDR Wolfe as a "victim".

Funniest Email Of The Day

So I write about David O. Stewart's upcoming lecture and book signing at the Old South Meeting House here.

But I had to throw up this post script. It's an email I got this morning from Mr. Stewart -

Please introduce yourself there -- I look forward to meeting you.

LOL! Clearly he has never met me. who thinks I need encouragement or prompting to walk up to a perfect stranger and introduce myself? Jen burst out laughing over breakfast.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Go Over To The Yankee Sailor & Have Him Explain This

Yankee Sailor has the explanation for this.

Fun, Carbs, Laughs, I'm Exhausted

I was a bad girl.

I saw it coming.

There are always great desserts at Kathy's parties.

Her daughter-in-law made something - I don't know, it was chocolate covered in chocolate, sprinkled with chocolate.....I was lost.

I got enough questions in trivia after all one of the answers was "Jim's goddaughter" and I waved my arms and said "What is ME?" LOL

On the way home we were listening to the Andelman brothers on WTKK. They were breaking balls on the station manager about the useless news updates. They claim, and I agree that no one listens to that show for the news updates. Even more ridiculous is that in this age of the Internet, no one is waiting for the radio station to give them stock/financial updates at 14 past the hour.

They asked listeners to call in with their own useless updates. I called in.

"Ok Maggie, what can you give updates on?"

I told them "I have a two-fer! History and maritime updates. This Thursday, June 4th we are observing the 67th anniversary of the Battle of Midway in the Charlestown Navy Yard."

"Is there theme music for your updates? You need a theme?"

"I will sing Anchors Aweigh! Come on, it's important for your listeners to come on down at 11 am on Thursday June 4th to the Navy Yard and join with us at the Cassin Young."

"Yeah, yeah, Maggie you got your plug in." they laughed. Then another said "Is her nickname 'Old Ironsides'?"

Fine, make a joke.....I got my plug in! And in return, I will plug their thing. The Andelmans do a great service and run a big fundraiser for the "Joey Fund" to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Tomorrow is the "Hot Dog Safari" if you are in the should go.

So I talked Jen into Lobster Hut. Mmmmmmm, fried haddock and onion rings on the Plymouth waterfront on a perfect summer evening. Jen had the clams.

OK, I Have To Get Off The Computer

Today is a family event - "JIMPARDY" My uncle Jim is turning eighty. His family has come up with a cute party idea. There will be a cook-out, listening to the oldies and a spirited game of "Jimpardy" which will be trivia about the man of the hour! Jen was talking about grilling my father on the way to the party to get a leg up on the that's competitive! Admission is scratch tickets.

So I have to get cracking! Email is read. Some stuff is up here on the blog. Tweets have been sent - I am addicted.

I am headed to the shower.

Miss me!

AHHHHH! Big Guilt Trip!

Over at USNI blog Jim Dolbow is writing about his upcoming blogging adventure.

AFSOUTH set to begin Operation Southern Partner
From the 12th Air Force:

DAVIS-MONTHAN AIR FORCE BASE, Ariz. — More than 60 Airmen from across the Air Force are preparing to board a C-130J Hercules on Saturday, 30 May to participate in the second iteration of “Operation Southern Partner” in seven Caribbean and Latin American nations. The Twelfth Air Force (Air Forces Southern)-led event is aimed at providing intensive, periodic subject matter exchanges with partner nation Air Forces in the US Southern Command area of focus.

I will be spending five days live blogging about Operation Southern Partner beginning 8 June 2009. Many thanks to Captain Nathan Broshear, USAF, 12th Air Force PAO for making this happen.
I met CAPT Broshear, USAF at the Milbloggers Conference and I haven't blogged about it or even given him a shout-out. Mea culpa.

Helping Hands (Navy)

Avideo from Great Americans about the USNavy's humanitarian missions.

Helping Hands (Navy)

Shared via AddThis

Because The Great & Powerful Princess Crabby Commands It?

LOL! I love my illusions!
I was reading about an author a few months ago - David O. Stewart. His latest book is "Impeached" the story of Andrew Johnson's impeachment trial in 1868. I followed the link to his web page. I looked up his book tour. Boston was not on the schedule.


I emailed him
Subject: Your Book Tour
How can you skip Boston?

He answered -
I hope to be in Boston in the second week of June -- any ideas for places to speak?
David Stewart
Seriously? Do I have ideas? LOL!

Of course I have ideas! LOL I am a member of the
Bostonian Society. They maintain the Old State House, a beautiful historical building in Boston (the site of the Boston Massacre). You should speak there.

Lectures are given in the upstairs hall. This is the same room where James Otis argued against the British Writs of Assistance.

Contact Adele Barbato, she is the office manager. 617-720-1713.

If that's not possible there is the Rabb lecture hall at the
Boston Public Library (617-536-5400). Or the Old South Meetinghouse (617-482-6439).

I have also attended author events at the Harvard Bookstore and Harvard Coop. However they are not in Boston, they are in Cambridge.

Today I got my "The Old South Meeting House e-DIAL" and guess who is speaking and signing books on June 15th?????


Friday, May 29, 2009

Follow @TheBloggess Aboard USS Nimitz

The Bloggess is one of several bloggers on a Navy embark aboard USS Nimitz.

This is her last post before leaving and I find her highly amusing.

She is Twittering her trip and you can follow @TheBloggess.

Another good follow is @USSNimitz who is twittering @TheBloggess and the other bloggers who I will find and post here.

Jennifer Leo @JenLeo is also aboard USS Nimitz

Hack Holidays

This video is hilarious! Let me know if you need a translator, I'll try and help you out.

At the State House, no surrender on Bunker Hill Day, Evacuation Day

By Andrew Ryan, Globe Staff

The recent assault on the traditions of Suffolk County did not spill blood like the Battle of Bunker Hill or require the cunning that forced the redcoats out of Boston without a shot in 1776.But it was an assault nonetheless, taking aim at Bunker Hill Day and Evacuation Day. A budget amendment in the state Senate threatened to nix the two only-in-Suffolk County holidays, which have been enjoyed by public employees since the Great Depression -- and cost the state several million dollars.

Then a defender from South Boston stood tall on the Senate floor.

"If we eliminate these holidays today in Suffolk County, then what's next?" asked Senator Jack Hart, a Democrat, during last week's budget debate. "Do we eliminate maybe Presidents Day? Do we eliminate July Fourth? Why don't we get rid of Thanksgiving? Why don't we think about getting rid of Christmas?"

The backers of the amendment, who goaded their opponents into such hyperbole, shot back with sarcasm and a fake Irish brogue, mocking Hart and his annual St. Patrick's Day breakfast, which coincides with Evacuation Day on March 17.

"Christmas is for the children," said Senator Michael R. Knapik, a Westfield Republican. "We are not going to take the holidays away from the children, please. But the holidays for the hacks?
Yes, the holidays for the hacks need to go."

But the holidays did not go. The amendment failed by five votes.

That means on June 17, Bunker Hill Day, all schools, libraries, and city and state offices will remain closed in Suffolk County. The same will be true next Evacuation Day, giving an estimated 35,000 workers the day off, according to a rough tally complied with the help of the Boston Municipal Research Bureau and the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation.

Public employees outside of Suffolk County also benefit from the holidays with two floating days off. Both occasions combined cost the state roughly $5 million in lost time and overtime to fill shifts, according to Knapik. The proposal to kill the holidays, put forward by the Republican caucus, was one of more than 700 amendments tacked onto the $27.35 billion budget eventually passed by the Senate. In the flurry of yeas and nays, a spirited debate over the holidays on May 21 stretched for 16 minutes. Knapik launched the first salvo.

"These two holidays drive me up a wall, Suffolk-only holidays," Knapik said. "As if it's that special of a county that we should all bow in reverence to it."
Hart shot back what began as a misfire.

"In my district, St. Patrick's Day is a very important amendment," Hart said, making perhaps a subconscious slip when referring to Evacuation Day. The Democrat quickly righted his argument, however, seamlessly blending Boston's Irish roots and the holiday commemorating when the Continental Army hauled 50 cannons up Dorchester Heights and surprised the British.

"We're talking about where this republic began," said Hart, whose district includes Dorchester Heights. "Let's not be expedient here for the sake of saving a couple of dollars."

In Knapik's retort, he compared Hart to the Pulitzer Prize-winning author David McCullough.
"He weaves these great tales of the Irish and Boston and all the glories of days gone by," Knapik said in a put-on brogue. "But when you leave Suffolk County, the history ends."

That gave Hart an opening to take aim at Knapik's district in the western part of the state.
"I don't know what kind of history you have outside in Hamden and Hampshire [counties], but we have real history here in the city," Hart said, adding: "We have great history here in Suffolk County, and we are not afraid to celebrate it."

Come on, Senator Hart! Give it up. This is a waste of taxpayer money. For pity's sake they shut out the lights on the Bunker Hill/Zakim bridge to save but a fraction of the money wasted on hack holidays. People who work in the private sector are tightening their the same.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

CDR Wolfe Remembered By Family & Colleagues in Iraq

****Memorial Service details here****Another post here.*****
This is a great write up and I highly recommend that you follow the link to see the pictures and this moving video -

Commander Duane Wolfe remembered by family and by colleagues in Iraq
Thursday, May 28, 2009
Reported by: Stacy Daniel

The family of a hometown hero from Los Osos speaks out about a man who gave his life for his country.

54-year-old Naval Commander Duane Wolfe was killed in action on Memorial Day.

The civilian leader at Vandenberg Air Force Base was in Iraq supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. On Monday, Wolfe and two other servicemen died after being hit by an IED, southeast of Fallujah. Commander Wolfe was due to retire and return home to Los Osos in two months.
Commander Duane Wolfe was a man who loved his family and his country. He served both of them proudly.

"Until you come home to your childhood home and realize that something is missing, it's not real until you see you're family and realize that a part of it's missing, it's doesn't set in," said Katie Wolfe, the daughter of fallen Los Osos serviceman Commander Duane Wolfe.

An American hero known simply by some as "dad." Commander Duane Wolfe volunteered for a six-month tour of duty in Iraq, on Memorial Day he was killed by a roadside bomb.

Daughter Carrie Wolfe Smith said, "He was so selfless, obviously to do this when he wasn't required to go, but his biggest fear was to not go and to not do something that he'd sent others to do."

A lifelong military man, Commander Wolfe joined the Navy at age 17. Shortly after, he met and married his wife, Cindi. She said, "We met when were only 19. What do you know at 19? You know? And boy, I really lucked out in the husband department there for 34 years."

Set to retire and return home in just two months, Commander Wolfe's death has devastated his family.

Evan Wolfe, the Commander's only son said, "I just waited for myself to wake up because I thought it was a bad dream."

The family says sharing the story of their fallen hero makes it easier to cope with their loss.

Wolfe's wife Cindy said, "Sharing the things and the tears and the pain and the memories of him are such a comfort and such a strength that, until I can stand on my own again I draw that from the love of the community."

Commander Duane Wolfe: husband, father and hero to all.

The Wolfe family says the outpouring of love and support they have received from the community is helping them through this difficult time. They say Duane Wolfe was always their hero and now he is one of America's heroes.

The Wolfe family is planning a memorial service here at home. They are having trouble finding a place large enough to handle all the people who want to pay their respects to the fallen hero.
Thursday, May 28, 2009
Reported by: Carina Corral
During a memorial service held Tuesday in Baghdad, Commander Duane Wolfe's name was called out as part of a traditional "last roll call."

Commander Wolfe was killed in the line of duty in Iraq on Monday. He was a civilian leader at Vandenberg Air Force Base and resident of Los Osos.

On display were Commander Wolfe's helmet and identification tags to signify the fallen warrior. His inverted rifle signals a break in action to pay tribute, and his combat boots represent his final march in battle.

Commander Wolfe was remembered as a man who served his nation with honor and devotion.

"Commander Wolfe earned the respect of everyone he served with, and he prevailed in the face of adversity with strength, determination and dignity," said Major General Michael Eyre.
I recommend going and watching the video and going to the story for all the pictures they have accompanying this story.

Fair winds and following seas, Commander.

God I Love Sailors!

I love their swagger. I love their attitude. Especially those forward leaning ones!

Taylor Kiland of the Navy Memorial thinks some of them might be interested in some of what I blog. I am going to guest post over there. You know, like stuff about where I will be on 04 JUN 2009, hehehehe!

You know I am big pimping on the Charlestown Navy Yard/USS Cassin Young/USS Constitution Battle of Midway anniversary observence. I got an email from someone who might bring their uncle who fought at Okinawa....I said "Yeah, bring him!"

So the first Lone Sailor Newsletter about my guest posting came out today. I can see traffic coming over from it.

Then I get an email -

I was wondering how come no mention of a couple other famous ships from the bay state at the battleship cove that were built or home ported in Boston I too grew up a stones throw from the rope wharf (REVERE) I am a plank pwner on the U.S.S. Massachusetts BB59 aka "BIG MAMIE" Also the ole Joe Kennedy DD850 a Gearing class destroyer is there as is the lionfish a diesel sub from WW2 and 2 PT boats as well as many othe exhibits this june6 "BIG MAMIE" will holding her 63rd continually held crew member reunion no other ship can claim thatabout 50 60 original crew should be on hand it also has boy scout and school kid sleep overs on board it also has a jr Marine corp there and a ham station too"BIG MAMIE" thanks to the former crew members and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is in exlnt shape looks like she is in port for a visit rather than a musuem
thought I'd just put mt 2 cents worth in I just found abot you and you can bet I'll visit your page more often now

Bob C now of CA but my heart belongs in Massachusetts
For those that,Fought for it,Freedom has a taste and meaning,The protected will never know!

I love it! I replied -

I am being scolded! You would scold the fierce and powerful Princess Crabby???????????
LOL, I will put something up tonight my dear.

So, I better get at it, huh?

What Kinda Hockey Fan Is Jen?

This kinda hockey fan

Seriously, you watch BU or the Bruins and this is the attitude. She sent me the link with the comment "You own this nursery is the best line ever". Jen is intense.....that's probably why she is SB's BFF.

One Week Until the Anniversary of The Battle of Midway

SJS has a series of posts at USNI blog, a whole collection of "Countdown to Midway" posts.

2009 Battle of Midway Anniversary Observances & Reunions

Countdown to Midway - Land-based Air (US)

Countdown to Midway: Battlespace

Countdown to Midway - IJN Carrier-based Air Order of Battle (AOB)

Countdown to Midway: 27 May 1942

Countdown to Midway: 28 May 1942

Countdown to Midway: 30 May 1942

Ok, get cracking. Then remember to find an observance near you. I've already told you where I'll be.

Introducing The Official Blog of the USCG

The Coast Guard Compass.

The Official Blog of the United States Coast Guard.

As opposed to the "Unofficial Coast Guard Blog" - CGBlog - which is good reading too.

As opposed to the blog by the Commandant.

Read them all!

Sail Boston '09

Sail Boston '09 has a website with lots of good information. It runs from July 8th to the 12th.

I will meander on down.....there are a lot of ships coming......but I must confess, the only one that interests me is USCG Eagle.

LOL! I guess I'm a little bit a chauvinist. "Yeah, that's nice. Where's the Coast Guard ship?"

Although the Roseway & the Liberty Clipper are homeported in Boston.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Godspeed CDR Wolfe

****Memorial Service details here.*****UPDATE - Another post here. Don't miss the video.*******

IA commander killed by bomb in Fallujah
By Andrew Scutro - Staff writer
Posted : Wednesday May 27, 2009 17:04:04 EDT

A Navy Reserve officer serving in Iraq as an individual augmentee died Monday after his convoy was hit by a roadside bomb outside Fallujah, the Defense Department announced Wednesday.
Cmdr. Duane G. Wolfe was 54. According to a spokeswoman at Naval Base Ventura County, Wolfe worked in civilian life at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., as the civilian deputy commander at the 30th Space Wing Mission Support Group. In Iraq, he was attached to the Army Corps of Engineers.

Two others were killed and two were wounded in the attack, although they were not identified in the news release.

Wolfe was the officer-in-charge of the Anbar area office, overseeing $300 million worth of construction projects in the formerly volatile province. Most projects were for local Iraqis, including “the first ever waste treatment facility for Fallujah,” according to the news release.
A former Seabee chief who signed up in 1972, Wolfe was commissioned in 1990 and was assigned to several California-based units in his career, as well as Naval Engineering Force, Korea.

U.S. Navy commander serving in Iraq with Gulf Region Division killed by IED
Wednesday, 27 May 2009 GULF REGION DIVISION
News release #090527-1May 27, 2009

Baghdad, Iraq - The Department of Defense announced today that Navy Commander Duane G. Wolfe was killed May 25 when the vehicle he was traveling in near Fallujah was struck by an improvised explosive device. Cmdr. Wolfe was assigned to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Gulf Region Division in Iraq where he served as the Officer-in-Charge of the Al-Anbar Area Office, which is part of the division’s Gulf Region Central district.

Cmdr. Wolfe was an activated Navy Reserve Officer from Los Osos, Calif. His home Navy Reserve unit is Navy Operational Support Center, Port Hueneme, Calif. In addition, Cmdr. Wolfe was a Department of the Air Force civilian employee, working at Vandenberg Air Force Base.

“Commander Wolfe was an outstanding warrior, patriot, loving husband, and father of three,” said Maj. Gen. Michael Eyre, commander of the Gulf Region Division. “Monday’s attack has been a devastating loss and the entire GRD team is deeply saddened by this tragedy. We honor Commander Wolfe’s life and service to our country and our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and colleagues. Our thoughts and prayers are also with all of those impacted by this attack, the families of the two others killed and the two who were wounded.”

As the Officer-in-Charge of the Al-Anbar Area Office, Cmdr. Wolfe was responsible for 59 personnel including U.S. military, government civilians, and Iraqis who work at the area office and three geographically dispersed subordinate resident offices. His staff is responsible for overseeing nearly $300 million in planned and ongoing construction projects, many of which are providing essential services to the Iraqi people. Projects include the first-ever waste water treatment facility for Fallujah, a location command for the Iraqi Army, a judicial complex and a 132 kilovolt substation in Ramadi.

Commander Wolfe will posthumously receive the Bronze Star with “V” Device for Valor; Purple Heart; Combat Action Ribbon; National Defense Service Medal with Service Star; Iraqi Campaign Medal; Armed Forces Reserve Medal with “M” Device for Mobilization; Overseas Service Ribbon; and the Combat Action Badge.
Fair winds and following seas, CDR Wolfe.

Wow! I Needed This Giggle

Got an email and these people like my blog, lol. Guess they know the secret (ok, maybe it's not such a secret) bad girl in me.

Don't click on this link unless you are ready for something "not safe for work"....or "not for uptight people".

File under just for fun.

I Might Have To Start A Super Secret Blog

I am very stressed. I have no finger nails left. I can't talk about it here. Too many people really know who I am. Too many friends and relatives read what happens here.

My happy face is wearing down.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

For Stella

Stella left a comment in this post.

"Stella by Starlight"... can I steal that one?"

Here you go - if we can't have Sergio, we can always count on Frank!

He Shoots! He Scores!

That crazy bastid Shippert had the line of the day on Twitter.

With all of Sonia Sotomayor's self-embrace of her richer experience as a Latino woman, if confirmed can I call her Justice SortaMyopic?

That about sums it up folks. What else would you call a woman who says -

I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion [as a judge] than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.” — Judge Sonia Sotomayor, in her Judge Mario G. Olmos Law and Cultural Diversity Lecture at the University of California (Berkeley) School of Law in 2001

If You Can't Be In Boston......

....with me on Thursday morning, June 4th.....there are other Battle of Midway observences planned.

United States Navy Memorial

Battle of Midway

Events taking place at the Navy Memorial are listed below.

For more detailed information, read the International Midway Memorial Foundation's online newsletter.

2009 Battle of Midway Commemoration at the United States Navy Memorial
June 4, 2009 Free & open to the public

Monday, May 25, 2009

WWII Remains Are Being Lost In Race With Airplane Collectors.

On the way home from the USS Bunker Hill lecture, I was listening to "The World" on WGBH. Love that show! Even if I always fail the geo-quiz.

Relic collectors endanger WW II remains
An article in today's Boston Globe reveals that rescue teams trying to recover the remains of American pilots killed in the Second World War have some competition. World War II relic hunters are interested, not so much in soldier remains, but in the downed planes. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Globe reporter Bryan Bender

There's audio embedded in the link above. Well worth the listen.

Here's a link to the Boston Globe story.

Danger's Hour - The Story of the USS Bunker Hill and the Kamikaze Pilot Who Crippled Her

I spent my Memorial Day afternoon enjoying a Kennedy Library Forum

"A Conversation with Max Kennedy"

In honor of Memorial Day, Max Kennedy, son of Ethel and the late Robert F. Kennedy, discusses his new book, Danger’s Hour: The Story of the USS Bunker Hill and the Kamikaze Pilot Who Crippled Her, with Brown University historian Ted Widmer. USS Bunker Hill (CV-17) was an Essex class aircraft carrier built at the Fore River Shipyard in Quincy, Massachusetts & commissioned in May 1943. I can't wait to dive in.

I bought two copies and had them autographed....I can't say anything more here, lol.

What more could Princess Crabby ask for on her Memorial Day? Sailors.....history.....a ship with ties to Charlestown. I enjoyed myself very much. There were Sailors, veterans, and a few who had actually served aboard USS Bunker Hill.

When the lecture was over and I had my books, I wandered out into the exhibit halls. Mounted on the wall near JFK's uniform was the AAR of the PT109 sinking. Of course I know this story so well because of my childhood in Charlestown. And I've been to the library before. But now with all my non-fiction reading and all my Sailors (in real life and online), I understood so much more. LOL It was like a new experience.

One thing that struck me as funny was how disoriented I was that Max Kennedy doesn't have a Boston accent. I know that he wasn't born or raised here. There is no reason for me to expect him to sound like me.....except for the fact that his last name is Kennedy.

The book has it's own website "Danger's Hour". The pics are from HyperWar.

Today at 1500 (3 PM) National Moment of Remembrence

Go to Blogs of War and read more about this.

National Moment of Remembrence

It's pretty simple though. Today, Memorial Day, at 3 pm local time.....stop....remember.

Their slogan - "One Nation, One Moment"


I am listening to POTUS speak after the wreath laying at Arlington.

It was going along fairly well. I was thinking "This is a good speech." "He is a good speaker."

I was wondering why I have such a hard time accepting that it might be sincere.

Then Obama the "Candidate" popped up and said something I found so inappropriate.

He said that we can rest assured that *he* will never send troops into an unnecessary or unjustified war.

Ok, that infers that others have. To point out that he won't is said to distinguish him from others who have.

I don't care how you feel about Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam or the Spanish American War. It is INAPPROPRIATE to stand among the graves of brave men and women and disparage the cause they fought for.

There is a time and a place for everything.

Arlington was NOT the place for that. Arlington is a sacred place. Check your politics at the gate.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

NYC Fleet Week Coverage

The blog American Sheepdogs has a great post by Rich Davis.

Fleet Week 2009

There is commentary as well as some great pics. Seriously good maybe I should take him along on some of my adventures and you people wouldn't have to put up with my blurry pics. LOL

Didja Eva See A Guy So Happy At His Job?

This is a picture of my friend CDR Bullard, the commanding officer of USS Constitution in his period uniform.

I know he didn't know what to make of me the first time we met......but he came around!

CDR Bullard, his officers and crew will be joining with the staff of the USS Cassin Young to observe the 67th anniversary of the Battle of Midway on the morning of June 4th. If you can, you should join us.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Midway Commemoration - Charlestown Navy Yard

On Thursday morning 04 JUN 2009 all over the country there will be observances and commemorations of the Battle of Midway.

Here in Boston this anniversary will be observed in the Charlestown Navy Yard aboard USS Cassin Young (DD-793), a Fletcher Class destroyer that was decommissioned before I was born. When I was young and I would go aboard, I was sure it was the ship my father served aboard. Now of course I understand the he served aboard the USS Norris (DD-859), a Gearing class destroyer.....who knew I would be this much a Navy-nerd? LOL

Anyway, if you are in the area....or could be, you should join me. 11 am on Thursday June 4th.

However, if you are unable to, there are other observances and commemorations listed here.

2009 Battle of Midway Anniversary Observances & Reunions

Sailors At Souda Bay

SOUDA BAY, Greece (May 22, 2009)(May 22, 2009) Sailors open an American flag before a Naval Support Activity Souda Bay Memorial Day event. The day's activities included a personnel inspection, Memorial Day ceremony, and a command photo. (U.S. Navy photo by Paul Farley/Released)

A Little Redirect

It is very appropriate this weekend to send you back to Sippican Cottage to re-read his post -

"My Father Asks For Nothing"

Sergio Franchi

When I was a little girl, my father had an album of Sergio Franchi singing songs that were all woman's names. The title of the album was "Women In My Life"

Side 1:
1. Marta
2. Jennie
3. Laura
4. Sweet Georgia Brown
5. Maria
6. Hi-Lili, Hi Lo
Side 2:
1. Mimi
2. Diane
3. Gigi
4. Once In Love With Amy
5. Tammy
6. Stella By Starlight

I loved this album. My father would sing along - "Jennie" to Jennifer....."Gigi" to Grace and the one of these is my real name (Maggie is a high school nickname, long story). The other song he would sing to Jennifer was the Bobby Sherman song - that was better because my father didn't really care for nicknames.

Anyway, when Sergio Franchi sings "Maria" from West Side Story, he makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. I just paid .99 to dowload it from Amazon and I have already played it a dozen times. I wish I knew how to upload it here.

Memorial Day

Have a BBQ.

Attend a party.

But try to fit in something meaningful this weekend.

If you are in or around Charlestown today you could pop into this -


It's in City Square which is, of course, a hop, skip and a jump from the Charlestown Navy Yard and USS Constitution.

May 23, 1939 USS SQUALUS (SS-192)

From The United States Navy Experimental Diving Unit which is one of the newest entries in the Naval Blogosphere over on the right.

This Day in Diving History -- 23 MAY 2009

Excellent read.

@Huzzah70 (he of the neglected blog "Man O'War Brewery") points out on Twitter that Peter Maas wrote a book on this subject "The Terrible Hours" & that it is worth a read as well.

Naval graduates include Sen. McCains son, Jack

Naval graduates include Sen. McCains son, Jack

President Barack Obama congratulates Jack McCain, son of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., as he graduates at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., Friday, May 22, 2009. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)


"I'm happy to say my son's grades are better, and he didn't have the demerits business that my husband did," Cindy McCain told The Associated Press in a phone interview. "He had demerits, but he didn't come through with quite so many as my husband did."
The McCain family declined to be interviewed Friday, but Jack's parents, Sen. McCain's mother, and all of Jack's siblings attended, except for his younger brother, James, who is on active duty in the Marine Corps. "They're both anxious to see each other so that Jack's brother has to salute him," Cindy McCain said.
A loud cheer erupted from the crowd of more then 30,000 at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium when McCain's name was called late Friday morning.

Read the whole article here.

Graduation Day At USNA

090522-N-0593C-034 ANNAPOLIS, Md. (May 22, 2008) Members of the U.S. Naval Academy Class of 2009 cheer as the Navy's Blue Angels flight demonstration team perform the traditional fly-over at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. President Barack Obama delivered the commencement address to more than 1,030 graduating Midshipmen, who were commissioned as Navy ensigns and Marine Corps 2nd lieutenants. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Michael Croft/Released)
090522-N-8395K-002 ANNAPOLIS, M.D. (May 22, 2009) A newly commissioned ensign celebrates after receiving his diploma from Capt. Matthew Klunder, U.S. Naval Academy Commandant of Midshipmen, at the U.S. Naval Academy during the graduation and commissioning ceremony for the Class of 2009. This year's class graduated 785 ensigns and 233 Marine Corps 2nd lieutenants in front of an audience of 27,000 at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. (U.S. Navy photo by Gin Kai/Released)

Hotel Tango @NavyNews on Twitter

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Definition of A Failed State

Back when SB was doing the College of Distance Education thing at the NWC, I used to read along with whatever open source material was available. I remember reading the definition of a failed state during the Joint Maritime Operations (JMO) phase.

An important criteria was "failure to control it's borders".

Say what you will about immigration laws and illegal immigration. Argue about the effects on our economy, justice system and social support system.

But all that aside...........

The United States must control it's borders.

Go watch the vid over at the Castle.

FLight 93 Blogburst

Two Memorial Project Commission members quit over the Project’s bad behavior

Blogburst logo, petition

Two Pennsylvanian’s quit the Flight 93 Memorial Commission last week, protesting Park Service plans to condemn five crash-site properties that it never negotiated for in good faith. Consider the case of the Lambert family, who have been on their land for three generations:
"It's absolutely a surprise. I'm shocked by it. I'm disappointed by it," said Tim Lambert, who owns nearly 164 acres that his grandfather bought in the 1930s. The park service plans to condemn two parcels totaling about five acres — land, he said, he had always intended to donate for the memorial.

"To the best of my knowledge and my lawyer, absolutely no negotiations have taken place with the park service where we've sat down and discussed this," Lambert said.

Lambert said he had mainly dealt with the Families of Flight 93 and said he's provided the group all the information it's asked for, including an appraisal.
They are condemning land that he was trying to GIVE to them, just because he had the gall to expect the Park Service to actually do its part.

Project members have embraced the “absolute moral authority” conceit

How dare anyone not rush to give these grieving 9/11 family members whatever they want? Didn’t they hear Maureen Dowd’s proclamation that “the moral authority of parents who bury children killed in Iraq [or on 9/11] is absolute”?

When crash-site owner Mike Svonavec put up a donation box to try to cover some of the cost of hiring security guards for the hugely popular Temporary Memorial, Patrick White, cousin of Flight 93 hero Louis Nacke, told the press:
That land has been paid for with 40 lives ... the donation box is an insult to that cost.
When Svonavec insisted that the Park Service follow its own legally required procedures for assessing property values (procedures that, as it happens, take into account current property values, not just pre-crash property values), White accused Svonavec of trying to profit from the blood of his cousin:
"I think Svonavec believes his land, because it has the blood of my cousin and 39 other people, it's worth more," he said.

Using the flag of victim-hood to defend Paul Murdoch’s terrorist memorial mosque

Project members use the same trick to deflect criticism of the giant Islamic-shaped crescent that is now being built on the crash-site. When people point out the hidden terrorist memorializing features—things that no one knew about when the Crescent of Embrace design was chosen—like the Mecca-orientation of the giant crescent, or the 44 glass blocks emplaced along the flight path, Project members not only deny these easy to verify facts, but they pretend that they are being accused of intending to honor the terrorists:
“That’s an absolute, unequivocal fabrication that is being portrayed as fact,” said Edward Felt’s brother, Gordon Felt [about the 44 blocks claim].

He says he is insulted people would believe he would participate in anything that honored his brother's killers.
In The Church of Liberalism, Ann Coulter slammed the media for granting the Jersey Girls an “absolute moral authority” card, not questioning the Girls’ practice of blaming the Bush administration instead of al Qaeda for their husband's deaths on 9/11. The Jersey Girls were bad enough, but nowhere is the flag of victim-hood being used to cover up more bad behavior than at the Memorial Project.

Active cover-up of an ongoing Islamic supremacist plot

Like the Jersey Girls, the Memorial Project gives Islam a pass for 9/11. Project members might not have known about the Mecca-orientation of the Crescent of Embrace, but they DID know that it was a giant Islamic-shaped crescent. Now they are doing far worse. Now they DO know that the giant crescent points almost exactly at Mecca , and are consistently misleading the press about it.

Their own Muslim consultant told them not to worry about the Mecca-oriented crescent, claiming that it can’t be seen as a mihrab (the Mecca-direction indicator around which every mosque is built) unless it points EXACTLY at Mecca (a claim that was contradicted earlier this month by Saudi religious authorities).

So what does Project Supervisor Joanne Hanley say when asked about the Mecca-orientation claim?
The only thing that orients the memorial is the crash site.
They are actively and knowingly covering up clear evidence of an ongoing al Qaeda sympathizing plot. Bad behavior indeed.

To join our blogbursts, just send your blog's url.

31" type="text/javascript">

Fleet Week NYC 2009

090520-N-8907D-269 NEW YORK (May 20, 2009) The guided-missile cruiser USS Vella Gulf (CG 72) transits the Hudson River during the Parade of Ships as part of Fleet Week New York City 2009. Approximately 3,000 Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsman will participate in the 22nd commemoration of Fleet Week New York. This event will provide the citizens of New York City and surrounding tri-state area an opportunity to meet service members and also see the latest capabilities of today's maritime services. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class David Danals/Released)

H/T @NavyNews on Twitter

Panic Attack! Locked Out Of Twitter

****UPDATE - I've got it back! LOL That was awful. I got Twitter back, then it took a little longer to get back TweetDeck. All my saved "Replies" and "Direct Messages" on TweetDeck are gone. But I can deal with that.****

I've already admitted to my I am jonesing!

I got an email saying that I needed to change my password because of some phishing attack. I didn't follow the link in the email in case this was a phishing So I went in through my bookmarks and changed my password. But I had TweetDeck open. Worlds collided.

Now I can't get into either because of failed attempts.

Locked out!We've temporarily locked your account after too many failed attempts to sign in. Please chillax for a few, then try again.

WTF is "chillax"?

Thank You Dick Cheney

Full text of Cheney's speech at American Enterprise Institute

Listened to it live and I loved it. Dick Cheney - saying what needs to be said.

There is discussion at the Castle.

Sweet Dreams.....Or Not!

Something unsettling before I head off to bed.

Say Hello to Ashura

Yeah, thanks SJS.

And .....We Have A Winnah!!!

*****22 MAY 0031 - OK, so I made it through this....and now I have to go to bed. I sent off an email noting how the CNO Pool would have gone a little differently if I had read this first.******

Of all the stuff I just told you that I have to read, Galrahn just put up something that rockets to the top of the list.

What Does a Duck Look Like? Naval Flag Officers in 2002

You see it's from a prominent member of Princess Crabby's Navy Coterie........CDR Michael Junge.

I have to go back to the gym. Not just because I ate those foolish chicken fingers, but because the recumbent bike gives me uninterrupted reading time.

But ADM Allen's Coast Guard Publication 1 is a close second.

Because ADM Allen Asked

When I sit down to blog and read email, I also open up the TweetDeck. One of the first Tweets I see is from ADM Allen USCG.

"Curious about first reaction to new Pub 1 A bit long, but a quick read"
from HootSuite

So I go over and watch the vid and tomorow I will download the actual document. it..........and give my friend ADM Allen your feedback.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Speaking Of All the Stuff I Have To Read

I am drowning in reading material here! LOL

Galrahn has me reading social media stuff. And all the Twitters I have picked up from tweeting about social media have piled on more stuff.

Nevermind what I already have. I have Barnett, and I am attempting "Two Ocean War" by Morison. If I am successful with that, I am supposed to try "War Plan Orange"

And let me tell you - @Roger_Pociask is KILLING me! I told him that I had too much stuff to read and even though his stuff about Africom seems very intersting - if I start reading about one more thing, my head would explode. So, does he stop? No, he piles it on! I sent another Tweet "You don't like me very much do you?" LOL I have the account set so that direct messages send an alert to my cell phone. So at 0748 my pillow buzzes, yes, I sleep with the cell under my pillow. It's @Roger_Pociask with a direct message about AMB Yates and VADM Moeller in Nigeria. So the first thing on my mind this morning was Roger, Africom, AMB Yates....hope he's happy.


I fell off Atkins and was a piglet tonight. Jen & I went to the Randolph Lux tonight to see "Angels & Demons". Have you been? It's a great venue to see a movie in. Although I am fond of IMAX for movies with special effects, the Lux is the best all around experience. They've ripped out the back rows of a regular theater and sectioned it off. Then they installed big, wide cushy chairs with tray tables. The seats are spaced a short distance apart. So noise is much less of a problem. You already know what a movie-nazi I am, lol.

Anyway, it's an over 21 section and they serve adult beverages and food. They have chicken fingers and there is Captain Crunch in the batter, lol. It's sweet and crunchy and TOTALLY bad for me. I had popcorn, M&Ms and Coke. All that's like heroin to me. I get a total rush when it surges through me, lol!!!

So we get there in plenty of time to catch previews. Jen & I are cinephiles, we love everything about the movies. We show up for previews. We stay for credits. The first preview is for the second "Transformers" movie. I'm not interested, so I get settled and peruse the menu. I don't know why because I already know I am getting the chicken. The next preview is for the remake of "The Taking of The Pelham 123". I lean over to Jen and say that this is a remake of a movie from the early 70's with Walter Matthau. We both make a face and giggle. We don't think that much of him. She asks if it was good and I said "Yeah, it's a classic, I think." She looks at me quizzically. I laugh - here is the upside of all the drugs I am taking and all the brain damage I have suffered since chemo and cancer and pain killers........I can't remember this movie. I know I saw it. I think I was with my father, helluva guess, I know. But seriously. I can see Matthau, he was a cop. And I knew that someone takes the train hostage. But....that's it.

So, our movie starts. I wasn't that crazy about "The DaVinci Code". I thought the book was ok. It didn't change how I feel about my faith. As a matter of fact, I thought it was a lot of nonsense. Despite the fact that people tell you that Catholics don't actually read the Bible; they are wrong. I own and have read my Bible. I am actually reading it again along with HomeFront Six and her group - although I am woefully behind.....not my fault - other people keep sending me stuff to read. Anyway, I thought the movie was even more of a disappointment because I thought Hanks was totally miscast. Langdon is supposed to be a dashing heartthrob college professor. Hanks with his pasty skin and greasy hair didn't fit the bill. But this time he looked a lot better. Seemed more fit and they fixed his hair. Still not dashing, but he looked a lot better. Plus, both Jennifer and I like this book much better.

The verdict - two thumbs up. Although, it was impossible for Jen not to like it. All through the movie, they would show Rome and Jen would sigh. She was in Rome a few years ago and as soon as we win the lottery, she is on the first plane back.

Again, my brain damage came in handy, I was still in a little suspense even though I had read the! Gotta look on the bright side, I where are those "oxy"s????

Last Night's Hingham Selectman's Meeting

As referenced here, the Town of Hingham has a new school and there is some controversy about the naming of the new building. According to a story in the Boston Herald, one name put up for consideration is MOH recipient, Seaman Herbert L. Foss. Yet in two articles from the Patriot Ledger, there is no mention of Foss' name outside of the comments.

Hingham Residents Upset About Naming of School

New School Named for Hingham School Superintendent

Why is that?

Looking For A Way To Say Thanks?

You should be. After all, it's nearly Memorial Day. You should be looking for a way to express your gratitude to those who have fought for the freedom you enjoy.

Mrs. K of The K Spot has a suggestion.
This program has been going on for a while, but it bears repeating.
Here's a cartoon I got in my email this morning for WereKitten's favorite snuggle.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Seaman Herbert L. Foss, MOH Recipient

Not far from where I live there is a grave marking the final resting place of Seaman Herbert Lewis Foss, Medal of Honor recipient.The Town of Hingham's Veteran's Services has a bio of Seaman Foss here. You can read his MOH citation here.An exerpt from an October, 2007 ceremony honoring Seaman Foss, Hingham - Veterans Agent Michael Cunningham read the following (in part) -

He enlisted in the United States Navy on Jan. 31, 1897, 16 months before the United States would officially enter the Spanish American War. He was assigned as a seaman on the light cruiser USS Marblehead, and on May 11, 1898, Seaman Foss and his shipmates, while engaging the enemy off the northwest coast of Cuba, snared the main communications cable; pulled it over the bow of their boat, and with great difficulty, and while under intense enemy fire, somehow managed to sever the cable. Seaman Foss actually finished the job with a simple hacksaw. Many of his shipmates were killed or wounded during this action, but they had successfully disrupted communications between Cuba and Spain.USS Marblehead (C-11)"Stripped for battle" in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, circa June-July 1898

Do You Live In Hingham, Massachusetts?

Then you need to be at the Selectman's meeting tonight.

They will be addressing the matter of honoring MOH recipient Seaman Herbert Lewis Foss.

Here's the story from the Herald

Hingham misfires with snub of military hero

Get down there and make your voice heard!

An Alert From The Castle of Argghhh!!!

I could tell you that I am faithfully reporting this from The Castle's H&I Fires as a good denizen.....but really, I am just lazy, so I am doing a cut and paste.

The Warrior Legacy Foundation has launched.

Mud in the eye of groups like Winter Soldier.

The Warrior Legacy Foundation protects and promotes the reputation and
dignity of every American veteran.

The mission statement:

I. Defend the
Defenders(through advocacy and policy influence, we will enhance our warriors
ability to fight and win)

II. Care for the Wounded (we will never stop fighting
for dignified and complete care of our wounded troops)

III. Honor the
Sacrifices(we will never forget the Fallen and we will honor the sacrifices made
by military families)

Here's why. More at Blackfive. -the Armorer

Senior Chief Tripp - Going Ashore!

Saturday evening I had the pleasure of attending BMCS Tripp's retirement ceremony. The ceremony was held on the pier next to USS Constitution. I had heard about this through the Navy grapevine and emailed the "Senior Boats" and asked to be invited.

My goddaughter Deb (my ace shutterbug) and I headed over to the Charlestown Navy Yard on a perfect May evening. We left her graduation party to do it and I appreciate that Deb. They were expecting around 75 people. Chairs were set up so that Old Ironsides was the backdrop to the platform for the speakers. There was a small Navy ensemble playing as we arrived.

Deb and I chose our seats and watched the last minute preparations. We observed a young blond woman pulling everything together. Later we learned that was the Senior Chief's wife. She is also in the Navy. Both Deb and I were impressed with how calmly she was pulling this together.

Technical difficulties with the sound system pushed us back to 1830, but it was very pleasant sitting there in the Navy Yard. Deb and I chatted up our seatmates. Deb was sitting next to a Midshipman from the Naval Academy. Very interesting conversation. She was scheduled to take part in the ceremony and her father was one of the speakers as well. A friend of CDR Bullard's and his wife were seated in front of us. So it actually turned out that I knew someone there! LOL

It started off with the arrival of the official party - LCDR Chadwick, CAPT Broz (father of the Midn) and BMCS Tripp. All resplendent in summer whites. If you read this blog, you know how I feel about summer whites, lol. They passed through the side boys and climbed onto the speaker's platform.

After the invocation, we all faced the flag flying from the stern of the oldest commissioned ship in the United States Navy for the National Anthem. You can not help but feel the history. You can not help but pause for a moment and think of all those who have stood before you in that very position.

The first speaker was BMCS Tripp's commanding officer LCDR Chadwick. He spoke without notes and without the mic. What a funny guy. Clearly, he thought highly of the Senior Chief and his wife as well. He also tossed out the requisite barbs at Boatswains Mates. You see, while there is rivalry between all of the Navy and the other branches of the military, there is also rivalry within the Navy. My own father was a QM2 and he zings SB who was a Bosun's Mate before he became on officer.

Next up was CAPT Broz who again walked the line between honoring and roasting the man of the hour. As for the roasting, let me just say, there are some things that once they are seen.....can not be unseen!

Finally it was time for the man himself to get up and speak. And he did a great job. He showed himself to be a thoughtful husband, son and father and clearly a Sailor who loved the Navy. Not to mention a very good sport!

Tom of NavyCS told me to pay special attention to the Flag Passing Ceremony. He was right, it was something to see. I don't know if it's the norm, but the Tripp boys we part of it and did a fine job with it. Their parents should be very proud of them.

The ceremony concluded with BMCS Tripp asking permission to go ashore and once it's granted he exits through other Chiefs forming the side boys. It must be a bittersweet moment. Leaving the service after 25 years, and clearly he loved his time in the Navy. But knowing you gave your best and that's why these people have showed up in your honor.

After he walked through the side boys, Senior Chief Tripp walked a little further than was expected and there was some laughter that he was going to keep on going. But I wonder if that wasn't his way of taking a moment to absorb it all before turning around to face us as BMCS Tripp, USN (ret) for the first time.

It was a great time and I enjoyed the people I met. But none more-so than CAPT Broz's wife Jane. It's funny how some people just immediately strike you and you can't explain it. But I just really liked Jane Broz. We only spoke briefly. I spoke more to her daughter about Annapolis and Jane spoke more to Debbie, but she really made an impression. I didn't get to meet CAPT Broz, but he is one lucky guy.

Afterwards Deb and I went up to Traci Tripp and I introduced myself and thanked her for letting us attend. She was very gracious and invited us to attend to party at the Coast Guard station. Unfortunately, I explained we had ducked out of Debbie's party and had to get back. But I wish I had, there were several people I wouldn't have minded chatting up. I tried to get introduced to CAPT Martin USCG, but he disappeared quickly.

BMCS Tripp, I wish you every good thing in this next chapter of your life. I am confident of your future success after meeting your wife Traci who pulled together this event for you while being a mother to your five children and serving her country in the US Navy.
There will be pics, as soon as I figure out how to open the file Deb sent me.

Quick-thinking Dubai captain foils pirate attack

By Mahmood Saberi, Senior Reporter
Published: May 18, 2009, 18:17

Dubai: The Dubai-based Emarat Maritime has praised the master of oil tanker Dubai Princess saying that his evasive actions helped foil an attack by Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden on Sunday.

Captain Syed M. A. Naqvi of the 115,485 dwt (dead weight tonne) tanker increased speed to the maximum and repeatedly changed course when six pirates armed with machine guns and a rocket launcher tried to board the vessel, said Jitendra Misra, Managing Director of the company.

Naqvi also ordered the launch of two rocket parachutes at the pirates as it gained ground. The tanker owners said the pirates made many unsuccessful attempts at boarding the tanker and slipped away as a coalition warship came near. They said that a second pirate skiff also joined the attack but gave up chase when a coalition helicopter arrived on the scene providing air support.

Emarat also released pictures of the bullet holes after the pirates unleashed machine gun fire at the tanker.

A Sydney-based newspaper reported that two Australian warships helped ward off attacks on Dubai Princess and another ship, the Stella on Sunday.

According to the Maritime Bureau's piracy reporting centre, pirates have attacked 60 ships off the Gulf of Aden and off the Somali coast despite the presence of foreign navy patrols. Pirate attacks have reportedly doubled in the first quarter of this year, to 102.

Misra said in a statement that the pirates were subsequently disarmed. Dubai Princess was flying the Marshall Island flag.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

PO2 Tyler Trahan's Funeral

From SouthCoast Today videos on YouTube

Can't Get Enough CP '09???

Well then you need to read the USNI Blog with all of Jim Dolbow's great posts!

100,000+ Patient Encounters To Date for Continuing Promise ‘09

USNS COMFORT: 69,360 Tons of Medical Diplomacy

USNS COMFORT: Mission Accomplished in Antigua and Barbuda

Continuing Promise ‘09 is a Bargain for the Navy and U.S. Taxpayer

Continuing Promise '09 CAPT Lineberry's Favorite Question

The best question on Tuesday came from Beth Wilson - She asked about the SeaBees aboard USNS Comfort. CAPT Lineberry really warmed to this question and gave his most enthusiastic answer.

CAPT. LINEBERRY: Yeah, Beth, and you know what, you can come back, Beth, and hang out with the Seabees any time. Yes, our construction battalion here, 21 hard-charging -- their motto is, they live it, they sweep it, they eat it, they drink it, they feel it, is can do and, matter of fact, their commanding officer came aboard yesterday, Commander Wendy Halsey, along with their command master chief and their operations officer just to pay a visit to our Seabees here and tomorrow, I'm going to actually go visit them out at the site they are working on what's called the mental hospital here in Antigua & Barbuda and they have kind of gutted out a dormitory for females and when I was here in October, it was in what really looked like disrepair.

So they went in the very first couple of days, kind of tore all the walls, all the structures, everything out, doing a little bit of repair to the roof, but mostly just inside and I know they've been working on it for nearly a week now, it'll be a week tomorrow and it's just that kind of work that they're doing, along with the Rotarian international folks here, along with also the host nation, Antigua engineers here.

So it's a great effort and that's just at the mental hospital. The other thing that they're doing while they're here is working with the public works engineers here in Antigua and sharing information. The first couple of days they worked on -- the rest of this week they're working on electrical, as well as some carpentry skills and, again, they're not teaching, but they're sharing information with the engineers here.

I think last week, I want to say some water works and some project planning sort of thing, and again, they sit down with a room full of engineers and did some stand up training, as well as sharing information. So the Seabees are very well rounded, they can do anything that you ask of them. A couple of other places when we were in the Dominican Republic, they went to the national reference lab, which holds one of two places on the island there in the Dominican Republic, holding blood for research and what they had was a lot of different refrigerators that were just kind of sitting around holding their blood samples and their blood stores and what the host nation, as well as the embassy asked us to do back in October of 2008 when we came here to look the site over, they asked us to come up with a drawing, come up with a plan to build them a room, kind of an addition where they can house all of the refrigerators in a highly air conditioned, they keep it like 42 degrees in there, all these refrigerators, so they could keep these blood samples, one, safe, it's all locked up, it's all projected and keep it where it's very effective and efficient for the samples to be coming in and out of the national reference lab. So, again, just another thing that the Seabees do and then just to throw out what they did, a big project. They're only doing a couple projects everywhere we do, but the big project they did in Haiti was the hospital, the main hospital in Port-au-Prince had a pharmacy there and when we visited in October, it had been basically condemned and what they did, once again, they go in and just gutted out and they just kind of start from scratch and they repair the roofs, they repair the ceiling, they put together kind of an office area for them and a waiting area for the pharmacy and the prime minister, the ambassador was there. They're very appreciative of the great work that the Seabees do.

I could talk all day about the Seabees, and again, thanks for bringing them up, Beth, because they are some of the unsung heroes, but we love them.

One Of The Truest Things I've Ever Said

Hehehe! Seems Princess Crabby showed up for the Roundtable! This was my first question.

Q Okay. All right. Well, since all of my life revolves around me, these questions are going to revolve around bloggers. Is that okay, Captain?

CAPT. LINEBERRY: Yes, ma'am, it is. Go right ahead, Maggie.

Q Okay. How do you feel about having the bloggers embark? I know, clearly, you have enjoyed Beth, but she's really nice, sometimes bloggers can be difficult.

CAPT. LINEBERRY: Well, Maggie, I've not run into a difficult blogger yet, but you know, there's always going to be the first time. I wouldn't -- talked to Beth about, I'm not a tech savvy person, but I do read blogs and we do monitor that very closely and Matt Gill and his staff, they look at what's out there and it's all good information, it really is and I know there are some blogs out there that have a different point of view, but that's okay, that's part of the democratic system and it's also part of being an American and living in a free society. So I enjoy reading things like that.
CAPT Lineberry hasn't run into a difficult blogger yeah, that's right, he's never met me. LOL

Operation Continuing Promise '09

Yeah, I'm late again......Tuesday morning I participated in a Blogger's Roundtable featuring CAPT Lineberry, Mission Commander for CP '09. There were some technical difficulties sothe time we got rolling it was just Beth Wilson (of Homefront In Focus), moderator MC3 Selby and myself.

CAPT Lineberry made a brief opening statement describing all the different countries participating in CP '09 and all the NGOs they were working with. It's amazing that the United States through it's Navy can pull together all these diverse groups and provide them with a platform from which to do amazing things.

And the things they are accomplishing are indeed amazing - as of the time of the call Tuesday morning, one and half months into a four month deployment - they had just treated their 25,000th patient.

25,000 patients. Think about that.

25,000 lives impacted for the better.