Friday, August 03, 2012

My Day Was Covered In Awesome Sauce

...and sun tan oil!  I ran my errands.  I hooked a ride back from Thompson Square with my cousin Danny.  I hooked a ride up the Bunker Hill Pool with my Dad.  I swam and sunned.

Dear You-know-who-you-are,

Hahahahahahaha!  *gasp  for air*  hahahahaha *holding my sides* hahahahahahaha.

Thanks for the laugh.  *snicker*

And if anyone else needs a laugh, go read @JDurant52.  This is the Twitter feed of a Detroit Lions linebacker.

Justin Durant ‏@JDurant52

"So people not gon get the best chicken sammich and lemonade on the planet because of a personal belief? Word?"

Followed by

"Chicken too tasty RT @ThatStatBoy: @JDurant52 Would you boycott Chick Fil A if the owner came out and said slavery was a good idea?"

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