Thursday, November 02, 2017

So, Yeah, I Think I'm So Smart - Part 2,457

So, like I said, there are lots of appointments.  Regular oncology stuff, the stuff with the dentist and catching up on regular "keep yourself healthy" check-ups.

There's a calendar app on the Android and my paper & ink notebook.  But somehow there is still lots of opportunity for me to fail!

During the most recent dentist appointment, we scheduled a follow-up on October 31st.  Then there was something on November 2nd.  I got a call asking if I could make November 7th.  Apparently I missed that this was a rescheduling of November 2nd.  Mind you, these are text messages.  I can read these....and read them again at my leisure.

Then I had to cancel October 31st.  Woke up sick, sore throat, cough, etc.  That was rescheduled for November 6th.

So the calendar reminds me to get up and go to the dentist.  Brush, floss, rinse.....and skip breakfast because I don't want to mess up the beautiful job I've done.

Everyday at 1pm there is a scrum in the lobby of Tufts Dental School because everyone is returning from lunch and afternoon appointments begin at 1pm.  So I sent a text letting my dentist know I was in the building, but because of the elevator situation, I might be a minute or two late.  She texts back "We have no appointment today?"

Lol! Of course not!

So I called my parents and told them to expect a visitor!