Sunday, September 09, 2012

Hurray For Being A PackRat!

Yesterday I went to Revere Beach.  There was a strong wind from the south and I got sand everywhere.


I peeled off my bathing suit in the tub and there had to be a pound of sand in there.  After I showered I went down to clean all the stuff in my bag. For some reason I had my cell phone charger in the bag.  It's a two piece deal with the cord and the part that plugs into the wall.

The phone worked until it went dead, but it wouldn't charge.  I took off the end for the socket and plugged it into my laptop and got a white light - as opposed to the green or red.  So I figured it was the end that was the problem.

I went to sleep without my phone......that never happens.

Then today at lunch I remembered this basket I have of old chargers and parts.  I hurried through cleaning up after lunch - the Patriots were playing otherwise my Dad would have done it.  He hardly ever lets me clean up, so I had to finish.

I dumped out the basket, sorted through all the cords, tried a few.  Then finally I found another socket end.


I will still go to Verizon to get a new proper end.  This one is charging, but when it's plugged in I can't use any phone functions. 

But for now.....I'm happy. 
Now it's back to cleaning my suitcase.  I was nice enough to loan some girl my sunscreen when I was in San Antonio.  She couldn't get the sprayer to work, so she wrenched open the bottle.  I tried to screw it back on properly, but it leaked all over stuff.  That was a good reminder of why I don't like to be nice.

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Tom Goering said...

The potential for leaking body condiments is why Bonnie always has a supply of Ziplock bags available in our suitcase. She came about the practice years ago after a messy make-up spillage. Everyone knows that those types of spillages never come at the most opportune time...