Thursday, April 26, 2012

Name A Navy Ship After MOH Recipient Tom Hudner

***UPDATE - Secretary of The Navy Announces DDG 116 to be Named Thomas Hudner***After watching so many stupid names go on ships, this is a GREAT idea.

There is a movement afoot to name a US Navy ship after Medal of Honor recipient, Capt Thomas J. Hudner, USN (ret).

I can not tell you how pleased I am about this.  You can NOT name a more worthy candidate.

It's not political like naming a ship after John Warner.  It's not irrelevant like naming a ship after Gabby Gifford.  It's not outright stupid in the name of political correctness like naming a ship after Ceasar Chavez.  It's not offensive like naming a ship after John Murtha.

Capt Hudner is a Massachusetts native whose actions during the Korean conflict will really move you when you read them.  And I do encourage you to read the links I will leave at the bottom of this post.

I have had the great honor of meeting Capt Hudner on several occasions.  I've blogged about it, but I could never express how it makes me feel.

Please join  me in this effort and write to SecNav expressing your support.
Hon. Ray Maybus
Secretary of the Navy
1000 Navy Pentagon, Rm. 4D682
Washington, DC, 20350-1000

Read more about Capt. hudner at the following links

Valley Patriot of the Month - Hero in Our Midst
Captain Thomas J Hudner, Jr.
by Ted Tripp

Navy urged to name ship for living Bay State veteran
Written by Linden on April 15, 2012

Wikipedia -
Thomas J. Hudner


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