Friday, August 31, 2007

Father Daniel J. Mahoney, BFD

Anyone who reads this blog knows how much I love and admire Father Mahoney. He has been an important part of my life since he came to St. Francis in 1968.

He's had a roller coaster of a summer.

First there was good news.
Chief Chaplain Father Daniel J. Mahoney Honored
The Boston Fire Department’s Chief Chaplain Father Daniel J. Mahoney has been honored with the prestigious Mychal Judge Award by the Massachusetts Corps of Fire Chaplains.
Read the rest here.

Then there was the bad.
"Chief Chaplain Discusses Firefighter's Grief"
This was an interview filmed with Father in the wake of the tragic deaths of Firefighters Cahill and Payne. If you click on the link there is a video.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lieutenant (j.g.) Thomas J. Hudner, USN

The CPO selects had the great honor of being addressed by Medal of Honor recipient Captain Thomas J. Hudner, Jr., USN (ret). I would have killed to crash this event!

Rank and organization: Lieutenant (j.g.) U.S. Navy, pilot in Fighter Squadron 32, attached to U.S.S. Leyte. Place and date: Chosin Reservoir area of Korea, 4 December 1950. Entered service at: Fall River, Mass. Born: 31 August 1924, Fall River, Mass.
For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty as a pilot in Fighter Squadron 32, while attempting to rescue a squadron mate whose plane struck by antiaircraft fire and trailing smoke, was forced down behind enemy lines. Quickly maneuvering to circle the downed pilot and protect him from enemy troops infesting the area, Lt. (j.g.) Hudner risked his life to save the injured flier who was trapped alive in the burning wreckage. Fully aware of the extreme danger in landing on the rough mountainous terrain and the scant hope of escape or survival in subzero temperature, he put his plane down skillfully in a deliberate wheels-up landing in the presence of enemy troops. With his bare hands, he packed the fuselage with snow to keep the flames away from the pilot and struggled to pull him free. Unsuccessful in this, he returned to his crashed aircraft and radioed other airborne planes, requesting that a helicopter be dispatched with an ax and fire extinguisher. He then remained on the spot despite the continuing danger from enemy action and, with the assistance of the rescue pilot, renewed a desperate but unavailing battle against time, cold, and flames. Lt. (j.g.) Hudner's exceptionally valiant action and selfless devotion to a shipmate sustain and enhance the highest traditions of the U.S. Naval Service.
Thomas Hudner's story is fascinating! The pilot he was attempting to rescue the Navy's first African-American aviator, Jesse L. Brown.
Hudner's words in an interview:
"I knew what I had to do," said Hudner in an interview by Frank Geary, for Jax Air News, the Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Fla., base newspaper. "I was not going to leave him down there for the Chinese. Besides, it was 30 degrees below zero on that slope, and he was a fellow aviator. My association with the Marines had rubbed off on me. They don't leave wounded Marines behind." Hudner tightened his harness and, with his wheels up, set his Corsair down onto the snow and rocks some 100 yards from Brown's smoking aircraft. "He was alive, but barely, when I got onto his wing and tried to lift him out of the cockpit. But his right leg was crushed and entangled in metal and instruments. I hurried back and requested a rescue helo, making sure it would bring an ax and a fire extinguisher. When I got back to Brown, I began packing snow around the smoking cowling. "When a two-man Marine helicopter arrived with only its pilot, the ax he carried proved useless in our efforts to hack away the metal entrapping Brown's leg. He was going in and out of consciousness and losing blood. "The helo pilot and I, in our emotion and panic, and with the light of day fading, discussed using a knife to cut off Jesse's entrapped leg. Neither of us really could have done it, and it was obvious Jesse was dying. He was beyond help at that point. The helo pilot said we had to leave. Darkness was setting in and we'd never get out after dark," said Hudner. "We had no choice but to leave him. I was devastated emotionally. In those seconds of our indecision, Jesse died."
It's cliche, but that is grace under fire.

Boston Weeps

2 firefighters die, 12 hurt in West Roxbury blaze
Responders trapped as flames engulf West Roxbury restaurant, spread to adjacent businesses
By John C. Drake and Donovan Slack, Globe Staff August 30, 2007
Two Boston firefighters were killed and at least 12 others were injured Wednesday night as flames rushed through a restaurant in West Roxbury, collapsing the roof and trapping crews inside, public safety officials said.
The two veteran firefighters who died, Paul J. Cahill, 55, of Scituate and Warren J. Payne, 53, of Canton, were identified by the officials and a firefighter on the scene. They were the first deaths of firefighters in a fire since 1994.
Cahill and Payne both were assigned to the West Roxbury fire house on Centre Street, headquarters of Engine 30, Ladder 25.

More at Universal Hub.

Guess it's off to Mass for me. If you would like to do something, go here. The flowers people leave at the scene of an incident such as this are nice and all. However, if you really want to do something concrete, help the Massachusetts Fallen Firefighters Memorial.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What Is Happening In Darfur Is Genocide.

What is happening in Darfur is GENOCIDE.
What is happening in Darfur is GENOCIDE.
What is happening in Darfur is GENOCIDE.
What is happening in Darfur is GENOCIDE.
Say it with me, boys and girls.
What is happening in Darfur is GENOCIDE.
What is happening in Darfur is GENOCIDE.
Are we clear on this?
What is happening in Darfur is GENOCIDE.
What is happening in Darfur is GENOCIDE.
Is everyone on the same page?
What is happening in Darfur is GENOCIDE.
What is happening in Darfur is GENOCIDE.

We must never lose sight of this. We must focus. We must call it what it is. We must not shy away from it. When someone tries to make it seem less than the horrifying, calamitous thing that it is...........when someone tries to make it less than the crime against all humanity that it is.....we must stand up and roundly, loudly reject that person/persons.

This is a statement on Sudan that was adopted last month by the Africa Taskforce of the GPUS Peace Action Committee. This statement is an updated version of the GRP Statement
"We reject the racist mischaracterization of the situation in Darfur as "genocide" being perpetrated by “Arabs.” Only the government of the United States has labeled the conflict in Darfur as "genocide."

I am standing here, on my soapbox, here at my nonsense blog and saying "NO. NO. NO."

The information on the Green Rainbow Party and much, much more was brought to my attention by Solomonia Blog. You should go and you should read it.
You need to look. You can not turn away. Many people quote Sir Edmund Burke "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." This is what he's talking about.

What is happening in Darfur is GENOCIDE. Save Darfur.

With Friends Like These!

Pranksters wrap Rove's car
Karl Rove, your car is ready.

White House pranksters wrapped Rove's Jaguar in plastic wrap on the private driveway next to the West Wing. Rove's car is easily recognizable because of its "I love Barack Obama" bumper sticker and the twin stuffed-animal eagles on the trunk. Oh, and there's a stuffed-animal elephant on the hood.

Rove, the top White House political strategist who recently announced his resignation, left his car on the driveway while visiting Texas and traveling with President Bush. He was due back in Washington Wednesday evening.

"I Love Obama"!!!! Nice!

Video here.

Poverty In America

Chuck at North Shore Journal has some interesting thoughts. He passed along this one in an email and there are more in this post at his place.

Did you know what the average poverty rate was for the first six years of this President and the last two that served two terms?
Reagan: 14.5%
Clinton: 14.1%
Bush 43: 12.3%

This is the New York Times editorial after reading the same data.

A Sobering Census Report: Americans’ Meager Income Gains
The economic party is winding down and most working Americans never even got near the punch bowl.

Can't let there be any good news over there at NYT, huh? Good thing we have our own ways of accessing data now-a-days.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Why Barb Worries About The Future

Miss Teen USA 2007 Competition - Question:
"Recent polls have shown a 5th of Americans can't locate the U.S. on a world map. Why do you think this is?"

Miss South Carolina's reply (an excuriating 48 seconds):
"I personally believe that US Americans are unable to do so because (ah)somma(?) people out there in our nation don't have maps and I (ah) believe that our education like such (ah) South Africa and the Iraq everywhere like such as and I believe that they should our education over here in the U.S. should help the U.S. or should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and Asian countries so we will be able to build up our future....
Guy with mike: "Thank you." I think the guy with the mike was talking to whoever rang the buzzer and cut her off.

Good. Lord.

h/t Barb "Righty in a Lefty State"

CPO Heritage Training Week

In one of the coolest things imaginable, a lucky few CPOs and CPO selectees get to stay aboard the USS Constitution for four days. My favorite ISC(sel) was one of the lucky ones. He is a standout guy, so there was no need to send bribes to get him aboard.
I got this email with lots of pics "The Navy Media Center had a reporter, photographer, and videographer with us all week. They said they will be posting a bunch of pictures on shortly. They said there will be a four part segment on Daily News Update. Feel free to use whatever you want, as long as you use it in a “positive” light (which I trust you will)."
Baby! Are you kidding? Is there anyone who sees the Navy in a more positive light than Princess Crabby (aka The Castle Swabbie Doxie!)?
Congratulations on getting the be a part of this and thanks for the pics!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Full Battle Rattle

I know there's a lot of Rick Lynch here........but I'm really a Navy girl. So, here's a pic of a tasty sailor in full battle rattle.
battle rattle : Full battle rattle is close to 50 pounds worth of gear, including a flak vest, Kevlar helmet, gas mask, ammunition, weapons, and other basic military equipment. One component is the soft vest that covers the torso the shoulders and the back. It's made of soft material, a mixture of Kevlar and Twaron. These are sown together in sort of a sandwich fashion inside a nylon camouflage-pattern shell. The nylon vest has attaching points for load-bearing equipment. The second component of the system is ceramic plates that fit in pockets in the front and back of the vest. These plates protect the heart and lungs. Any TV news report from Iraq or Afghanistan shows American service members wearing "full battle rattle." Wearing the battle rattle has saved lives in both Iraq and Afghanistan. A soldier in full dress, including helmet, flak jacket, and automatic weapon said to be wearing "battle rattle" "play clothes" or "Mommy's comforts" -- terms that antedated the war in Iraq, though used less frequently because the gear was used by smaller numbers of troops. The term Battle Rattle was previously associated with a call to arms on warships in the 1812 period.

Help Me Out Here......

What's the sticking point in the ADL/No Place For Hate/Armenian Genocide question?

genocide (Merriam Webster)
Main Entry: geno·cide
Pronunciation: 'je-n&-"sId
Function: noun: the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group

This seems pretty clear cut. I think we can all agree this was Hitler's purpose with Jews. This was what happened in Rwanda. This is what is happening in Darfur.

It is also what happened in Armenia during WWI. I have never heard it credibly argued that what happened in Armenia from 1915 to 1917 was not genocide. I have no dog in this fight. I am not Jewish, I am not Armenian. I am an American with an interest in history and I have read enough to know what happened in Armenia was genocide. I attended a very interesting lecture at the Bostonian Society a while ago on this subject. The speaker was Peter Balakian and he wrote "The Burning Tigris". How can anyone question this definition? How can the ADL remain "neutral"?

There is some very interesting commentary in the Boston Globe and at the American Thinker.

I guess I'll have to get off my duff and email Kerry & Kennedy & Delahunt about this & this.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Happy Birthday, SugarButtons!

To my Darling Chief,
Are you ready? First, I'll sing Happy Birthday and then, you'll unwrap your present........ It took me a while to open all the packages and wrap them just right........but it's all I'm wearing.

SugarButtons Brigade
This is what I left for The Chief at The Castle, all the gifts are worth a peek .

A Smile When You Need It

I get so tired of the MSM spin on the US, The CINC, the military, GWOT, OIF, OEF....the whole nine yards. But once in a while someone takes on one of these stories and does it with such style and humor.......
The Dissident Frogman does it with the story of the Iraqi woman who told reporters that two bullets had hit her house.
You know I don't have any great weapons knowledge. I have fired weapons only once at last summers MilBlogger Shootout (picture on sidebar is proof). I usually skip John's Whatzis, because I wouldn't even know where to begin (except when the images conjure lewd thoughts). But even I knew those weren't bullets that were fired into her house. How could war correspondents make that mistake?

Anyway, The Armorer linked him here and I had the chance to finally watch the video and it is not to be missed.

Go, watch.

Tell Me Again Why We Did This?

SUPREME HEADQUARTERS, Allied Expeditionary Force, Aug. 25 -- The Paris radio announced late tonight that the French capital had been liberated and that the German commander had signed a document ordering his troops to cease fire immediately.

We did the bulk of the fighting and De Gaulle showed up to march into the Paris with us.

Not unlike...........this. Yeah, I know it's a good thing. Lemme alone.

50 Years Ago Last Night.......

My mother's brother and his wife were married. So last night there was a gathering of the clan. We were up at The Ashworth in Hampton Beach (Little Charlestown!). Ann & Frank's six children pulled together a really excellent little party. The best part was they managed to keep it a secret. My aunt & uncle were genuinely surprised. When people remarked on it, as proof my uncle pointed out his very casual attire. They thought they were grabbing a bite to eat with their friends Betty & Eddie (say it out loud, it's fun) and my uncle was wearing shorts. When Eddie, who was wearing slacks and loafers suggested my uncle uncle responded "Why don't you change!" LOL, we are a belligerent lot. Oh well!

It was a long drive up and a long drive back. We had the chance to get a room at the Ashworth, but we passed it up. Both Jen & I have to work today, anyway.

The room was packed, we came in to greetings and hugs. All I knew was I wanted something to drink, so while my cousin Martine is telling me a story I drag her up to the bar. I ask the bartender what kind of vodka he has as I put my hands in my pockets. Nothing! There is nothing in the pockets of my skirt. I realize that I have left my license, my ATM card and my cash on my desk at work. Fortunately the table closest to the bar is my immediate family, so cash is given to me. Good thing it was a family party.

My cousin Dan got up to speak. He's not the oldest, but you know every family has one. The guy who gives the speech. You laugh and you're touched and you know he genuinely loves his parents.

So, on the way up, my Uncle Walter set a trap for us..........but Jen & I were too smart. We were discussing my grandfather's sister Kay. Walter made a remark and we laughed. It wasn't kind, but it was true. Then he slipped in a little zing about someone else. After a moment I turned to Jennifer "That was a trap Jennifer. Good thing we hadn't already had a drink or two. We might have been tempted to repeat that remark........." Jennifer agreed. We might have been tempted to tell our mother and get Walter in trouble. But that would have backfired on us. The other person in the car encouraged us to "tell" on Walter. "No," said Jennifer "That will only backfire on us if we tattle. If we tattle to our mother, we end up in trouble and Walter laughs at us and gets off scot free!" Jennifer and I didn't fall into the trap................However, Jennifer's friend, SB, is not as wise (or as beautiful) as Jen & I. He has come into the possession of certain information. He intends to relay this information so as to display me, Princess Crabby, in the worst possible light. He is gleefully planning/plotting when to drop this bomb. At first, I was stunned by this shocking breach of confidentiality. I pleaded for him not to tell. My pleas fell on deaf ears. I appealed to his honor, but he is not from Charlestown.....

And then.........I thought about it. He was proposing to rat me out.

The shoe was on the other foot! I invited him to go right ahead. I told him I couldn't wait. I was glad I would have a ringside seat. I told him that I hoped he told her when we were sitting comfortably in her living with a nice cold Fresca.......Jen with a nice cold Sam Adams.......SB would perhaps be enjoying a Guinness. "Go ahead and rat, Stev-a-rino! I can't wait! Tattle on me to Jen and I will watch you tumble right off that pedestal she has you on!" He laughed and said he didn't think so. He said his friend Jen would understand that he was just supplying information. Information Jen wanted.

I am not worried. When we were little, the one thing my mother absolutely could not handle was tattling. Consequently, the rule in our house was, no matter what the crime, if someone ratted on you, my mother could not.....would not....punish you. And, even better, the finker would be reprimanded. If you were bad, sometimes, the best thing that could happen to you was to be ratted on.

Years ago, one of us skipped school with her friends. One of the other girls was caught by her mother and punished. Oh well, you roll the dice, you pay the price. But that wasn't enough for the other girl's mother. Mrs. X marched up Bunker and told the nuns.....and named NAMES. The nuns called my mother and explained the circumstance, they had to suspend the offender. Incensed does not begin to describe my mother's reaction. Not only was the offender not punished, she was told to make sure she relayed to the other girl (and by extension her mother) that there was no punishment because Mrs. X had ratted. Mrs. X was an exception, most of Charlestown was like us. The suspension should have kept the offender from receiving a certain school related award. But somehow the nuns never got around to telling Father Mahoney, lol. Years later Father Mahoney told my father that he knew the whole story (it's a small parish!). My father was surprised and asked about the award. Father laughed and said "If the Sisters had told me, I would have been forced to do something........" That, boys & girls, is what you call plausible deniability!

So..........go ahead's your funeral. Up to now, you & your beer buddy, Jen have enjoyed the happiest little mutual admiration society known to man. you have never disappointed her. She holds you in the highest regard. No matter what my complaint, all criticisms of her friend, SB, are swept aside impatiently.

Once you fall from grace, there's no going back. You've been warned. Proceed at your own peril.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Iraq Press Briefing 24 August 2007

My favorite! MG Rick Lynch!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

"24" Catastrophe

I can not think of worse news.
The political left and the political right are going to meet on Fox's "24" this coming season.
Actress-comedian Janeane Garofalo, an outspoken liberal, is set to co-star on the conservative-leaning real-time drama, whose co-creator/executive producer Joel Surnow jokingly describes himself as a "right-wing nut job."
On the Imagine TV/20th Century Fox TV series, Garofalo will play a government agent who is part of the team investigating the crisis befalling Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) and company in the upcoming season.
Actress-comedian? More like mental patient.
You know Jen & I love "24", but this could very well be the end for me. If you had jokingly asked me who I would never want to see on "24", this disgusting piece of trash would have made the top five. Garolfalo is going to play and FBI agent (a huge insult to FBI agents)...........what's next? Michael Moore is going to be Jack's nutritionist?
And not that it really matters anymore, but who the hell is this?
"Garofalo is the second major cast addition to the action drama, which is going through a major revamping coming off a lackluster sixth season. Cherry Jones was tapped last month to play the new president."
Someone should have stepped in and stopped this. I blame Wyatt. I went over there and I went to Blogs4Bauer. There is simply not enough outrage. Sure people are saying it's a stupid choice, but no one is doing anything about it.
All we can do is hope Vinnie at MVRWC is right.
I don't know. I just don't know. It's possible that not even my lust for William Devane can save this show for me.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Somali pirates free Danish ship

A big hat tip to EagleSpeak! Thanks, Mike/Mark! What great news.

Somali pirates free Danish ship
A Danish cargo ship and its crew that were hijacked by Somali pirates in June have been released after 83 days in captivity after a ransom was paid, the Danish Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday.

I am really pleased that I was wrong about this. I didn't think the crew would make it out alive, but they did. Here's what 1.5 million buys you.

Eighty Five Years Ago

Mícheál Seán Ó Coileáin16 October 1890 - 22 August 1922
At the Treaty negotiations in London, Lord Birkenhead remarked to Michael Collins:
"I may have just signed my political death-warrant",
whereupon Collins replied,
"I may have signed my actual death-warrant".
Nine months later the 31-year-old Collins was
killed by one of his former comrades and Ireland lost one of the most dedicated and talented leaders in its history.

For Pity's Sake!

How do I get on this damn email list???????

General Says Iraq Operations Have Terrorists on Run
WASHINGTON, Aug. 16, 2007 – Denying the enemy sanctuary is the major capability brought to bear by surge forces in Iraq, a commander in the region said today. We do believe the enemy is on the run,” said Army Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch, Multinational Division Central and 3rd Infantry Division commander, as he spoke with “bloggers” and online journalists. “We’ve had a good effect; we’ve killed or captured more than 500 of the enemy in those sanctuaries.”

If Rick is talking to bloggers, shouldn't he be talking to me????????


Also, do you love how "bloggers" is in quotation marks? Like we're an oddity or something made "imaginary friend"!

Sullivan Square When I Was Little

My cousin Chrissie sent me a forwarded email with this great pic. She's going to try and find out where it came from so we can properly credit it. If you know, drop me a line.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I've Said It Before.........

.....and I'll say it again. If you are known by the company you can also be judged by the enemies you make.

Foreign Ministry lambastes allegations by commander of US forces in Iraq
Tehran, Aug 21, IRNA
Foreign Ministry has sent a letter of protest to the Swiss embassy, who looks after US interest in Iran, to officially lodge a complaint against recent irresponsible allegations made by the commander of US troops in central Iraq Major General Rick Lynch.
According to the Information and Press Bureau of the Foreign Ministry, the letter reads: "The Islamic Republic of Iran is voicing its strong objections to the baseless allegations made by Major General Lynch and vehemently refutes them and considers such illogical allegations as putting the blames on others which runs counter to existing relations between Iran and Iraq and called for their explanations to this effect." Since the Swiss ambassador was not available, the letter was delivered to Swiss charge d'affaires.

LOL, let me just say to the Iranian Foreign Minister..........Baby! You slay me!
Congratulations, Rick!

30,000 & I'm Pouting!

I left specific instructions for the 30,000 visitor to leave a comment...but noooooooooo!

Domain Name (Unknown)
IP Address 198.246.171.# (Westinghouse Air Brake Co.)
ISP Westinghouse Air Brake Co.

From Wilmerding, PA........You came in from The Castle at 2:15:27 pm and stayed for a moment. The Westinghouse Air Brake Co. looks familiar so you've been here before (although not lately).

So that's what I know about visitor #30,000.......that and he doesn't know how to comply with a royal edict!

The One Thing I Might Go To Indiana For

August 21, 2007
Indianapolis Journal
Yes, Deep-Fried Oreos, but Not in Trans Fats
INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 17 — The deep-fried Combo Plate may be a little more healthful this year at the Great Indiana State Fair. So say the fair’s leaders, who, taking a step rarely seen in the realm of corn dogs and fried pickles, have banned oils with trans fats from all the fryers that line the grounds here.

I love the irony of someone being worried about the transfats in a deep-fried oreo. I completely understand those people cited in the article saying:

Along the steamy thoroughfare here, where only sensitive palates can distinguish among the various cuts of potato (curly fries, ribbon fries and the old standby, French), fairgoers seemed pleased with the switch. The food tasted the same, they said happily. And if this meant they could indulge without guilt or have one more helping, so much the better.

Which is why I'll be having an Atkins shake for breakfast.

Monday, August 20, 2007

I Love Jerry Thornton

So, let's start at the beginning.

It all starts with that troublemaker from Southie, SB........I know, that's redundant! He sends me an email that lists the levels of Boston Irishness. It's funny, we enjoy it. I take it.....tart it up with pics and links and post it here. Then Universal Hub linked it and caused a little avalanche here. That's how I found out that the email was an excerpt from a very funny post by Jerry Thornton. I updated the post to credit him and emailed him to apologize for not doing it sooner. But the avalanche also swept in a little trash. One troll left two really nasty comments. This caused a dust-up which ended with me enabling comments moderation.

Now here's the best part. Jerry came out to the "Trolls" post to defend me.
"Yes, I'm the author of the "Boston Irish" piece Maggie thought enough of to post. And no, I'm not offended she didn't attribute it to me, though I do appreciate that she took the time to redo it when she found out it was me.
I'm grateful also to the anonymous troll who pointed out it was originally my piece, because such people are helpful. They help police the web in an often positive way. For instance, the Globe football writer, who was virulently anti-Bill Belichick, and therefore evil in my eyes, got fired for lifting things verbatim from another writer. Mike Barnicle anyone? I'm also a comic, which is a self-policing industry. Some guys are pure, thieving sponges (Carlos Mencia, Robin Williams), but others think every bit every other guy does was stolen from them. It's insane.
At the same time, I've been called out on the Barstool Sports blog by people accusing me of lifting. A QB gets his picture taken leaving a slutty hotel heiresses house, I post the photo, and I get accused of stealing it, like a news photo belongs to only one site.I'm flattered that you thought enough of my work to post it. And to attach my name to it when you found out the source. But mostly I'm not cheesed off because I don't mess with redhead Townie chicks with guns.
I like the blog. Keep it up."

He also complimented me........I'm hugely flattered.

So Jerry, I don't know where that BarStool is..........but when I find it, I owe you a drink. Maggie

The Next 24 Hours........

.......Sitemeter will tick over 30,000 Total Visits. As I write this it's 29,926. Jen is not impressed. when I mentioned the number, she said "Can you get each of them to leave a buck?"

Most bloggers note these milestones. I noted "25,000"....."20,000"..... I was actually Rachel's 10,000 visit at "Pay Heed To The Geek".

The point of this post is...........I really want it to be someone I know! So when you visit, peek at Sitemeter and if it's you, leave a comment.



My Treasure Chest

I wrote a post below about bargaining in Dubai's spice souk. Here are pics of the little treasure chest and frankincense. Here is the chest open with a few dirham in it. It has a purple fabric lining.
This is the envelope of frankincense. It was in a plastic bag, but I bring it in the my CCD class each year and the baggie tore.

Salamander's Back

Got a couple of posts up already.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

One Hundred and Ninety-Five Years Ago

During the War of 1812, the U.S. Navy frigate Constitution defeated the British frigate Guerriere in a furious engagement off the coast of Nova Scotia and earned its nickname of "Old Ironsides." Witnesses said the British shot seemed to bounce off its sides.
The U.S. Frigate Constitution left Boston, Massachusetts, on 2 August 1812, bound for a raiding cruise off Nova Scotia, the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Newfoundland. Her Commanding Officer, Isaac Hull, was eager to find and fight one of the several Royal Navy frigates then active off North America, and on 18 August an American privateer informed him that one might be found further south. The next afternoon, some 400 miles southeast of the British base at Halifax, a sail was sighted that turned out to be HMS Guerriere, one of the frigates that had fruitlessly pursued Constitution off New York a month earlier.
Guerriere's Captain, James R. Dacres, was also spoiling for a fight. Despite his ship's disadvantages in number and size of guns, and number of crewmen, the long British tradition of victory in ship-to-ship combat against European enemies provided reasonable grounds for Dacres' aggressive optimism. As Constitution approached on this windy, cloudy day, Guerriere began firing alternating broadsides that produced few hits and little damage. Constitution's return fire, limited to a few guns mounted forward, was also ineffective, but this changed markedly as the two ships drew alongside at about six in the evening of 19 August 1812.
A quarter-hour of intense gunnery by Constitution, delivered with much superior accuracy, battered Guerriere in the hull and masts. The British frigate's mizzenmast fell over the side, crippling her ability to maneuver. Constitution then moved ahead to rake Guerriere, whose bowsprit caught in the American's mizzen rigging. Firing continued while the two ships were thus tangled, and both sides prepared boarding parties. Marksmen in the mast tops blazed away at exposed personnel, with deadly effect. Many officers and men were thus killed, including Constitution's Marine lieutenant. Others, Captain Dacres among them, were wounded. As the ships separated, Guerriere's foremast collapsed, pulling down the mainmast with it. She was now a "defenseless hulk", and surrendered at 7 PM, when Constitution approached to renew the action after making brief repairs to her modest damages. British casualties were more than five times those of the Americans, and Guerriere was beyond saving. Her surviving crewmen were taken off the next day, she was set afire and soon blew up. Constitition then returned to Boston with her prisoners, arriving on 30 August.
This battle, the first of several U.S. Navy victories in ship-to-ship contests, encouraged Americans and chagrined the British. Despite the rational excuse that Royal Navy frigates were not as large and powerful as their American counterparts, the real causes of these outcomes were inspired seamanship and vastly better gunnery. For the rest of the 19th Century, long after the War of 1812 was over, America's Navy was credited with an effectiveness that went well beyond its usually modest size.
I grew up on this stuff. I spent so many happy Sunday afternoons running through all these great historical places. The Navy Yard was a big part of my childhood. I don't get people who aren't into history. I find it so fascinating. I was captivated by it then and now.

Pearl Harbor

Another really excellent post from Military Motivators.


So, sometimes people who blog have trolls. I am so small and inconsequential that I have not had that problem. I once had a commenter that was so wound up over her favorite author that she read bad intent into a post, but we worked it out. There is no tone in email or posts. If you heard the words come out of my mouth you would get my attitude much more clearly than reading my words. I guess that's why I am not a famous author. Anyway, I finally got a real live troll. Geez, it's about time, I'm closing in on 30,000 visitors!

He/she/it was upset that I had not properly credited the post about "Levels of Boston Irishness". The troll was very nasty about it, bad attitude, bad language, the whole 9 yards. So I thought if I just explained my side of it, it would be over. The troll and I found out about the actual author, Jerry Thornton of BarStool Sports the same way, from an anonymous commenter. I followed the link which the commenter helpfully supplied and read the whole article, which is even funnier than the list. You should read it. I also updated the post to reflect this newly acquired knowledge.

If you read this blog you know I am all about the links. I am quite upfront when I steal stuff.......and I usually give it a title that reflects my larcenous tendencies. For example "Stealing Stuff", I think that's pretty up front. Or, "Stealing Stuff From The Castle", and "Stealing Stuff From Lex". Although sometimes I do try to sneak, as in "Shhhhh!" but I think Uncle Jimbo is ok with it.

I have never knowingly plagarized anyone, I couldn't be bothered. I'm not here to impress anyone. I write this for my own amusement and that of my friends. If you like it.....swell! If you comment, even better. If you don't..... Oh Well! I could give a fat rat's ass!

The author, Mr. Thornton, also views this matter in a very different way. I emailed him as soon as I found out about his post. I told him that I had received part of his article in an email, which for the record, I did note in my post - it was in an email from SB. He emailed back asking for a link to my blog and saying that he found it interesting when something he wrote bounces around the internet. So, unlike the troll, he understands that sometimes you don't know an actual author. It's the nature of these emails we all get. The other thing I find amusing is when I get the same email from two different people who are not connected. I am always amused when I get an email from my cousin Chrissie and then a day or two later the same email from a MilBlog friend. It's like seeing what washes up on the beach, carried by different currents from different starting places and ending up together on my beach.

So, what is the conclusion of all this? I have had to enable comment moderation. After I explained my side of things in the comments, the troll came back just as vicious. So, I erased the trolls two comments and one of my replies and now every comment has to get my approval before appearing. It's not that big a deal, I don't get that many comments.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Thanks Brad!

SB's birthday went magnificently! I would like to take this opportunity to thank Brad Peniston for his contribution.

Last month I almost went to a book signing that I would have been a year late for. I figured it out at the last minute and avoided that aggravation. I wrote an email that I assumed would be answered by someone who worked for his publishing company......instead I got Brad. We exchanged some emails and he very cheerfully tossed me under the bus at my office. I explained that while I wanted to read his book and hear him speak I was hot to get the book for someone special. He wrote that I could get an autographed book from the Naval know, the kind of books ordinary people get..........LOL. I didn't want one of those, I wanted something more! So, instead I called The National Maritime Historical Society the week before Brad's next book signing and arranged for a more personalized book. I also emailed Brad and let him in on my plan (pretty pushy huh?). When the book arrived, it was perfect! I dashed off an email thanking Brad, but I couldn't blog about it. It is very difficult to keep a secret from SB. For one thing, he is soooooo deep in my head, he usually knows what I'm thinking before I think it! For another, he reads this foolish blog. Lastly, I am usually so eager to give him gifts, that I can't wait and I give them early. So I have sat on this little bit of good news...........until now.

So, I had Brad's book......and another little gift that only a member of Red Sox Nation could appreciate (he played with it like a little boy, chortling about using it to torture Yank-Me! fans). Of course I looked done, perfect outfit........

It was perfect! We haven't been together on his birthday for four years (please let the SecDef know I am not complaining, it's just an observation).

Happy Birthday, baby.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Call Cancelled

The scheduled press conference call briefing by Assistant Secretary of African Affairs Jendayi Frazer on U.S.-Eritrea Relations scheduled for 0900 this morning has been cancelled.

I did shoot back an email asking how I got on the list as promised in the comments here.

I Want

...............and I should want for nothing!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Padilla convicted of terrorism support
MIAMI - Jose Padilla, a U.S. citizen held for 3 1/2 years as an enemy combatant, was convicted Thursday of helping Islamic extremists and plotting overseas attacks in a case that came to symbolize the Bush administration's zeal to clamp down on terrorism.
The best commentary was found at "Quoth the Raven"

Inspiration for SWO Pin

Over at the Phibian's place there are many zombie like fans wandering around moaning about their withdrawral symptoms. There are the faithful "He'll be back soon!" There are the conspiracy theorists "Lesse...'phibs going EMCON A for awhile, Eagle1 is off "fishing", Yankee Sailor has gone we sense a common thread here?". There are the belligerent "You damnbetcha get your butt back here!". But he left us with lots of links, plus we can always peruse his archives. So we all check in and read the comments in the last post and that's where I found this. Thanks Sid!
Here is something for y'all...Do you think this pic may have served as the inspiration for the SWO pin?
sid 08.13.07 - 11:18 am #

In the meantime, we should follow the Commander's advice and read more SJS, Eagle1, BullNav, Chap, Galrahn, and lot's of others, especially Springbored who has this great post up today.

"Live Free or Die"

You've seen it plenty of times on the license plate of a car from New Hampshire. Have you ever wondered where it came from? It's part of a longer sentiment.
"Live free or die. Death is not the worst of evils."

Those are the words of General John Stark, (August 28, 1728 - May 8, 1822) the hero of the Battle of Bennington. He led an amazing life. He was captured and ransomed from the Abenaki Indians, fought in the French and Indian war, and the American Revolution. During the Revolution he fought at Lexington, Bunker Hill, Trenton and Princeton. In the summer of 1777 British General John Burgoyne was attempting to push through the northern Hudson River Valley in hopes of cutting off new England from the rest of the colonies.

On the afternoon of August 16, 1777, the weather cleared, and Stark ordered his men ready to attack. Stark is reputed to have rallied his troops by saying, "There are your enemies, the Red Coats and the Tories. They are ours, or this night Molly Stark sleeps a widow." Upon hearing that the militia had melted away into the woods, Baum assumed that the Americans were retreating or redeploying. However, Stark had recognized that Baum's forces were spread thin and decided immediately to envelop them from two sides while simultaneously charging Baum's central redoubt head-on. Stark's plan , the Loyalists and Native Americans fled. This left Baum and his Hessian dragoons trapped on the high ground without any horses. The Germans fought valiantly even after running low on powder. The dragoons led a sabre charge and tried to break through the enveloping forces. However, after this final charge failed and Baum was mortally wounded, the Germans surrendered.
Shortly after this battle ended, while the New Hampshire Militia was disarming the German troops, Baum's reinforcements arrived. The German reinforcements, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Heinrich von Breymann, saw the Americans in disarray and pressed their attack immediately. After hastily regrouping, Stark's forces tried to hold their ground against the German onslaught. Before their lines collapsed, a group of several hundred Vermont militiamen arrived to reinforce Stark's troops. The Green Mountain Boys, commanded by Seth Warner, had just been defeated at the Battle of Hubbardton by British reinforcements and were eager to exact their revenge on the enemy. Together, the New Hampshire and Vermont militias repulsed and finally routed von Breymann's force.
Today the residents of Bennington celebrate the battle, calling the day Bennington Battle Day. That day the town fires Americas oldest firing cannon, called the Molly Stark Cannon

"Live free or die. Death is not the worst of evils."

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Levels of Boston Irishness

*********Note. I didn't write this. I didn't think it up. It was sent to me in an email (as noted below - 2nd, rude anonymous commenter) and I did a little cut and paste, added links and pics. The email did not identify the author. However, the first anonymous commenter did know and helpfully supplied the link. You can follow this link to the original written by Jerry Thornton at Barstool Sports, it's even funnier, because this is just an excerpt. **********
There are levels of Boston Irishness:
Light Green: Irish in name only. This guy is originally from "ahhtastate" (out of state). Now lives in the suburbs. A private sector, white collar guy who either works at one of the law firms or a financial institution. St. Patrick's to him means breaking out the green tie and the shamrock flag for the front of the house. Also on St. Patty's, his wife will dress the kids in green for school, though the school's Diversity Policy celebrates every culture but the Irish.
Mint Green: Moved out of the city as a kid. Either has a government job or knows someone who does, especially cops. Likes a pint, but around the age of 30 developed a taste for Jameson's. MP3 player is full of Dropkick Murphys and The Saw Doctors. Drinks in suburban places with neon shamrocks in the window. Hopes to visit the Auld Sod someday,but is saving for Disney. Might know someone who can get you off jury duty.
Hunter Green: Family stayed in Dorchester . Thinks the South Shore is the Cape . Knows every Irish bar in the city. Wasn't happy this years St. Patrick's Day falls on Saturday, because it's a Suffolk County holiday and he'd normally have it off anyway. On St. Pat's, "The Leprechaun" leaves gifts for his kids like he's the Easter bunny. Has drank his way across Ireland several times.
Shamrock Green: Lived in Southie or Charlestown since birth. If he's not like one of the guys in "The Departed," he sure knows guys like them. A huge hockey fan. Everyone he knows has a nickname like Sully, Cliffy, Knotzie orFitz. Wears a scally cap. Read "Black Mass" and knew everyone in it personally. Has a tattoo of a shamrock or a harp. Drinks Guinness.
Kelly Green: Usually an older guy. Identifies locations by "parishes"as in "I grew up over in St. Marks." Can meet you and within a minute connect you to someone he knows, usually a state worker. Never misses the obituaries ("the Irish sports pages") and goes to three wakes a week.
Emerald Green: This is the genuine article. A true Mick, who no matter how many generations removed he is, still has an Irish accent. Can find a rugby match on TV any hour of the day. Doesn't say much because he's so well connected. Puts salt in his beer to keep a head on it. Could probably have you arrested, whacked, or get you a job.

This has to be the funniest thing SB ever emailed me.


From our friends at Military Motivators.........

A Little MG Rick Lynch..... calm the nerves, lol. Nothing like listening to Rick explain things to make me feel better. SB is incommunicado for a few days. His birthday is soon and while I have two presents I am happy with I am frantic to get my hands on a 3rd. I still have this head cold....what the "eff'! As jen would say. And now I have a little tempest in a teacup with the diaspora of Eritrea. The conference call has been moved to Friday (thanks for the update, Sarah), and I am going to listen in. So, while I watch sitemeter monitor my new visitors...........I'll relax and focus on Rick.

"The intent is to keep the enemy on the run," said Major General Rick Lynch, whose Task Force Marne waged strikes on insurgent nests in the volatile Tigris and Euphrates river valleys.
Read the rest here.

Welcome to Readers of ""

***********08/17/07 UPDATE the conference call was cancelled******** is a website for Eritreans. It's a members only thing, so I can't read much. However, I am experiencing a little surge from there and I thought I would address it. The post here and comments it with have sparked some debate.
First - I posted the email because I was amused to be addressed as a "key blogger". My blog is nonsense and to get an email from the State Department insinuating anything else was amusing and flattering.
Second - The two commenters who appear to be Eritrean are both commenting from inside the United States. So, I take exception with your huffy, defensive tone. You can go on all you want about not needing the US....but you are here enjoying our protection right now.
1st Commenter
Who cares about Jendayi Frazer. We Eritrean don't expect any good word from her!! We don’t have time for her. We are busy to build our country. Long Live Eritrea!!
My Response
As far as my anonymous commenter goes........sitemeter says you posted your comment from inside the United States. I am impressed you are able to rebuild a country from that distance. Further, you should care about Jendayi Frazer. You should care about everyone who wants to help you. You are going to need a lot of help and you would do well to watch yourself, sir.
2nd Commenter
You are telling the wrong people they need help from the US. Eritreans do not want US's help. That is why they kicked USAID out of their country. Perhaps? You might be the one that is requiring help, seeing that SD has put you in a situation you know nothing of.
and billt please try to grow up.
Again, I would respond that it's childish and immature to turn away help. Are we (the US) your enemy? Did we cause the problems you are experiencing? No. So why are you out here talking smack about Jendayi Frazer and USAID? Ms. Frazer is a dedicated and hardworking State Department assistant Secretary. She is trying to help. Why would you stomp your feet and cross your arms and refuse?

However, if you are going to talk the we say in this country....why don't you walk the walk? If you are so caught up in not taking help and not needing help and rebuilding your own country.......then go do it! It's easy for both of you to turn away help. You are here and safe and living in better conditions that many of your countrymen. I think there are people in Eritrea, right not, this minute who would be very happy to accept some help right now.


Today's Word "recondite"
recondite \REK-uhn-dyt\ (adjective) - 1 : Difficult to understand; abstruse. 2 : Concerned with obscure subject matter.
"Reginald enjoyed the daily emails as a way to keep his already recondite vocabulary satisfyingly obscure."
Recondite is from Latin reconditus, past participle of recondere, "to store back," i.e., "out of the way," hence "to hide"; itself from re-, "back, again" + condere, "to put away, to store." Thus, recondite knowledge is "hidden" (because of obscurity or difficulty) from the understanding of the average person.

Jen would say this was a perfect fit. LOL

Monday, August 13, 2007

George S Patton Wants.... to watch more History Channel!


From Janes Naval Forces News Brief:

Report says UK urged caution to US commanders after Iranian seizure of sailors.
British government officials told the US Navy (USN) that low-flying operations over the Northern Arabian Gulf "would not be helpful" following the seizure of 15 UK Royal Navy personnel by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, it has emerged. A UK parliamentary report says that the efforts to persuade the US to scale back its planned military manoeuvres were key in helping secure the release of the eight sailors and seven Royal Marines in April.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm Sunburnt....But Happy

Just back from a weekend at my sister's cottage. Her husband kept us well fed....ok, stuffed. We lounged on the porch, in the yard, by the pond. Everytime someone stopped talking to me for 5 minutes, I fell asleep.

It was another occassion for us to marvel at how well Grace chose godmothers for her daughters.........Debbie is soooooo me! She was explaining about seeing a good looking guy jogging as she passed in her she circled around and passed him again!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Matt Sherman Finally Surfaced!!!!

He's got some new pics up at his place for the first time in 8 months! Every once in a while I have to poke him........."Ok, it's time to write and say you are busy and doing well......". So this morning he responded to the poke as though he were just down the street. "I am doing well. In fact I just updated my blog for the first time in a while. How are you?" LOL, how am I? I'm not in Iraq.....I'm in I'm in no danger and I'm fabulous.
So, head over and check out Matt's pics.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Is not paying enough attention to me!


At this time I was flying over the Atlantic, crossing time zones...on my way to the adventure of a lifetime.

Naval Coastal Warfare

This post was removed at the request of the Princess' favorite Naval Consort.

I figure if I'm nice....................

Thursday, August 09, 2007

I Just Got......

*******Update 08/17/07 this conference call was cancelled****
....this email from the State Department.

Assistant Secretary of African Affairs Jendayi Frazer will brief the press on U.S.-Eritrea Relations Wednesday, August 15 at 3PM.

The press conference call briefing will provide print media and key bloggers with an update on U.S.-Eritrea relations following the recent release of a U.N. report detailing the flow of weapons in the Horn of Africa.

If interested, please contact me by Tuesday, August 14 for conference call-in information.


"Key bloggers"? Who are they talking to? LOL I am terribly flattered to have made this list. Of course, I have no idea how I did. The funny thing is, I know who this speaker is. I have heard her on CSpan and NPR. She is very impressive. I wonder if I can carve out the time at work to listen.

Corrupting Influence

Main Entry: 1 cor·rupt
Pronunciation: k&-'r&pt
Function: verb
Etymology: Middle English, from Latin corruptus, past participle of corrumpere, from com- + rumpere to break -- more at REAVE
transitive verb
1 a : to change from good to bad in morals, manners, or actions;
Main Entry: 1 in·flu·ence
Pronunciation: 'in-"flü-&n(t)s, especially Southern in-'
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Old French, from Medieval Latin influentia, from Latin influent-, influens, present participle of influere to flow in, from in- + fluere to flow -- more at FLUID
1 a : an ethereal fluid held to flow from the stars and to affect the actions of humans b : an emanation of occult power held to derive from stars
2 : an emanation of spiritual or moral force
3 a : the act or power of producing an effect without apparent exertion of force or direct exercise of command b : corrupt interference with authority for personal gain
4 : the power or capacity of causing an effect in indirect or intangible ways
Dear Mr. Andi,

While I would do anything for you, I must refuse your request below. I do this for your own good. You must trust that the closer to the center of Boston one comes from, the more one knows.
Mr. Andi - I am looking out for you!

I explained in your wife's comments
"Well, I will reluctantly go along with this on one agree to spend the time you save showering attention on my good friend Mr. Andi!
Say it with me........"Honey, let me go get you a beer, so you don't miss any of this Sox game!"
Seriously I know you are just moving on to bigger and better things. I wish you fair winds and following seas

You came over here to report
"Maggie - day one isn't going so well. Tonight I said, "Honey, I'll take a beer" as Andi was passing through the living room, but she just kept walking. Clearly, I have my work cut out for me. I'll send her up to you for some training if progress isn't made soon.
Don't worry - I'll take good care of Andi. Well, when the Sox aren't on, that is!"

I must say no. I am the LAST person you want training anyone, much less the wonderful Andi. I am more of what you would call a "corrupting influence"!

But keep at it. I know you will take good care of our Andi. Remember, you are my absolute-without-a-doubt-favorite blogger spouse!

Go Sox!

Well.....Wasn't This Typical!

Today was, as my sister Grace would say, a lala!I got an email a few days ago from that fabulous New England Blogger, Miss Kelly. She has been following, among other things, the criminal case against Imam Muhammed Masood, who was arrested last November with 33 Pakistanis as part of a nation-wide sweep for religious visa fraud. Masood and his family faced deportation, but now the feds have brought criminal charges against Masood for visa fraud and making false statements. You can bring yourself up to speed here, and here.
A hearing was scheduled for today and Miss Kelly wanted people to come out and stand in support of law enforcement. It was short notice and I do (whine, whine) have this head cold, but I checked the calendar and I found I could do it.
So this morning I came into work, got everyone settled and headed for the Moakley Courthouse. I gave myself an hour and fifteen minutes. I get to Bostonian Society meetings in less time and I figured at 10 am it had to be even easier. Everyone should already be where they are going, right?
I sat in incredible traffic all the way to Braintree and then it was time to flip that mental coin.
You know I never get the 50/50 questions. Today the question was......stay on the road or get on the "T". Well, of course I picked wrong. Braintree Station parking lot - full. Quincy/Adams parking lot - full. Quincy Center - I am finally on a train. The RedLine runs parallel to the highway. I don't need to tell you how empty it was. Once I hit South Station I found the Silver Line and followed two Court workers to the Courthouse.
I was supposed to meet Miss Kelly & whoever else showed right in front at 11:15 am. She expect we'd be there until noon.
I arrive at the main entrance. Do I need to tell you what time it is at that point? Yes, that's right. It was noon. LOL No one was in sight except for security. I ask them if this is the only entrance. I tell them I am late to meet someone. Just then Miss Kelly sees me from inside and comes out to greet me. She has two gentleman with her and introductions are made...they are not blogger and clearly unaware of how fabulous I I move on! (I'm teasing, it was great that they were there and they were very nice)
They are ready to leave. I get the debrief.
Then comes the part where I actually get to be useful! Miss Kelly had walked over from South Station. I get to show her the Silver Line and we get to chat until we get to the Red Line.

August 9th

In 480 B.C., after one of history's most famous battles, Persian forces overran the heavily outnumbered Spartan defenders of the narrow pass at Thermopylae in Greece.
In 1936, American Jesse Owens won his fourth Olympic gold medal in Berlin.
In 1945, a U.S. B-29 bomber dropped an atomic bomb nicknamed "Fat Man" on the Japanese city of Nagasaki.
In 1969, actress Sharon Tate and four other people were slain by the followers of Charles Manson in the first of two nights of bizarre killings. 1783 John Quincy Adams traveled from Holland to Paris with his father, John Adams. The senior Adams was involved in negotiating a peace treaty with Great Britain. On September 3rd, the Treaty of Paris was signed, ending the Revolutionary War. Sixteen-year-old "Johnny," as the family called John Quincy, had been in Europe for five years and would stay for another two. His extraordinary exposure to European culture, history, and politics would be of great value to his country during his long career in public life. Widely considered one of the best Secretaries of State the United States has ever had, John Quincy Adams also served as President, and later as a member of the House of Representatives

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Random Stuff

I am just back from seeing Sue at Utopia Place........I am young and beautiful again. This is the best I look all month!

I got an email from Jeff Schogol of Star & Stripes about the Roughead hearing.
My colleague at Stripes who covers the Pentagon says the hearing will likely be in early September, but he does not have more specific information.
Jeff Schogol

Thanks, Jeff.....but that's so long!

I have pizza in Jennifer's oven, waiting for her to show up from work (she is more a work-a-holic than I am). The pizza has to stay in the oven because Jen keeps the place like an igloo. I had to run through the house to get it in the oven before it iced over.

As soon as she's ready we are going to watch last week's episode of "Rescue Me" and if I can stay up late enough (with this head cold) we will watch tonight's episode. At least, once every episode Jen and I end up screaming at something. Plus Jen loves pointing out that his crazy, over-sexed sister is named Maggie. I ordered garlic bread for my cold.

Guess what else I have? Oreo Cakesters, lol. We were talking about them in work and when Rachael left, she went to Walmart, bought them and left them on my front seat. Isn't she good to me? I had one. They are good. The rest I will bring into the office to share.

What Horseshit!

Feminine guys better for long-term love: study

Women see masculine-looking men as more unsuitable long-term partners but men with more feminine features are seen as more committed and less likely to stray, researchers said Wednesday.

First off, men don't stray from me. Second, what's the point of keeping him if he isn't what you wanted. it's like when someone chooses dinner by quantity as opposed to quality. Twice as much crappy food, doesn't beat half as much great food. So you have a guy who won't leave.....but he's nearly gay?!?!?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

If there is a question about the Princess' preferences.........please see and....... I will take less time with this guy than lots of time with a "feminine" man, any day of the week.
Major General Rick Lynch, commander of the 3rd Infantry Division, visits Thursday with troops at Patrol Base Murray in Iraq. He gave the order to begin Operation Marne Husky.

Article here.

Not To Stick Up For Hillary......

But if you're gonna beef about this..........
you better do something about this..........
Manssierre anyone?

Late To The Party

On this day in 1945 the Soviet Union declared war on the Imperial Empire of Japan.........two days after Hiroshima.......twenty-five days before the Missouri.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

An Aptly Titled Post

This has certainly been one of the most difficult posts I've ever had to write. After some long and thoughtful deliberation, I've decided to close Andi's World. I love this blog, with a passion, primarily because this blog has afforded me other, better opportunities to make a difference in the lives of our troops and their families. Opportunities that are more of a priority for me right now than providing daily, unimportant commentary here, and opportunities which allow me to make a tangible contribution to the military community, of which I'm a proud member.

I'm bummed.

My comment?

Well, I will reluctantly go along with this on one agree to spend the time you save showering attention on my good friend Mr. Andi!
Say it with me........"Honey, let me go get you a beer, so you don't miss any of this Sox game!"
Seriously I know you are just moving on to bigger and better things. I wish you fair winds and following seas.

Hey, Mr. Andi! Take good care of her!

I Have A Summer Cold

I am miserable and whiny.........more whiny than usual. I am going to take a dose of cold medicine and pass out!

Roughead's Confirmation

**********This is my week for mistakes! Anthony (in my comments) is absolutely correct. My links are to the House Armed Services Committee and the nomination is being handled by the Senate Armed Services Committee. But I don't see any links on that site showing any scheduled hearings either***************

All right........someone explain this to me.

First, we've got this:
Nomination: PN832-110
Date Received: August 02, 2007 (110th Congress)
Nominee: One nomination, beginning with Adm. Gary Roughead , and ending with Adm. Gary Roughead
Referred to: Senate Armed Services

Legislative Actions

Floor Action: August 02, 2007 - Received in the Senate and referred to the Committee on Armed Services.
Organization: Navy
List of Nominees: The following named officer for appointment as Chief of Naval Operations, United States Navy and appointment to the grade indicated while assigned to a position of importance and responsibility under title 10, U.S.C., sections 601 and 5033:
To be Admiral Adm. Gary Roughead , 6126
Control Number: 110PN0083200

OK, then we've got this.

Week of August 6 – August 10, 2007
There are no hearings scheduled for this week.
Week of August 13 – August 17, 2007
There are no hearings planned for this period.

Just exactly how long do I have to wait before I get to pop the cork and rub SB's nose in this?

Monday, August 06, 2007

Hi Frank!

Jen sent me an IM at 1830 "I want to see the Bourne Ultimatum in Randolph at 7:35." I replied "I would have to leave now." Yes she said that was the point of the message....leave now. Now. Have you left yet? I leave in record time and head up the highway to pick her up from work. I am talking on the phone to SB and I relay the message. He says "Well, you better get going." I point out I am in the car and stick my tongue out.....which is largely ineffective during a phone conversation.

We get to Randolph with 30 seconds to spare.....get tickets.....popcorn.....soda.....I have Jen smuggling in M&Ms (no I didn't make it back on Atkins today). Every seat is full. Literally. Lots of younger kids. We speculate that many of these delinquents actually have Simpsons tickets and they snuck in here. There is no crowd control at Randolph. We go back out and get a refund.

What to do?

We call Bette, she is having dinner with Pat. I tell Bette to scoop two more seats at the bar at BoCa. She says she will do what she can. When we get there the bar is empty except for our two friends, two men next to Pat and a woman one seat away from Bette. Bette says "She is going to move over one seat, we're all set." Ok, I go stand behind the empty seat and ask whose glass is on the bar. Bette says it's her water, she put it there to save the seat. The woman on the other side says "I'm moving." But she doesn't move. I tell my sister to sit in the empty seat and stand between Jen and the stranger. The woman announces again that she is moving.I tell her I appreciate it. She doesn't move. There are six empty seats on the other side of the woman. Bette says "She's going to move." The woman agrees and points out that she's actually leaving as soon as her husband walks over and gestures to the corner where the two men are next to Pat and four more men are at a table behind them. Who is her husband? I don't know, I don't care. Just move. She doesn't move. Then she strikes up a conversation with Jen, seems they casually knew each other from another restaurant Jen used to frequent. I go stand between Bette and Pat and tell Pat a funny story she missed while she was away over the weekend. We order drinks, I steal Pat's knife to spread hummus on bread I am stealing from someone else's basket...then I take Bette's napkin. Still the woman doesn't move. The bartender gives us menus. The woman doesn't move. I give up. I go over to the two men on Pat's other side to get them to scoot their chairs together so I can get a chair in there. No problem. The are happy to oblige. One of the guys asks if he's moved enough. I tell him that I am happy. He takes my hand and says "Good, because it is all about you!" I turn and smile and say "Why, yes, it is and I'm pleased that you realize that!" I thank him again and ask if he wants to know the other two rules. He says yes and I explain about paying attention to me without putting up with my shit and how when I am unhappy, I am rarely unhappy alone. He says he can do this. I laugh. The strange woman starts calling "Frank, Frank" The man talking to me looks over. Pat explains he is strange woman's husband.........

Then evil Maggie came out to play.

Strange woman was now ready to leave..............but she needed I kept Frank. Frank was easy to Strange woman called and kept walking to the door. Frank didn't follow. Strange woman got aggravated. You know how it is when something aggravates you..............say for example, someone was in a chair you needed.............that would be aggravating. Frank got as far as the door and came back to me.............she took Frank by the arm...........but he came back. Strange woman left the restaurant.......Frank stayed. Strange woman came back in. Bette was getting worried and tried to cover my mouth with her napkin (they brought her a new one to replace the one I stole). It didn't help, I just put out my hand and Frank took it. Frank made it to the door again, but then strange woman was distracted by someone she knew talking to her and Frank was right back to me. Strange woman was exasperated! LOL I should have let him leave..........I didn't.

Finally I asked Frank "Do you go on the Internet?" He said yes. Jen said "Stop it, Maggie!" I said "Tomorrow I want you to Google *BostonMaggie*." He looked at me quizzically "m.a.g.g.i.e.?" I told him yes, Boston Maggie.

When they finally left, I was roundly denounced by my dinner companions. Why did I do that? I told them "She should have moved." Pat pronounced me vindictive.......Oh Well!

So........if you made it home and you remembered...........

Hi Frank and thanks for the laugh baby!