Friday, May 11, 2012

I'm Here....

at the hotel. 

Everything went great until the Amtrak people made me walk and walk.  But it was fine, because just when I couldn't step another step......a Marine met me at Ballston and carried my bag to the hotel.

The pool at the Arlington Gateway is closed until 4 pm.  Boo!

I'm tired and hungry and I can't make a decision.

BTW, the endocrinologist just called.  The methimazole is working.  So my hair will stop falling out.

On balance, it's a good day.

Tonight will be the Milbloggies.  I am nominated, but didn't really pimp it.  I want Pundit Review radio to win.

Same with the Donovan.  We're hoping his category goes to Lex.

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