Monday, May 20, 2019

Do You Read Lee Child's "Jack Reacher" Series?

I do.

I started late.  I didn't read him before the movie adaptation.  It seemed that there was an endless supply of books.  I was wrong.  Now like other fans I am waiting for the next release on October 29, 2019.

Sometimes I really like him - I mean Jack.  Sometimes, not so much.  There were a few books where I felt his "line" was blurring.  You know what I mean - "I'd do this; but I'd never do that!" I always felt
Jack's line was pretty near mine.  But he came back around.  And even when I was worried, I was still a fan.

Of the 23 novels currently published, the second most recent "The Midnight Line" is far and away my favorite.  When I finished it, I felt something very close to what I felt when I finished Denis Lehane's "Mystic River".  I felt connected.  Really connected.

With Mystic River I felt Lehane had seen something in me and was writing to me.  While I have great respect for Clint Eastwood's movie making skills, I felt nothing like that with the movie.  It was impossible.  Eastwood isn't from Boston.  You have to be from Boston to get that book.  Not his fault.

With Midnight Line I fell in love with Jack Reacher.  By the time I closed that book I realized that if Jack were real and I met him, I'd do anything for him.  I can't recall feeling that way about any book character.  And I am a big reader.  Not even when I was young and easily infatuated.  Even though Jack is former Army......not Navy.  LOL!