Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dear 98 Cents

Yesterday I published my thoughts on Hilary Rosen. I got two responses, three actually because my anonymous commenter had poor reading comprehension. The first was my friend Middleboro Jones & I published it. The second two were from the same hateful anonymous coward. He commented, couldn't comprehend the "comment moderation" response and typed out his hateful rant a second time.

I didn't publish either version. I don't mind disagreement. A quick search of the blog will find I have published opposing views. But only the reasonable ones. Not the hateful, nasty ones.

But I did leave a response -

"I thought long and hard about publishing your hateful comment. But that's the point of moderating comments and having your own blog - your hate has no place here.

For you to say that Ann Romney uses her MS as a "crutch" shows that you can't be reasoned with. Ann Romney didn't bring it up in this discussion, I did.

Frequent readers of this blog know that my sister was DX'd over 10 years ago. No amount of money makes up for her suffering. And I have cancer, not breast cancer, but cancer none-the-less. No amount of money could make up for what I have gone through.

You tried to drop a steaming pile here while you cruise the blogosphere with your baseless rage.
Thanks to comment moderation, you can't.

Go back to HuffPo and the other hateful Obama-bots."


Sandi said...

Well done, Maggie!

I always find it interesting how hateful the "tolerance" crowd is when someone disagrees with their view point.

Samuel_Clemons said...

i try to stay away from the political stuff, it's so polarising, and i don't want to turn off approximately 50 percent of the blogosphere before i even press "post" .. i note that i made a completely funny tweet the other day, and was only retweeted about 6 times, (not a good number for me) anyway, it WAS FUNNY!! because it made light of the hilariousness and ridiculousness of our political world... so my tweet went like this:

"after winning the war on moms, the Democrats are going to attack amputees, grandmothers and nuns" or something like that..

really. anyone who doesn't accept that as pure humor, takes themselves entirely too seriously.

as to your cancer, i am sorry to hear. we don't want to use that as fodder for the trolls, nor do we need to mention it.

this is what i can gather, in my own wee ferret way: there are those of a certain political persuasion that do not now, nor ever wish to grow spiritually. it is as simple as that. they neither believe in anything, nor want others to change, to grow, to be better people. all they want to do is divide, they are bitter, and they are miserable. they want to focus on misery, what people do NOT have, and what they know, which is whatever they can see or feel, and faith is not in them. since that is the case, if they were ever to actually seek a spiritual solution to anything, they'd have to give up being trolls, they'd have to forgive, let go and Let God. but we cannot change them. they have to change themselves.

we can only change how we react to them, and we are not responsible for how they react to us.

thought i'd say hello, and now the tea kettle whistleth...

Col. Sir Samuel Zeus Clemons tweets at @Samuel_Clemons

oh, and P.S. i don't have to moderate my blog, and even if i do go off on a rant i don't really care what the trolls say.. but that is my ferretal position, and i am not trying to persuade you or tell you what to do. free speech and all that rot.

John Hendershot said...

For many years my wife (stay at home mom, like Romney) had a "Wizard of Id" cartoon posted on the refrigerator. Frame 1 shows Sir Rodney, next to a sign saying, "Domestic Help Wanted", asking a woman about her experience. She replies she raised 10 kids.
Frame 2: Sir Rodney asks, "Yes, but do you have any real experience?"
Frame 3: The Wizard, entering the hospital with doctor bag in hand, asks, "He has a broom handle stuck up where?"

BostonMaggie said...

Thanks Sandi!

Samuel Clemmons, I am a fervent believer in the 1st amendment. If "98 Cents" wanted to stand in a public place and express his views, I would defend him to the death.

But this isn't a public place, it's my place.

John, thanks a great message in that comic.

Mark Tempest said...

BZ, Maggie!