Sunday, December 31, 2017

Called My Dad Today

I waited until the game ended, but I forgot about the 5th Quarter.  Not that my father is any great talker on the phone.  He's talkative enough in person, actually very social, someone you want to sit with at a party.  Always a joke or story, doesn't let anyone sit isolated.  But the phone?  Forget it.  His responses usually amount to "Yeah.  Yeah.  Yeah-yeah.  Is that it?  Here's your mother."

I would have called anyway, it's New Year's Eve.  My opening remark was "Can I call back at midnight?" He was paying so little attention he said "Yeah.  What?  No!" and then started laughing.  "Mummy and I haven't seen the ball drop in years!"   It always slays me when he refers to her as "Mummy" like when I was four or five.  My mother was sleeping so I'll try again tomorrow.

But really I called to hear his voice.

Today on Twitter, @IowaHawk, a really witty smart guy posted that he lost his father.

What I Will Do For January

So generally the Kindle is for my mental snack food, post-apocalyptic fiction.  Zombies, EMPs, viruses.  I have Kindle Unlimited and I subscribe to Book Bub.  For serious reading I prefer actual paper & ink books.  I buy new & used and have library cards in Boston, the South Shore and Staunton.

But somehow I got a copy of "Long Summer Day" by R. F. Delderfield downloaded.  As I was reading it there was something that seemed familiar.  So I looked up the author.  His other books include "God Is An Englishman" and "Diana".  These were books my mother had read when I was young.  I would guess ten or eleven. 

Now I am enjoying the memory of trying to keep up with her books.  It was hopeless.  My mother was a voracious reader and very, very smart.

It feels good.  After I finish this book and the series it's part of I'll move on to other Delderfield books and maybe some Taylor Caldwell.  This book is set in Edwardian England with the main character being a soldier who was hurt in the Boer War so I'll also have to get hold of some non-fiction history of the Boer War.  I know Great Britain, Africa, Kruger, the Zulus, "Men of Harlech", Natal, Roarke's Drift, Michael Caine, Burt Lancaster and "Breaker Morant".

It's supposed to be a cold winter this year and this will be considerably cheaper than a trip to the tropics.