Monday, August 13, 2012

Newark Airport

I wrote this Thursday the 9th in the wee hours - I couldn't post it for some reason, so I am posting it now.

I'm on my way to Annapolis for some fun with my peeps in the Naval  Blogosphere/CHINFO/USNI world.

Right now I'm just past Newark Airport.  I've only been twice, to and from Dubai back in 2003.  But I always smile when I pass by.  Tomorrow will be 9 years to the day.  My Tommy drove down with me to take the car back.

There were flights out of Boston but they were madly expensive.  The Sailor formerly known as The Favorite Naval Consort told me to check Malaysia Air.  Sure enough it was half the price.

I remember  packing and having him on the phone scaring me about my bags being too heavy.  I had visions of having to leave shoes at Newark, lol.  I was so nervous I told the guy checking my bags at the counter.  He had just saved me from being trampled by a little Indonesian man.  I was one of very few Americans.  I had watched him push past a few sari clad women.  Then he tried to push past me.  Before I could object, the Malaysia Air counter attendant called out to tell the man to step back, I was next.  Anyway, after he weighed my bags he said I was well under the weight limit. "Do you want to go home and get more shoes?" he asked laughing.

I passed and got on my flight. It was twelve and a half hours.  The stewardess came every half hour to offer orange juice, water or wine   I stuck with orange juice and water.  The tiny woman who sat cross legged swathed in billowy layers drank every glass of wine offered.  And she never got up once!  I was doing laps around the plane for fear of embolism!

Anyway, that's why Newark Airport makes me smile.

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