Friday, January 25, 2008

My Mother is Right!

Isn't she always? She often describes Jen & I as "my twins born nine and a half years apart".

Last night Jen got her package from her BFF. Which, of course, means that I can now talk about mine. They were flags that flew on Navy boats in the Gulf, complete with certificates from the commanding officer.

Jen found it at her front door when she got home from dinner with friends last night. She said she was exhausted, but when she saw the return address she knew it had to be opened immediately. I was home and Jen couldn't be sure I was awake, so she sent me a text message saying " I got my package. I am honored and never loved my BFF more." I called her and we discussed how we felt opening these packages. Over and above the fact that he thinks of us and sends them.......these two flags and their accompanying certificates......made us both feel a rush of emotion. We are patriots and these things matter to us.

So even though I am not a country music fan (to say the very least) we will put up one of SB's favorite songs.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Maggie.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Maggie

BostonMaggie said...

No, baby, thank *you*. Thank you for finding me.

SK said...

What a wonderful thing for him to send! One of Hubby's favorite songs as well.