Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Cell Phone and the SOTU

Last night I went to get a pedicure....I wasn't really in the mood, it was a maintenance kinda thing. I had a ton of work and I was just going to go back to work afterwards. It wasn't relaxation and since Jen couldn't go it wasn't all that fun.

But wait! It gets worse. I was sending a text and the damn thing jumped out of my hands and dove into the water!


If they can't retrieve my phonebook, I am screwed. I use it for everything, business, family, pleasure.............I have over 150 entries.

Plus I will again lose my texts from SB.

I was so upset that I wasn't paying attention at my next stop. I was dropping off some clothes at the Planet Aid box and guess what? It's cold when you are walking in the snow on a 35 degrees New England night in just spa slippers!

The only part of the night that went as planned was that I did make it to the treadmill in time to watch the SOTU speech. Of course I spent the last 5 minutes or so lounging against the side support of the treadmill. Hey between the entrance and exit it was way over an hour! It's ok, at that time of night, there are like 3 or 4 other people in the gym. Because the cell is fried, I couldn't text people during the speech and because I was at the gym, I couldn't yell at the TV or give FatBoy the finger (that's right "FatBoy", my blog, my rules). This blog has some amusing observations on the entrance and exit. My favorite was Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee. As "W" passed her, she grabbed his hand and Brit Hume (you know I was watching Fox, right? LOL) was making fun of her hypocrisy. How she always gets a handshake even though she is his political, polar opposite. Anyway, Fox went to the floor for audio and as she grabs his hand she says something. I didn't catch it all, but she clearly addressed the POTUS as "...my brother..." YGTBFKM! I swear I heard her say that. My right hand to God!

Princess Crabby gives "W" a "B". It was good, it wasn't great. He waited so long to talk about Veteran's benefits, I thought he wasn't going to get there.

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Teresa said...

Ah - this would be one of the lovely things about my treo... the phone doesn't work for crap... well, I haven't found a phone yet that works for crap in this state (I digress). But I have everything on it.

Not only is it backed up on my computer - I also have an online backup program (backup buddy) I bought. It backs up my phone every night. Everything on it. I've used the restore once when I had to get an update on the software and it blew away everything. It worked like a charm! Everything back exactly as it was!!! Amazing.

I hope you can get at least some of your stuff back. It really sucks pond water when this stuff happens.