Monday, June 26, 2006


I worked yesterday because I knew I was taking today off. We went to the new MS doctor. I liked him enormously. He listened, he joked, he answered questions, he seems very approachable. The old doctor was distant, distracted and judgemental. She was completely closed off from anything that didn't fit the mold. Jen is witholding judgement and that's a good thing. This is a big step, she should be cautious. He agreed with me about yoga and didn't seem to mind my presence or questions.I have never seen a waiting room quite like his. The views of Boston seemed more suited to a luxury condo or a 4 star hotel.

After the appointment we were going over to take my parents to lunch but they weren't home. Who cleared that plan? We drove all around Somerville and Charlestown trying to figure out what we wanted to do. Outback? Closed until 1600 hours. The Mount Vernon? Not unless Mama Kelley come back from the beyond and makes us take her. The Warren Tavern? I guess. We drive past my parents house, car. Hmmmmm. What if they are at the cottage? That would be ironic. Finally, sitting in City Square, we called Grace's house to see about going to the movies earlier than planned and find out what was in her fridge for lunch? The kids tell us she won't be there for another hour. The movie is in two hours. Perfect.

I ask if I can raid the "bird flu" supplies just to rile Grace up. She is ready for any service interruptions due to natural disaster or terrorist attack.
Toilet paper, bottled water, canned tuna. My father is prepared as well, although it's not a plan. He buys certain things in bulk from across the stateline where they are considerably cheaper.....her cigs, his Jack Daniels, her wine, their potato chips. Life is good. I have emergency M&Ms, and some bottled water but not enough to get me through six weeks. Jen has Fresca, Atkins shakes and several bottles of wine. We review our preparedness plans with Sgt. B and find we are woefully unprepared. He has all kinds of power, communication and transport options. He suggests a generator and rather than stockpiling beer, we should learn to make it so we have something to barter with.

I have decided that when whatever "it" is happens I will simply go to Washington and have Sgt.B take care of me. Afterall, he is Princess Crabby's Grand Vizier.

After stealing lunch and causing general chaos at Grace's, we decamp to the movie theater. Grace, her daughters Debbie (my goddaughter), Gen (Jen's goddaughter), Jen and I go to see "The Lake House"
We liked it.

So where were our parents? Seeing the earlier showing of "The Lake House". LOL

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