Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Princess Misbehaves

Last night we popped up to my brother's house for my nephew's birthday. He rarely gets a party on his actual birthday and his mother decided for once it would be. Grace brought her two girls (the boys had plans); I showed up with Tom (Frank had plans) and Jen brought my parents. After the party (where all I did was talk about malasadas!) we shuffled people and cars and I ended up driving our goddaughters, and Jen in Jen's car.

Jen has a nice car.

Jen has a fast car.

The roads weren't crowded and I was cruising at 80 and yes, your honor, passing people on the right.

Got pulled over. Got pulled over by an irate Massachusetts State Trooper. They are my favorite flavor and he was cute. Did I know what an unsafe lane change was? I said I used my directional. Sound of exasperation! He held his hands two feet apart "It doesn't matter if you only leave that much room!" He gestured in frustration with my license (which he didn't even look at) and told me that the way I was driving he thought the driver was drinking. "No sir, not at all." another sound of frustration and his voice got louder "I know that! I knew that when I looked at you!" I tried to pass him the registration. I started to say that sometimes the car gets away from me, I forget how powerful it is, I am used to a pokey ten year old Saturn, but all I get out is "I'm sorry, you see it's not my car...." "I know that! It's a leased car! I know it's not yours!" He still hasn't looked at the license and he didn't take the registration.

That's when I realized I wasn't getting a ticket. I wasn't getting a warning.

LOL, baby if you read this, drop me a line and I'll buy you a drink. I understand. I am very frustrating.

He finished off my lecture with "There are a lot of people out here who shouldn't be driving. If you drive aggressively, you could get one of them mad at you...and it wouldn't be good."

Yes, sir.

We did 70 or less the whole way home.
****SB reads this and emails me "70 or less the rest of the way? He has no clue."

Oh, if you are from the Castle, I am sure you expected the "misbehaves" to refer to this.....but that was just fun, hardly misbehaving.


FbL said...

LMAO! Classic Maggie. :)

BostonMaggie said...

Noooooooo, classic would have been if I fished out the card I carry with my email and blog listed and gave it to him.

Or if I showed him the Chief's math.....

But Jen was beside me and our goddaughters were in the back. I am going to be in way enough trouble with their mother without that!

AFSister said...

No wonder you weren't around for the comment party YOU planned...
Actually getting arrested for demonstrating the Chief's Math with Jen and the girls in the car would have made one hella excuse though.