Sunday, August 20, 2006

Drunken Blogging

This probably isn't a good idea.

I sat at the bar and had 4 Sunsets (something with vodka, I knew when I ordered it) and then went out and found a Hand Grenade. My cousin Martine told me that everyone who went to New Orleans had to have a hand grenade. Damn Martine. I am tanked.

So, the Ogre has been MIA since Friday. But I have had a great time.

Today I got up early and had breakfast, went to Mass at the Cathedral (St. Francis shown here is more beautiful). I have to go to Mass......who needs more points for heaven than me???????

Then I went to the D-Day Museum. It was awesome. When I was watching the part about Nagasaki and Hiroshima I was thinking about the poor bastards on the Indianapolis and I found that I was crossing my arms so tightly that the mark from my ring was showing up on the other arm.

I went to dinner and sat at the bar and had steak and four Sunsets and then off to find a Hand Grenade.

How did the Red Sox do? I was watching them in the bar called Tropical Isle. I left before it was over. I went swimming in the hotel pool. Probably not the wisest thing. But certainly smarter than drunk dialing the Ogre!!!


Do you know 74 people have been on this blog today? That's higher than usual. No one comments. Why does no one comment? For heaven's sake, say something. I am going to my room soon.


Anonymous said...

Hello. I said somethin' :)

Sounds like you're having fun except for the missing Ogre bitty.

AFSister said...

Maggie, I have complete confidence in your ability to have fun no matter if you're surrounded by your best buds, a gaggle of Sailors, or just out by yourself.

You attract fun. Enjoy the Big Easy!