Friday, May 18, 2007

Jen Is Screaming At Me On IM

We are listening to Michael Graham talk about McCain.

I have to admit it.

It's finally over.

I'm sorry Senator McCain. It's over between us.

I told Jen that this is hard for me. I was a McCain Girl. It's like watching someone I really loved and trusted....drunk and making a fool of himself.

Jen said "No it's more like the guy you loved and trusted sleeping with your spouse. Complete betrayal."

She's right. She's harsh. But she's right.

To rub salt in the wound SB will cheerfully point out that of course she's right, he agrees totally with her. SB left McCain a while ago.

Jen just asked who I was voting for now. For God's sake! We just broke up! Give me a minute!


Homefront Six said...

I've never really been a McCain fan. First, I don't trust him. Not that he is not trustworthy but 5 years as a POW does something to a man and I'm not comfortable having that variable in the White House.

Add to that the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform issue and a few other things and he's way down on my list. That's not to say that, if he were the GOP nominee, I wouldn't vote for him but I wouldn't want him as the GOP nominee.

Pia said...

I'm sorry Maggie, but it's better that you figured it out now!
I have my favorite, but I'm not speaking about it openly yet. I tried to with my uber-conservative friend and she called me a RINO. siiigh.

Yeah Him said...

After the presidential debate, I realized that I could accept Giuliani, McCain, or even Romney.

It's like making a list of women at the bar who I could deal with talking to me at the end of the night (I'm open to anything besides women with caudal appendages, willingness to breaking into show tunes, a serious list of disclaimers (5 or more things) before we finish the first date, vegetarians, Yankee fans, Penn Staters, and a desire to vote for Barak Obama.

Other than that, I'm pretty open.

But alas... I really wanted to like Mccain. He's too human, too prone to extreme anger. WHile it would be nice seeing Tehran turned into a mirror, I think we need someone a little calmer.

That and I don't get how he keeps ending up on the Daily SHow. How is that show and it's one joke (BUSH SUCKS!!) still on the air?

Even that 70's show went the way of the Triceratops.

Why can't they?

Yeah Him said...

PS... what's a RINO
(Republican in what?)

I'm so out of touch.

BostonMaggie said...

Republican In Name Only

Wyatt Earp said...

I'm sorry, Maggie. But I'm even more sorry that you didn't end this sooner. McCain is Hillary in GOP clothing. I feel your pain: PA has its own RINO (Specter), and he's even worse than Johnny Boy.

BostonMaggie said...

HFS - I've never really worried that his POW experience would cause some kind of problem down the road. Just never occurred to me.

Pia, I can guess who your fav is. Probably my second choice.

YH - I am a huge Daily Show fan. You know he makes fun of Dems too. I know what you mean about *wanting* to like McCain. I love your bar list.

Wyatt - It wasn't always like this. I voted for him in the 2000 primary. I wasn't alone.

Geez! I really do feel like I'm explaining a bad ex-boyfriend.

Jen & SB are hectoring me to pick a new candidate ASAP. I whined that I had just dumped McCain and she replied "No time."

Ron Simpson said...

Tancredo is to one issue for me. Ron Paul is out there. Huckabee looks like a good VP for the ticket. Mitt Romney is who I think is looking best to me. Giuliani seems to disingenuous and has way too mnay liberal leanings.

But the only guy that would make me happy is me....and I am not crazy enough to be a politician.....yet.

trainer said...

I'm pretty much with homefront six.

I've never liked McCain's policies. The McCain-Feingold thingie was the worst attack on the Constitution since FDR. His 'gang of 14' membership and attitudes on torture are other indicators. He's a gun-grabber too.

He was never worth your love.

Homefront Six said...

Like Pia, I have a favorite but I'm not discussing it at this moment. We are more than a year out and there is much to be done between now and November 2008.

YH ~ nice list

f mcdonald said...

I wish with all my heart that John McCain were not running for President. I am glad that he remains firm in his support of the war and our troops. I have been a fierce and (I am ashamed to say) a mocking critic of the man.

But, oh, I do love John McCain. I found this picture taken after his capture in Viet Nam and when I look at his eyes, I see my son's eyes and cannot imagine what his mother felt when she was shown this photo.

How those men endured the barbaric treatment they received year after year is beyond my comprehension.

I can't abide his politics but I do love the man.

Yeah Him said...


After the little amnesty stunt this week, the vote is going to be about throwing all of the bastards out. In PA, the pols voted for property tax increase and got tossed. In Dover, PA, the same thing happened over the nationalizing and politicizing of the evolution issue on a large scale that cost the tax payers mucho money.

As to gun grabbers, I don't see Mccain as the only 1 that's not 100% in the NRA's camp amongst the list to vote for.

Theoretically, most of the candidates have issues that divide them, but I agree that none have looked as loony as Ron Paul.

Fortunately, even he looks remotely sane compared to Hillary, Edwards, and esp. Obama.

BostonMaggie said...

These comments remind me of a comment left on the post where I declared for McCain back in December.

**"You must love disappointment. Oh, and how's that short-term memory loss coming? McCain-Feingold, pontifications on torture, guest worker bills with Kennedy, Gang of 14, opposition to tax cuts, gun-grabbing, constitution shreading?

Sorry, He's just a sweet-talkin' man that wants your ballot. As soon as he gets what he wants he'll never call again. You'll discover you gave your heart to a RINO."**

LOL, I was warned! That was left by the Trainer @

Flora - You know just how I feel!

SK said...

Sorry Maggie. He's my Senator and I see how much he cares about what the people in his state want. I'm sure he'd be even less caring as the Pres. He's one of those guys who keeps getting voted in because we aren't given many options!