Sunday, January 20, 2008


When the Red Sox play and I am at work, I leave Yahoo game channel up on the computer. I cheer quietly. My boss listens to MLB game day audio. When it is just the two of us in the office (Saturday and Sunday afternoons) it is very noticable that I am getting information several seconds before it is broadcast on her computer. She yells at me. I laugh, but I try to keep it down.

My father has always preferred radio announcers to TV commentators. There is the same gap. Jen and I stayed there to watch the game. He was upstairs with his big TV, comfy recliner and radio. We were downstairs with our mother and the smaller TV. If we were upstairs, Jen & I would have ended up on the floor. Which would have been fine with me. Anyway, six seconds ahead of everything we got the reaction from upstairs. Just as the ball is snapped on the TV, a cheer or a clap or a "damnit!" told us what was going to happen. I laughed everytime it happened, picturing my boss and her frustration with me during the summer and fall. Jen was not so accepting. He came down and half-time and she beefed. He laughed.

Second half he's upstairs again and there is a big play that went well for the Pats, but there was no sound. Jen said "Hey! He didn't say anything!"

Then you could hear him laughing upstairs....kinda like Dick Dastardly's dog Muttley.

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