Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Just when I think that I can not possibly think less of John Edwards, he comes up with something else.

I was in bed this morning pretending that I had won the lottery and I could spend another hour listening to NPR's Morning Edition before heading off to the spa in Foxwoods, when a story came on about RFK's poverty tour. They interviewed a man who had been there when RFK was in Kentucky, Dee Davis. Mr. Davis also he met Senator Paul Wellstone when he was touring Kentucky, talking to coal miners. Wellstone and RFK were men of substance who tried to help others. You may not have always agreed with them or their methods.........but you didn't doubt their sincerity.

Edwards is recreating RFKs poverty tour. The least substantial and most venial man in politics today. I am disgusted, horrified, sickened.

What's next Mr. Edwards? Blackface and a march to Selma?

You defile RFKs memory. You are not a fraction of the man he was. His campaign actually seeks to compare him to RFK.

The campaign of presidential hopeful John Edwards has a ready answer for all the criticism about his expensive haircuts and expansive home. He believes a man can be wealthy and care about the poor, too. He points to a Democratic hero - Robert F. Kennedy.

Can you imagine? He thinks the fact the Kennedy inherited money means they are alike? Can anyone give me a single example where Kennedy indulged in the flaunting of that wealth? Not even on a fraction of the scale of Edwards? Of course not. (Disclaimer: I would spend money like a drunken sailor if I had it. But I wouldn't go around Kentucky, "feeling their pain" to get their votes)

The utter gall.

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