Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Left Foot

About a month ago I noticed that when I was in lunge pose, my right heel felt like something was being ripped off. So I stopped. LOL Different people had different ideas.
Ice it.
Stretch it before the gym.
But it just seemed to slowly be getting worse. As a result I stopped going to the gym. I haven't been since the 13th because the concensus was that I was doing damage on the treadmill. Saturday I was ready to fork over money at the emergency room because it hurt when I ran across the parking lot at Walmart. That gave me a little scare. Up to that point it only hurt when I was flexing my toes toward my shin.
Jen thinks it was because the night before the chiropracter asked if I could walk on my heels and that sent a real pain shooting through my foot. Anyway, I decided to try heel cups, which made Jen call me "Nana". Wonder what she'd say if she knew her BFF, SB was using them because he also had a problem with his heel? Yeah, it would be okay for her hero to wear them! Whatever!

So I went to the gym tonight with my new sneakers (Christmas present from Mum & Dad) and my fancy visco gel heel cups. I get on the treadmill and guess what? AMC was showing "Rio Bravo"! Mmmmmmmm Oh, right, sorry, the heel. Well the right heel felt good.....but the insert bothered the left foot just where the heel meets the arch.

I can't win.

But did I mention John Wayne? mmmmmmmmm


Mike said...

Sorry to hear about your heel/foot, but at least you have The Duke. I noticed Rio Bravo was on as well. Made a pleasant addition to my evening.

BostonMaggie said...

Mike! Why aren't you older? You would make a great candidate for the Rotation. Such a shame.

Mike said...

What the heck is "the Rotation?" Actually, on second thought, I'm not entirely sure I even want to know what the "Rotation" is. In fact, I'm a little scared. :-p

BostonMaggie said...

You are too young to know about the fact I think talking to you about it constitutes a class E felony.

Mike said...

Too young? Please, the government trusts me, I'm pretty sure you can. ;-)

Besides, I can drink. If I can drink, I'm pretty sure I'm legal for anything else.

BostonMaggie said...

Argghhh!! You are killing me! Are you really going to make me say it??? Can you be that cruel?


Ow. My ego is bruised. That hurt. You are terribly cruel Mike.