Monday, January 14, 2008

Today Stinks!

I have spilled three different things on my slacks.

Our computers have been up and down all day......right now I am in the server room so I have the Internet.

I missed talking to SB by four minutes.......I can't be in the server room all the time.

People keep calling me with problems and I DON'T CARE.......but I have to pretend I do. I don't mean Jen, I care about that one. I mean the other people. I don't care about the other people.

I have tried three times to upload the longer version of the Hopper video and I have been unsuccessful because of the roller coaster computer access.

And that Chuck Simmins from America's North Shore Journal.....who I USED to like.....sent me an email this morning. He was taunting me about being in on a Milblogger Roundtable with MG Rick Lynch. Hello?

1 comment:

BUMBLE!!! said...

How many people are begging for Rainy Days and Mondays lyrics on their blog today?!!

Hope you're feeling better and the rest of the week goes the other way.