Saturday, September 06, 2008

This. Is. Delicious!

I am setting the DVR so I can watch it over and over and over.

Tomorrow morning at 0830, WBZ-TV will air a debate between John "Big Ketchup"** Kerry and his primary challenger O'Reilly. The Globe is reporting that it did not go well for Kerry.


I want him gone.

I want Jeff Beatty, the Republican candidate. absolutely positively fucking awesome would it be if "Reporting For Duty" was knocked out in the primary by a political neophyte???????

O'Reilly strikes, Kerry bridles in TV debate
By Matt Viser, Globe Staff September 6, 2008

US Senator John F. Kerry never seemed very eager for this debate, and from the opening moments it was clear why. Edward O'Reilly, an unpolished Gloucester lawyer who is Kerry's only Democratic challenger in 24 years, came out swinging, throwing jabs about the senator's six-year-old Iraq war vote and questioning his commitment to serve out another full term in the Senate.

"Will John Kerry give a commitment to stay the six years if he's elected?" O'Reilly said in the first - and probably only - debate before the state's Democratic primary on Sept. 16. "And, if he won't give that commitment . . . will he put up the millions of dollars it will cost the taxpayers of Massachusetts for a special election?"

Kerry, who four years ago was at the political pinnacle as he debated with a sitting president on the international stage, appeared miffed at the question. He told moderator Jon Keller that he thought the debate format forbade the candidates from posing questions.

"I didn't know we were asking each other questions," Kerry said. "So, if we can break the rules, that's one thing, but -"

"He didn't break the rules," Keller said. "Go ahead."

"I'm happy to answer it," Kerry said. "I've said consistently I am only running for one job. I'm not asking for any other job. I'm not looking for any other job. I intend to serve my term. If I'm elected, that's what I'm doing."

During the 19-minute debate, which will be broadcast on WBZ-TV at 8:30 tomorrow morning, O'Reilly repeatedly went on the attack as Kerry tried to fend him off.

Read the rest is fabulous.....I'm going back and read it again.

** "Big Ketchup is another Jennifer-ism. Like "whale pusher". During some debate in '04 Kerry was railing against "Big Oil" and Bush & Cheney profiting from it. So Jen pointed out that it was no different than Kerry benefiting from his wife's Heinz inheritance. She then announced she was against "Big Ketchup". From there on out, that's simply how we referred to him.....

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