Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I'm Going To Lose My Mind

Randi Rhodes better pray she never crosses my path. I would rip her head right the fuck off her shoulders.

Rhodes Claims McCain Was 'Well-Treated' In Vietnam

Quick, what's the most disgusting potential way to attack the McCain-Palin presidential ticket? After two weeks of conspiring to destroy Sarah Palin and her family, often through dishonest means, what could be worse than what we've already seen, right?

Well, if you thought the left side of talk radio and the blogosphere had sunk to fresh lows with that smear strategy, it's now clear they haven't even scratched the surface.

Enter syndicated libtalker Randi Rhodes, known for her previous unhinged skits, public spills, obscene rants and wild accusations.

Known as a particularly strident supporter of Barack Obama, Rhodes seems to think even John McCain's six year period of torture at the hands of the North Vietnamese is fair game. In fact, Randi has turned it into a game, one of POW denial.

All for the greater good, right?

During the first hour of Friday's Randi Rhodes Show, she had this to say about McCain's sacrifices during the Vietnam War (clip follows immediately thereafter):

RHODES: Of course he (McCain) became very friendly with the Vietnamese. They called him the Prince. He was well treated actually. And he was well treated because he traded these propaganda interviews for good treatment. So look, it's a horrible story anyway you cut it, anyway you look at it, any way you you you deal with it.
But, it's not the story Fred Thompson told. Nor is it the story Rudy Giuliani told. Nor is it the story Sarah Palin told. Nor is it the story anybody. Cindy McCain knew to limit herself to 'I think what my husband did in Vietnam was heroic' because she knows the truth too.
What. The. Fuck!
BTW - I know there are people like Bruce who think these attacks only help the Republicans.....but jeez, Bruce what if my effin' head explodes? Didja think of that?

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