Monday, September 01, 2008

Hurricane Gustav vs. Hurricane Katrina

I got into lots and lots of arguments with people who wanted to blame Bush and the Feds for all the chaos of Katrina.

I would point out the problem with Katrina was poor handling at the state and local level. I pointed to how differently things were handled in Mississippi - and I didn't even harp on the fact that Haley Barbour was a Republican. I just told people he happened to be more competent.

I pointed out the a lot of help came from a governor in another state - Texas. Not only did Gov. Perry assist Katrina victims, he also handled Hurricane Rita and it's impact on his own state. I pointed to Gov. Perry's statement that he looked at the aftermath of 9/11 and immediately began drilling his people to be ready for a disaster of their own.

I pointed to the fact that even though there was a disaster preparedness plan for NOLA in specific and Louisiana in general, no one was competent enough to put it into action.

Now already things are going to be better this time even though, as I understand it, Gustav will be more powerful. Two important factors are going to make for a better outcome. Mayor Ray Nagin is executing the disaster preparedness plan and Louisiana has a more competent governor. And no, I'm not just saying that because he is a Republican.

Michael Moore was crass enough to talk smack about the hurricane: "Gustav is proof that there is a God in Heaven." He was thinking of how the hurricane is pre-empting the Republican convention. But he is small-minded and petty. But what it might be is a second chance for Mayor Ray Nagin to prove himself worthy of the trust the electorate placed in him. And it will be easier for him because of the support he will receive from Gov. Jindal.

People will finally have to see that it is not the responsibility of the federal government. It's your responsibility to do for yourself ANYTHING you can do for yourself. It's your local government's responsibility to do everything possible at that level. It's your state government's responsibility to do everything possible at that level. Then and only then do you expect anything at all from the Feds.

You can not sit and do absolutely nothing and then beef because George Bush didn't show up with ice and Navy Seals.

Responsibility - see what a difference it makes.

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