Saturday, September 06, 2008

Why I Think Palin Is Already Serving Her Purpose

Kat wrote an interesting post on why we need to fight this fight and why McCain fired her up once again with his speech. She credited Palin with sparking interest in what McCain would have to say Thursday night. I think that is very true for most people. You know I would have watched it no matter what. But before Gov. Palin joined the ticket, McCain would have been lucky to top Biden's numbers, nevermind Obama's numbers.

I have heard many pundits explain that the job of the vice-president is to get the President elected. therefore, in terms of assisting McCain, Palin has already delivered. She has opened doors that were closed to McCain. She has made it possible for a much larger segment of the population to see him.

McCain didn't waste that opportunity. He spoke from his heart. He showed those who watched or listened to or even read his speech who he was. One of my favorite lines from McCain is when he says "I know who *I* am." There he was, warts and all. A person judging honestly would have to admit they saw his discomfort as he let America in. How many of us could stand on the national stage and expose ourselves so completely? But he knows America needs to see.

This is an important juncture in history. I don't remember feeling that way in 2000. That election is a lifetime away. I wanted Reagan to win, I wanted both Bushes to win. God! I wanted Bob Dole to win! But I don't remember feeling the urgency I feel now. I thought (and still think) John Kerry was a boob. But I didn't fear his Presidency. I would have lived through it, same as I made it through Carter's. But I fear Obama's Presidency. I fear the damage he will do in the Courts and to the military. I fear his inexperience. I fear his hesitancy. I fear his leftist tendencies. I fear what will happen as he tries to establish his bona fides.

If Sarah Palin does nothing else but help America see the man John McCain is, she will have been a success in my book.

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