Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Was Almost In Trouble With My Dad

So, I've covered all the craziness with the Revlimid. I told them on August 29th that I would begin the Revlimid treatment. I was told it would be settled in a few days.

Oh, the doctor is on vacation, he will call it in on the 2nd of September.

Oh, then there was some paperwork, come in on the 8th.

Oh, then there was a pregnancy test on the 10th.

Oh, then there was another appointment on the 24th.

Oh, then there was an automated telephone survey on the 25th.

Oh, then there was another pregnancy test on the 26th.

29 days later......still no Revlimid.

You know from reading this blog how my father is. "When do you start?" "What will you do?" "What will this entail?"

I keep saying "In a few days."

Now it's been a month. I was in my parent's kitchen this morning after CCD to pick up a coffee cake I conned my mother into making for the Campos.....they live down the street and she is near the end - I brought pizza the other night and I got Jen to make cookies. I will drop off the cake tomorrow with the batch of chicken soup I made today.....but I digress.

So my Dad starts asking me again about the Revlimid. He is looking for the green pen. He uses only the green pen to write on the calendar and someone has moved it. I tell him that I took another pregnancy test Friday and I should have the pills in a few days.

He stops the green pen search. He looks at me and asks about the side effects of Revlimid. I am startled, we have discussed this extensively. I tell him it's unlikely that there will be significant side effects.

Grace and my mother leave the room and he comes to the table and sits near me. "If there is a problem with finances and this medication I want you to tell me. I don't want this delayed."

My eyes are big as I process this. He thinks I am stalling the Revlimid. He questioned me about side effects to see if I was stalling because I was afraid. Once he saw that it wasn't that he questioned finances.

I'm so tired of this. It's so hard to talk to him. No one else can bring me so close to tears.

The other night Frankie freaked out because I brought home a pizza for him and Bill. I got a mini lecture about money. I laughed. He sent me a text message later apologizing, but he is so worried about money and losing the house. LOL, me too, but I don't think that pizza is going to make or break me.

Plus I had a lecture from a certain person who is connected to the company that manufactures the Revlimid for not calling him about the delays.

So let me just say, I am not stalling. I am doing this as quickly as I know how. I have filled out every form, completed every survey and signed all consent forms. I have taken two pregnancy tests. If I had known on August 29th that there would be this many delays, I would have called and beefed.

It's not me.


Sarah said...

Woman, you take more pregnancy tests than I do!!!
Hang in there...

Stella said...

I know it's not you, Maggie. I'd write, "be strong," but I know you already are.

Call and complain anyway. You deserve better and they need to get their rear in gear.